Hot coed gets a taste of pussy

Hot coed gets a taste of pussy
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I opened the front door and walked through the entryway, "Hello?…Caroline?" I paused and listened for a moment; a tree branch knocked against the living room window in a metronome like beat, tap…tap…tap. No other sound could be heard.

I knew Sis was in class so I was hoping to find her roomy at home. Sis was having problems with her computer again so I told her I would take a look the next time I was by.

Caroline was Amber's housemate and college classmate. We hung around the same circles so we knew each other pretty well. She was from down San Diego way and was also majoring in Marine Biology like Sis. I thought nothing of just walking into the house since I was there most of the time, fixing things and such; plus, I also owned the place.

I co-signed with Sis and I also pay half of the mortgage.


It's a great location and can bring in a huge return on our investment. We got a pretty sweet deal because the place needed a major overhaul; I was constantly working on a number of projects and upgrades. It was a bank owned repossession; the previous owners let it "go to pot" so I've kept busy fixing it up. Sis knew I was pretty handy with my hands so it made sense, to her at least, to go in with me. But I can't complain; going in with Sis has its advantages, too.

The company she keeps and hangs out with - her female classmates are all sexy, athletic types; very attractive in there own special way. Of course looks was not how she picked her friends, but I loved that bonus just the same. Since we lived in So Cal, their college choice brought out some pretty gorgeous beach loving girls: blondes, brunettes, plus the occasional fiery red head, except these girls also had brains to go with their looks.

Walking through the living room, I called out again with no answer. As I reached the dining room area, I glanced through the sliding glass door and saw Caroline outside in the hot tub (a sunken tub attached to the swimming pool). She was facing away, red hair cascading down her back, her golden tan lines framing her hips and shoulders.

A zap of excitement went through my body when I realized she wasn't wearing anything at all. I've seen Caroline in various stages of undress many times, but this was a welcomed gift. The first time I saw Caroline sans clothes was when she was showing off her newly bought boobs to all the girls and Sis insisted she show them to me, too.

Just back from summer break, she surprised everyone with her enhancements. She was a big girl to begin with so the procedure made her breasts even more enormous and protruding. I was in the next room working on the skylight when they all came in insisting I take a look.

I played along, making it seem like, you know, I was only checking out the doctor's handy work. She had it done through the belly button so her awesome nipples and areolas were not touched. My eyes transfixed, I was more amazed by these than anything else. Sure, her breasts were big and full, but I couldn't have cared less; I was hypnotized by her full-size nipples and huge, milky areolas. "Why don't you feel them Buddy? Have you ever felt fake boobs before?" Sis was insisting I take a feel like they all had.

Caroline insisted too and walked up to me holding them up, "Come on Buddy, I need a guy's opinion…how do you think they feel?" I thought I had just won the lottery! I played it off as if it wasn't a big deal and muttered something like, "Well ok, if you insist…" Oh man, they felt and looked incredible…bouncy, smooth, and HUGE!

My legs felt weak; these were the best fake tits I'd ever handled. I could tell she felt something too as her nipples became full and erect. Looking up to her, I was so tempted to run my fingers over them and pinch each one.

"Wow, they feel great…and look great, too.


I hope you gave the Doc a huge tip because he did one hell of a job! Now, if you'll all excuse me, I'm gonna go have some alone time with myself!" "Ewww!" Sis punched me on the arm, "Thanks for that visual you big dork!" I laughed, playing along with everyone, but I truly did have one of my greatest "jerk off" sessions that night.

Getting to feel and to see Caroline's massive breasts up close, those awesome nipples and luscious areolas; I looked at her a lot differently from that day forward. Caroline had ear buds on and was listening to her iPod. Kicking at the water, her curvy ass was balanced on the edge.

Peeking through the blinds, I thought to myself, "This is a voyeurs dream come true." I couldn't believe my luck. She rocked from side to side and back and forth to the music, revealing her sweet ass crack. But I couldn't help notice how she was adjusting her hips and ass on the tub's edge until I realized what she was doing.

Holy shit! She was "rocking out" alright, but not to any kind of music.

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Caroline was fucking a giant dildo! My dream girl was riding on a rubber cock right before my eyes (it was balanced on a suction cup). My mouth agape, I drew closer to the sliding door to take a closer look. I was mesmerized by the sight before me. She was working that dildo like a porn star; moving back and forth and up and down.

Spreading her legs and with her hands in between them, she was lifting herself up and impaling her pussy, stroking her love tunnel, again and again. I turned to see if anyone else was around…was this really happening? I was stunned; I didn't know what to do. What I mean to say is, so many options passed through my mind. Do I just stand here and thank the heavens? Should I go outside and surprise her? I knew Caroline pretty well so if I went outside, I don't think she'd be too embarrassed or mind, would she?

Plus, I'm thinking we could finally get down to some real fucking instead of that playful grab ass wrestling we always did.

I waited to see just how far she went. Each time she thrust down and swallowed that thing, her ass cheeks would jiggle as her backside slammed down on the tiles.

She was moving up and down with the determination and constant thrusting and hammering of an oil derrick you see down by the beach. I could see her right hand between her legs moving back and forth, working her clit. As her bucking and pouncing became more pronounced, her body tensed as if close to a massive orgasm. I decided this show was too good to pass up. Adjusting the end table closer to the blinds, I held them open for a better view.

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I pulled my shorts down and got on my knees on the far side by the sliding door. I had a perfect side view of her bouncing ass and tits. (Damn, I loved those tits of hers.

Ever since I first laid eyes on them…and felt them…and jerked off to them, I've had a Pavlovian response to those bad boys!) Peering through the glass door to Caroline's bouncing hips, I stroked and worked the head of my cock to the same rhythm of her animated ass.

It didn't take long for me to get hard as a rock(et), ready to blast off! Looking at her boobs jiggling up and down, I stroked my cock faster and faster, trying to time my explosion to hers. As Caroline jerked her head back, my balls twitched and I shot my load; spewing all over the sliding door, I coated the glass to the outline of her nude body.

Caroline was moaning and convulsing to her own massive orgasm outside; her fingers worked her pussy lips and clit, her hand clamping down on her pussy mound each time a spasm hit. Her body finally sank in exhaustion, ending with Caroline grabbing her breasts and rubbing her nipples softly.

Totally relaxed, she ran her fingers through her hair, and kicked at the water again; she then started to get up… (Like I said, I've jerked off to Caroline before, but never while she put on a show like that. My imaginary trysts just got a reality jolt upside the head! I woke up this morning thinking this would be a good day, and damn if I wasn't right.) I quickly pulled up my shorts, removed my shirt, and cleaned up my mess.

Looking outside, she had stood up to remove the dildo from her snatch. Releasing it from the tile, she dropped it in the hot tub with her.

She took off her iPod; putting it aside, she slowly slid into the bubbling water and put her head back on the edge of the tub. I waited a couple of minutes before I went outside to make it seem like I had just walked in. Opening the sliding glass door, I called out to her, "Hey Caroline…what's going on?" I noticed she quickly slunk down in the water (a naturally instinctive thing to do if you don't know who's behind you and, you happen to be naked).

Turning her head, she realized it was me; she relaxed and leaned my way, placing her arms in a comfortable manner on the edge, "Hey you…what are you up to? Sissy said you might be coming by this morning." I was stealing glances down at her chest and trying to catch glimpses of her awesome, puffy areolas through the water.

"Yeah, her computer's acting up again. She probably downloaded a virus or something looking at all that lesbo porn you guys like to look at so much!" She splashed water at me and looked to be trying to hide the dildo.

"You wish! Hey, you better watch it…I'm naked in here and I might have to attack you or something!" I laughed, "Like I haven't seen you in your birthday suit before…you'll have to catch me first Sporty." This reminded me of another time I happened to see Caroline bare and exposed.

The girls each had a master suite with their own bathroom and shower, but I came across Caroline in the downstairs bath one day. She had just opened the door; racing out, she crashed right into me as I was passing. Surprised, I steadied her by grabbing onto her shoulders, "Slow down there Speed Racer! Check your mirrors before you merge into traffic!" Her towel had fallen slightly revealing a full breast which I immediately ogled.

She caught the towel just in time but held it up casually, making only a minimal attempt to cover herself. The water glistened all over her body; I again had a chance to soak in the still moist areola and nipple of her right breast. "Oopsie! Sorry Bud, didn't see you there…" She removed the towel and held it up to wrap herself again, "So…[eyeing me up and down]…whatcha working on there Slappy?" I poked her on her belly with my finger and replied, "A HARD-ON!

" Looking down at her dripping wet body, I pitched in a supportive tone, "You're looking good there Sport; need some help drying yourself off or getting dressed or something?" She laughed and punched me in the gut, "Ow!" I said as I tried to grab at her towel as she raced off, "Maybe next time…I've got a class to get to." Running up the stairs, she stopped and turned her head; she lifted her towel in the back to show me her great ass, "Spank you later!" she uttered as she seductively wiggled her ass up the stairs.

(Damn, that chick was too much…there goes another visual deposit into the spank bank!) Caroline's breasts were floating on the bubbling surface of the hot tub, bouncing with the pulsating water.

It was morning so the coastal skies were still overcast and cloudy. It was cold and breezy out so the hot water must have felt really good and relaxing. I was enjoying the sight of her goose bumps and her raging, hard nipples peeking through the water. I circled around the tub to face her, "So, you enjoying a soothing dip? You look very happy and comfy in there?" Her hazel eyes confidently looked up to me, in no way showing any signs of anxiety or nervousness, "Yeah, I had a late workout last night.

I just got up a while ago and thought I'd loosen up in here." Her eyes moved from mine, to my chest, and then to my crotch. Smiling and with a knowing expression, "Hmmm, already have your shirt off huh? Were you planning on joining me in here or what?" I laughed and hesitated, thinking of the spunk covered shirt in the house, "I uh, was pulling some weeds and moving planters around out front and got mud all over it so I uh, threw it in Sis's hamper on the way out here." I was wearing cargo shorts (no underwear of course) and sandals; my cock, now in its refractory state, still managed to bulge along my thigh creating an outline in clear view of Caroline.

"I could join you but…I wouldn't want you to get all excited and take advantage of the situation, you know, and jump my bones!" (I held my breath and subconsciously crossed all my fingers and toes and eyes and wished and hoped and waited for the comeback I wanted to hear.) "You're such a dork!

You'd like that wouldn't you?" She giggled and added, "Its cold out there…why don't you get in here so I can kick your ass you big pussy!" Caroline was such a tomboy. A big and beautiful red head with long flowing straight hair; her body and face covered in cute freckles. She had full lips and eyebrows that naturally curved upwards giving her a sexy, sinister, "bad girl" look about her.

Her hazel eyes pierced through whichever target she deemed worthy…this time, it was me. Her boob job increased the size of her juicy melons to 38DD's but they looked so natural and felt so silky smooth you never would have guessed she had them done. She had a gorgeously toned body from years of high school and college sports. I dreamed of man handling that awesome body in more than a playful way.

It looked like I was finally going to get my wish. Feigning concern, I looked down to what I was wearing and fibbed a little, "Uh, these are the only clothes I've got over here," I hesitated.

Her eyes, already assessing the situation (in my shorts), confirmed what I craved, "Take them off…you don't need to wear anything. It feels great in here with nothing on. Come on, I won't look. I know its cold out there…I'll understand if your 'little friend' wants to shrink up and hide!" Kicking my sandals off to the side, I laughed and hollered back, "Chick, I'm gonna knock you over the head with it if you don't zip it!" Knowing my dick was firming up again, I slowly un-buttoned my shorts and worked my zipper all the way down.

I was going to give her a show, up close and personal. (Caroline's never really seen my dick this close before. We've skinny dipped together, with tons of other people around, and I know she's snuck peeks at me, but this was different. We were alone now and after the show she put on earlier, and the current view I had of her, my cock was back to life again, good and ready to impress.) I looked directly into her eyes but they were on my package waiting for me to drop my shorts.

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I slid them off slowly and made sure I traced the full length of my thick shaft for her. I kicked them away and walked slowly down the steps of the tub.

Her mouth unconsciously fell open and unknowingly, she placed her finger in her mouth.

She quickly pulled it away and licked her lips; her eyes never leaving my hanging, growing dick. I broke the silence, "I love this weather. It's cold out but this 'hotter than hell' water does feel incredible. Kind of gets the blood flowing, huh?" I purposely ran my hand down my shaft and squeezed the head of my cock to see what kind of reaction I could get out of her. It worked… "Damn Buddy, I didn't realize you were so big. Look at the size of that thing! Who's the lucky girl that gets to ride that monster?" Knocked out of her dazed look, she was now smiling and looking up at me with a teasing expression.

I joked, "I know a girl who's gonna get hit over the head with it!" With that, I jumped into the hot tub, splashing and moving towards her. She screamed and moved quickly away as I teased and slapped at her with my cock. She quickly turned around and tackled me into the water. Laughing and fussing about, we started rolling around dunking each other. I made sure to grab as much tits and ass as I could while she concentrated on trying to dunk me. Obviously stronger, I relaxed and tried to sneak in as many feels as I possibly could while she fought to move me around.

I spun her around and grabbed hold of her from behind. As she playfully tried to fight me, I reached around and cupped her pussy mound with my right hand and grabbed her tits with my left. I grinded on her ass with my growing cock and, not surprisingly, felt her pussy juice start to flow. Placing my arms underneath hers, I playfully put her in a double arm head lock and demanded she submit to me, "You give up? Come on chick, say uncle!" I wasn't holding her too tight and I knew she wasn't really putting up much of a fight since her body loosened up.

She was getting a rush out of this too as she pushed her ass back into my cock which made me grind into her even more. I was sliding in and out of her moist ass cheeks and crack.

My blood was pumping hard as I tried to aim my dick into her ass hole. Playfully struggling to get loose, she yelled, "Hold on there mister! You're not winning that easily! I'm gonna kick your ass! Just as soon…as you…let…go of me!" I laughed as she tried to fight me off. Purposely arching her back and driving her round ass backwards, she was riding and squeezing my cock with the insides of her thighs. Even under the water, her crack was so slick and slippery that the next time I thrust into her, the head of my cock entered into her swollen cunt.

Her hot, slippery box totally took my entire shaft as I rammed my cock all the way in. She exhaled with a sultry gasp as I felt my hips slam against her ass cheeks; the heat from her snatch competed with the water's boil. I quickly released Caroline from my teasing headlock and lowered my hands onto her breasts, squeezing and pressing her huge mounds.

Grabbing hold, I pulled out and thrust back into her, again feeling my hips slap into her giving ass. She let out a low moan, allowing me to lick at her shoulder and suck the water from her neck. As I squeezed her enormous tits and lightly pinching her swollen nipples, she grabbed my wrists and quickly pushed away; spinning around, she sank into the water at the other end of the tub. Her head out of the water, she stared at me as I slowly moved to the middle.

I sank down, engulfing myself fully, and then came up facing her. We watched each other like a couple of gunslingers waiting to see who would blink first; a smirk crept on my face.

Her arched, right eyebrow added to the evil, mischievous look she was giving me. She teasingly licked at her lips and went down into the water, sucking some into her mouth; she shot out streams at my face. I laughed and caught most of it in my mouth and let it drip out of the edges and down the front of my chin.

Down around my feet I felt for the rubber cock she was playing with earlier. I caught hold of it with my left foot and held it down. "You're a bad boy Buddy. What am I going to do with you?" She smiled and slowly moved towards me. Gliding closer, our faces inches apart, she reached down and grabbed hold of my cock with both hands.

It felt awesome as she stroked my shaft back and forth and took turns playing with my balls. I placed my hands on her hips and made my move to her breasts. As she slowly worked my cock and lightly licked her bottom lip, I reached up and placed my hands on her floating tits but she stopped and pushed my hands away. Her hands back to stroking my cock; I had an idea… I crouched down and reached for the dildo. While she worked my cock with a pro's grip, I grabbed the dong and ran the full length of it between her rack; ending with the big rubber head lodged between her cleavage.

With her playmate staring her right in the face and with a predictably confident look, she glanced down and lightly licked the head, "Ooooo, I see you found my 'friend', my…other buddy." I smiled and slowly started to stroke the cock between her tits.

She continued to work the head of my dick with her left hand but with her right she reached down between my balls and slid her middle finger over my ass hole.

I flinched at the sensation of Caroline stroking the tip of my cock and simultaneously working her finger on and around my anus. I laughed, "Damn girl…you don't miss a trick, do you?" I shifted with her finger; the odd sensation of someone else working my ass hole was exhilarating and wicked at the same time. Feeling really good, I confessed to watching her earlier, "I've got to tell you something, to be honest, I saw you earlier through the patio door…" I jerked as a now smiling Caroline entered my ass with her finger.


With a vise like grip on my shaft, she pulled me closer. Closing in as if she was going to kiss me, she exhaled; my trembling lips were soothed by her warm breathe. She finally spoke, "Well now, since we're being honest with each other…my 'little buddy' you're fucking my tits with? I brought it out this morning…just for you." I looked at her with a smile a mile wide and realized right away that she knew I had watched her all along. I removed the rubber cock from between her breasts and placed it up to her face.

I traced the head of it around her lips, slowly pushing it into her mouth. I got such a rush as she took it in her mouth and sucked it. I held the dildo in place as she jerked me off. I relaxed and enjoyed her finger moving in and out of my ass and her pulsing grip on my cock.

(If you haven't had a chick in a hot tub before, you don't know what you're missing. It's something that needs to be experienced to believe. The sliding, moist, hot sensation adds so much sexual electricity; your mind races through all the things you can do; adrenaline rushes through you like a wild roller coaster ride; it's a true bucket list item.) Caroline licked and sucked on her friend until I pulled the dildo out; tracing it down past her juicy melons, over her engorged nipples, and down her belly to her pussy mound.

I said, "This 'bad boy' needs to teach sweet little Caroline a lesson." I traced the tip of the dildo against her moist pussy lips and ran the shaft back and forth to her ass and snatch, "You're a 'bad girl'…I think I'm gonna have to put you over my knee and spank you!" Smiling, she straddled the cock and rode the veiny dong. And then, with eager wide open eyes, she stood up and turned around; pointing her sweet ass directly at me, "Oh yeah, I'm a really bad girl!

I need you to spank me…I deserve to be spanked!" My cock sprang to newer and bolder lengths.

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Bent over, she held onto the edge of the tub and presented her sexy ass to me. I stood at her side and wrapped my right arm around her waist. I grabbed her ass cheeks one by one with my left hand and squeezed; I traced along her ass crack, stopping to rub and encircle her pink ass hole with my middle finger. I ran my right hand underneath to her scorching hot pussy and rubbed her lips and clit, "You like that don't you?

You like it when I grab your hot ass and pussy…" I drew back my hand and smacked her ass…it made a loud spank sound; her wet ass adding to the volume. I didn't hit her too hard but just hard enough to make her notice.

Smacking her ass again, she moaned loudly, "Ooooo…I've been a bad girl…I need to be punished…spank me…smack my ass!" I spanked her again then ran my finger up to her asshole again and pushed in with the tip. My finger easily slipped in as I stuffed it past my knuckle. I slid my finger in and out of her ass as she moaned to new heights, "Ooooo…that feels so good…stick your finger in my ass…fuck my ass!" While I worked her pussy with my right hand and my finger in her ass with my left, Caroline eagerly sucked on her rubber cock.

Smacking her ass one more time, I cupping her snatch and said, "I think this pussy needs to be fucked good and hard! Does this 'bad girl' need her pussy fucked?" I stroked her pussy lips and stuck my finger in her cunt. Caroline was a trooper and played right along, "Oh yeah, I want you to fuck my pussy…I want to feel your cock in my hot pussy right now!

Give it to me, Buddy…fuck me hard!" I moved in behind her and pressed the head of my cock against her hot box and pushed in. I thrust into her pussy like a hot knife through butter. I pounded her ass with my hips, smacking against her crack, faster and faster, "How does that like it when I fuck your pussy hard?" I had my hands on her shoulders and was using them to pull her into me.

I pounded her tight hole harder and harder; the water splashing all around us. Her moans and yells were getting louder and louder with each penetrating plunge of my cock. (This was such a great first fuck experience with Caroline that I was glad I had jerked off minutes before, seeing as how there is no way in HELL I would have lasted as long as this.

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As I looked around, I was concerned with the noise we were making. The back yard walls were all pretty high and it helps living on a cul-de-sac where the other homes are angled away from ours. It was later in the morning so pretty much everyone was either at work or school. Oh well, we're probably putting on a great show for someone right now…they can thank us later.) I was slamming Caroline's tight pussy and slapping her ass cheeks.

I spread her crack, exposing her sweet ass hole. She was moaning in ecstasy, "Ooooo, Buddy…fuck me…fuck me hard!" I was ready to cum but in no way was I going to let that happen just now, I had another idea… I pulled out of her hot pussy and grabbed her dildo.

Placing it on her pussy lips, the rubber cock easily slid right in. I continued the banging and stroking her sweet snatch deserved. I pounded her pussy using both hands; in and out, slow and then fast. Each time I thrust into her, she pushed her ass back to me.

Moaning and panting, she grabbed the dildo and slowed down the pace, "That feels so good…I don't want it to end." She sighed in a spent voice, "I'm so ready to cum right now…but not yet…" She got up on the steps of the tub, squatted and balanced, she spread her legs wide and wedged her rubber cock up her snatch again and said, "I want you to play with my ass some more." I took my cue and knelt down behind her, grabbing and spreading her ass cheeks.

I was licking the full length of her crack. I had a perfect view of her pussy lips stretched around her dildo; her pink ass hole exposed and slightly open.

She continued her slow stroking as I bit her ass cheeks and smacked her ass again. I pressed my face into her crack and licked feverously at her ass hole. Her anus twitched open as I jammed my tongue in and out. Her moans grew louder as she worked her pussy and I ate her ass. I ran my finger down her crack, meeting my tongue, and slid it all the way in her hole.

Both of her openings were now being pumped with enthusiasm. As I entered her ass with my finger I said, "I know what this 'bad girl' needs…you need my cock in your ass! Tell me you want my cock in your ass! You want that don't you?" While stroking herself she said, "Oh yeah, fuck me in the ass! I want your cock in my ass…I'm a 'bad girl'…I need your cock in my ass!" I placed the head of my dick on and around the rim of her pussy to coat it with her creamy, spent juices.

With my cock lined up on her pink gap, she arched her back as I pushed into her ass, slowly spreading her hole. She had the dildo all the way in her pussy and waited to continue stroking herself.

She cried out in pleasure each time I pushed in (the tight confines pushed the rubber dong out of her snatch). I held onto her ass cheeks and pumped my cock deep, over and over again. Caroline finally gave up and placed the dildo in her mouth and started sucking the creamy cock again.

She licked at it like a Big Stick Popsicle you got as a kid on a hot summer day. (Today, I was her Ice Cream Man…delivering a stiff treat to this bad girl.) Pumping faster and faster, the sensation of having my cock in her ass pushed me over the edge.

My mind was racing 100 miles per hour and my heart pumped like a world class sprinter. I was about to cum in Caroline's ass hole. "Oh man…I'm gonna CUM!!!" I was slamming her hard when all of a sudden she said, "Cum in my mouth…I want you to cum in my mouth!" I pulled out and started stroking in her direction. She jumped in the water and lowered herself on her knees. With her mouth open wide, I pointed my screaming cock at her face and exploded into her mouth; ropes of hot cum shot down her throat, hitting her chin and lips.

She grabbed hold of my shaft and sucked on the head, fucking me with her lips and sucking me dry. She knew what she was doing as she relaxed her throat and swallowed the entire shaft up to my balls. Her mouth sucked me off as she slurped and swallowed every last drop.

Holding onto Caroline's head with both hands, I arched my back and closed my eyes, instinctively letting out a satisfied moan. The goose bumps all over my upper body contrasted with the boiling hot water soothing my spent, weary legs. She continued to suck and stroke each and every inch of my cock with her warm, hungry mouth. She got up and pulled me to her; we grabbing at each other in the cold air and started groping and hugging and kissing like maniacs.

We sucked on each others tongues, lapping up all of our juices, kissing for what seemed like an eternity. Sinking into the hot water, the unbelievable sensation of what just happened sent a chill up my spine. We held onto each other, slowly letting our pulses return back to normal. I kissed and licked at her neck and earlobes, causing more goose bumps to envelop her sexy body.

Reaching down, I cupped her breasts and licked and sucked on her inflamed nipples, licking and kissing her milky, smooth areolas, "Hey," I whispered to her over the bubbling water, "I want to make you cum, too. I want to eat your pussy and make you cum." In a relaxed, sensual tone she said, "Of course you can Buddy. I've always wanted you to make me come. I think of you all the time when I play with myself." I smiled and assured her, "I'll make you cum anytime you want just as long as your 'little buddy' knows who the real Buddy is!" She laughed and poked me in the stomach with her finger, "You are you big dork." I trembled as I backed her up against the tub.

She held onto the edge and lifted while I held up her ass.

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She spread her legs to offer her tasty pussy to me. I dove right in and sucked and licked her juicy snatch and clit. My eyes looked up and gazed at the sexy red headed siren before me. Biting her bottom lip, her face was tense; her body ready for an explosion. I grabbed onto her clit with my lips and held on, my tongue flicking back and forth. Pushing my face into her crack, sucking and flicking her clit, I grabbed and spread her ass cheeks, stretching her wider.

She was close, "Ooooo Buddy…damn you're good at that! Suck me…oh yeah, eat my pussy…I'm gonna cum…I'm gonna CUM!" Caroline let out a loud moan; her pussy convulsed as her orgasm exploded in waves, crashing all over her body.

I slowed down my sucking and licking and watched as the final shudder of pleasure passed through her torso. Lowering her sweet ass into the hot water, I pulled myself up against her and kissed her, allowing her to taste her divine juices, too.

Kissing passionately again, our tongues wrestled like a couple of 'fuck buddies' in a scorching hot tub.