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Bare fucked muscular office hunk wanks cum
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Please leave comments. Chapter Two Tonight was a night he had taken considerable special effort to get together. Asking his mother if he could borrow her car was the final touch to the outcome he had in mind. She had acquiesced to his request when he had lied and told her it was his and Dana's anniversary. On the drive to his girlfriend's house, a myriad of thoughts set on his mind.

The new direction his life was taking there was no tolerance for vanilla sex or tenderness that was Dana's specialty. She no longer was turning him on. His attempts to rekindle the uninhibited sex they had engaged two months prior were failing. Not only would tonight be the last time he'd go without what he wanted.

He would try once again to bring her inner freak out, and get her to admit to enjoying it. A little insanity he hoped would help bring her around. But if he didn't get what he wanted he would have no choice but to break up with her. It was just that straightforward. He liked how simple things became when he knew exactly what he wanted.

9:32 P.M., the car's radio clock read when he pulled up to the curb in front of her parent's house. He didn't turn off the ignition before he got out of the car, leaving it running as he walked halfway up the steps. She was already sitting there in the tire-swing waiting for him.


As malicious as he was feeling towards her that night, he did recognize how different Dana was from the other women he had dated before her. She would be always ready for their dates, never played any head games, and she spoke her mind. He had wondered why she gravitated to him. Had she met the right man she would have made an excellent wife.


The reality was she was snared in his trap and he wasn't sure how this would play out, but he would leave his mark on her. "Hi babe, is that your mom's car?" she asked. He didn't respond, instead he pushed closer until he stood an arm's reach in front of her and just looked intently down at her.

"Gerald, are you alright?" He reached out to her and she accepted the embrace and whispered into her ear, "You are gorgeous. I was stunned a bit by how good you look". Her eyes lit up and she lightly bit her lip. Seeing that he had scored a few points he moved in for the kill, nuzzling her ear before gently kissing her up and down her neck for a moment. He then withdrew and watched her as she recovered her composure.

Forcibly he had to calm himself down and after a few moments of holding her, he said, "We are going to need to get going to make it on time". Taking her hand he led her unhurried down to the Mercury, stopping just short of the passenger door when he shoved her backwards into the car door. Passionately he attacked her with a frenzy of long drawn out kisses, and no sooner than she was returning them he again stopped his aggression. She looked lost in the feeling, acting overcome and unresponsive when he opened the door and helped deposit her into the comfort of the seat.

Giving her one more glance prior to climbing back in behind the wheel, he then turned the radio on and dialed it into a saxophone melody on the smooth jazz station.

The music contradicted the speed at which he had the Mercedes starting down the road. He heard her calling his name. He answered her by offering his hand for her to hold. Dana placed her hand in his and held it tightly.

Her grip had much promise for him for that evening. She was putting her trust in him to keep her safe, an obvious unwise decision he thought. The wine bar was fifteen minutes away but he got them there in twenty. He had made an effort to drive the long way, fast and hard the entire time. Dana was scared. His daredevil antics had her off kilter, which was his intent. She had her eyes shut and was holding his arm tight by the time he idled the car in front of the bar.

Seeing that she was still paralyzed, he bet her heartbeat was still going at least eighty. Unbuckling his seat belt he then leaned over her and undid hers. "We're here. Before we go in I have something to give you".

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Now she came to life. She unscrewed her eyes and saw the box he had produced in his hands. It was a heart shaped pendant that the Dr.

Quinn, Medicine bitch was always peddling on the TV. Dana looked at him puzzled. "Why the special occasion, babe? Why this dinner?" She opened the case and saw the necklace. It was immediately clear she liked it, her eyes twinkled and her eyes were moist with tears. To him it was an overpriced trinket and her reaction was a revelation to him. "We aren't having dinner here my sweet.

Only some wine. Then what happens after is a surprise".


He said as he took the pendant out and fixing it around her neck while she lifted up the black locks of her hair. She was the epitome of beauty and class, his mind locking away that image of her forever.

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This time when he kissed her he was unrelenting. He held her with his arms, not letting her escape the power of his seductive kiss.

Reaching out his right hand cupped her breast and his left one weaved down her back. She was a little slow in responding. Seeking a reaction from her he both pinched her nipple firmly and nibbled on the lower part of her neckline and ear.

"Oh god, Gerald. Please". A pleasant moan cut her off, and she clutched him, almost violently. Teasing her had him rampantly hard but it didn't match her excitement, his fingertips were getting dripping wet as they explored the supple skin of her thighs. Her breathing was deep and she had a contemplative look on her face as he eased his hand down her inner thigh with a soft stroking motion. Knowing if he gave her a few minutes more of attention she would be in a receptive mood for the second part of his planned evening.

He looked her in her eyes and spoke up. "You are entirely too wet to go inside like this. Unless you have another idea I suggest you take these and cleanup". With that said he grabbed the fabric of her panties underneath her dress and ripped them off of her body. As he handed them to her he again kissed her, this one a wild French kiss. Her blue eyes went wild with shock but she still received him. His hand entwined with hers and he guided it down to her crotch, dabbing the wetness there with the torn panties, until she reflexively took over and started to do it on her own.

After several swipes she had the majority of her girl cum cleaned up. The tone of sarcasm was clear to him when he asked "Babe, are you OK?" He glanced to see how she was dealing with his unprecedented boldness.

Taking the panties she neatly folded them and unclasped her purse and placed them inside. He could only guess she wanted to discard of them later.

She didn't know he had other plans. "We have a few minutes only if we will be doing this wine tasting and then get to the other event I have arranged for us". He asked with genuine sounding concern, "Do you still want to do this, Dana?" The question seemed to awaken her from the fog she had been in nearly since getting into the passenger seat.

She replied in a weakened voice "Yeah, I'm fine, Gerald. I just need a minute more". She then pulled out her mascara kit and made a hurried attempt to reapply it since in the heat of the moment it had been made a mess of. To him it was an absurd effort at hiding something like having an orgasm in public. She was at his mercy and no amount of makeup could hide that she was enjoying herself.

While she worked on fixing her makeup job she kept trying to look at him with slight furtive side glances. He saw the nervousness in her. Gerald looked directly at her and said "You have no reason to worry about anything, when we are together it's just us, and no one is watching.

We get to share our feelings and do things for each other that no one has to know about. That's what makes us special, Dana. We can enjoy each other". Her response was a shaken and hoarse whisper.

"I am scared. There's something in you now Gerald, I can feel it." That was a profound observation he thought, she could see through him, yet as accurate as it was it didn't factor in how she had enjoyed everything he had done to her so far.

He was done letting her get away with trying to act the innocent part. She knew where things were leading and that was maybe OK with her, if it wasn't he was sure she would have broken up with him months ago. "If you want to leave, it isn't too late for me to take you home. But I think if you really wanted to leave you would have asked me awhile ago". She had turned to stare out the windshield but he drew her attention once again before saying "My bad side, it's one of those things that makes me different from the next guy, Dana.

Now you like that and you like what we do together. If you can put that fear aside, maybe we can we go inside now and have some fun." He didn't wait for her, opening the door he then was stretching his legs out the door and standing up outside into the warm night air. He closed the door and waited. It was time for her to make her decision and it was a tough one he knew.

The almost seven years he had known Dana Malloy he had witnessed her evolution from an insecure and gangly girl soccer star wannabe in the 8th grade to the beautiful and accomplished woman who was sitting in the car. They both started high school the same year when she first moved in the house across the street, but he went a whole district away from where she and a lot of his other friends attended. Gerald's next time seeing Dana socially was just before the 2006 homecoming while he was at the mall.

She was walking with her friends in the most daring outfit he had ever seen her in, a short black leather mini and a sheer white formal shirt of which the top three buttons she had left undone.

Asking to take her out for ice-cream had been the hardest but she had accepted. Their date happened a week later and it ended on a high note, with a deep memorable kiss that seemed to draw out forever. Even despite the regret of not asking her to the school dance bothered him tremendously it didn't stop him from going when another girl invited him to the dance. This girl ended up fucking him like a champ that night in her parent's bed. His luck with Dana wouldn't be so immediate.

It was two and a half years later that Dana got back on his radar once again. She had traveled Europe with her best friends that summer. Now they were at the same local college. But still reconnecting with her proved hard for him. She worked part-time fifteen hours a week. Her focus was on getting onto the Olympic soccer team, and spent twenty hours on average a week training to be a Gold Medal athlete. To add to her busy life her and her family had always been into volunteering and giving their time to charities every other weekend.

Time just kept rolling on.

Gerald just bided his time until he could find a way into her life. That all changed when her ankle was shattered during the Nationals. This knocked a lot of spirit out of her and she withdrew from the world. After reemerging from self-exile only a month later, she was bar-hopping all week with a mixed group of friends. It took him awhile to realize the frequency of her jaunts to the bars. He would make regular rounds to the same places on the chance he might get to see her. It turned out she and her friends were so wasted it had proven not to be worth it but it was often hilarious just to watch them.

At this time he had resolved to not make a move on her if she was out of her mind drunk. But it was about a week later, after sitting at the bar by himself for awhile he decided to act and it was whiskey that had happened to be the door to her world. He sat next to her with her friends at the table and without asking her, ordered her a shot.

She had swallowed it instantly, like it had been water. He then ordered drinks for her friends. A month's worth of his pizza delivery tips was spent on drinks that night and it ended up with them making out in her truck.

Before leaving he made sure he got her cell number this time. It had progressed very quickly from there. They were texting quite frequently and he had made a habit of asking her to hang with his friends whenever she wasn't working. They would all go to the movies or the sports bar whenever they had football night. She even got him and his friends into watching the last World Cup. And she wasn't afraid of public displays of affection.

Her kissing him and hanging onto him throughout the night were the usual for her. Over the course of the months he got Dana's parents approval and even an open invitation to dinner every Sunday at the Malloy household.

Life was treating him just right. He had thought that things were mostly good between them until the night he found about the other man in her life.

He made the initial discovery when after dropping Dana off at her home with a phone call from her as he was entering his house. Except when he answered she didn't respond to him. The words she spoke were to someone on her side, they were soft and loving. Gerald remembered vividly her next words coming over the cell phone and how they changed his world.

"That makes me feel so good, Ryan. Keep kissing me like that and I will come". He wanted to think that it was be some big sick joke being played on him, and not the betrayal that it had sounded like.

Either she was being coerced into the situation or it was some other thing for which he couldn't fathom the reason. Racking his brain for other possibilities, he still refused the obvious. Bewildered, he drove back the twenty blocks back to Dana's. The belief that she would never break his heart or give him a reason to distrust her was unrelenting. It took sheer moments after arriving back at her house for that delusion to be thoroughly shattered.

The entire world was to see them as they were inside the front seat of her truck, parked just within the open door of her parent's garage, his girlfriend audaciously kissing the blonde boy he recognized to be Ryan Sherman. His anger had demanded that he immediately beat the piss out of him but as he saw them touching and feeling each other he realized the depth to her words as he had listened on the phone minutes before.

He couldn't deny anymore that she was a willing participant in this infidelity. The evidence was right there in front of him. She didn't care who watched them as they were both lost to loving passion and the world was forgotten. She had never given herself to him like that even with simple kissing.

'Fury unlike anything he'd felt before raged through him then. Love, ever elusive in his life, he had thought he'd had found it with her. Bitter hate now filled him, eradicating every romantic feeling he'd felt for her.

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Also she had made him wait five long months while dating for them to get physical and to witness over the next hour his girlfriend and this guy escalating from heavy petting to public lovemaking right in front of him. It was in that instance that the other part of him, the darker, more calculating side to him was born. This newborn part of him looked at what he was seeing and wanted her ruined for any other man and make Dana give freely to him what she denied him, every dirty, filthy and degrading desire.

It had taken from that event months ago to now for him to prepare for what would begin tonight. Hearing the clamor of the car's passenger door opening and shutting close and then the click-clack of her high heels, instantly his attention returned back to the present. Turning around all the way, he then looked at his victim. In the darkened illumination of the street lamps he glimpsed her trying to adjust the red dress that adorned her, unaware that the slinky satin material adhered itself to her every curve and put on display the large distended lips of her pussy and the up thrust of her pointed nipples.

Inside there would be no shadows to obscure her appearance and she would be uncomfortable. Turning around he started closing the distance to the winery until he was within feet of the door.

Waving his hand he motioned for her to come to him. They were only seconds away from entering inside. When she had gotten out of the car she had as good as signaled her defeat without actually being conscious of it.

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And as she started walking towards him it showed him her acceptance. He smiled inwardly at what was about to transpire. He finally understood the term mad with power. Dana shyly approached and with his arm he enveloped her shoulder in his delicate grasp, steering her ever so slowly inside. The soft lighted lamps helped bring out the details of the colored tapestries that dressed the walls in classic period artwork.

A pleasant relaxed harmony of orchestra music subtly filled the wine shop. Overall it had a chilled feel that hid the surprise waiting for her here.

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They walked hand in hand past the tabled area in front, seeing the gathering of people standing with their glasses raised and already drinking. It seemed the function had started without them. He laughed at that idea. Why does that amuse me so? I guess because drinking wine is the last thing I'm thinking about. I wonder how long it takes her to notice.

A furtive glance sideways and it was evident that she was looking at the group, he already spotted Ryan standing amidst the cluster of wine tasters. It became clear she had realized he was there also.

Her expression was a mix of astonishment and fear. Gerald sought to keep her in that tumultuous state but to get it started she needed a push. Fortunately that was the easy part. With Dana in tow he circled around several other couples until he reached where the blonde and extremely muscled athlete was standing, engrossed in his own conversation until he saw their approach. A noticeable twitch went across his face when he looked directly at Dana. "Hi Ryan, I know you have met my girlfriend Dana." "Hey man, nice to see you guys here.

How are you Dana? By this time he had outwardly recovered her composure and replied with, "Not bad Ryan. I didn't know you were a wine connoisseur". Watching the start of this exchange with his secret knowledge and Gerald was thrilled to see as their body language spoke volumes. As her friend spoke she had tightened her grip on his hand, and her face was flushing with color.

Ryan valiantly tried to keep his eyes upwards but every few seconds his gaze went to her chest. Nothing too apparent, still it was enough.

"Yeah, I'm ever trying new things." The wine party hostess chose that particular time to try and chat them up and Gerald didn't care for her timing and as soon as she broke open their first bottle of Selbach Kabinett Riesling he dismissed her. Mixed company pleasantries were not on his mind and when she departed he looked back at the two who now were now eyeing him as they continued to talk. Ryan gave him his attention again and Gerald noticed that he was seemingly pondering his words before speaking.

"What are you two planning to do after this? My cousin and I are planning on hitting the casino for the weekend but before that we are planning to hit a house party up tonight my friend Jonathan is having.

Unless you have other plans you both are welcome to join me for some fun." Gerald squeezed his girlfriend's ass while asking, "Dana, darling what do you think?" It wasn't something he usually asked for, her opinion. The look on her face he clearly perceived was of sincere surprise at the question.

Tonight was a night of many firsts for her. Dana nervously observed them both, her eyes bouncing back and forth between both men. Not confident in whom she should address, her answer came out sounding unsure. "I guess a party sounds good to me". Focusing on him intently Dana searched him to gauge his reaction, when he smiled there was a hint of confusion in her eyes. She can't read me and yet still would look to me for approval. "Yeah, though she is dressed to party, wouldn't I be a little overdressed?

Ryan looked him over carefully before saying "You just need to lose the jacket, tie, and vest. Then you both will look the part of young swingers". This comment caused Dana to blush a bright crimson. Clearly Ryan's jab about the way she was dressed made her uncomfortable in his presence. He hoped her lover maybe would continue with this line of conversation. Her response was classic. With both of their attention on her she had taken no time to turn and grab a glass of wine from a passing server's tray and down the wine like a tequila shot.

It's entertaini­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ng to see her squirm so. Gerald reached for a half-filled glass and tasted a few drops of the deep colored wine, letting the flavor fill his senses before finishing off the rest as he listened to them start conversing about soccer.

He chose the time to give them some time to themselves and headed to the bathroom where he proceeded to make use of the toilet stall. Taking the time to rid himself of the unneeded jacket, tie, and vest. Methodically he tucked the tail of his shirt back into his pants and fussed with it until it looked flawless.

He waited a few minutes more before going to the mirror and began combing his hair. Afterward he looked at his watch to see the time. They had a whole 8 minutes alone with each other.

It seemed enough time for Ryan to get her to start loosening up. He returned to where the two were now sitting. His girlfriend looked every bit happy and lost in their avid conversation which still was about their favorite sport. Thinking that they looked rather natural and almost the perfect couple together, there was no sign of guilt or treachery on their content faces. While observing them he took in hand several more glasses. He glided right up and slid right in between the duo with an ease afforded by confidence borne of his purpose.

She had just finished a story about a team member of hers going to Canada. Thrusting the drinks outwards, they both eagerly received his offering.

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He then took another drink for himself and jumped into their discussion. For the next two hours he played the amiable partner in their company, laughing at Ryan's sly jokes and told his own long account of what it was like being Dana's loyal supporter in the stands throughout the years.

It was an easy lie to tell because it was what he had actually felt up until discovering their affair. All the while many glasses of imported wine were consumed. The people around them were unaware of the masquerade being portrayed, their eyes only on Dana when she laughed. The two hours finished in a blur and a stream of people had left before Ryan took note of the late hour.

"It's an hour from here to my cousin Jeremy's house. The sooner we get going the sooner we will be able to get there. We don't want to be the last to arrive, trust me". "Ryan, why don't you and Dana ride together? It would be safer for me.

I don't think I'd be able to keep my hands to myself and you two can reconnect." Dana was obviously not feeling any pain after the amount of wine he had pushed her way and was weakly smiling and her big joyful eyes locked on him. He took her in his arms and placed his hand in her hair, and pulled a few errant strands out of the way before placing a very wet kiss on her forehead.

"Dana, I hoped you enjoyed yourself and the wine here tonight. It means a lot to me to know you did. If you want, I have no problem letting you spend some more time with our friend Ryan". "Gerald, you are so thoughtful." Her speech was slurred but it was her contemplative stare and the way that she bit her bottom lip that told him there was another more overt meaning behind her words.

Her body was telling him she was extremely aroused and it was hungry for some attention. He imagined what might happen if she would try anything with Ryan while he was following after them in his mom's car. Neither of the adulterers knew how much he would demand from them this weekend or that it would start as soon as they both got into Ryan's vehicle. The walk outside was electrifying for him. Leading them to his car, with little effort he started the Mercedes and followed them to Ryan's Land Rover on the other side of the parking lot.

Within a few minutes they were all on the city's main drag strip and Gerald took his phone out and dialed his mother's number. When her voice-mail picked up they were turning onto the 405 and the tract of desert highway and advancing their way to Ryan's cousin's house. He left a simple message about having her car back in the morning, and that he was going to a friend's house for some celebrating. He then hit disconnect on the phone but instead of putting it away he prompted the video files and replayed for maybe the two hundredth time the recorded video of his mother's recent playtime.

Still trailing the vehicle in front of him he watched as the rear blinkers were signaled and the Red Land Rover cruised to a stop on the side of the vacant road. He rode right up next to them and opened the car's passenger window. "In our rush to get out of there I forgot about stopping for gas.

It would be way cool if you went to go get some for us. Dana here would safe in my company while you're gone." Dana was asleep and reclining comfortably back in the large plush seat next to him.

It seemed the wine had done its job too, and the better part of the evening was about to commence. Careening the car in a wide loop, Gerald left them in a large cloud of dust. At the 7-11 several miles down the road he even grabbed the gas can out of the trunk and filled it to the top to add some reality to the cover story.

He didn't care to leave them by themselves this instance because he was done with playing the patsy anymore and intended to be front and center and let Ryan know his complicit role in the evening's events. If things were going well Ryan would be making his move right now on Dana who was well-primed for anything that he thought to do to her. It was difficult for Gerald to drive back in the state he was finding himself in.

His imagination running wild. Getting Ryan into this had been the only way for this to be possible and the work it had taken to tear down his resistance had been considerable.

Continuously Gerald needled the other man over the course of months on the subject of sharing Dana. But once he found the athlete's weakness all he had needed to do to seal the deal was an email to Dana's friend featuring some videos of Gerald fucking her up her exquisite and shapely rear. Ryan seemed resigned to his defeat and tonight he even acted a little eager, having done a flawless job at the wine tasting, keeping Dana entertained and helping get her keyed up.

Gerald never let on about his prior knowledge of the pair already messing around behind his back and his plot for revenge was still secret. Leaving skid marks on the blacktop of the 7-11 exit, the car tires making smoke as he began journeying back, doing almost twice the posted speed limit on the late night road.

In no time at all he was back where he started and about eight hundred yards short of where the Land Rover was parked. He then cut the car lights off and slowed his speed until he was just sitting in the darkness. The distance to the Rover at this hour he hoped was enough to hide his presence as he gradually snaked his way closer with careful and deliberate effort.

Withdrawing his trusty tool of a phone from his pocket he readied the camera. What his eyes beheld nearly made him drop the phone. Dana was naked on her back with her dress completely drawn up with it practically around her shoulders and Ryan had his hand buried to the wrist inside her pussy. Gerald hadn't expected it but it was quite the depraved act he was seeing. He took a lungful of air and pushed record and opened the driver's side door.

She was taking quite the fisting and was so into it that her eyes were twisted shut and didn't acknowledge his presence. Clearing his throat Gerald gave Ryan a signal that he was back. Her lover then began doing what he had previously had been instructed to, keep his face out of the shot and put her through the wringer for the camera.

When Ryan noticed him at the door he then doubled the speed at which his arm was slamming its way into her. To Gerald it looked like torture except for the unintelligible noises she was uttering in sync with the invading hand pistoning inside her with her hips energetically shoving backwards into it.

All the while streaming rivulets of juice were leaking from her onto the seat's plush interior. The urgent strain of her crest of ecstasy was evident as it was wracking her body, and her desperate voice echoing over and over a manic plea to God.

He stood trying his best to capture the eroticism of Dana's submission. Clearing his throat with a loud cough, Gerald spoke to her with a snide confidence. "Hey Dana, open up your eyes for the camera, babe".

Her eyes snapped open in panic over his sudden appearance and discovery of their tryst but Ryan didn't wait and attacked her right nipple with raptor like quickness, and at the peak of her big orgasm she succumbed easily to the dueling pleasures she was receiving. Her eyes locked onto Gerald's as every part of her quaked in orgiastic delight. As soon as the pinnacle finished consciousness faded away for her and Dana was out.

Watching as Ryan plied his arm and eventually extracted his hand from inside of her, Gerald was pleased by the incredible sight he was getting on the camera phone.

Ryan, the newly minted porn star sat up and re-situated himself into his seat again before Gerald handed his phone over to his partner in crime. Stepping out of his vehicle in his crumpled clothing, he stood handling the camera. Its focus now was on Gerald as he loosened his belt and let his pants down before lying down where Ryan had just exited.

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Laying on top of Dana with his weight pressed against her and her nude before him out in the open was a feeling totally new to him. This is power. She began coming back to life as he began furtively stroking her clit and took to sucking on her splayed labia folds, abandoning all restraint.

Her eyes popping open when he pushed his middle finger inside her and he began to rub the digit up against the slippery lining of her fleshly wall. "Gerald. Oh my god, oh my god. Please!" she screamed. Getting this strong of reaction this easily only encouraged him to tax his skill and give her all the pent-up energy he had, directing his tongue over her fat nub of a clit, lathering attention over it in long and frenzied lashes.

She surprised him by grabbing his head and mashing his head tighter to her open thighs. He retaliated by thrusting two more fingers inside the hot center of her passion, taking her aroused pearl in his mouth and with his teeth put the slightest bit of pressure on it. The musky flavor of Dana's liquid juices hitting his taste buds as the wetness began to empty from the seemingly endless supply within her.

He continued to increase his oral chastising until her hips started bucking savagely under his exacting cruelty. Stopping briefly to turn around and look at Ryan. "You ready for her mouth?" He said before turning back to Ryan. That inspired a flourish of bustling movement. A second or two later Ryan had rushed around and opened the passenger door side, stood up on the truck's raised panel with his exposed cock above her face and placed the head of it at her mouth.

This action caused her to lift up. Looking into her eyes before diving back down for seconds on his erotic feast, his gaze then drifted upwards when Ryan grabbed her head and forced the erection he sported back into Dana's opened mouth.

His own senses awakening to the powerful exchange happening before him, the two cheaters playing puppets in this carnal theater of revenge with the camera still in his hand to capture it. Knowing that what was on the camera would wield immense power over them, that it could ruin their lives. The realization helped something inside him free itself. The six months of brimming anger was brought to the surface as his vitriolic words spilled out.

"You fucking whoring bitch. Ryan, your lover-boy is going to fuck that ass of yours till you can't take it anymore. Can you smile for the camera, slut?" The shot Gerald was getting with his camera was grainy in the dark but still the detail was good and the vantage point clear enough to catch the action and emotion of things like how Ryan was visibly upset, a face filled with scorn yet he stood there still unmoving.

And Dana, she still was sucking her partner's excited member, the derisive comments he'd made had not slowed her in the slightest, in fact she seemed even more animated in her ministrations. The focus of her eyes locked on him and what fascinated him she seemed unafraid of the camera.

It was awesome to be right there and see that and know that everything was getting recorded for his own later enjoyment. "Ryan. It's time for you to get what you have been waiting for." Gerald saw a response of what he judged to be excitement flash across Ryan's face, the hostile and malice filled expression now obliterated.

The man was getting the most exquisite of blowjobs but the enticement of her luscious ass pulled him away from it, he withdrew from her mouth and Gerald himself had to move so as to get out of the way. Dana grunted in disappointment at the sudden lack of attention. The dance of their bodies repositioned until Dana was laying coiled between the two men waiting seemingly content.

Gerald angled where the line of sight of the phone camera lens fixated on the two naked bodies beneath him. It took them a few moments before Ryan was set on the prize he lusted after. The confidence in his hands as he gripped the cheeks of her round full ass was on display for Gerald who loved this exhibitionist action. Observing that Ryan wasn't wasting any time, the man's left middle digit inch by inch gliding into Dana's dark ring.

Also taking the small effort of taking her wetness and smearing it until her pink rim was slick enough that he easily fit his second finger into the widening hole. She was lying on her back, legs spread wide as the camera caught the flesh of her thighs and Ryan's backside. Dana murmured a small gratified sound. They both heard the loud popping noise when he forcibly pulled out his fingers from her opening gap, while the rigid hard-on he had looked to be spoiling for some special attention.

A thrust forward and he was pressing the head of his cock into the valley between her round plushness. The delicious scene of Dana receiving Ryan anally for the first time ever was a big deal for him personally.

A lot of effort had gone into making this happen and he had it digitally recording for his private viewing. Boom, now the bitch is going to be a pornstar whether she likes it or not. And the weekend hasn't even started. With that on his mind, Gerald concentration was on directing the action as he watched the two. The two were so caught up in their depraved desire that they had forgotten him completely. But his camera was catching every detail.

Before the weekend he would have so much blackmail material that he would be able to demand for the rest of their lives whatever he wanted from Ryan and Dana. And he planned to demand a lot.