Blonde college babe gets fucked and facialized

Blonde college babe gets fucked and facialized
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Terry was using my telephone. "Hello, Mom? Hi it's me… I'm over at Eric's house&hellip. No everything is fine… I was caught in the rain and a passing car splashed me.

I was soaked to the skin. Eric was driving by and picked me up and brought me here. Mom, he brought me here to dry out before taking me home. Yes I'm fine… he gave me a terrycloth bathrobe. I took off all my clothes and they are in the dryer.

No… no… Mom I undressed in his spare room and I have on the robe Eric gave me. Mom you know I am a good girl. Eric is making me something to warm me up right now. I am so cold. Well he invited me to stay for supper… yes I want to stay… he also wants me to stay the night because the storm is really bad.

Look out the window mom. Do you want to come and get me? I didn't think so… I'll sleep in his spare room… Okey? Come on you know that I am a good girl… how can you say that?

There won't be any 'hanky panky' as you call it. No Mom, I won't… okey I promise I won't let him. C'mon Mom… okey I'll say it… I won't let him suck my nipples. No I won't let him lick my pussy… no, not my asshole either.

Mom! You know I won't suck his cock. That's icky! Mom… Mom … okey…I won't let him fuck me… not in my cunt nor my ass either… okey Mom? Okey. Thanks mom. I'll call you tomorrow. Don't worry I'll be fine. Yes, I will be good. Mom… I'll be okey… fine… okey. Bye Mom I'll call tomorrow. Love you, bye." Late the next morning Terry calls her mother back.

"Hi Mom. Yes everything is fine mom… I slept like a puppy. Well… no… I didn't sleep in the spare room. Well… it was… kinda in his bed. Mom, calm down. please calm down. Well…yes he did fuck me. No mom I wasn't raped! I… well… I kinda… wanted him to fuck me. Yes in the asshole too. Yes I know that I did promise, but mom I couldn't help myself.

I'm a bad girl.

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I am so weak. What happened? Well he started by bringing me some hot chocolate to warm me up because I was cold from being all wet from the rain. He had spiked the hot chocolate… Rum I think… No it tasted good.

I loved it! He made some hamburgers and they felt warm and good to eat. I began to feel warm and more comfortable. After we ate we settled down on the couch with more of that 'hot chocolate' (you know what I mean) to watch a movie. Oh… I don't remember the name of the movie mom. Well okay…it was a porn movie like you have in that private collection of yours. Yes I do know about them mom you keep them in your closet in that box on the shelf.

C'mon mom, I watch them sometimes when you are not home, I know you have them. Anyway we were snuggled up together watching this girl suck a guy's huge cock, when he put his hand under my chin and kissed me. You didn't say he couldn't kiss me, so I let him kiss me on the lips. No I wasn't drunk. I wanted him to kiss me. I liked it. Then he put both hands on my face and kissed me all over my face.

He kissed my cheeks and forehead and eyes … all over my face. When he kissed my ears his tongue went in and made a squishy sound. That made me feel a little horny. When he kissed my mouth again he forced his tongue inside. Oh man that felt good! I sucked on his tongue while his hands roamed my back… no, outside the bathrobe. But then his right hand went inside to feel my breasts.

I know… yes I was being bad… but you didn't tell me that he couldn't feel me up, and I thought I could control that. All I had to do was tell him stop. I knew he would if I asked him. Well… no I didn't tell him to stop. It felt soooo good to have him softly caressing and lightly squeezing my tits. I was about to tell him to stop when he surrounded my left nipple with his finger and thumb and gently pinched it. The shock waves went straight down my spine to my pussy.

Oh man that felt really… really… good! I could feel the juices in my pussy. The belt on my bathrobe came undone and the robe fell away exposing my tits to his view. Oh mom I felt so… I don't know… wicked.

He began kissing me again and his hand went down to my pussy. He ran his fingers through my thick pubic fur. I wanted to tell him to stop… but I couldn't. It felt sooo good! Mom! You didn't tell me that he couldn't feel me up, and I wanted him to feel my pussy, so I opened my legs and let him put his hand on my cunt.

Ooooh man I like having someone feel my cunt! He was rhythmically squeezing my pussy and all I could do was quiver!

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I was losing control! All of a sudden his finger went into my love hole! I was startled so I jumped and screamed… but Mom you must know how good that feels? When he started to thrust his finger in and out of my cunt I thought I was going to cum right in his hand!

I really lost control when he put in a second finger! I hadn't noticed before but his bathrobe was open as well and I could see his long thick hard-on sticking out from between his legs.

I don't know why… I was being such a bad girl… I reached out and took his thick cock in my hand. No you didn't tell me I couldn't feel him up either. It felt so warm. no hot… and thick, I just wanted to hold it.

I let my thumb stroke the knob at the top… it felt so soft compared to the steel-hard shaft. There was a little cream there and I spread it around a bit. He moaned when I did that. Suddenly, I felt his wet fingers leave my cunt and one was pressed against my back door. My heart was thumping in my chest. Then before I could say anything it forced its way deep inside my bum. At the same time the other finger was going into my cunt!

He now had two fingers inside me again! As he quickly began to move his fingers back and forth his thumb caressed my clit! I was going crazy! No mom… I couldn't tell him to stop.

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Hell mom I didn't even want to make him stop. I should have had more control! Before I knew it I was cumming. I could feel the climax building in my tummy and bang there it was. I was moaning and writhing on his hand. My clit was on fire! My whole world was focused on my cunt and the wonderful feelings I was experiencing.

Nothing else mattered in the whole world. Wave after wave of that wonderful tingling sensation shot through my body. I felt my cum squirting into his hand and I couldn't stop it. I was way out of control. When I opened my eyes there was his thick manhood right in front of me. I don't know why…but I automatically opened my mouth and sucked it in. Just as I did I remembered that I was not supposed to suck his cock, I had told you I wouldn't, but by now my mouth was full of it.

it was too late. It tasted wonderful. I do so like sucking cocks. Well… yes… yes mom I have sucked some cocks before… uh … a couple of the boys at school… no that's not all… there is one of the teachers as well… I don't want to get anyone in trouble so I won't say.

No mom I won't tell you. Have I ever licked a pussy? Well… yes I have licked a couple of cunts as well… mom no I won't tell… mom, I promised I wouldn't tell!

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Okey… it was Becky, okey? No there was Becky's mom as well. It was last month at Becky's sleep over… okay? No there was a teacher as well.

I don't know… the opportunity arose and I licked her cunt. Yes, she ate mine too. I like having my cunt eaten, mom. No I don't want to get the teachers in trouble. They are nice teachers and I like them.


No mom they didn't force me. No it was during the summer break. I earned all my good marks. I studied hard and had good results in my exams. It was after school was closed for the summer. No he didn't fuck me in the school… no I didn't go to his house either. It was at the school picnic last July, okey?

Well he told me that I looked good in that new bikini… he started feeling me up a little and I let him… look mom I'll tell you another time, okey? Mom! Okey, yes I have been fucked mom. No it wasn't Tom Scott. The teacher, mom, it was the teacher. and… now Eric as well. Becky's mom used a dildo on my cunt. She and Becky do that all the time…Mom, can we talk about this later? Well after I sucked Eric's cock for a while, he picked me up and carried me to his bed.

Yes I was naked; the bathrobe fell to the floor when he picked me up. My cunt was oozing juices from his playing with it. He lay me down on the bed and attacked my nipples again. I love having my nipples sucked. It drives me nuts. I just held his head as he sucked first one nipple then the other.

Then he started going down further towards my bush. I was powerless mom, I wanted to stop him but I couldn't. I know I promised, but I couldn't bring myself to stop him. I guess I'm just weak. His toungue split my lips and licked my drooling hole. I was moaning and thrashing on the bed. Then he went to my asshole. I couldn't stand it! He just kept flicking his toungue over my hole.

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I was going crazy! I wanted to cum but I couldn't! Then he began licking ever so slowly along my dribbling slit. The sensations were out of this world. Finally he touched my clit with his tongue and I lost it again.


Mom are you still there? Okey … I was whipping around on his bed, when I felt his big cock enter my cunt. If I thought my climax was intense, having my lips parted by his knob only added to my pleasure. There is no feeling in the world like just having your labia open and the rest of your cunt empty.

As I came down from my intense climax he started to slowly fuck his way into me. I swear, mom, before he was all the way in I had another orgasm. Mom? Mom? You okey? Slowly, oh so slowly, he fucked me.

Mom, I was going mad! He fucked me like that for a long time. All I could do was lie there with my legs wide open and moan.

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I was powerless to move. Mom… mom… are you still there? You okay? After a while he started going faster and faster. Before I knew it, he was pounding away at my cunt with hard brutal strokes.

My tits were bouncing up and down on my chest. I could hardly catch my breath. As ferocious as his assault was, I didn't want him to ever stop. He felt soo good in there.

Then he made me get on my hands and knees, and while standing on the floor entered me from behind. I had to hold on to the headboard of the bed to keep from falling over. He just kept on pounding my cunt with one brutal thrust after another. My hanging tits were slapping together with each vicious thrust. I loved it. I really loved it.

I told him to never stop fucking me. I felt a finger on my asshole. It rested there for a couple of strokes and then he slowly pushed it in… he fucked my cunt with his marvelously thick prick, and my ass with his finger. I was going crazy! I was grunting like a pig with each power drive of his cock. He kept going back to my dripping cunt with his finger to collect some more of my juices to push into my ass. Suddenly he did stop fucking me.

I could not believe it was all over! I had not reached a climax yet! It was then that I felt his stone hard cock moving along my soaked slit to come to rest on my asshole. 'He is going to fuck my ass,' I thought. Before I could say another word he was inside. The lubrication in my ass and on his member made his entry smooth. But it hurt mom. It really, really hurt and I howled in pain. I could feel the ache all the way up to my stomach.

But I didn't try to stop him! I don't think I could have stopped him if I tried. When he had it all the way in, he rested there with me impaled on his spike. All I could think of was the pain. I had read that the pain was supposed to subside.

But it didn't go away, I found it was no worse than when I have my period however I can't say I liked it but… I don't know… I didn't dislike it either. When he started to fuck my ass all I could do was moan because of the pain. I gripped the sheets with all my strength and determined to last it out.

He fucked my ass for about five or ten minutes I guess, maybe longer, I don't know! Tears were running down my face. I wondered if this would ever end. His cock felt so huge. I was crying and sweating and I could feel another orgasm building. All my attention was on that hammering cock and the ache in my tummy. Soon it felt like his prick was swelling up a little.

Then with a grunt, he drove it deep in my ass and held it there and unloaded his sizzling cream into my stretched backside. Maybe it was the erotic picture of the situation I was in, the idea of me with a cock up my rectum… I don't know why but I released all the tension in my body and my orgasm hit like a freight train.

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I don't think I ever came as much. I was in a cocoon of my own but I could hear him groaning and breathing heavily like he was performing a great physical act. All I know is that I was glad when he took his cock out of my ass. The pain level went down, but it still throbbed. I felt like I had just had a good shit. Somehow I was enjoying the feeling in my bum. I remember thinking that maybe that was not so bad after all, and I'll try that again even though I still hurt.

We collapsed on the bed and Eric pulled up the covers. He wrapped his arms around me and cuddled up to my back. I felt warm and contented after the wildest fuck I had ever experienced in my whole life.

Even Mr.… uh… the teacher… didn't feel this nice. His fingers closed around my tits and soon we fell asleep.


When I woke up I was a little confused. I was alone in his bed at first I didn't know where I was, but then the memories came rushing back.

I could still feel his tongue on my slit. My cunt was tender but that was okey. My asshole was really raw, but deep down I knew that I was going to let that happen to me again.

I can't say that it was my favourite thing, but for the right guy I would let him fuck my ass. Eric could fuck my ass whenever he liked. I could smell the coffee and bacon frying. So I got out of bed and headed into the bathroom.

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When I came out I found my way to the kitchen. I saw the bathrobe lying sprawled on the living room carpet and I left it there. We sat in the kitchen eating eggs and bacon. It seemed natural to be naked around this man and in this house. We talked about last night and how I felt about it all. I told him of the pain when he fucked my ass. When he asked me if I would do it again I told him I was not sure but deep down I knew that I would let him fuck my ass again. Suddenly he got up from the table his hard-on waving in front of him.

He pulled me up and started kissing me again. I could feel his hard cock pushing between my legs and sliding across my slit. He lifted me up and carried me back to his bed where he fucked my wicked cunt again, and what a fuck it was… He is in the shower now and I'm just calling to say I'll be home soon …okey mom?

As soon as we get dressed… okey? But mom… oh my. here he comes… Mom he is still naked… and he has another hard-on… it is soo enormous… mom he wants me to suck it again! Can't I ever wear him out? I just gotta suck his huge cock again, mom… mom I am not asking your permission… I love you mom… I'll be home soon… good-bye."