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Ass traffic mel shy ass fuck with massive facial tube porn
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Twin Japanese Nieces Pt4 Upon the invitation to join us for a swim my son just stood there for a minute looking at all of us, in turn, with a stunned look on his face. I not 100% sure of what he was thinking but it only took a few seconds before he stuck his hands in his pockets.

I guess the sight of 4 naked women was more than he could handle, and he had to try and hide the boner he was getting that was plainly evident in the front of his pants. "No," he replied while shifting his weight back and forth.

It actually looked like he was doing some kind of new dance. "I'm all sweaty and dirty and you don't like it when we mess up the pool." Still having a little bit of the devil in me I decided to make matters worse for him just to see what he would do.

"It's ok this time son," I quickly responded while doing my best to hide a grin. "I'll take care of it. Shuck your clothes and come on in." To see the look on his face was a sight to behold.

He had the look of someone who was just told they would have to speak in front of 30,000 people with no preparation. Panic, fear, uncertainty, and some embarrassment raced through his expression as he looked at us like he was going to die. And in that brief instance he froze.

Instantly I felt a little sorry for him. I had just put him in a sticky situation with no clear resolve, and it was my fault. As he stood there like a bump on a log Kayko gave me a little nudge in the arm. "Honey," I heard her say in a voice just above a whisper.

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Taking my queue I spoke up. "It's ok buddy," I consoled from my position in the water. "If you don't want to come in you don't have too." Immediately a profound look of relief came across his face. "That just means I get to have these four beautiful women all to myself!" I said as I pulled Erin over to me and gave her a big hug. In a flash the twins were on me as well and a huge water fight ensued. I didn't really see what happened to Mark, only that the next time I looked up he was gone.

But the girls were really giving it to me in a big way. They splashed water in my face, as well as Kaykos', and they dunked me under the water all while screaming and laughing. After just a minute or so Kayko had all she could stand. She stood up on the steps and stepped out of the pool, leaving me at the mercy of the 3 girls. My only bit of rescue was walking away.

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She looked back at us as she headed across the yard toward her exercise room, with a smile on her face she casually sauntered to her building before closing the door behind her. I, on the other hand, was thoroughly engrossed in some serious play. The girl's attacks were now going in all directions. They were splashing each other as well as me all while I sat anchored to the shallow end of the pool by the stairs.

Several times during the melee a small hand would close around my dick for just a second before letting go. (I think all three of them took the opportunity for a quick feel when the opportunity presented itself) I didn't think anything of it because I knew it was just curiosity.

But when it started happening a little more often that's when I decided to play it their way. As one of the twins floated past me, with her back turned, I stretched out my arm under the water and grabbed her by the crotch, sinking one of my fingers deep into her little gash. An instant squeal came from her and she clamped her legs shut on my hand as she did her best to turn around and splash water in my face. I let go after a second and pushed her back into the middle of the fray, causing her to wind up in the middle of the circle.

Water flew in all directions and the girls jockeyed back and forth for better positions as I reached out and grabbed Erin next.

My finger sunk into her easily and I used my advantage to pull her to the side and then drag her under before letting go. She came to the surface protesting. "That's not fair!" she exclaimed as she raked water into my face. "Sure it is," I retorted as I grabbed another one of the twins by her pussy and did the same thing to her. (The bad part is that I don't know if it was the same twin as last time or not!) "You're just mad because I have an advantage!" Erin got this mischievous look on her face before she said; "Oh Yea!" and she grabbed me by my dick with both hands and tugged.

It wasn't a hard pull, not even enough to cause any discomfort, but it was enough to pull me off the step and cause me to sink below the surface. I looked back and forth to see young legs paddling toward me with tight exposed pussies at their centers. They were closing in on me while I was under water. Putting my feet down I rose up out of the water with a loud roar, causing all of them to scream with delight as I grabbed the nearest girl to me.

It was one of the twins. In one quick motion I placed my hand on her butt, lifted, and threw her into the slightly deeper water a few feet away from us. She sailed through the air in a nice high arc before landing with a big splash. As soon as she surfaced she spun around quickly to rejoin the fray. As soon as she left my hand I was on the prowl for my next victim.

With a quick spin from me and a lift on another small ass, I had the other twin sailing through the air to land right next to her sister. I had managed to turn the tide of the battle.

When I spun around to face my daughter she had that mischievous look on her face again. I waded toward her as quickly as I could so I could throw her out into the deeper water as well. She was laughing and splashing water at me as I approached.

As I reached under her to lift her out of the water her hand closed around my dick again. "Oh no," she said as she clamped her fingers very tightly around my semi hard dick with a big grin on her face, "If I go, you go!" What could I do? If I tried to lift and throw her now I would wind up ripping my own dick off. And that simply was not in my game plan.

But I could retaliate by beating her at her own game. I reached out with my right hand and grabbed her by her pussy, stuffing my middle finger up into her.

She let out a bit of a squeal but did not let go of me. I pulled her toward me and when her legs came apart I forced my index finger into her as well. This time her mouth opened up wide as my two digits forced her open. She was extremely tight and sucked in her breath as my two fingers sank farther into her, causing her to release her grip on my now hard shaft. As soon as she let go I lifted and threw in one clean motion, hauling her out of the water by her snatch. My fingers quickly extracted from her as she flew away from me, leaving her pussy gaping open.

I could easily see her wide spread hole as her slender body arced away from me toward the deeper water. You see, there are ways of winning.

As she surfaced the twins had made it back over to me again and were getting ready for the next attack but I stopped them. Everyone was breathing hard by this time and I figured it was time to call it quits.

"Ok gang, that's enough," I said as I started to make my way over to the steps. "It's getting late so everyone head in to the house and get cleaned up. I'll be around in a little bit to check on you." "Oh man," they all protested as I stepped on to the pool deck. "Come on," I said. "Get in the house." The twins followed closely behind me and started off across the yard, walking side by side.

Erin came up and stopped right beside me. Looking up at me she said, "That was mean." She had a slight grin on her face so I knew she wasn't really mad. "Yea it was," I replied as I looked down at her water slickened body. "But you loved it," I added as I saw her small little nipples standing up on her chest like her mothers. She grinned and blushed a little before she said, "Well so did you," and then she looked down at my now semi hard and deflating shaft.

When she looked back up at me I smiled at her. "Get in the house you rascal," I said and I gave her a little playful swipe across the butt. She was right, I had enjoyed myself. Not necessarily in being sexual with them, but more of the fun and bonding we had experienced.

Getting to stick my fingers into them was just a fringe benefit, and in this case, somewhat of a necessity for survival. At least that's what I told myself. Erin took off running and caught up with the twins right at the back door. I was really glad to see that they were bonding so well after such a short period of time. The issue now was going to be with my son. Getting him to interact with the girls was going to be a bit of a trick.

But I had a plan, and as long as Kayko agreed, it would guarantee some interaction that I know he would never forget. When I walked in to Kaykos' exercise room she was sitting on the biggest of the wooden pegs on the phallus horse. Her eyes were closed and she had her toes just barely touching the ground. Her feet were not helping to support her at all, only her toes were touching to keep her balance, the rest of her weight was squarely on the largest phallus and the small area of the horses back directly under her.

She was also facing in the opposite direction than she usually would, and I quickly found out why. From her position she could see out the small glass window in the door directly across to where me and the girls had been playing.

"Hello beautiful," I said as I walked around behind my self-impaled wife. Kayko opened her eyes and gave me a very warm smile. "Hello big guy," she said while gently grasping my swinging dick. "Did you have fun?" she queried while rocking her hips back and forth a little.

"Yes I did," I replied while stepping up behind my wife and wrapping my arms gently around her. With my hands on her stomach I could feel the hardness of the wooden peg that was stuck up inside her. It's not like it was protruding out from her stomach, it's just that her lower abdomen was hard, making it easy to detect just how full she was.

It extended out of her neatly trimmed patch almost all the way up to her belly button. I bent over and nuzzled her ear to ear, noting the pleasant sigh that resonated from her throat. Moving my hands up I firmly cupped both of her breasts and hugged her to me. "I noticed that Mark does not really interact with the twins," I said as I lightly pinched her nipples.

"I've noticed too," she replied. "But it has been only two days." "I know," I answered back, and I let go of her breasts and walked over to pick up my pants and shorts.

""But I think he is a little bit afraid to be around them because he gets a stiffy every time." "Well what did you expect?" Kayko said matter of factly as she slowly rose up from the large wooden peg. When all of it had exited her she turned around and sat back down on it, engulfing its' entire length.

"He is only ten, and the girls are all pretty. And you know how advanced he is for a boy his age. The doctor said he would be well ahead of the curve by the time he was twelve." "Yea, I know." I answered as I watched the peg disappear into my wife. "But I have an idea that might help solve this little socialization problem." Kayko listened carefully as I laid out my plan.

She smiled at its devious nature but simplicity in design. As I spelled out all of the details Kayko finished her lengthy round of stretching on the largest peg and slowly stood up.

When she stepped to the side and straightened out her legs I could see that her pussy was still dilated wide open. "Come here," I said as I buckled my belt. Kayko sauntered over to me with a broad smile on her face.

"What's the matter?" she asked as she stepped right up to me. "See something you like?" With a big smile on my face I looked down into my wife's eyes as I reached out and slid two fingers into her. As soon as my two fingers were firmly embedded inside her, she clamped down with her pussy, gripping them tightly. "I love it when you do that," I said before leaning down and kissing her very sweetly on the lips. "Mmmm," she hummed, "You can stick anything you want inside me." "Speaking of which, did you have any trouble getting the tangerine out?" I asked as I withdrew my fingers from her.

"No," she answered as she picked up her robe and put it on. "But I figured a lot more cum would have come out of me." "It probably washed out in the pool," I said as I pulled my shirt over my head.

"Come on," I continued as I opened the door for her. "Let's go have a bath." Walking through the house revealed a lot of clues as to just how well my family functions. At the door all of the shoes were lined up from largest to the smallest in one neat row. In the kitchen Mark had eaten his meal, wiped off the counter, and washed his plate. It stood drying in the small rack in the sink next to his fork and glass.

Upstairs I could hear the water running in his bath room; apparently he was taking a shower. But as I approached Erin's room it was dead quiet and the door was wide open. Peering in made it plainly evident that she was not there. Over at the twins' room we could hear the water running in their bathroom and some laughs and giggles resonating off the tiled bathroom walls. "I better go and see what's happening," I said to Kayko as I turned to enter the girls' room and she continued down the hall to ours.

When I got to the twins bathroom I could tell that all three of them were in there from the voices coming through the door. It sounded like they were more playing than showering so I swung the door open to check out the situation. Through the steam I could see all three of them in the big shower stall standing in a semi-circle. The one large rain shower head in the center of the shower stall was raining water down on the three, but they were also passing the shower wand back and forth to each other.

A little closer inspection revealed that they had unscrewed the end so it was essentially just a wide open hose with a thick stream of water flowing from its end.

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One at a time each would take the metal end and insert it, filling their own pussy to the point that their stomach would begin to bulge out a little and water would begin spraying out from around its edges and showering down between their legs. After one would pull it out and do their best to expel all of the water they had inside, the next one in line would insert it and begin filling herself up.

They were all laughing and giggling as each one tried her best to outdo the previous girl. I watched for just a few minutes as the hose made two complete circuits before I closed the door and headed to my own room. I thought to myself as I turned the corner into the hall, 'Clean as a whistle, inside and out!' When I walked in to the master bath Kayko was just finishing her set up. The 4 foot high stand was out with two buckets of water sitting at its base, and the stool was sitting in the middle of the floor.

Kayko was just setting down the bucket of soapy water when I stepped in and began undressing. "Are the girls alright?" she asked. "Yea," I responded as I stripped off my clothes. "They are all in the shower." "Are they getting clean?" "Oh, they're getting clean alright," I responded with a slight chuckle.

"Inside and out!" Kayko just grinned as she began bathing me. It truly is a wonderful thing to have such a loving a caring wife. Every time it's bath time my wife takes the utmost care to wash me thoroughly. Especially my dick. When we were seated in the pool in our usual position, me on the bench and Kayko sitting on my dick, I told her what I had seen in the girls' bathroom. Kayko laughed with one hand over her mouth.

"I used to do the same thing when I was their age," she said while giving my dick an extra squeeze. "You did?" I marveled at her statement. "Well they seemed to be having a good time," I responded. "At my grandparents' house my grandfather had run a length of hose up the hillside to a small dam in the creek. In the house was a spigot that we could attach a piece of rubber hose to and have running water in the house." As she explained all of this she began rocking her hips back and forth, grinding her clit against my pelvic bone while her squeezing and releasing of my cock became more prominent.

"It was cold, but the water came out with a lot of force. I used to sit for as long as I could and just let the water flow." "So this must be an inherited trait then," I responded with a firm squeeze of her breasts. "No silly," her reply came with a firm clamping of her pussy. "I showed Erin last year while you were away." My wife is just full of surprises.

"So what do you think?" I asked, "Is it time for their nightly check?" Kaykos' response was simple. She stood up, waded out of the pool and got our towels. As I stepped up to her so she could dry me she said just one thing. "Be easy with him." With my robe on I headed down the hall and stopped at the girls' room first. I knocked once and said, "Are you guys ready?" The reply from inside was unanimous; "We're ready." "Give me just a second and I will be right there," I responded before heading down to my sons room.

"Mark," I said while knocking on his door, "Have you got a minute?" "Sure dad," he replied, "Come in." When I opened his door Mark was seated at his desk. I walked over and sat on the edge of his bed before I began speaking. "I have a problem and I need your help." I said as he spun around in his chair to face me.

"I am going to be gone for most of next week and I have a small job I need you to do each day." "Sure dad, what is it?" he responded while focusing all of his attention on me. "Come on and I'll show you," I said as I stood up and headed for the door. As we turned the corner into the hall I continued, "It's just a little inspection job and I need you to do it twice a day.

Once in the morning and once in the evening." "An inspection job?" He asked. "What kind of inspection?" "This kind of inspection," I said as I swung open the door to the twins' room. Marks eyes instantly got as big as saucers and his mouth fell open when he saw the three girls lined up completely naked. All were facing away from us with their legs straight and their feet spread wide apart. They were bent over at the waist, and they had their pussies held wide open.

Shiori was first, Erin was in the middle, and Saki was at the far end, all lined up in a nice straight row. "Girls," I said as I pushed Mark into the room. "I am going to show Mark how to inspect you. He will be doing this for me while I am gone. So you will respond to him the same as you would to me. Are we clear?" I asked in a very authoritative voice. "Yes," they all replied in unison. "Now here is what I need you to do for me," I said as we stepped up behind Shiori.

"Extend your right index finger like this," and I demonstrated for him. Mark responded by sticking his right index finger straight out like mine. "Good. Now stick it into Shiori like this," I said as I slid my finger into Shioris' tight little box. Mark watched with fascination as my finger disappeared into his cousin. "When it is in as far as it will go twist it back and forth several times like this." I rotated my wrist back and forth, causing my finger to twist around inside Shiori who gave out a little moan.

Mark just stood like a statue as he watched Shioris' labia twist back and forth from the friction with my finger. "Then," I said as I pulled my finger out and brought it to my mouth, "You taste her like this," and I stuck my finger in my mouth and sucked it clean. "Got it?" I asked while looking at the petrified boy. "Now you try." Mark looked at me and then at Shiori's pussy. Obviously this had him scared shitless because he was as pale as a sheet.

With his hand shaking like a leaf he extended his arm and pushed his finger into his cousin. Shiori stood perfectly still as Marks finger slid in slowly all the way to his knuckles. As Mark began twisting his wrist back and forth I stepped over behind Erin and pushed my finger into her.

She let out a little moan as my finger opened her up upon its' entry.

Mark looked over at me as I twisted my finger around inside my daughter. "That's it," I said as I felt Erin's' cervix brush back and forth over my fingertip. "Feel around inside there really good." Mark twisted his finger around a few more times before withdrawing it. "Now, taste," I said as I pulled my finger out of Erin and brought it to my mouth.

Mark follow suit and stuck his cum coated finger into his mouth.

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I watched his expression change from one of uncertainty to a decided look of enjoyment as he sucked Shioris' essence from his digit. "Does she taste good?" I asked as I stepped over behind Saki. "Yea she does," he replied with a big grin on his face. "Good," I responded as I pushed my finger into Saki, still having to work a little to get my finger into her.

"Shiori, you're good." "Thank you Uncle Mike," Shiori responded. "And thank you Mark," she said before climbing into bed. "Mark, now do Erin." Mark was a little more enthusiastic about the whole process as he stepped up behind his sister. He extended his finger and quickly shoved it into her.

"Ow, not so rough," Erin protested at the abrupt intrusion. Mark instantly froze in place with his finger still inside her. "You have to be gentle," I said as I withdrew my finger from Saki. "Like this," I said as I carefully pushed my finger back inside Saki.

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"This is a sensitive area for girls and you must take the utmost care in handling them." Mark watched as my finger slowly disappeared into Saki again before he withdrew his own. Then with a slow and deliberate motion he gently pushed his finger back into his sisters' pussy.

"That's better," commented Erin with a little sigh and a small smile on her face. Mark pressed his finger all the way inside her and began twisting it back and forth after his knuckles came to rest against her crotch. As I watched my son and daughter I had quit paying attention to Saki who was still standing with my finger stuck inside her.

When I felt my arm move I then realized that Saki was rocking herself back and forth, fucking my finger.

"Now, now," I said as I twisted my hand back and forth several times. "Hold still." Saki quit moving and I withdrew my finger at the same time Mark pulled his finger out of Erin. Licking our fingers clean I looked over at Mark. "Well?" I asked as I shrugged my shoulders. "She's good," he replied with a big smile on his face. "Erin you're good," he said as he stepped over behind Saki.

"Thanks dad," she said to me as she straightened up and turned around. "Thank you too," she said to Mark, and she gave him a little shove before heading for the door. Mark then stepped up behind Saki and extended his finger. With great care he slowly pushed his finger into the last of the three girls. Saki stood absolutely still as he twisted his wrist back and forth several times before withdrawing his finger and sticking it in his mouth.

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"She's good too," he said with an equally big smile on his face. "You're good Saki," he said as he took a step back from her a reinserted his finger into his mouth. "Thank you Uncle Mike," Saki said as she stood up and turned around. "And thank you Mark," she said before leaning over and giving him a quick little kiss on the cheek.

She then climbed into bed and pulled her covers up over herself. I don't know if Mark could tell if he had just been shot, fucked, snake bit or powder burnt because he just stood there with an extremely stunned look on his face and a boner that was about the size of Florida. I gave him a little nudge and got him started toward the door. "Good night girls," I said as I shut off their light. "You can talk for five minutes but then it's sleep time." "Good night Uncle," they both replied as I shut their door.

Mark still looked stunned as I turned to face him in the hallway. He was standing in the middle of the hall with his finger in his mouth, a blank stunned expression on his face, and now a small wet spot on the front of his shorts where the end of his dick was.

"Are you ok buddy?" I asked as I stepped up to him and rested my hand on his shoulder. "Yea dad," he said in an almost expressionless tone of voice. "I'm fine." End Pt4

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