Mädchen zeigt ihre Handjob Fähigkeiten

Mädchen zeigt ihre Handjob Fähigkeiten
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Ellie started college before I did, a week before I did, so the day after she did, I drove down in my car to Chicago for that first weekend. I needed to return by Monday to get my things in order for my own college trip. I wandered into Roebling Hall, room 200 that Saturday.

The door was unlocked, she said just to walk right in. There was a girl sitting up in a bed on the left side reading. She wore only a red bra, her bottom half was obscured by the covers. The book dropped and she looked at me.

She was also not Ellie. "You must be Ellie's boyfriend," she said with a smile, "I'm Abby…mmm, she's right, you are hot," she said with a mischievous grin. She closed the book and put it on her desk.

I could see for the first time that she was absolutely stacked. She had absolutely giant D cup breasts, and yet an impossibly thin stomach. It was perfectly flat; there was no fat there, but not any muscle either. Her bed was along the left wall when you first walked in, Ellie's on the right. Their desks were perpendicular to the bed at the end nearest the door.

On the wall opposite the door there was a large futon. I set my backpack on the floor and took a seat on the futon. Abby got up from her bed and sat on the futon next to me, revealing a bright red thong. Her fingertips ran up my thigh and came to rest on the inside near my crotch. She smiled, "Ellie tells me she has to ask to suck your cock, I think that's hot," she said flashing that naughty grin again, her hand rubbed my thigh.

I didn't know what to say. Luckily, at that moment, Ellie walked in, back from the shower, wearing only a towel. She surveyed the scene for a moment and smiled. "I see you've met my roommate," she said putting her shower stuff away in her closet. I must have had a puzzled look on my face for she started to explain. "On the roommate survey cards, there was a space for any random comments.

I wrote bondage, I guess Abby must have mentioned it too because they put us together. It was actually the topic of the first conversation we had." I looked back at Abby, still smiling…but there was something else there now… "Don't worry, I'm safe, she's all sub," Ellie said with a grin dropping the towel.

I just sat there and stared. "Don't let me stop you guys from having fun," Abby whispered in my ear, sliding her hand off my leg. Ellie turned and locked the door as I stripped down to my boxers. Before she could turn around to face me, I put my hands around her waist and pulled her close, kissing her over her shoulder. My cock grew hard inside my boxers, and Ellie started to get wet as I slowly slid my fingertips up and down her body.

I lightly brushed over each rib as I moved up to her arms, raising them up. She reached back to my head and pulled me closer. My fingers slid over her shoulders, then down around her nipples where they ran slow, barely felt circles around her areolas. I kissed her neck softly at first, then harder and harder, working my way up to her jaw, her cheeks, finally her lips where I slid my tongue into her mouth.

My hands slid over her breasts harder and harder until finally I cupped them, pulling her close. I heard Abby stand up behind me and put her hands on my waist, just above my hips. Sliding them down, she removed my boxers and tossed them aside. My cock, no longer impeded by the fabric, grew to its full length as I pressed in between the tops of the cheeks of Ellie's luscious ass.

Abby moved in behind me, sliding her hands around my back, trying to get a feel of my abs. Ellie felt this, and whirled around out of my grasp, the trance broken. She glared at Abby, the girl smiled mischievously, then nervously. Ellie smiled in a way I've never seen before and slowly walked up to the slightly taller Abby. She ran the back of her hand down Abby's thin, almost skeletal, though not unattractive face. Down her bony cheeks to her small jaw.

The hand continued, slowly weaving back and forth, over the string that connected the two cups of Abby's bra where it stopped just below. Ellie's index finger moved underneath the string and curled around it. With suprising quickness, Abby was suddenly topless and her bra was across the room.

While she hadn't minded being in her underwear around me, being topless was a completely different story. A look of surprise, and a flash of red suddenly covered her face as her hands rushed up to cover herself. Too late, I had already seen the tiny, dime sized perky nipples that the bra had covered. Abby's breasts dropped slightly without support, but did not sag.

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She looked at Ellie, a glint of defeat and uncertainty in her eyes. She didn't know what to do. She looked down at the floor for a few seconds, then back up at Ellie with an expression of shame, and acceptance.

Ellie reached down and removed Abby's panties and tossed them aside. Abby made an initial futile move to cover herself, then dropped her hands to her sides. My gaze fell to her pussy, trimmed, not shaved, black stubble against pale white skin, not terribly attractive. Ellie pushed the humiliated Abby onto her butt on the futon, then resumed kissing me. The action between the two girls had kept me very hard. Ellie grinded against me slightly, wrapping her arms around em and pulling me close.

She moved forward, I waited for her kiss. She stopped and smiled. She moved forward again, I leaned in slightly, she stopped a few inches short again. She did it a third time, and I attacked her, my tongue was in her mouth before she knew what had happened.

Her eyes widened in surprise, then closed slightly in a smile, finally closed completely in bliss as her tongue rolled around mine.

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I stuck my tongue all the way into her mouth, then rolled it, as the wrapped her lips and moved up and down my tongue, a mock blowjob. We looked into each others eyes and smiled, then kissed again. Finally she pulled away and turned back to Abby, who was watching from the futon with fascination, and judging from her pussy, enjoyment also. Ellie beckoned her to her feet, and opened my bag. She grabbed some rope and turned Abby around. The girl hesitated before putting her hands together behind her back.

"You told me you'd always wanted to try bondage, looks like your wish is coming true," Ellie said with a laugh.

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Abby answered with a nervous giggle. Soon Abby was restrained, I examined Ellie's rope work.

She was no expert, but she got the job done effectively and without sloppiness. Ellie grabbed something else from my bag. I stood back to watch as she reached around and started running her fingers over Abby's small sensitive nipples. Abby moaned appreciatively.

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"Mmm, you like that? You always said they were sensitive," Ellie teased. Abby tried to answer, only moaned. That's when the clamps went on. Nimble fingers had them attached before Abby could even squirm. "Owww," she whined, "That hu--" Ellie tightened the strap on the ball gag. "Don't worry, it will all go away in a few minutes," she whispered into the bondage virgin's ear. Ellie moved back over to the pack, before she could get anything out, I pulled her close, and kissed her again, running my hands through still damp hair.

The water made it look almost black, and very, very sexy. Ellie blindfolded Abby, and bound the girls ankles together. Finally she pulled out her least favorite toy, the vibrator. Before she could move towards Abby, I grabbed it from her, flicked it on and pushed it against her pussy. "Ooohh," she pulled away instinctively, immediately, giving me a 'you bastard,' smile.

She slid it in between her roommates thighs and wrapped several feet of tape around the girls thighs ensuring that it was going nowhere.

Only the switch of the toy was available. Ellie removed the girls blindfold and clamps, each of which prompted a painful groan from the girl. She tried to see what was happening down by her womanly parts, but the tape obscured the evil deed that had been done. Her thin lips wrapped around the gag, she stared at Ellie, pleading with her.

"No, sorry hun," Ellie cooed, "that stays on." Devilish smile, "you'll see why in a moment." Ellie held the girls face lightly in her hands staring at her work for a moment, then kissed her over the red ball.

She ran her hand down her roommate's body, holding it over the switch. She let Abby gently fall onto the futon. Ellie kissed her lightly on the cheek, then moved her lips to Abby's ear. Each icy word pierced the silence like a sharp dagger. "Don't…touch…my…man." She flicked the switch. Abby's eyes went wide, I thought they were going to pop out of her head. She moaned extremely loudly through the gag, good thing the walls were thick, and started writhing around on the futon like she was on fire.

Apparently her nipples weren't her only sensitive part. That explained not shaving all the way. Ellie led me over to her bed, pulled me in front of her, and pushed me down on my back. I smiled as she climbed in on top of me. An interesting, but not unwelcome side of her, one I'd never seen before. "I missed you," she whispered before kissing me.

I could feel her sopping pussy against my dick, and smiled through the kiss. We heard heightened muffled screams from Abby, she was having her first orgasm. First of many. She half sobbed, half grunted after, then the moans resumed as the heat began to rise within her again. I spun her over so she was on the bottom and held her hands above her head. She smiled and leaned up to kiss me. I let my lips fall down onto hers, pushing her head against the bed.

I slid my hands down her arms beneath her shoulders, she placed hers on mine and smiled again. With suprising quickness I was staring up at her again. Ignoring the tortured yells of another climax, she mounted my dick and began sliding up and down me. I reached my hands up and started rubbing her clit. She smiled with gratitude before contorting her face with surprise and pleasure as I increased the pressure.

She started sliding slowly at first, her long slow moans mixing cacophonously with those of the tortured Abby.

I could hear the girl screaming against the gag, writhing around on the futon, to no avail. All she'd do is tire her self out. "Whoa," I cried out in surprise, Ellie had suddenly increased her pace. My hands resumed their work on her clit. Her eyes remained shut, her lips pursed together with pleasure, those wrinkles on her forehead made her oh so cute.

I lay there, my fingers growing wetter, mesmerized by her rising and falling breasts. Abby's moans grew more ragged, tired, as Ellie bounced away happily on my cock. As if on cue, right when I started to get close, the moans stopped. Ellie pulled off me and I sat up, we both knew what this meant.

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She gave my wet cock a few fast strokes before leading me up off the bed by it. Quickly she turned the vibrator off and went to work on Abby's ankle binds while I pried at the knots around her wrists. I tried for a few minutes, then finally ended up cutting her free, Ellie's knots having eluded me. The ankle binds free, Ellie and I moved the girl to her bed and removed the gag. She had passed out from the intense pleasure, nothing harmful or terribly dangerous, it's been known to happen during intense sex sessions, it had simply been too much for the girl.

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We laid her to rest peacefully, pulling the covers over her naked body, then returned to Ellie's bed. I laid down on my back again, and she mounted me once more. This time she leaned down, laying on top of me and whispered in my ear, "fuck me…fuck me hard…" I flipped her over on her back; her hands seemed to fly above her head.

She stared pleadingly at me, "fuck me," she begged. I started fast, hard, thrusting all the way in, plunging myself into the very depths of her vagina. She managed a difficult, "ooh yeah," before my hard, fast strokes too her breath away.

Her lips curved into a deliciously sexy 'o,' as I plowed away at her pussy. A less observant person would have missed it, but I saw the slow forming wrinkles on her forehead signaling that she was getting close.

So was I, I noticed as I tiredly kept on going. Her eyes fluttered open and she inhaled sharply as I felt her walls tightened. Close, but still not cumming, I continued my pace. After several wet seconds she exhaled bringing her hands to rest on my shoulders as I continued.

I felt her vaginal muscles contract again, as the climax with me rose too. She sucked in sharply once more, then gasped with pleasure as my warm cum started to fill her crevice. She continued to breath heavily even after we both finished.

She smiled, surprised, she seemed unable to calm herself down. "Wow…wow…" she pented, her breathing picked up again, "wow…&hellip.oooh…ooh," she started to orgasm again, a short, but intense one, judging from the frozen look of shock upon her face. Finally, her breathing slowed, she sighed and looked up at me.

"The warmth…it felt so good…" she started to explain. I put my hand to her lips and kissed her softly before laying my head next to hers. She leaned over so her cheek rested on mine and we fell asleep.