This chick gets excited and masturbates while smoking

This chick gets excited and masturbates while smoking
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"I want you to go into that inn over there. Something is happening just for you." Janis said. Kaarthen looked over at the inn in question. The building was similar to all the others. Timber framed with plaster walls. It was three stories tall and had a stable attached to the back. Surrounding it was an open area of dry dirt and a cobbled street in front that passed by coming from town and led further away from the canal into the pastures and trees. Kaarthen protested.

"This is only the second stop, we still got a few more. Marcos will be pissed at being delayed." "Marcos needs time to practice subjugating women into his bed." Janis almost chuckled. "Just go in there and wait. Marcos and the crew will all be happy to wait for you here." She gestured over to Ein, Saucrem, and Rinis who only had four of the shifty women down and dressed for breakfast.

The crew had learned from Marcos the quiet group of leering women were easily, quickly, and quietly able to be used for their sexual relief. Kaarthen shrugged, somewhere upstairs, Mara, Marcos, ten sex fiends, and their ship's crewmen were having an epic orgy.

"Okay fine. What's going to happen?" "You'll help someone who can't help themselves." Janis said cryptically Kaarthen stood, armed up, and walked over to the inn across the road. At six and half feet tall, with heavily muscular proportions, white braided hair, full dark lips, and pale skin with odd dark under tones in the shadows she was impressive and exotic in the city full of small, tan, dark haired southern women. Her attractive though oversized curvy figure, weapon, and shiny elegant jewelry, stopped most people from noticing her eyes had no whites, just two black voids with floating discs of quicksilver vertically slit like cat.

Her overripe breasts the size of a man's head threatened to come out of her open sided knee length black robe. The robe's light silky shell hid within it armor padding, poisoned daggers, and throwing darts.

The split in the front showed some of the deep cleavage of her rounded lactating udders. Under her robe, she wore thigh high soft leather black boots and a loincloth. The shiny jewelry of her rings, bracelet, hip chain, and necklace flashed in the light. Though her luminous pale skin took away some of their shine. Despite openly carrying Lourndai the elven heavy weapon, she garnered plenty of lustful stares from men and women as she walked through and pushed open the door to the inn.

She took a seat alone in back watching the door in the emptying serving room and set the pole arm along the wall behind her. Most travelers were leaving after finishing breakfast to be on their way. After two servings of honeyed mead, she was unsure what Janis wanted her to do and was probing Rinis and Ein mentally to find her and make sure Marcos wasn't raping her in a pile of hot ashes. A hysterical burst of sobbing outside erupted and got closer until the door was thrown open.

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Kaarthen studied what got her attention. A slip of a tan, small shouldered and breasted girl, with a tiny waist, and slender limbs stood crying pitifully in her grayed linen dress. Kaarthen guessed her to be maybe over twenty. She was marrying age but not by much. The girl seemed to lock onto Kaarthen after a moment and ran up to her. "Please you must help me! I need a Warrioress." The girl pleaded running up to Kaarthen.

"I'm not…" Kaarthen stopped talking looking into the girls eyes. In them, she saw treachery that belied the pitiful weak appearance. Not many others would've noticed it. However, Kaarthen's mind housed a bored lovesick deity who saw people and things in their most basic definitions as written in the hand of the gods. Therefore, she saw this girl, her motivations, and her thoughts as clear as water.

Kaarthen played into the ruse and put her big hands on the girl's tiny trembling shoulders. "Where do you need me?" She asked purposefully.

"My name is Aimili. My family farms the pastures at the end of the road. Bandits attacked and have taken our homestead." The girl pulled on her and tried to tug her out the door.

Kaarthen followed her out. Outside Ein, sat bemused with Saucrem the tiny pygmy 'Cloud Seer' on a spread blanket selling prophesies and weather predictions. A few curious people stood and listened to them in the early morning, and Ein expected more as the day wore on. Kaarthen turned back and consoled Aimili.

"Has no one else gone?" She asked, but could already guess. Aimili only cried louder. "That way, please, you must help." Aimili stopped at the edge of the building as pointed her way. "Please go my family is still trapped." Kaarthen walked where she pointed. Mentally, she had Ein go and follow the girl. Rinis and her crowd of 'cum hoarders' would help Saucrem gibber away the future and perhaps even attract business for her.

She hoped it would keep the squirrelly women busy and not fucking whatever they found in the street. Aimili however, would die with the rest of the bandits if things were as bad as she thought. Walking along the road her senses reached out for people and found the clever ambush easily before she triggered it. She paused on the road and found the location of the house from a man's surface thoughts as he mused about getting one of the women they had onto her knees in the house.

She continued forward until seven men came running out with a whoop. Their weapons were simple tools like axes and knives.

Only one had a decent sword and he came in first. An eighth man had a net but Kaarthen threw a dart in his neck and dropped him just as he wound up to throw from the edge of the road. She raised Lourndai, the seven and a half foot iron black heavy weapon and twirled it in her fingers overhead.

As the group closed in, Kaarthen whirled Lourndai and extended it several inches deceptively. Behind the blade, a metal shaft three feet long stretched to three and a half.

The blade itself was a two and a half foot, finger thick, S curved blade a hand's width wide that was magic imbued for sharpness and weight reduction. In Kaarthen's hand was the only 'real' part of the weapon, a two-foot long section of aged worked wood with spells in elven and human carved into it.

The swordsman stepped and blocked the heavy magical weapon but Lourndai continued cutting through in its sweep. He barely registered the disaster he was in as Lourndai shaved through his sword before it severed his arms and deeply sliced his chest. Continuing the motion she swung Lourndai around overhead, Kaarthen continued to twirl the weapon but slowed and stopped noting the men kept their distance.

Finally, one man got brave and danced in quickly. In a flash, he was impaled by her backhanded thrust before he even had a chance at swinging. The other men got angry and promised her they would breed, and sodomize her painfully. "I got the dick right here boys." She smiled waving Lourndai at them, "Which hole you want it in?" She charged with a low thrust, and a high feint before sweeping down and caught two more men who had gotten tangled together trying to avoid her.

The last three men triangulated and stepped in at once. Kaarthen used Marcos' avoidance technique as she stepped out from between them and began sidestepping to block them into each other and slow them down. With the length of Lourndai, it was easy to make quick thrusts and keep them back as she wheeled around keeping them stacked inline.

When one man out of the three stepped back, she turned the other two away with a feint and dashed upon the laggard. Her toes planted as she hacked down into the startled man.

Lourndai pitilessly sliced him into two near equal parts. When she turned back, the men called her names again and insisted something was wrong with her rationality, intelligence, and judgment. The one facing her on the left had a long dagger and the other had an axe. They discussed issues of manliness and how best the other should use their weapon for an initial attack. Both were angry but lacked a soldier's resolve when facing her. They both stumbled to be the second man to attack her in an awkward backwards race.

Finally, she stepped in and squared up with the remaining two, extended Lourndai almost four feet, and swept off both men's legs.

Stopping over the pair, she drew her poisoned obsidian dagger and inquired gently. "I have a feeling, but tell me: does that girl, Aimili, work for you?" The pale man on the left answered first. "Aye… Stable boys tell her when Warrioresses come to town." She considered that, and asked another question.

"How many have you caught?" "Ffffour, but we just got one two days ago." He whimpered. Kaarthen bent and stabbed slow into the man's left side. The rough obsidian blade painfully snapped off several jagged edges as designed, and as she pulled it out, the glass was reformed by the dirt around them.

Without a word, she killed off anyone else still alive. The mortal wounds she had given each of them were sped along by the purely magical poison in the blade. The Goddess squatting in the back of her mind made its contribution by collecting the souls of the men. Her waist chain jingled as eight more skulls were added. In her dark thoughts, she felt Ein move in and capture the slender girl as she rewarded a grunting stable boy in the stable behind the inn.

Walking quietly off the road, she eventually came to the bushes at the edge of the property. The road she was following continued straight another one hundred and fifty yards then went to the right after passing the house to the barn. The house was a neglected two-story structure that had three windows across the front and two on the sides.

Along the road, a neglected fence started at a random place and similarly ended just short of the house. A man stood around outside guarding the farm by a cook fire between the house and the road.

He was a pale heavy man in short pants. The bandits seemed to have shifts watching the road since the Warrioress were too dangerous to not be watched. The batch they had were tied by their knees and shoulders to the cross beams of the fence along the road in a hunched over sitting position with the top rail like a yoke over their shoulders.

Their hands were tied along the rails out to their sides and their heads were pulled back by the hair keeping them looking up. Kaarthen counted only three Amazons until she noticed a Warrioress obscured by the fence getting raped by the cook fire close to the house.

She was turned away on the ground and moaned as she was fucked from behind. The man behind her thrust roughly into her with a huge thick cock. His large rounded balls flopped into her loudly. Her already battered hole was swollen, frothy, and dripped the excesses from many men earlier. The man over her was older, tanned, slender, dirty, and did not have any pants on. She watched as the man stood, walked to the bound Warrioresses along the fence, and shoved himself deeply into one's mouth.

As he plunged into her, and fucked her face and throat, the other much younger fatter man then the first got up and fucked the Warrioress still down on the ground.

The pudgy man's heavy sagging balls bounce and jostled as he shuffled onto her. His thick hard eight inch cock was shoved into her ass and he fucked her with full thrusts. Obviously, the Warrioress was previously used since he was able to find a greedy pace with ease.

The sound of wet flesh slapping and the Warrioress' moans carried over to where Kaarthen was hidden. She watched as the bound Warrioress cringed and bucked in pain or orgasm after a few minutes. "Oy, Georgi she's still lively." The chubby man called to his friend. "Good!" 'Georgi' answered. Behind them, a shirtless man came out of the house and walked to the fence. He walked behind a bound Warrioress and pulled out his long thick cock. It had to be nearly a foot long and his hand likely couldn't close around the girth.

At first, the length flopped out over his hand. It hardened further until it pointed and drooled at the unprotected pussy before it. He petted her hole and felt her up idly with his other hand before preparing to mount. "Morning, slut." He said shoving in brutally. Compared to the other two he was frantic. He reached forward and pulled her mouth open as he roughly pummeled into her. Her eyes opened and looked around frantically in shock as the man behind her fucked long and hard breaking into a visible sweat with his efforts.

Around them, the other two men continued to fuck and sped up in their exuberance as they watched. With a groaning bellowing sound, the Amazon gave into an orgasm as he battered her trying to collapse the fence. After a few minutes, both of the other men simultaneously shouted and came into their women. The shirtless man wasn't too far behind and with a shout he gave over a final thrust and let spew into his tightly bound lover. The shirtless man left his pants undone and came around to the breakfast fire.

The fat man followed. The tanned man smeared himself happily onto the Warrioress' face before turning to the others. Kaarthen felt detached coldness watching these unwitting men. Behind her, birds began chirping as they forgot about her. The noise would lull these men into feeling secure.

Her senses felt several other people inside the house. After a moment, she understood eight other people were in the home, mostly women and children. She thought of how Marcos stalked for some reason, as she started creeping down low around the people toward the barn and the back of the house.

She slowly moved successfully behind the men and women and came up to the back corner of the house after a long tiring crawl inches over the dirt. Noticing the house's back door, Kaarthen used a plow's handles to jam it and dug the plow into the ground to reinforce the block.

She needed to control their movement and ensure no surprises came up behind her since she was alone. As she came back to her corner, she saw the men still focused on their cooking.

The Warrioress on the ground had her eyes closed, but if she opened them, she would see her. Kaarthen crept up slowly on the wall towards the men, and sprinted the last few paces hopping over the prone Warrioress.

A sweep of Lourndai caught the first two and a thrust finished the shirtless man as he wormed away. After stopping, she turned to the house. The door was similar to the back. It was thick all wood that opened out. Kaarthen found metal ladles from the cook fire and jammed the gap of the door, and the gap by the hinges. Returning to the fire, she ignored the bound women and fished out several burning sticks. They followed her with their eyes as much as they could silently as she went around the house catching various parts on fire.

Finally, she backed up in the front and threw the sticks through the upper and lower story windows. As the flames built slowly, she walked among the women and used the dagger to cut them loose. The ones on the fence simply crumpled into heaps noiselessly. The Warrioress on the ground merely fell flatter over the ground.

Kaarthen knew since she was once similarly caught, that they were primarily embarrassed that a Sister had rescued them. Relative to that embarrassment, they were happy to be free of the embarrassment only slightly. They had likely resigned themselves to what was happening. Warrioresses are free to enjoy men and are the closest to regular society.

Unlike Huntresses, no real stigmas are attached to failure, or such complete defeat. Other than having someone out there knowing you've been raped for several days, while tied like a piece of fuck meat on a fence, these women had nothing to worry about. The fire had built up well now and puzzled shouts of alarm could be heard inside. Kaarthen found one Warrioress already starting to stand. Kaarthen offered her the dagger. "Take this. They will be coming out soon." Behind them, the people inside the burning house found the doors blocked and were frantic and getting loud.

Kaarthen waited patiently and soon a window was broken. When she saw a head poke out of the billowing smoke smeared in black soot coughing wretchedly she moved in and sliced it off.

Screeches of true alarm were raised when the headless body fell back in. The scrambling people inside finally understood they were being killed. Kaarthen circled to several windows and dispatched several others before the smoke overcame the people inside. Kaarthen returned to the women and found the woman she had spoken to earlier dead by her own hand.

In between the thrust through her chest, and the poison, the Warrioress had died quickly and hopefully painlessly. The three other women stared blankly at her and the knife she clutched considering their own lives. In its corner of her mind, the Goddess mulled losing a follower over the benefit of their death. If the Goddess of death, fertility, and femininity came to some conclusion over suicide, it didn't tell Kaarthen.

She stepped past the two pondering women interrupting their quiet thoughts and retrieved the blade. She was glad to be able to break the blade, instead of cleaning it, as she removed the dagger from her. The women reverted to what they knew in the enclave. Kaarthen directed them like a matronly Shield Mistress. They washed themselves quickly with well water. Together, they moved the bodies outside into the burning house and silently watched it burn, mostly to honor their fallen Sister.

The other three women followed her quietly back into town naked after she searched futilely for some thing to cover them. The three were all typical tall heavily muscular women similar to Kaarthen. Two were dark haired with few silvery grey streaks the other was mostly silvery grey. The light haired and one of the dark haired were older, wide hipped, thick limbed, and very heavy breasted.

Their hips and thighs also jiggled more, though they were obviously still in excellent physical conditioning. Their extra weight was only for a show of fertility that Mother Nature used to entice horny fools like Marcos into trying to get into them.

As she returned along the road with the women, Janis stood waiting for her. She raised a hand in greeting as she spotted them. "Bring them this way." Janis bid and led them to the back of the inn through an alley with a few piles of rubbish.

Janis entered and brought them into a closed dark sleep room. As the Warrioresses entered, they found Ein standing over the bound Aimili on her knees looking mildly bruised. Several hisses were heard as the women recognized the sight of the last person alive who had caused them such grief. Janis spoke loudly to them trying to break into their deep dark thoughts. "I will go and get clothes. Whatever happened prior to finding yourselves here won't ever be spoken of." She said and disappeared.

Ein released Aimili and gave her a kick sprawling her out before turning and following Janis. The Warrioresses moved in closer intent on snuffing her quickly as the girl cried and struggled uselessly. However, Kaarthen moved in first, and got their attention. "I want to help you. She won't live whether you leave with her blood on your hands or not.

However, the Goddess has decided she is not allowed to die a virgin." Kaarthen said looking at each of them and changed them to ensure the order would be carried out. Aimili shrieked at her words and the silver haired Warrioress jumped in quickly to silence her. An odd feeling between her legs alerted her, and she looked down to see Kaarthen had blessed them with her words. The three looked between each other discovering giant menacing thick cocks the size of their forearms with fist-sized balls hanging loosely.

Far from freaked out, the trio gave them a cursory look as though they had expected exactly that to happen. "Oh? Now look at this." The younger woman said from in back. Soundlessly, Aimili was bracketed by the silver haired and the younger women. Their eyes were cold and dark as they looked down at Aimili who looked obviously terrified.

They were much larger than her both in height and weight. The girl who was twenty at best was younger then them too. The silver haired woman despite her excellent conditioning was nearly past the prime age for a normal woman. She held Aimili tight and rubbed her cock onto the wet shaking girl and grew more and more demanding.

The way she held her down on her knees kept her huge cock up across the cleavage of Aimili's dress as she hunched over her. Eventually the quest for more flesh to rub across drove her to strip Aimili, and tear her out of the dress. She even untied her, and let Aimili stand and prepare to run.

The slender girl barely twenty summers barely reached the giant Amazon's shoulders. She would barely reach above Kaarthen's prodigious bust, and her slender for dwarfed her further. When Aimili took a step to get away from them, a fist twice the size of both her hands caught her in the gut dropping her down to her knees. She was allowed to rise again, and kicked forward roughly only to be hooked in the face by another hard fist from the larger women.

She tried to crawl away and one of the women stomped a hand as Aimili tried to scuttle past. The beating continued and accelerated until Aimili understood to stay still between the tall Amazons. She looked up to plead with them, but her face was caught and brought forward to the cock of the silver haired Warrioress. Gripping her with both hands over the ears, the Warrioress rubbed her face over the cock roughly exploring the sensations. The woman's hot meat touched, drooled, and rubbed over Aimili's hair and face.

The skinny girl was forced to smell the musky scent of huge Amazon's giant hairless balls and cock as she was rubbed into them. Stupidly, the girl licked at it. The hands holding her froze as the Warrioress tried to understand the new feeling. Looking over her shoulder, Kaarthen noticed that the third Amazon was staying in back and avoiding the action.

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Kaarthen investigated why the dark haired women didn't move over to the girl. The Warrioress was the bustier of the two dark haired Amazons and had wider hips, and a generally thicker padded frame of an active middle-aged woman. She stood crying and thumbing her cock as she watched her Sisters. Kaarthen came to her side and took over using her hands on the woman's cock.

"What makes you hurt?" "I can't do this." She replied waving over to the two others who held the girls head between them as they quickly learned the urges of men. "You don't want to hurt her?" "No.

I wanted to help people." She moaned. Kaarthen leaned in and kissed her quickly. "Will you help me?" As she looked on in stunned surprise, Kaarthen walked her back until the Warrioress could sit up on a crate. Finding herself positioned she gave in. "…Okay. If you need help." She replied sheepishly. Kaarthen kneeled down over her. "Good. I want to help you too." Kaarthen quickly jumped in and took her in her mouth.

The hot cock gushed pre-cum and throbbed as her mouth went around it. The other two women mimicked her and penetrated the girl's mouth one at a time. It didn't take too long for the dark haired busty Warrioress to lose herself and start dancing frantically before she spurted over Kaarthen.

Her cock spewed long gushes that went over her head and splattered two yards away. Each gout of sperm was more than most men's climax. Dazed, the woman grabbed at Kaarthen for more. Kaarthen pulled her up and had her stagger over to Aimili to fuck properly.

Without instruction, she got her down onto her knees behind the girl. She was in a daze looking down at her cock pointing at the exposed rear of the slender girl. Roughly, the hardened Warrioress punched, pulled, and beat the girl as she tried to undress her.

The other two women watched with interest as the Warrioress pulled the girl back almost gently onto her cock.

After only a moment, the girl screamed as her body was made to stretch onto the fist-sized head. "Tough titties bitch." The black haired girl said lifted a foot to her head pushing her back onto the impaling rod.

The hot cock seared Aimili as it stretched her. The gush of its pre-cum couldn't even save her the pain as her dry pussy was used for the first time. Her body wracked with an involuntary orgasm over the huge cock trying to lubricate itself.

Aimili's squeal of pained pleasure wasn't well received. "Oh? I think she likes it? This bitch likes it!" The two women at her head started to pummel and slap her mercilessly as she tried to writhe and buck off of the invader. She couldn't pop herself off since her own tight pussy was locked tight around the tunneling organ. Her frantic motions only got everyone around her more excited.

Soon she was being rammed from behind with the huge cock at a quick pace that burrowed more and more into her as the women fed off her pain. The cock wasn't even half way into her before Aimili pissed herself and passed out.

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Relentlessly, the dark haired Warrioress behind her lunged into Aimili's tight pussy. She wanted to feel it all go in. And, she was rewarded when it finally did. The limp girl jerked up again in another climax that seemed much more intense as the hot cock meat slide home.

The pain she felt was enough to wake her up and terrify her of being ripped apart. "Mercy! Mercy!" Aimili pleaded. Her cries were heartlessly silenced by the cockmeat looming over her. She was dragged onto one then the other as the women got horny and forced her face open. The two treated her as bad as they had endured. No quarter was given and they both enjoyed gagging and fucking her throat roughly.

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Several times the girl dry heaved and coughed even as the two pushed deeper. Kaarthen walked around them urging their violent sex. "No mercy young one. You led almost three dozen sisters into the shackles of those beastly men." Around her, the women redoubled their efforts upon hearing of others who shared their fate.

Kaarthen wasn't even sure the girl could hear her anymore. "No mercy.

You will die used and despoiled. The Dark Mother herself will punish you in death and in all of your next lives. You will know the pain you have caused others in every cycle you crawl the under the sun." The women continued ruthlessly slapping and gagging Aimili until the dark haired Warrioress fucking her bucked in tight, dropped low onto the girl's back squashing her breasts onto her, and climaxed again into the once virgin hole.

After a full minute of flooding Aimili with her share, she eased back up. "Take her here, in this hole." Kaarthen said pointing out the girl's anus. Quickly the one fucking her pulled back. Gushes of sperm fell out of the girl as the cock cleared her hole. The silver haired Warrioress jumped in and held Aimili tight as she squatted over her working herself in.

The girl arched and came to life under the anal assault before her mouth was filled again. "Mercy! &hellip.MmmPhh!" The darker haired Warrioress with the smaller chest of the two flooded her mouth with an ecstatic look. After a minute where Aimili turned purple, she dropped her like trash to heave and vomit as the Warrioress wandered around the room flapping her hands and reveling in an obvious feeling of well being.

Janis came in and walked over to Kaarthen. "What magic is this? This is what you do to the girl?" She gestured to Aimili caught between the two mighty women. Their thighs were larger then her torso. Looks of hate filled their faces as they lunged and rutted the helpless girls face and ass.

"Yes. She couldn't die a virgin." Kaarthen said dismissively. Janis obviously had much to learn if she expected pity from her for the interloper. "You knew these women desired revenge.

I merely provided a catalyst. Besides you knew what was happening here to the sisters who passed through." Kaarthen turned to Janis. "Didn't you?" Janis looked taken aback. "I… Yes I had an idea…" Kaarthen pressed her. "How did you know?" "The women. I made the deal. Menthino buys captured Amazons and any other Sisters. We return the Sisters to Dar Delis and keep the Amazons for three years.

They are kept in Pessilberg where I can insure that a twisted mind like Marcos can't abuse them too much." Kaarthen thought about it. "And they told you?" Janis nodded and stole a glance at the women.

"Yes. We don't pay enough for slavers to make an industry of it. Moreover, we certainly don't want someone else making a heavy assault infantry army, or exploiting Sisters for some exotic market somewhere. I keep an eye out for common stories, locations, or names. I try to send Marcos out to purge them, or I have others…" Kaarthen smirked. "…Marcos' tower women?" Janis gave her an appraising look. "Yes, those dolls of his are actually quite clever and ruthless.

Usually, they're quite transparent in their goals, at first. However, they do learn and adapt very quickly. I make sure the ones who leave the tower always come to Pessilberg eventually.

I am always very happy to help the women settle and keep their skills sharp. They are natural born black widows. No man can compare to an immortal like Marcos their entire lives so they eventually get disappointed and contemptuous of their mates. Indeed his network outside Mavvus is as much mine as it is his." The Warrioresses switched places after pulling the girl to lie across the side of a huge hog's head barrel while they skewered her from either end.

The girl was limp already and twitched helplessly as she was impaled repeatedly between the large women. Her mouth and holes were coated in the combined juices of the three women. Froth and goop dripped and clung around her cheeks and crotch.

Under the gunk her body was starting to bruise and swell. Kaarthen continued after looking over their progress and thinking on what Janis had told her. "And that's why you two hate each other. You control the Heavy Assault regiment, which must freak out a security hound like Marcos.

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In addition, he controls the tower women, which isn't even approaching acceptable for a Sister. Both of you share the informant network.

He controls the army and you the navy…" Kaarthen trailed off thinking. Janis smiled. "Of course, there's also the fact I'm the only woman around him not in his thrall. He gets rough and pushy with independent acting women, as you'll find out. Don't forget technically his title as the Immortal of Menthino is shared with me and you now too." She raised a hand displaying a gold emblem of the Eternal throne's sigil the enthroned crown on her bracelet.

The Warrioresses stood over the girl and doused her in piss now that their erections and burning hatred were satiated. The pitiful whimpering girl could only use one arm for some reason to try protecting herself from the burning streams of shame. Kaarthen stepped in as they finished and started another round of stomping and kicking the girl.

"Well, we have clothes and a choice of decent swords for each of you." She left it unsaid that this was the final act.

She drew her dagger. The room quieted until only Aimili's sobs were heard. "Wait, wait, allow me." The silver haired Warrioress said and took the knife. She pulled the girl by her feet to a post and slid her up to stand against it. Slowly she inched the girl up till her feet left the floor. Then the Amazon crossed her hands behind the wood post.

With a quick whip of her hand and a solid 'thunk' the girls hands were skewered to the post by the dagger. When the woman let go, the girl dropped to the ground suddenly and dislocated both arms falling to her knees. Kaarthen snapped off the blade of the dagger but left the girl stuck.

She screamed again and the women ignored her as the silver haired woman stepped back and drew a sword from Janis. The silver haired woman stepped in and swung. "For the Goddess!" She swung low and cruelly disemboweled the girl with her slash to intentionally leave Aimili to die a slow painful death. The stench of spilled offal was horrid.

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Janis spoke up. "This is inhuman." Kaarthen cleared her throat. "We are human. We are spited. We are hurt. We are angry. We are vengeful." Kaarthen raised and reformed the dagger before she gave it to Janis. "Be human. Be humane. The poison is already going to her heart." She said flippantly noting the black veins creeping up the girl's arms to her shoulders.

"Do human's just let nature take its course? Or will you respond to your base desire." Janis leveled her shoulders before replying. "We as humans know what is right, and what is wrong. That judgment allows us to be humane if we chose. If we don't we are usually worse than animals." Janis paused. She was visibly shaken. For a minute in the quiet room, surrounded by the stench of steaming entrails, and naked vengeful women, she regarded the dagger in her hand.

Finally, she looked at the girl. "Clever piece." With a flick, she tossed it into the girl's chest. They all watched Aimili slowly slump over and exhale for the last time as if she was only going to sleep. "Where are you Sisters headed?" The busty dark haired Warrioress asked as they continued to stare at the wreck. "Mavvus for the winter." Kaarthen said quietly. Janis cleared her throat. "I will return to Pessilberg in several weeks.

All of you women are free to join my travels and rest on our journey. I think we should eat first however. If we can."