Angie Moon In Oral orgasms for skinny Russian

Angie Moon In Oral orgasms for skinny Russian
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This story is just fiction. Any of the characters are real or facts are about something is really happened (also if I suspect many of the girls who started this, started in this way or for the same reason). English isn't my mother language so I hope you will forgive me about grammars and word's errors.

Viktoria, as some Sunday afternoons from last two months was secretly following her 12 years old pubescent daughter Cristina while she was busy with her friends, shopping around. She is enough smart, bold and self sure for go around alone but, sometimes, Viktoria mother's instinct take advantage and she can't help herself about survey her.

Oh yes, Viktoria thought by herself, she surely could be a good candidate for her kind of work, nice body, smart face and brain but unfortunately, for her own fault, she gave her all she wanted and this made of her a selfish girl with all money she wanted and surely not available for "work" for obtain other money and advantages.

Recovering from the thoughts, she noticed, for second time in one month, a small girl following the group too. From the face she believed she was in same school of Cristina. You know, from the work she does, she needs to be able to recognize a face already seen also if in a casual episode. Wherever, who ever the girl should be, every time the group was entering in a shop, after some minute, the girl face was glued on the windows of the shop, peeking at them and ready to run and hide when they were coming out.

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Was funny. Why a girl of their own age should peek at them? Well, she thoughts herself smiling, it make her enough curious and she promised to herself about ask some information about that girl to her daughter, obviously without revealing the little spy story's secret.

Next Wednesday evening, while both were at dinner, Cristina's dad never been present except the 5 minutes which helped Viktoria's womb to receive his sperm, she casually ask to her daughter, giving her a description of the small girl she saw, who she should be. The reply was a mixed of selfish and disgusting, which surprises and made Viktoria shamed of herself about the way she educated her own daughter. Oh, she knew how at school competition among girls could be harsh, but reject a girl just cause she never dress skirts, except long one, and cause she hasn't enough money for have her own cellular phone or not make her able to go to shopping in town, she thought, was very discriminating and cruel.

It finally made her sure her daughter was not a good candidate. She just hopes Cristina should be able, in the future, to sustain herself. However girl's name was Sara and she lived in the same suburb of them in care service's houses, paying a low fee. Her mom, single mom like herself, was doing her best for give her daughter a decent life, instruction and good values but, evidently, not enough for compete in girl's school environment. As usual, her instinct gave her a good advice noticing Sara: she was petite, big green eyes, long waved brownish hair, no much hips or boobs yet and, most important, naive and, obviously, with a good advice for push her in that work making her see just the good things of that: Money.

Two Sundays after, Sunday before Viktoria was extremely busy for satisfy the pervert needs of a very wealthy business man, was secretly following her daughter's group of giggling girls around for shops in downtown when she noticed again Sara as usual glued on a lingerie's shops windows.

She waited the girls hiding herself while the group was coming out the shop and she approached at the girl. Sara didn't notice her, busy to check where the group was heading, until the woman was almost in front of her. She gasped, frightened, watching the well dressed woman, in her first thirty staring at her with a smile. "Hello. I noticed you are peeking at that group. I am one of the girl's mom, Cristina. mmh you are one of her school friends.

Sara. is it??" The girl was totally terrified. That woman was overwhelming her in all her tall: the only thing she was able to do was to nod affirmatively. "So?? Why you peek at them secretly and don't go with them? ". Asks Viktoria perfectly knowing the reason of that. The the Sara's best reply was a softly greet to that Madame and a staring at her feet thinking how explain it at Cristina the next day.

That woman surely will report it to her daughter and all of them will laugh a lot at her. "Listen Sara, I don't know what the problem is but, if you want, you can talk to me or at least with your mom. Do you want have a seat with me for a coke and explain to me?? I can see you are uncomfortable and it's breaking my hart" "Oh no Ma'am. Sorry but I have to go or I'll miss the bus" was saying Sara trying to find some reason for escape from that situation. Viktoria can't help herself from giggling, perfectly understanding the lie over that, then, facing sadly: "Oh ok.

I am here alone and I was hoping you could entertain me a little. You know what?? Here it is: 20 Euros for your time and another 20 for a taxi cab if you will miss the bus or if you don't want I lift you. Is it ok??" Sara's eyes were big as sauces. Forty Euros, just for be there and talk with her. Her mom never gave her so much money at same time. Why that woman would pay her for her company?? Never, except her mom, ever been interested in her.

So she decided to follow that woman. There was nothing wrong, just seated on a table with all people around. Nothing to be scared, she thought. Then she nodded again affirmatively and followed her, not before the woman put the 2 bills in her cleavage giggling and making Sara blushing a lot. After 5 minutes, they were seated at an outdoor table of one of the most expensive and exclusive caf?f the town. Sara keep silent until that moment not knowing exactly what to say.

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She was just able to watch around noticing how people was well dressed, waitresses always polite wearing a perfect bikini and heels while clients were shared between tables and the pool.

She felt suddenly out of place there with her jeans a simply t shirt. Veronika put her purse on the table, crossed her shapely legs revealing alot of her upper knee, gave a sign to one of the waitresses and, waiting put her hand on the Sara's hand smiling. Promptly a girl in bikini arrived and after greeting the by name, asked politely how she was able to help them.

Viktoria ask for an iced coffee and, when the girl referred to Sara for the order, Viktoria noticed the girl's shyness, grip her hand and said to the waitress that she was with her and she was able to help her with a coke. The order was accomplished promptly and, when the girl left, Sara, hear the surname from the waitress, ask in a breath if she really was Cristina's mom.

"Sure my dear. Do you know my girl?' Are you one of her friends??

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"Yes Ma'am " Sara said blushing " We are in same classroom but, well, I can't say we are really friends." Always keeping her hand on girl's and smiling " You can call me Viktoria or Mrs Viktoria if it make feel much comfortable but it make me feel so old. do you think i am old Sara??" Oh no sorry Ma'am.ehm sorry Viktoria, you are not old.

I didn't mind that" it's the promptly reply of the girl who was crimson and very close to a panic crisis. "Ushh dear.Nothing wrong. You are just well educated and you know how act with adults. Your mom should be proud of you. Sometimes I would Cristina could be in the same way " Breathing loudly and passing her crossing her fingers with girls fingers for more complicity " Sometimes she's so a brat. So you said you are just in the same classroom. Why aren't you two friends?

You seem so smart, so polite and genuine. Cristina should like you." Sara was thinking at the best way for explain reasons she isn't in the group of Cristina's friendships when Viktoria continued. "You seems worried for something. why don't you call your mom with your cell phone??

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Maybe you want have some word with her if it's personal" Sara wasn't able to say something. how explain her mom can't afford a cell phone expense nor give her enough money for go shopping and, if so, not for buy some clothes for enhance her figure and let her accepted by other girl? "oh my .I am sorry. I mean " acting like an actress " I didn't realized maybe you haven't a cell. Wants mine?" Pulling out from the purse the newest and most expensive cell and giving to her: The poor girl didn't know what to do.

Her mom knew perfectly what was the problem.

Wasn't necessary to talk to her and let her know she was following a group of girl who where buying lingerie or other sort of clothes she doesn't approve. Sara nodded negatively and decided to tell openly to the woman what problem was.

She seemed so friendly. Totally the opposite of her daughter. "No thank you .Viktoria. Mom. Well she isn't able to help me. Actually she can't buy me a cell phone or nice clothes. And also she doesn't approve some kind of them so she would never allow me to dress them. " The girl spit it out all in a breath and then becomes silent. trying to not cry.

"Oh.poor baby, well I bet your mom try to her best but you know. sometimes we can't buy whatever we want. The only thing I don't understand it's why she doesn't allow u to dress some kind of clothes. Surely you don't want go out it??" Giggling and trying to keep her morale up. Sara smiled timidly " No. She says a girl of my age shouldn't wear mini skirt or other sexy clothes and surely not boots or heel like a whore. sorry for the bad word: "Oh I understand.

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Surely your mom is worried about your safety. You know how people judge very fast. But . do you know what a whore is?? Well it's a girl like you. She takes money from other people for give them company. Now.Do you think you are doing something very bad entertaining me??

" Viktoria paused a little. let her words absorbed and waiting for her reaction. Sara didn't know what to think.

Her mom always told her she was coming to become a whore if she wasn't care full. Then she shacked her head. Viktoria smiled. She knew she did the first step. Then ask: "Now do you ever see a whore?? Did you ever know one?? I mean a real one??

Listen: this conversation will be a secret if you want. Your mom will never know about it, Ok?? Speak openly. I like you and I'd love to help you." "Mom says whores are the models or actresses who stay almost naked in front of peoples, or when they wear sexy for men." Viktoria smiled warmly at the girl and caressed her cheek with the tips of her long fingers. "Well she's right Sara. They are really whores. But question is. are they harming someone??

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Is it so bad what they do?? They just show to everybody what nature gave them, giving then the pleasure of the sight. In change of when you can see a beautiful picture or paint in a museum and you pay the ticket.

The same.I am talking to you and I am enjoying it very much. So what harm you can do doing that?' " Sara started to think about it in a different prospective.

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Maybe that lady was right doesn't approve and mostly she knew mom hasn't money to put in them also if she would. Veronika knowing what girl was thinking about, put down another card. "Sara.I just give you 40 it??

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Well: this is your payment for what you are just doing. Do you like have that money?? Is it bad have them and be able to buy. well. maybe a pizza?" Sara promptly nodded again negatively. "But mom.If she knows.maybe.I don't want she is upset at me. Also if I could have money and buy clothes i couldn't wear them cause .

you know why ". She blushed and stared at one of the girls in bikini who were serving a gentleman and he was put a bill in her cleavage. Viktoria knew she had win. "Oh dear. It's up to you.

I could help you. But just you, can decide if tell that to your mom or not." Sara bite her lower lip. Then said: "Oh ok.

If you will not tell to my mom, I'll let you help me and I want have much money and dress like a model." "That's ok.

Next Sunday I'll pick you up and I'll start help you." The girl just nodded. Viktoria smiled openly. She just found a new young whore for train! Sara smiled openly. Alone in her bed, that night, she was dreaming alot of money and very nice clothes to wear.

Continue. Please let me know what you think about this