Barefaced babe gets a load of cream on face at a casting

Barefaced babe gets a load of cream on face at a casting
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Ben woke up some time later, jumping out of his skin when he realized it was almost six o'clock. The party was already well on its way. He hopped off his bed and ran to the closet, pulling on his swimming trunks and a fresh t-shirt. He stopped when he came across the 30-pack of beer on the floor. Did he really want to be around people now? He got sent into a deep and sudden depression just by sitting in the mall, how would he react if he sat all alone at a party, being completely ignored by the others?

Time was ticking. It would still take at least another twenty minutes to bike to the house where the party was. Of course he could just plop down on his bed, open a 30-pack, and forget about the whole thing. Ben was frozen in indecision, picking at his bottom lip. Getting drunk by himself was an attractive option.

Then he remembered the vision he had had the day before. The beautiful unknown girl in his arm, the situation he had always dreamed about. A chance to turn things around. He finally settled on going to the party. Whether he ended the night wallowing in self-pity or having the time of his life, rocking some cunt, would remain to be seen.

He arrived at the party on his bike, chained it to a post a block down, and made his way to the front door. He had a large, suspicious looking backpack full of alcohol.

There were high-schoolers on the front lawn, chatting away. Ben could hear noise coming from inside the unmistakable rhythmic thumping of music. He stood outside the door and looked around uncertainly. He raised his hand to the doorbell, but thought better of it. He opened the door and let himself in.

The foyer of the large house was packed. He made his way through the loud crowd, out into the backyard by the pool.

When he got to the back yard his jaw dropped. There must have been well over two hundred people around the pool and backyard. The music was blasting from two large black speakers at the far end of the pool. Ben immediately started feeling nervous. Hadn't the invite said only like twenty people would be here? Fuck. He felt a trickle of cold sweat running down his neck. How was he going to handle this? He started fumbling nervously with his phone in his pocket.

There were no visible places where he could sit and be hidden from the crowd. He was still debating where he could sit without being noticed when he felt a hard slap his back. "Benny!" It was Zach. "Dude! I thought you wouldn't come." Ben could smell beer on Zach's breath. "Yupp. I made it." Ben tried to smile, but his face felt numb. Zach's eyes trailed off to the side, then shot back at Ben, as if noticing him for the first time.

A new song started thumping through the speakers. "Dude, there's so much tail here!" He yelled into Ben's ear. "Look at all that high school pussy!" A girl walked past the two and gave them a look of disgust. She was carrying a red cup filled to the brim with beer. Zach and Ben stared at her heart shaped ass as she walked. Zach let out a drunken laugh and threw his arm around Ben's neck. Ben forced out a nervous laugh of his own.

The parents were obviously not home, and all depended on Zach to make sure no havoc was wreaked in his house. Ben doubted he'd be of much use if he was already this plastered only two hours into the party. A group of two girls passed by again, Zach slid off Ben and followed them. He could hear Zach blabbering his name and age, the two girls giggled and turned their backs on him. "Aww, come on!" He mewled. "Give Uncle Zach sum love!" It made Ben feel slightly better knowing he wasn't the only one being pushed away by the female population.

He looked around again, scanning the pool area for a hideout. A girl was sitting on a chair by herself, staring right at Ben. He immediately averted his eyes. He spotted a small bench behind a row of pool chairs. Ben hurried over and took a seat, placing the backpack next to him on the bench. With a shaking hand, he unzipped the bag and felt around for the beer. He took two out, opened the first, and drank half the can in a few quick gulps.

He sat back and waited for the first buzz of the alcohol to hit him.


Slowly, he started feeling calmer. This was what he needed, he thought. When the first can was finished he opened the second, and made quick work of it as well. He dropped the can to the side and reached over for his third when something caught his attention.

A flash of blond hair and a familiar beautiful face. His anxiety returned in an instant when he recognized the girl from the mall. He fumbled with a beer and put it to his lips, never taking his eyes off her.


She had a body to match her face. Well proportioned, with smooth, light skin. Ben looked at her crotch. His mind flooded with images of what might be hidden under those thin black bikini bottoms.

Was she cleanly shaven? Were her pussy lips soft and puffy? How would it feel running his lips up her vagina? Ben felt his pants stirring. The all too familiar feeling of shame coursed through him. He was perving over a girl five years younger than him, a girl who would surely be freaked out if she realized he was staring at her. There were teenagers swimming in the pool, throwing a ball, flirting, dunking each other's heads under water.

There was no way Ben was going in that pool. What would he do? Lean on the edge with a stupid smile on his face? Speak of being creepy. He decided to stay put and break out the whiskey, if nothing else, he could at least sit and enjoy the view of teen ass walking around for the remainder of the party.

He sipped the whiskey from the bottle. The pool chairs in front of him were occupied by a group of girls about 18 years old. All of them were wearing sunglasses of ridiculous shapes and sizes. Their bikinis were tight and made their ass cracks delightfully visible.

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Ben got a jolt of excitement every time one of them turned their back to him or bent over to pick something up. One girl in particular had an exceptional body. Firm young tits, flat belly, and a curvaceous little butt. She was standing and drying her hair, deep in conversation with the other girls. Ben stared at her openly, and looked away casually whenever her head turned in his direction. He got a good look at her breasts again and held his stare. "Excuse me, do you have a problem." The girl said suddenly.

Ben looked to his right to see who she was talking to. No-one was there. "You know, I can see you looking at me, dude." Fuck. She was talking to him. He cursed himself silently. Of course she could see out the corner of her eyes, he didn't notice it because her sunglasses preventing him from seeing where she was looking. "Hey, I'm talking to you." She turned to face him.

Ben slowly faced her direction. The other girls were also watching him, although he couldn't read the looks on their faces, he was pretty confident they were also pissed at him. He saw that the pretty blond girl had noticed the situation as well. "Uh… I… Um… I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to…" He stuttered.

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His heart was beating at an unreal pace, he started to feel sick. He felt like he was a ten year old child, caught stealing in a shop, and now he was being confronted by the adults. "That's pretty gross of you." Another girl chimed in. "Just sitting there, perving on us." He felt like he was going to be sick. He wanted to apologize again but no sound came out of his mouth. "I'm really sorry." It was barely a whisper, his voice had abandoned him. But the girls hadn't heard him.

They had turned their heads back and continued their conversation, only in a lower, quieter tone than before. Ben wasn't spared another glance from the girls. As suddenly as he had been in the limelight of humiliation, it was all over. He realized he was shaking profusely, more sweat streaming down the side of his flushed face.

Any minute now he would throw up Quietly, he gathered his backpack and slithered away, keeping his eyes three feet in front of him the whole way. He found a new place to sit on the opposite side of the pool. He settled down, grabbed a beer, and anxiously scanned the area for anyone who might call him out again. He noticed the girl he had seen watching him when he was talking to Zach, she was sitting in the same place she had been half an hour ago.

When she realized that he had caught her staring, she looked away quickly. He took her in carefully. She seemed somewhat younger than the rest. She was wearing a soft white shirt and tight little denim shorts.

She had pretty eyes, and nice dark brown hair, Ben thought drunkenly, and although she would clearly have trouble keeping the pounds off later in life, she had a decent body. She was almost as inactive as Ben was, occasionally exchanging a few words with one of the others, but mostly keeping to herself, taking frequent sips from a red cup.

Every so often, she stole a glimpse at Ben, which amused him a lot. Chicky wants my dicky. The backpack was becoming lighter as he finished off the beers one by one, tossing the empty cans to the side.

After another hour he was almost halfway through the 30-pack when his bladder felt like it was going to burst. The last thing he wanted was to go back into crowded house, surrounded by complete strangers who would stare at him, or ignore him.

Ben was considering pissing in his pants on the spot when he caught sight of the young girl again. She had changed seats, and was now sitting directly opposite him.

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The two were separated by no more than forty feet. Chicky is as needy as I am. Ben scanned the area. Many people had gone inside to continue drinking or dancing. Although letting his bladder loose on the spot would have saved him a lot of effort, he decided to save himself any more embarrassment, he grabbed his whiskey and heaved himself off his ass. The good thing about inside, he told himself, was that Chicky over in the corner wouldn't be devouring his soul through her eyes anymore.

The pounding of music got louder as he neared the back door. The calm that he had been blessed with from the booze quickly evaporated, and any liquid courage he might have regained after being scolded by those bitchy girls seeped away. Ben filled his lungs with air, took a swig of his health potion, and marched through the house.

He tried to look confident, but realized that he was so invisible to everyone, that if he had been completely naked with a large, pink bow tied around his cock, no-one would have blinked an eye.

His existence was futile. He neared a large, dark room on the left. The music was deafeningly loud at first, but as his ears accustomed to it, he dared to inch a little closer. Strobe lights raked the ceiling and walls, and peppered the heads of a hundred dancing teens with specks of light.

Anxiety stabbed at Ben, but he inched closer, into alien territory. He could make out voices now, and a faint cheering started to materialize. Against his better judgment, he followed the source of cheering, going deeper into the darkness.

The sound he was following died away, and soon he was completely surrounded, boxed in by strangers who were dancing, writhing, laughing. Ben's anxiety was on the verge of peaking as the flickering lights blinded him, and he made to ram his way to safety, when he heard it again.

The high pitched cheers of girls were punctuated by an occasional 'Whoop!' A circle was formed around two figures, and as he came nearer Ben could make out the name 'Alyssa' being yelled. He looked over the tops of a few heads and saw a girl - that same blond girl from the mall, the same beautiful young woman who had watched as he was humiliated - locking lips with a boy. The crowd was cheering because two of the most popular kids in the local high school were making out, right there in front of Ben.

He was frozen in place by shock. She looked so graceful as she arched her back, pulling him into her lips. Her hair had fallen to the side of her face as she moved her hips along with his. "Yeah Alyssa!" a girl right next to Ben laughed. Ben's left ear rang and he stifled the urge to punch her in the face.

He focused on the blond girl Alyssa and ran his memory, trying to think of whether he had seen the boy at the mall with her today. The sounds around him were merging into white noise. He stared at them, his face expressionless. Time seemed to slow down. What felt like twenty minutes of staring could not have been more than a few seconds. Finally, Ben tore his gaze away, turned around, and pushed through the crowd.

He opened the bathroom door and slipped inside, turning the lock behind him. He stumbled to the toilet and knelt over it. Jealousy seared into his heart like molten lead, and he vomited into the bowl. After his stomach had calmed down, he settled against the wall, and let the tears roll down his cheeks. Here he was, a twenty two year old at a high school party, drunk and crying because someone else had kissed the girl he wanted.

He wasn't fit to call himself a man. A surge of puke escaped his mouth again, and he leaned over the toilet just in time. *** Ben felt four inches tall as he scurried out of the large house ten minutes later.

He felt like everyone could see right through him. They all knew how pathetic he really was. He rinsed his mouth with his drink, and the taste of vomit subsided. The fresh air outside was a welcoming feeling, and the relative quiet of the night helped clam his nerves.

He plopped down on the bench outside and let out a deep sigh. He rested his head back and closed his eyes. The night had been a complete fucking waste.

He should have followed his instincts and stayed locked up in his room, safe from all the fuckers who roamed the world outside. Another audible sob escaped him.

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All that had been achieved was an affirmation on his views on the outside world. It was simply a nightmare for those like him. He had wept over a girl he didn't even know, how could he possibly feel any good about himself? At that moment, he felt lower than snake shit on the ocean floor. Ben sat in silence, eyes still closed, and drank his whiskey. A cool breeze blew by, and he smelled the fresh summer air. The half empty bottle spilled out of his limp hand as a haze descended over him.

The summer night felt so beautiful. It was absolute heaven compared to the god-forsaken dance floor. He was vaguely aware of the puddle of whiskey forming around his right foot. Alyssa stood before him. The two looked at each other. Her mouth moved, but no sound came out. He was lifted off the ground and floated up towards the sky. He fell up into the deep night, as if gravity had decided to reverse itself. Ben's eyes snapped open as he regained his conscience.

He panicked and pulled his phone out of his pocket. He was very relieved - and somewhat confused - to find that only ten minutes had passed since he had left the house. At his feet his empty whiskey bottle lay on its side. Ben pulled a face as he shook booze off his sneaker sole.

When he looked up across the pool, he couldn't help but burst out laughing. There was that same damn girl. The one who had eyed him the whole afternoon, and part of the early evening. She was leaning against a pillar of the house in what she must have thought was an attractive position, still with a cup in her hand, looking right at him.

Ben decided that enough was enough, that he would confront her. He stood up and slowly walked over to her. He nearly burst out laughing at her again. He didn't want to hurt her feelings, but he couldn't just leave the stupid girl standing there. He could see her eyes widen in anticipation as he approached her.

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She readjusted her position constantly until he stood right in front of her. She was shorter than he had expected, and she looked utterly pathetic, looking up at him with so much hope in her eyes.

"Ya know, sweetie." Ben mumbled. "I seen you watching me the whole time, and I'm telling ya-" He stumbled backward, lost his footing, and landed flat on his ass. She jumped in surprise. Ben looked up at her and continued his speech. "And I'm telling ya, you see those girls in there?" He nodded at the house.

No response from her. "Those are the kinds of girls I like." His words were slurring. "Real women." The two were still for a moment. Then Ben said, "I'd fuck them, coz', they're hot… and you're not." He broke into laughter at his own joke, rolling onto his side and resting his head on the pavement. He saw her make a move to help him up, but he waved her away. She waited a moment, then sat down next to him, legs crossed. Long minutes of silence passed, Ben weaved in and out of sleep.

Visions of his mother came to him. Frequently they were replaced by thoughts of Alyssa, the other guy's arm around her waist taunted Ben's willpower.