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La Latina En Calenturas En Su Coche Xpaja
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Chapter 2: No prizes for second place. ******************************************************************************* Author's note This one is a long one, I considered breaking it into two separate chapters but couldn't find a way to make that work and still flow.

I also know that this was the chapter in which the main plot was to be revealed but the story hasn't allowed for that yet. I promise the big reveal will come in Chapter 3. As with all my stories, this one is longer on plot than it is on sex, the good stuff only being added at a time and place where it makes sense to the story.

Obviously as the saga goes on there will be more of it but I would still like to think Ive found a good balance… Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

****************************************************************************** Two men were staring at the screen, watching one of people on the video intently. "he's good." One said to the other. "He's very 'raw'&hellip." The second man replied in agreement, "but yes, he certainly has potential." They watched for another few minutes before the video ended. "so, what do you think, sir?" The first man asked after a few moments of silent contemplation.

The second man thought about it for a few more seconds. "If he makes it to London, set up a meeting." ________________________________________________________ Time passed with it's inevitable drumbeat and the week rolled around to Saturday. Wednesday night was still a bit of a whirlwind in my mind first Rachael in the alley and all the promises she might keep, then Jessica with equal potential and even more mystique. I hadn't seen either of my new friends since that night, although I had exchanged the odd text with each to keep in contact.

This had included a pretty risqué picture message from Rachael wearing a tiny g-string and a matching lace bra blowing a kiss into the camera. Usually I would have put that one into the wank bank for a lonely night but I had the distinct impression I wouldn't be getting many more of those for the foreseeable future. Jack had told us all to be at the pub for 7, so an hour earlier than necessary I was stepping out of the shower and getting ready for the big night.

Shaving where required, including a generous amount of 'man-scaping', and dressing to impress. I chose the plain white shirt, thin black tie and waistcoat and matched with a pair of black pinstripe slacks under normal circumstances it would look like I was dressed for a business meeting or a funeral, but it looked sharp and the get up worked.

Slicked back hair, a subtle dose of aftershave and I was ready to go. It was a warm night and in a massive break with tradition, it had stayed dry since Wednesday so I left the Jacket at home and started the short walk to the Royal Oak. It was clear from some distance away that this was not the same pub as a few nights earlier. The soft din of a crowd of drunken revellers could be heard before Id even rounded the corner and by the time I had reached the door I was in no doubt that throngs of people talking and smoking outside was only the tip of a very busy iceberg.

People of every description were out to have a good night, ladies dressed up to the nines and men dressed to impress them. I said my hellos to the surprisingly numerous people I recognised on the short trip to the bar whilst looking around at the eye-candy on offer. The slutty girls were pulling shapes on the dancefloor, almost exclusively dressed in very short, almost painted on dresses, some showing considerably more cleavage than others but all looking good.

The players all dressed in bright, peacock shirts - were trying to keep up in the hope of getting laid, by the bumping and grinding going on it was safe to say some of them may have been getting their wish.

The older, albeit equally attractive ladies, dressed plainer but classier were sat around the tables between the dancefloor and the bar with their respective or prospective partners not far away.

And of course, there was the obligatory crowd of men by the pool table doing a very bad job of looking disinterested in the copious amounts of female flesh spread around them. I made my way to the bar, noting that clock on the rear wall showed that I was fifteen minutes early, and ordered my usual drink from the barman. I knew that Jack wasn't working tonight so did a quick visual scan to see if he was anywhere in sight no luck.

When the barman returned asked where the boss was. "oh, he's downstairs sorting out something in the cellar. He shouldn't be long" I thanked him, paid for my drink and swung my newly acquired barstool around to watch the crowd. A few minutes later Jack appeared from a small door off in the direction of the restrooms accompanied by two large men in suits. I assumed at first that they were security for the night but the looks on the three faces made it instantly clear that they were in the middle of a heated discussion.

I immediately got up and made my way clumsily through the crowd, intent on coming to my friend's aid. The two men were shouting aggressively, with the odd poke to Jack's chest, by the time I got there and only made out the last part of the conversation. "Okay, okay" Jack was saying with his hands up in surrender, "I will get it done. Tell the boss not to worry" "You'd better, John" said one of the men, intentionally getting his name wrong, "cos none of us will be happy if we have to come back least of all you!" another poke to the ribs.

"Is there a problem here gentlemen?" I asked, loud enough to get their attention. Now, I'm not a big guy by any stretch of the imagination, but I do work out and with several years of martial arts training, I was able to look after myself.

Still, both of these men towered over me. "Aw look at this Rob," the shouting man said to his companion, "Jonny's boyfriend has come to rescue him. What are you gonna do about it little man?" I smiled "Me? Oh, Im not going to do anything. But you are in the face of a very popular landlord and that is something that these people," I gestured to the growing crowd of concerned locals and inebriated regulars now gathered behind me "don't take kindly to that sort of thing." Both man looked nervously at the crowd, I stepped in closer, lowering my voice so only the two men could hear.

"Now I suggest you get on your way, otherwise you will see first-hand what a real bar riot looks like and none of us will like that least of all you" my last sentence mimicking his threat to Jack. The shouting man took another look at the crowd, did a quick one-breath laugh, nodded in acceptance and started to walk away, turning to Jack as he did "Remember sunshine, one month!" A few seconds later they were lost in the crowd. "Wanna tell me what that was all about?" I asked Jack when they were gone "Er… People from the brewery.

Im… um… behind on some payments." He was lying. The tiny flick of his eyes off to one side, the stutter and the gulp after he stopped talking told me immediately that he wasn't telling me the truth. But in reality, it was none of my business and didn't want to ruin a potentially good night by pushing the matter. "Well, if you need any help, let me know" "Thanks man, I appreciate it. Now, lets get us some drinks." By the time we got back to the bar, where I could reclaim my drink and Jack could order his own, he was a bit more relaxed.

The throng of people clapping him on the back and offering support had done wonders. To be honest, I was still a little concerned; Jack had been scared. In all the time I had known him I had never seen Jack afraid of anyone, his lie to cover it up only reinforced my concerns. But as the drinks started to flow I let the matter slip from my mind and started enjoying the night with the increasingly familiar and relaxed Jack "I think we've been stood up" I joked about an hour later with no sign of either Jessica or Rachael.

Jack laughed, the first real laugh I'd heard since I arrived. "That's ok. See young Padawan…" he wrapped his arm around me in mock condescension, "when giving a beautiful woman a time to be somewhere, you have to take into account their need to be 'fashionably late', So if you want her here by 9, you tell her to be here by 8.

The more beautiful the woman, the more time you give her and don't get me started on the maths if there is more than one" With that he burst out laughing, I couldn't help but join him. "So what time did you really need us here? You told me 7." I asked Jack laughed again, "Well, the poker doesn't start til 10 so…" he shrugged and took a large mouthful of his beer. We clinked our glasses in faux celebration at his cunning plan and turned to watch the crowd.

"So, what's this poker thing all about?" I enquired after a while passing remarks about various ladies on the dancefloor. "All you told me the other night was that it was some kind of tournament." He didn't say anything in response, instead he reached over his shoulder and picked up a flyer off the bar, handing it to me. "Welcome to the inaugural World Championship Poker tournament" the headline said in bold red letters set against the dark blue background.

"The world's first international Texas Hold-Em tournament with huge cash prizes". Underneath that was a picture of some overly attractive men and women around a card table with massive smiles on their faces. Obviously, whoever designed this flyer had never seen a real game of poker. There is never a moment in any game where all of the players are smiling at the same time.

At the bottom was some fine print which caught my eye. "Each stage is made up of finalists from the previous rounds. Local games are taking place all over the world, Regional finals will take place in metropolitan areas.

National finals will take place in the capital city of your respective country with those winners progressing to the continental finals taking place in New York, London, Rio de Janeiro, Moscow and Bangkok. "Then, the five lucky finalists will be invited to attend the world finals at the Belaggio Hotel and Casino in beautiful Las Vegas. All expenses paid, Dates TBA" Shit, this was a pretty big deal! The huge cash prizes had caught my attention, as had the final venue not that I expected to make it that far, but a guy can dream.

When I read the terms and conditions, I realised that the entire endeavour was being run by the Nevada Gaming Commission as a PR drive to attract tourists to the famous gambling city.

"Have you seen this?" I asked Jack, waving the flyer at him. "Not really, just stuck them out on the bar a few weeks ago" "This is incredible, how did you get into it?" He shrugged nonchalantly "Told you, brewery told us to put it on. Thought you'd like it though" he replied, smiling at the last part. I just nodded, still staring at the flyer. It was almost nine when I felt a pair of silky smooth arms wrap around my shoulders from behind and an overly enthusiastic kiss placed in the side of my neck, "guess who" came the sultry female voice.

I looked down at the hands now rubbing my chest pink nail varnish subtle but feminine and the same delicate fingers which had been wrapped around me on Wednesday night.

"Good evening my darling Rachael" I answered with my best charming voice. She squealed and hopped around me and onto my lap in a single motion that almost made me dizzy. "How did you know? Me and Jess had a bet that you would get it wrong." "I am a man of many talents" I quipped back eliciting a laugh and a quick kiss on the lips. "So I've heard" she whispered seductively after pulled her head to my ear. I smiled to myself and turned my head to find Jessica standing a few feet away from me.

"Young Master Jim," she said with a smile, "fancy seeing you here. Hi teddy bear" she added looking at Jack. "Hi Jess." He answered plainly. Something wasn't right. Gone were the over generous displays of chivalry from Wednesday, gone was the beaming smile and gone was the booming laugh.

He was looking nervous again, in a similar way to earlier. I caught his eye as he turned his head back towards the dancefloor, I furrowed my brow quickly in a silent 'are you okay?' He just smiled simply and carried on looking at the dancers.

He wasn't okay at all. "So, Teddy bear…" Jess continued, having obviously not picked up on any of this. "Are you going to show two lovely ladies a good time?" Jack flashed a beaming smile, albeit a completely fake one. "of course, m'lady," he said, almost visibly stifling a sigh. "I have booked us onto the finest VIP booth directly over-looking the tables." He stood up and gestured up to the elevated area to the right of the bar.

Below it, close to the pool table was where the four card tables had been laid out. "If you would like to place your orders at the bar and then follow me.

Oh…" he added after a small pause, "all drinks are on the house tonight." Rachael jumped up squealing and gave Jack a big hug, the quiet and shy girl I first saw on Wednesday was now a distant memory as this stunning, playful woman followed Jack to our table. It was the first time I'd gotten a real look at her since her arrival. A plaid red-chequered skirt propped up a silky looking white strapless top which showed a decent amount of cleavage. The swell of her chest, much more obvious tonight than it had been before, hinted at a c cup bust which defied gravity.

A pair of white high heeled sandals finished the ensemble to perfection. She looked stunning. I turned back to Jess, still smiling, leaning against the bar. She looked equally radiant in a tight blue velvet dress that ended well north of her knees, the V neck sinking deep between her beautiful breasts which I could clearly remember from our last encounter and the contours of the body that had writhed against me were easy to see beneath the material.

Her wavy hair flowing over her shoulders like lava and her hypnotic green eyes staring playfully back into mine. "Rachael and I have had some very interesting conversations about you, stud" she said with a smile. "all good I hope" I replied with exaggerated modesty "Let me put it this way…" she said before seductively stepping towards me, "I wasn't exaggerating when I said she was going to be excited about tonight, she almost broke a nail fingering herself when I told her about us and the fucking you gave me" Im not one to get embarrassed, but she giggled when I started blushing.

"I just hope you show her as good a time tonight as you showed me on Wednesday. Now, No more flirting, you're all hers tonight." I gave her my best courtly bow and when our drinks had been served followed her swaying ass to our table.

Rachael and Jack were in deep conversation as we approached, his booming laugh still easily audible over the loud music. Jack was looking more relaxed and as we approached and even manged to flash us a smile which almost looked genuine.

I wondered if he and Jess had slept together and it had ended badly. Or, worse, did he have a thing for Jess and didn't appreciate her taking me home. Neither option was good in my mind and I knew I'd have to get it out of him pretty soon. My chance came fifteen or so minutes later when the ladies excused themselves to the bathroom, I never understood what was so interesting in there that they needed company but the eternal mystery of women meant I would never know. I took my chance.

"Jack, what's up with you and Jess? Is there anything I should know?" I asked leaning closer to him. "No man, it's all good" He replied, trying in vain to play it down. "I saw that look on your face when she walked in, that was anything but good." I pressed.

He looked around nervously, trying to make sure that the ladies weren't on their way back. "look, its nothing," he said leaning back in close enough to me to be able to speak at a normal volume, when I raised my eyebrows at him he sighed. "Okay, let's just say that she has some… interests… in this place," he gestured to the rest of the room, "and as you can tell from earlier, things aren't going as well as I'd like.

She's acting all normal now, but I know she's pissed." Money troubles.

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Not ideal but definitely better than what I was thinking. "She seems fine Jack" I reassured him, "trust me, if I thought she was pissed at you I'd be asking very different questions" I winked, trying to lighten the mood. "You think so?" he said with a small smile. I nodded, I was getting through to him. "I hope you're right man, things could get messy if you're not." "Let's just have good night.

If you need help with anything then give me a ring and I will see what I can do." I said, intentionally not promising anything. The gesture seemed to have the desired effect and he visibly relaxed. "and speak of the devils&hellip." I shouted as the ladies approached from behind him. "and they shall appear" Jess said finishing my sentence as Jack quickly sat up and turned to face them.

Rachael climbed over Jack's long legs and sat next to me in the horseshoe booth, leaning close to me and placing her hand on my knee. Jessica slid onto the bench next the Jack. The conversation flowed as easily as the drinks, with Rachael and I getting to know each other and Jess talking with Jack.

I learned that Rachael was a beautician - joking that she saw more pussy in an average week than most men saw in a lifetime. She laughed hysterically when that made me spit out the mouthful of my drink. She'd always wanted to go back to college, never managing to finish the first time around, but she couldn't settle on which subject to study, being caught between business management and accounting apparently, she had a good head for numbers. It was her turn to choke on her drink when I joked that numbers weren't the only thing her head was good for.

As I looked up I could see that Jack and Jess were deep in conversation, a serious conversation but not heated or awkward. I could make out parts of what they were saying over the volume and could work out the rest from reading their lips. "&hellip. You just need to stop worrying so much," Jess was saying, placing a hand on his shoulder to comfort him, "Whatever happens, things always work themselves out in the end." Jack put his hand on hers, the reassurance looked to be working.

"Thanks Jess, I just need to get my head in the game. The stupid thing is I'm really good at it, Ive just… lost my groove." "You'll get it back sweety.

Now, I came out to have a good time, no more talking shop." She said pulling her hands away sharply and reaching for her wine. "Well of course m'lady" Jack shouted, a grand sweeping bow and a big beaming smile. These ones were genuine and went a long way to put my mind at ease. Jess laughed, as did Rachael who had also stopped to listen to their conversation. "Now…" he said standing up and squeezing his large frame out of the booth, "Ive gotta make my announcement and then you can watch my boy in action" he motioned to me, "you'll see the genius I was telling you about." "ooooh, Genius" Rachael cooed.

I'm looking forward to that." I didn't have the first idea what they were talking about but I was sure I would find out soon enough. Jack made his way over to the bar, picked up a cordless mic and returned to the centre of the platform next to our table, switching it on. The music died away. "Ladies and Gentlemen, and all you other ugly fucking things out there!" A laugh from the crowd. "tonight" (pause for effect) "we are about to see the greatest tactical minds in our fair corner of the world battle it out…" whoops and cheers came from the sea of people hanging off his every word.

"… a true clash of titans! The winner will go on to play at the regional championships in Cardiff. After that, and with a bit of luck or cheating…" another laugh from the crowd "He could find himself in the city that never sleeps&hellip.

LAS VEGAS" a massive cheer erupted from the crowd who seemed oblivious to the fact that New York was the city that never sleeps, not Vegas. "Now, I don't have any details on final prize money should our champion make it that far. But I have heard rumours." another pause, "some say seven, maybe even eight figures in cash goes to the world champion." The crowd went mad, I'd never seen this much excitement for a prize boxing fight, let alone a game of poker.

"Rules are simple…" Jack continued, pacing back and forth, the crowd following his moves across the platform, "Four heats and a final, four players per table and the winner is the last one standing! Now, my lovely assistants…" he pointed towards a group of the slutty dressed girls on the dancefloor, eliciting cheers of approval from most of the men in the room "have agreed to be our dealers for this evening as none of them know any of the losers who have entered.

And to make things interesting, the winner from tonight will walk away with £500!" Jack waved a wad of cash in the air that he had pulled out of his pocket. A few of the people in the crowd were getting their backs slapped and their shoulders rubbed, I guessed that these were my competition. "Now, TO THE TABLES!" another cheer as Jack dragged me by the arm out of the booth with Rachael pushing me from the other side.

I was escorted through the crowds, thanking the odd well-wisher as I passed and was seated at the table closest to our booth. I could see Rachael and Jess both looking over the wooden divider down at me. One of the slutty group came and stood next to me as three other men took their seats around the table.

She couldn't have been more than 18 or 19 years old, with bleached blonde hair that stopped at the bottom of her neck, a skin tight white dress - which was easily see-through under the glaring lights - showed a black lacy thong and matching bra holding up her clearly augmented chest. Her face was pretty, although not beautiful but she had a pair of lips made for blowjobs "Hi boys," she said in a pitch several octaves higher than necessary, "My name is Tiffany and I will be your dealer for the first game." She placed a large bowel in the middle of the table.

"If you could all please turn off any mobile devises and place them in the bowel, anything you 'forget' to put in there will be grounds for dis-quali-i-fi-cation…" she obviously struggled with big words "if they are found later." We all complied and the bowel was taken by one of the bar staff. "Ok, this is standard rules Texas Hold-Em…" the guy directly opposite me shot his head up in surprise, he obviously didn't read the flyer.

"Err… I was wondering if we could play five card…" he started meekly "This is standard rules Texas Hold-Em…" she repeated more forcefully, cutting him off. "Nobody except the dealer can touch the cards on the table or the deck. You are all being given £100 worth of chips split into the following denominations…" I faded out at that point and took my time examining my opponents, whist simultaneously trying to ignore the looks coming from Rachael and Jess in the booth above.

When people think of body language they are usually woefully under-informed. Poker, however, is the ultimate competition when it comes to reading it. Most poker players know to look for another player's 'tell', an involuntary gesture that gives away if they have a good hand or a bad one depending on the player. Good poker players will already know what their own tell is and will try their best to hide it. The best players, however, will intentionally use that tell to mislead their opponents and win the hand.

My studies had taken this to another level. Body language is split into two categories. There is Kinesics, which is the study of body movements, gestures and positioning, or as poker players would say looking for the tell. Then there is the less known Oculesics which is the study of eye movement the positioning and motions of a persons eyes is almost impossible to control and micro-expressions. The latter, also known as emotional leakage are the milli-second long expressions that flash across somebody's face before their brains can control them.

This was made famous by the TV show 'lie to me' a few years earlier and although it was grossly inaccurate, it gives a good idea of the science. And that is what this was to me: a science. Most poker players call it an art form but anyone who knows the game properly would agree with me, and those that do will reasonably quickly see through a player based on any number of factors from body language to their betting, especially when it came to playing against amateurs.

And I was anything but an amateur.

The first hand was dealt, I had a three and a six not the best hand but I had learned not to ever throw away a hand before the first flip. I smiled just long enough to make sure at least one of the other players saw me. One of the player suddenly looked nervous having seen my smile. The other hands were dealt - being on my right I called him 'fourth' - he looked at his cards, blinked a few times, shuffled in his seat and promptly folded. One down, three to go. The second player looked at his hand for a little longer than was necessary, his eye flashed up to me he had seen my smile too.

He clicked his neck, sat back into his chair and folder his arms. He was another one who was easy to read, he had a decent hand, probably better than mine but not good enough to be confident about.

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The third player was either very very good, or very very bad because he did almost the same as I had, smiled, put his cards down and sat back to watch everyone else.

That was until he bit onto his bottom lip, a subconscious gesture to stop himself from openly grinning he had something good. First flip, another 6, a Jack and an Ace. Third player almost came in his pants he was very very bad. My guess was he had either a jack, or the ace but probably not both.

The second player didn't look as confident so when I upped the bet to £20 he started looking very nervous. He looked at his cards again then for some reason counted his chips and finally matched my bet. The third player was looking cocky, upping the bet another £10. I matched, so did second. At this point it didn't matter if I won the hand or not, I wanted to see their tells and I knew I'd be getting it back later.

Second flip another 6, three of a kind for me, not an easy hand to beat. Second player had gone from folding his arms to actively hugging himself. He was in over his head but didn't have the heart to back out now after already committing almost a third of his chips. Third wasn't looking so cocky, that flip didn't work for him, at least I knew he didn't have the other 6. I raised another £20, I wanted to see if second would break he didn't. He clicked his neck again and called.

It was players like him that made the game so lucrative for players like me, it was obvious I had a good hand, or at least not worth the risk if I didn't yet he refused to fold.

Third wasn't looking quite so smug either, he had one pair by my guess, even if it was a jack or an ace. But he also called. Last flip a 4. Both player flashed the same look at the same time and I saw it immediately. It was the realisation that in a single hand, they had put half of their chips into the pot and knew they were going to lose.

I raised another £25, they either back out now or risk going even higher for nothing. Second reaching his limit and folded, throwing his cards down in disgust. Stupidly he threw them hard enough to land face up on the table, he had a king and a 9. He was right not to be confident but he played on anyway and now I knew exactly what his tell was. Third in a massive error in judgement called, it was that faint hope that maybe I was bluffing.

He put his cards down first. Queen and a King - well that's why he was looking so smug, a royal straight on the first hand if only a 10 had come up. But it hadn't he had nothing. I put mine down without a single expression crossing my face, I was like stone. By this time a large crowd had gathered on the platform above, a few other women squeezing onto the booth next to Rachael and Jess, clearly ours was the most exciting game of the three and rapturous cheers went up when my three-of-a-kind was called out by the dealer.

"How the hell did he do that?" I heard Rachael ask, a little louder than she intended. "I told you…" replied Jack, "Genius" I went from £100 at the start of the hand to over half of the chips on the table in a single game.

The rest of the games went in pretty much the same way, Forth would disgustingly pick his nose if he had a bad hand and would not put his cards back onto the table if they were good, as if he were protecting them from the rest of the world. Third went all-in against me three hands later, not hard with only £25 left of his chips, and lost his pair of 5s against my flush gaining another wave of cheers and applause from the audience on the platform.

Second and third managed to hold on until the eighth hand when I baited them up to their maximum on a full house of Jacks and Fives I'd picked up on the first flip. After a little over half an hour I had won the table. As strange as it seems, the final was easier than the heats.

I folded the first hand after an awful flip, two of the other players went all in giving me a great show of all their tells. The dirty blonde-haired guy who clearly liked his appearance more than was healthy, was out after one hand shame too, because he was by far the most talented of the players left in the game.

The winner of that hand an older guy with a long white biker beard, had a habit of twirling his facial hairs if he was doing well and trying to pull them out if he was bluffing which he did frequently. The other player was the only female in the tournament, although I'd guess that she would be more interested in other females than she was of me. She liked licking her lips on a good hand a blinking far too often on a bad one. I took the old guy on the third deal. He had two pairs but it didn't match my straight, he looked like i'd just robbed him of his life's savings as he was led away from the table.

The lady fell two games later, with both of us all-in, it was the final call of the tournament. She put down her two kings giving her the illusive four-of-a-kind, drawing cheers and applause from the group of her supporters.

I made a play of looking beaten before putting down my Jack and Queen earning me a Royal Straight the second highest hand you can hold and easily beating hers. The crowd erupted, her head dropped as I has pulled from my seat by a euphoric Jack, mic in hand. "OUR WINNER!" he announced to the masses, drawing more cheers and rapturous applause. "AND TO THE WINNER&hellip." He thrust the £500 into my hand "…GO THE SPOILS!!" Not one being used to such public displays of celebration, I shook the hand my fallen competitor and made my way back through the crowd to the booth.

My back and arms aching from the slaps of congratulations, I slid back onto the bench and picked up the drink which had been waiting patiently for me for a little over 90 minutes. "That was amazing!" squealed Rachael as she threw her arms around me. "Ive never watched a poker game before, I thought it would be boring but that was&hellip. Amazing!" I chuckled at her enthusiasm, even the usually calm and collected Jess was looking excited. "Look at me, Im Shaking!" Rachael added after more hugs and a few kisses.

Jack eventually made it back to booth and resumed his place next to Jess. "This is for you. And may I say, very well played good sir". He said sliding a dark blue envelope across the table. I picked it up and opened it with Rachael reading over my shoulder. Congratulations on winning the Local round of the international poker championships.

It started, followed by more fluff about how proud the sponsors were that I joined the tournament. "The next stage will be held at the Hilton Hotel in Cardiff one week from today. Please arrive by 7 and announce yourself to the tournament co-ordinator on your arrival. And Good luck" "What's it say?" asked Jack as I put it away "It says we have to be there at 5" I answered back, a knowing grin on my face, Jack got the Joke immediately leaving the ladies looking confused, his booming laugh being drowned out as the music was turned back up for the crowd.

The rest of the night went by at break neck speed. Laughs and jokes were plentiful between the four of us and I managed to get Rachael up to dance a few times, the last of which basically turned out to be a dry humping session in the middle of two hundred other people.

Rachael got chatting to Tiffany the dealer from the first game whilst at the bar and I danced with Jess in her place. Even Jack got up, busting out some moves to the screaming delight of the rest of the slutty girls group. After a few minutes he had three of them bumping and grinding against him in a mock orgy while Jess and I struggled to breathe through our laughter. But in the inevitable way they always do, the night gradually wound down. Rachael exchanged numbers with Tiffany and joined Jess and I on the dancefloor while Jack was led back to our booth by one of the slutty girls where she unceremoniously attacked his face with her mouth.

As the music was switched off and the crowds dissipated, we found ourselves being three of a decreasingly small number of people left in the pub as the bar staff tried to shoo everyone outside. Jess made her excuses and left after a hug goodbye to Rachael and seductive kiss and wink to me.

Rachael and I found Jack, his face still being invaded by slutty girl's tongue, his fingers knuckle deep in the hairless pussy she was now showing off to the world and her hand working furiously on him under the table. We decided not to interrupt and headed out in the warm night air. We looked back into the pub through one of the windows in time to watch slutty girl drop her head into Jack's lap.

"that is so fucking hot!" Rachael said, her breathing shallow "you did it better" I teased back, I half expected a blush but the drink had rid her of all inhibitions.

"That's cos Im a cock craving slut" she replied almost casually, still watching the blonde head bob up and down on Jack's dick. "ah shit, I said that out loud again didn't I" she exclaimed as I burst out laughing. "I gotta stop doing that." "Well, after Wednesday, mine is always at your disposal" I said between laughs.

"Oh really? Well you'd better take me home then so I can have some more of it". With that we started the short journey back to my place. My tie and waistcoat still somewhere in the pub. "You and Tiffany seemed to be getting along well." I said, trying to make conversation as we walked, her arm around my waist. "Cant pass up the chance to talk to a girl with 'fanny' literally written into her name" she answered back with a giggle "Bit of a horny drunk, aren't you?" I teased as the smirk spread across her face.

"Still not drunk" she argued, "and I'm always horny, I've just never met a suitable partner." "And now you've met Tiffany." I quipped, a playful squeeze to her side to tickled her. She squeaked in surprise but quickly wriggled her way free. "Well. You already know I swing both ways" She laughed at my mock pout, "but I'm sure I can make do with this monster" Her hand grabbed at my crotch, which was already at half-mast from the images racing through my mind.

"Oooh," she cooed as she massaged her prize, "someone likes that idea." We stayed that way for the last few minutes of our walk, my arm around her waist, my hand resting just below her heaving breast, her hand rubbing the front of my pants which had quickly bulged to its full size. It wasn't the easiest way to walk, but I was not about to complain.

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No sooner had we reached the front door, she was on me. Her one hand staying on my bulge, her massaging growing more heated, the other snaked around my head as her tongue invaded my mouth. It was a struggle to fish my keys out of my pocket and unlock the door, the pair of us spilling inside the instant the door handle went down.

We stumbled our way through the hall and into the living room, I was suddenly grateful that I had remembered to clean as she threw me down onto the sofa.

In a flash she was straddling me, it was the first time our lips had disconnected since we got to the door. Time seemed to slow down as she looked down at me, a deep carnal hunger in her eyes, I sat forward, resuming the kiss which had already taken my breath away.

We stayed like that for another minute or so, her arms around my neck, her fingers running through my hair whilst mine caressed her back before slowly moving down to grope her ass which had been grinding into me since we sat. Her skirt was splayed in a corona around her waist, with the lace on her panties easily distinguishable against my groin.

Her hands left my head and ran down over my chest, finding the top button of my shirt and undoing it before moving onto the next, before long my shirt was open and her hands reached inside caressing my reasonable toned physique.

She broke her kiss and looked down at the results of her handy-work, a small coo escaping from her throat as she licked her lips. I guessed what she had planned so moved in before she had chance. I leant forward quickly, taking her off guard and locked my lips onto her neck, my hands moving up at the same time to cock her head to one side giving my better access. She moaned and slumped her head against my hands as my mouth worked down her neck and onto her bare shoulders.

I wanted to slow things down, carnal fucking is all well and good but sometimes, longer and slower is better. "Fuck, that's really turning me on" she moaned, her hands returning to my back, her hips slowing from her frantic dry humping to a sensual gyration. "I thought you were always turned on" I joked back, softly blowing on the wet trail I had created on her skin.

"Holy shit," she sighed, shuddering at the cool air, "I am always horny, but right now I am ready to cream all over your pants" I smiled and returned my lips to her collar bone, I was getting used to her dirty talk by now, but even to me it sounded strange to hear it in such a soft delicate voice.

I reached down to the hem of her silky white top, slowly lifting the material upwards, she took the hint immediately, releasing my back and raising her arms for me to remove the garment. My lips were only meant to break contact to allow the top to pass, but as soon as I saw her braless body I stopped, staring in amazement. Somewhere in my mind I remembered thinking that Rachael's body didn't quite measure up to Jessica's. The spectacle now before me was making me eat those words.

Her shoulders spread into two glorious globes, easily as big as Jess, standing proudly from her delicate frame - her petite size making them look all the more impressive. Her stomach was taut and smooth, with something unexpected glistening in the naval, a heart shaped diamond belly button piercing.

"wow…" was the only sound I could force from my breathless lungs She giggled in the cute way she did, taking the remark as the compliment it was meant to be, "you like?" My mind started racing through all the different synonyms for the word 'like'. But nothing could do this sight justice.

"Wow" I simply repeated eliciting another giggle, her arms worked back around my head guiding me back to where my oral ministrations had left off. I took the hint and my tongue continued to explore the flawless skin of this Siren. I was determined to taste every last inch of her flesh, but the pressure from her arms was telling me where she wanted me to go. She trembled slightly as my kisses made their way onto the swell of her breast, moaning slightly as I crossed the canyon to the second, she was squirming beneath my trying to force the rest of her tit towards my mouth, the grinding on my cock becoming more forceful.

A gasp escaped her lips as I rewarded her efforts with a soft lick over her nipple, circling around the areola and inhaling the quarter-inch long nub into my mouth.

Her head shot back and her hands pulled me harder into her chest as sucked harder at her teat, flicking my tongue over its victim with increasing vigour. The build up to this had been agonisingly slow for her - and intentional for me, I switched to the other nipple and continued lavishing it.

Her grinding was becoming more frantic, her breathing more ragged, before long this had turned into panting. Suddenly she sucked in a deep breath, her body going stiff and my groin instantly felt the moisture as an orgasm convulsed its way through her body.

"Uuuuuugh" she moaned as her breath return to her, "oh my god! You really are a genius! Nobody has ever made me cum from playing with my tits!" I smiled into the nipple I was still tending to and she kept grinding. She stood up slightly, looking down at the large wet patch that had formed on my pants.

"Fucking hell!" she exclaimed, realising what she was looking at. "you made me squirt! I'm the only one who has ever been able to do that." A pause as she reached down to rub the dampness, a wicked grin crossing her face. "We'd better get you out of these wet clothes, I wouldn't want you to catch a cold" I had to chuckle at that, but before I could think of anything clever to say she was already opening my pants and pulling at them to get them off. I raised accommodate and he pulled down my pants and boxers in one firm motion, my cock springing up to point at the ceiling.

"hello again" she cooed, grasping it in her hand, I had almost forgotten how good she felt, "I think me and you are going to be very good friends" she said to my second head before looking up at me with a wink and swallowing almost my full length in one go. It was my turn to moan now, my head instinctively fell back into the fabric of the sofa as she held my dick in her mouth, then with a press forward I felt her throat open to accept my tool.

I sucked in a sharp breath as her tongue rubbed against the base of my shaft, a loud hum from her throat vibrating along the base of my dick and dissipating out of the tip.

She held there for a few seconds before pulling off, a string of spittle still attaching her lips to my cock. "Fuck me, you are good at that!" I groaned as my cock hit the comparatively cool air. "I haven't shown you all of my best tricks yet" she said in a smouldering voice that made my toes curl. "Maybe you should turn around so I can return the favour" I suggested. "Not here," she said after quickly looking around the room, "take me to bed and I'm sure we can work something out" another wicked grin spread across her lips.

With that she stood up, her tits bouncing with the motion, pulling me up by my hand and leading to me towards the stairs. She dropped my arm as we ascended the staircase, unhooking a clasp on the side of her plaid skirt, that fell to the floor as she walked revealing a white lace g-string. I smiled, remembering her joke from a few nights earlier. They didn't stay on for long though; as she reached the top step she stopped, my eyes moved from following her beautifully slender legs to staring at her eye-level ass.

Bending at the waist, she pulled down her panties, tensing her ass cheeks enough to hold the material between them, it followed down her legs a second after the waistband. I could see her perfectly shaved pussy between her thighs as she held that position for a few seconds, easily able to make out the puffy, wet lips protruding from her snatch. I took the opportunity presented to me, grabbing her bent hips I pulled her back slightly and pressed by face between her ass cheeks.

My nose pressed up against her rosebud, my tongue darted out to probe her wetness. She tasted delicious, a sweet musk filled my nostrils as I devoured as much of precious nectar as I could before she stood back up.

"Ooooh, yeeesss." She moaned in appreciation, for voice guttural and sultry. To my delight, she took her time doing that and allowed me to lap at her pussy for a few seconds longer than I had hoped for before slowly up righting herself and walking into the bedroom.

I was only a few feet behind her, watching her ass sway as she walked. As we approached the bed she stopped and turned to face me, pulling me in for another toe curling kiss, we broke after a few heated seconds as I put took a breast in each hand, gently squeezing and kneading the flesh before with a light push she was spread legged on the bed, a high pitch giggle emanating from her as she fell. I remembered her complaining about not being eaten in years and also the delight in her during my quick lick at the top of the stairs, so now, as I crawled slowly up the bed, laying kisses on every inch of flesh on her thighs, I was determined to pleasure her to the best of my abilities.

I took my time, the closer I got to her wetness, the slower I went. By the time I reached the promised land I was mentally counting ten kisses for every inch I moved closer.

Her squirming and moans were becoming more frantic and as soon as my tongue made contact with her lips an orgasm crashed through her body, a considerable amount of moisture splashing onto my chin.

Another guttural moan as she clamped her legs around my head. "Jesus fucking Christ. What are you doing to me?" she cried out between laboured breaths. I smiled and continued painting her inner lips with my saliva. Dipping my tongue into her honey pot, I spread the sweet nectar up towards her clit, another moan escaping her lips as I finally made contact. Repeating my performance from the night with Jess, I let out all the stops every trick I knew and I few I improvised solely for her pleasure.

But when I sucked her nub into my mouth, holding it between my lips and flicking my tongue left to right against it, she started bucking into my face. I took advantage of her raised hips, slipping two fingers easily into her dripping wet sheath, curling them up to massage her g-spot.

Her cries turned into a scream she came again, this time the warm fluids pushing against the pressure of my fingers and spraying past my knuckles. "Hoooollllllyyyy shiiiiiiiiiit! You made me squirt… again!" she panted, "give me your cock, I want to suck your cock!" This more of a demand than a request, but I had no desire to comply.

Rachael had already serviced me twice with nothing in return, I had never been a selfish lover before and I wasn't about to start now. I slid my hands up to her heaving tits, already covered in a slight sheen of sweat, holding her down as I continued lapping at her clit.

After her third orgasm rocked through her body, almost forcing my fingers out with the strength of the contractions, I broke away and started kissing up her body. Her stomach first, then taking a few seconds to lavish attention onto each nipple, before finally coming face to face with this flushed beauty.

My cock head painfully close to its intended destination, I held… leaning in slightly so my manhood was pressed gently against her opening. "Uuuurggh, you tease!" she exclaimed, trying to force her body down onto my rigid member.

I applied a little more pressure, half of my head spreading her lips before pulling away. Another frustrated moan from my goddess. A little more pressure and the whole head slipped in, before again, I pulled out. By now she was writhing and bucking furiously, the hunger in her eyes burning into mine and she gripped both slides of my head and stared at me. "If you don't give me that dick… right now… I swear to God, Im gonna&hellip." I gave her the dick.

All of it. "UUuuurrrgggghhhh. Fuck yes, that's what mamma needed!" Despite giving her what she wanted, I kept going slow, I wanted her to feel every veiny ridge, every contour of skin, every inch of what she'd asked for. Surrendering to the pleasure, she released my head with a groan, her hands falling above her head, her hips rotating upwards for better access, I slid out to the tip before pressing slowly back into her, a moan filling the room with each repetition as I increased my pace with agonising precision.

I kept this up for as long as I could bare, maybe ten minutes of almost painful self-control as I built up from gentle but powerful strokes to full blown rutting. Her legs were wrapped around my waist, her ankles crossing just above my pounding ass, with each stroke inwards her legs would grip tighter, pulling me into her with greater force whist also trying to increase the pace.

As my hips reached their full speed, her legs uncrossed and raised into the air in a V shape allowing full and uninterrupted access to her dripping womanhood. The sound of the slapping of my balls and the squelching of her sex was accompanied with a loud grunt each time I reached my full depth, only to pull back out and ram home again. Another two orgasms were counted off both of them adding a large amount of fluid to the growing wet patch beneath us - before I decided to change positions. I reached below her and flipped her onto her knees, her light body easily moving under my assertions.

Her head fell into the pillow, one of her hands instinctively reaching back and rubbing furiously on her clit as I resumed my onslaught. Gone was the dirty talk of encouragement, only grunts and guttural moans accompanied by odd incoherent, half-finished sentence.

She was speaking in tongues, her mind completely consumed by the pleasure I was giving her. Another massive orgasm with its obligatory wail, I increased my pace even more, pulling her bucking hips back against me to meet each thrust.

I could feel her fingers still working on her clit, occasionally brushing against the underside of my shaft, as her orgasm subsided her hand moved further down to cup and massage my swinging balls, a long groan coming from her as she felt their weight. It wasn't long before her next orgasm crashed through her, if the last one was big, then this one was truly biblical.

The muscles inside her pussy contracted and clamped down on my cock, trying to milk it for all it had to offer, the bucking of her hips turned into a twerking frenzy as a flood of liquid sprayed from her cunt. Her wail turned into an ear splitting scream as I was forced out of her, the liquid spraying from her convulsing pussy arching onto my groin as I sat back and watched in amazement.

"Uuuuuuurrrrgghhhh" she groaned as she collapsed onto the bed. Her breathing heavy and laboured, "fucking incredible!" she whispered still struggling to catch her breath she whispered. I laid on the bed next to her, waiting for her to recover. After a few minutes she rolled over a cuddle into the side of me in her post orgasmic bliss, I thought she was ready to ready to fall asleep as her hands played idly with my chest.

"That was amazing" she purring into my ear, giving it a quick nibble, and reaching down to my crotch, "this guy is&hellip." She stopped in surprise.

Her eyes flashing down at my still rock-hard organ standing tall into the night air. "You didn't… all that and you still haven't…" she couldn't seem to find the words but her question was clear. "no my sexy lady, I hadn't finished." "Oh my fucking god!" she exclaimed as she sat up with a sparkle in the eye, "does that mean there's more" "For you, always," I answered charmingly.

She shrieked in excitement as she practically leapt onto her knees, her mouth engulfing my cock to the hilt. Bobbing a few times, she pulled back off.

"mmmm, my pussy juices on your big fat cock taste delicious" another few bobs, "I'm gonna have to make a habit of this, sucking your soaking wet dick after I've fucked it." And promptly reattached herself to my cock. It didn't take long for her expert oral skills to provoke that familiar feeling in the base of my shaft. She felt it too and pulled off. "as much as I would love to drink your delicious cum and god knows I fucking loved the taste of you on Wednesday- I made you a promise that I think I should keep." She said seductively as she raised herself up, reached a leg over my waist to straddle me and then plunged down onto my dick with a loud groan.

She started rocking, her hands on my chest, her tongue slowly tracing the contours of her lips, her eyes fixed firmly closed. "aaaaahhhh" she moaned after a few seconds. "now, this is what is going to happen," a playful glint in her eyes, "I am going to ride this beautiful cock until I cum all over it, then… I want you in my ass!" With that, her rocking turned into hard grinding, still not being able to think of anything to say to that, I rested my head back into the pillow and let this goddess have her way with me.

It didn't take long for her orgasm to crash through her body - with the constant caressing of her breasts and tweaking her hard erect nipples by me her high came relatively quickly accompanied by another long moan and pressure-hose style release from her pussy. As her breathing returned to normal she looked down at me mischievously, raised herself up, shifted her weight forward slightly and sank down until my head was pressed against her puckered anus.

I had to fight the urge to thrust forward, as - with eyes scrunched closed she slowly increased the pressure until my head pushed through her outer sphincter with a pop.

A gasp escaped her lips and she held there for a few seconds adjusting to the new invader in her anal cavity. As her rectum loosened to accommodate my girth, she slowly added more pressure, sliding down my shaft until eventually she had my full length inside her asshole.

"fuck it feels massive in there" she moaned, her voice a slightly high pitch as usual, "god, I feel full!" her hips began slowly rocking as her obvious pain gave way to pleasure, then as her hips increased speed to ecstasy.

After only a few minutes she was bouncing energetically on me, my manhood spearing her ass in my first experience of anal sex, with her grunting and moaning with each impact. Her dirty talk returned with a vengeance. "Oh fuck yes! You feel so good in my ass!" she howled as slammed her weight down onto me. I started to thrust up into her to meet every downward force. "Yeah, that's it. Fuck my slutty asshole!" more pounding away as her euphoria erupted in another seismic orgasm.

This time, with no obstruction to its flow, her pussy sprayed a huge amount of liquid over my stomach and onto my chest, her moans filling my ears as she continued to ride me. "Come on big boy" she screamed at me without breaking her pace, me still thrusting up into her, "Give me that beautiful cock!.

Ram it into my ass!. Stretch me out baby!" this was like nothing I had felt before. I was no stranger to sex, having had my fair share of one-nighters during my college days but I had never experienced the pleasure of anal before.

The difference in sensation was subtle but the effect was massive. Obviously lacking the wetness, the friction from her rectum along with the added tightness and her dirty talk was bringing me closer and closer to my own release.

"Rach, Im getting close!" I managed to groan through gritted teeth. "Oh really," she purred, her orgasm now complete subsided. "Where should I receive your spectacular load?" she asked herself playfully. "obviously after all that squirting Im a little bit thirsty, so I could drink every last drop.

And you do taste soooooo good." Another playful smile. "But then my tits have been feeling a little dry recently, they could do with some au-natural moisturiser" she caressed her own bosom as she contemplated this option.

"Then there is my dripping wet pussy. After all the work she did, maybe she deserves to be filled with your massive load" this time reaching down and rubbing her clit before inserting two fingers into her wet hole. I could feel them moving around against my shaft through the thin skin membrane. "And then of course, there is my dirty ass hole. You are already in there and its already feeling so fucking incredible.

I wonder what it would be like to feel you splashing inside there?" "Uuuuuurrrgh," I groaned through gritted teeth, every fibre of my being trying to hold back the impending flood. "You are going to need to decide quickly" I said, only half joking. "Hmmmm, I wonder…" she joked, her hips still crashing down on mine with amazing force.

"Ok, pussy it is, blow your load in my cunt baby!" In one quick motion she lifted herself up and impaled her pussy on my cock, the immediate warmth and wetness sent me over the edge almost immediately.

Her orgasm exploded at the same time my cock did, my white knuckles gripping onto the bed sheet as rope after rope erupted into her spasming sex in what felt like an unending torrent of cum. "Oh fuck, shit shit shit shit shit" she gasped between short breaths. "Oh my god, you are filling me up!" I collapsed back into the bed, my body completely spent.

Rachael climbed off slowly, dipping a finger into her sodden snatch and bringing it to her lips to taste it. She licked her lips savouring the taste for a few seconds before smiling. "we taste good together" she cooed. Glancing down at my withering cock, glistening with our combined juices she grinned wickedly. "I want more!" and slowly licked and sucked our fluids off my wilting member. "oh, you taste amazing" she said quietly between sucks, "I could swallow your load every day" "Only if you say please" I joked back playfully, the fog of sleep slowly descending before my eyes.

With a giggle and one last lick of my balls, she crawled back up my body and nestled herself against me, her head nuzzled into the nape of my neck as we both embraced the sweet surrender of sleep.

The following week went by quickly, Rachael and I had spent the day together Sunday, opting to head to the beach for an ice cream and a walk. It had been a long time since I had enjoyed a lady's company as much as I did with her, but I knew I had to be careful. She had made the 'no relationship' rule pretty clear, but I had found it increasingly difficult to see the boundaries as we walked hand in hand along the promenade.

The blush at my joke, looking at me with her cheek against her shoulder, her melting into me at every kiss, I knew she was finding it as hard to see the line as I was.

This was a girl I could fall for and I knew it. There was no small amount of disappointment knotted through my chest as we shared a farewell kiss after I drove her home; my thoughts returning to her and the day we spent together during the many slow moments throughout the rest of the week.

I found it telling that my mind drifted to a walk on the beach to think of Rachael and not of the carnal love making from the previous night. I found it equally as telling that I barely thought of Jessica at all. Working late almost every night didn't leave me much time to see Jack either. But on Thursday night at around ten there was a knock on the door. I was surprised to see the big man standing there smiling with two beer bottles in his hand.

"If James won't come to the mountain, then the mountain shall come to James" he joked as I let him in. It wasn't long before our conversation turned to the subject of Saturday night. "Yeah, it was strange," he said as he opened both bottles, handing one to me and drawing a large mouthful from the other, "I didn't see any of you guys leave." "I'm not surprised" I laughed, "you seemed quite busy at the time" His familiar shit-eating grin beamed across his face as he realised what I was referring to.

"Seen that, did you?" "I saw a lot more than I had bargained for, nicely shaved though" I quipped, Jacks booming laugh filling the room a second later. "And she seemed to have lost something in your lap as we were leaving" another laugh. "Oh shit man, that girl can really suck dick!" "Third base! Gotta be a record for you" I joked "Fifth" he threw back with a wink.

My mind did some quick acrobatics and realised what he was saying. "No way!" I laughed in awe "Yup, Jack is the slinger of bullshit and the destroyer of asses." He shouted, raising his bottle in triumph. "No fucking way!" I shot back, laughing at his face. "Hey, I'm as surprised as you are. We were sat at the booth, me strumming away and her beating me off…" "yeah, we seen that much" I interrupted.

"Right. Then when realised everyone else was gone, she just dropped her head down and went to town. Right down to the root, never had me a girl who could do that before…" "Seen that bit too" I joked, interrupting again. "Well, the bit you didn't see was she kept going til I blew my load in her mouth, she swallowed every last drop, haven't had many of them either" I raised my glass in salute at the slutty girl's heroics.

He continued "After that, she dragged me upstairs, stripped off and spread-eagled herself on the bed. I returned the favour&hellip." "as the true gentleman you are…" I interrupted again, we clicked bottles "then, when I had … erm… recovered, I started pounding away. The filth that came out of that girl's mouth! I have never heard anything like it, it was awesome!" I decided not to mention my own recent experiences with talking filth.

"so, she cums a few times, rolls me over, climbs on rides me for a bit, and then tells me… tells me!. that I'm going to fuck her ass!" he threw his arms out in excitement. "Then she took my load all over her face!" "sounds like a keeper" I mocked as I took another drink, thinking back to Rachael doing almost the exact same thing to me on the same night.

"Fucking hey" he answered, raising another bottle salute. "Shit man, we must've gone at it most of the night. Another quick screw in the morning and she left." "Did you get her number?" His face answered the question, "please tell me you got her name" I started laughing. "I'm sure she told me at some point, but…" he said with the bottle to his mouth and a smile, then shrugged.

I burst into laughter, his bellowing laugh drowning me out a few seconds later. "So, I guess you're not seeing her again then." I asked as our laughter died down "Fucking right I'm seeing her again" he replied after another drink, "her and her whole crew are coming on the bus on Saturday.

Oh, and that Tiffany girl was creaming over you all night, the one who worked the first table… She'd have fucked the shit outta you if you hadn't been flirting with Jess and Rachael.

Shame, you missed out there. Maybe this weekend we can make it a double date" he laughed. "I wouldn't say I missed out" I said with a smirk that caught his attention. "Fuck off!" he joked immediately understanding what I meant, "which one?" My mind quickly caught on to the fact that he obviously didn't know about my night with Jess either.

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Or about the alley with Rachael for that matter. I wondered to myself why I had assumed he had known. Maybe his friendship with Jess wasn't as close as I had thought. His intent gaze brought me back to the conversation. "Rachael." I answered with a smile. "I fucking knew it!" He shouted with a laugh, flicking his fingers out in a mock gangster gesture and throwing himself back into the chair.

"Come on then, give me details!" "A gentleman never tells." I answered smugly "Exactly, so why aren't you telling me?!?" "lets just say it wasn't as eventful as yours" I lied with a smile "Anything serious" He asked.

He was only querying what I was already asking myself but the small pause caught his attention. "I'm… I'm not sure yet" I answered slowly. I didn't want to say that part of me wanted to take it to the next stage, nor did I want to tell her about the 'no relationship' rule. Jack was many things, but subtle wasn't one of them. "I guess we'll have to see how this one plays out." "Fucking mystery of women" he said after thinking about my answer. Another raised bottle toast. "anyway, I can't stay much longer, gotta lock up the pub." He said as he got up to leave "Did you only come here to tell me about getting laid?" I asked jokingly after another bit of mental acrobatics.

"fucking right I did! Been waiting all week to tell you!" "haven't you heard of a phone?" I laughed. He stopped in his tracks, turning towards me with a serious look on his face, "one does not simply use a phone to talk about anal sex" he said sternly, mocking the famous line from 'lord of the rings', before bursting into laughter. I clapped him on the back as we continued towards the door. My brain was trying to grasp onto something that I couldn't quite put my finger on as we said our goodbyes.

The door was almost closed before it came screaming into my mind. "Hey, what bus?" I shouted after him as he walked down the street. He turned back towards me, the look of confusion clear on his face even from this distance. "You said your mystery girl and her crew would be on the bus on Saturday… what bus?" "Oh that?" he shouted back.

"dude, you got a small army coming on Saturday to cheer you on" "Awesome" I shouted back with no small amount of sarcasm. "No pressure then." "Nope" he called back as he turned back towards the direction he was walking, "Just don't lose, you're liable to get lynched." I could see his shoulders bounce in laughter as he walked away into the darkness. Two more days passed in a haze of dumbass drivers, asshole bosses, a Tae Kwon Do class and thoughts about Rachael.

But before I knew it I was sat in a small stall in an American style diner, just down the road from the Cardiff Hilton. You know the sort, all red and chrome with 50s memorabilia hanging on the walls. It was 5 o'clock on Saturday and I was waiting for Rachael and Jess at their choice of meeting place, I'd been waiting for a while.

The idea was a sound one though, getting something to eat before a long night at the tables was a good plan. I sat was sat there for another twenty minutes before the two familiar faces appeared at the door and made their way over to me, one of them beaming affectionately.

"Hey sexy man" Rachael said as the two ladies sat on the bench opposite me, "hope you haven't been waiting long? We're not late, are we?" I had, and they were - but I smiled at them and shook my head, I was just happy to see them one of them in particular. It was strange: even looking at Jess now, there was no denying her stunning beauty, she was gorgeous in every way a woman could be.

But the more time I spent with her, the more I could tell that something was off. A character flaw maybe, perhaps an intuition, but there was something about her that was setting off alarm bells. I'd first noticed the previous week with her interactions with Jack, she had reassured him when he was worried but there was something less than genuine behind it, a stark contrast to our night together. I couldn't put my finger on it. At the moment though, a genuine smile was spread across her face - you can always tell if they are real by the eyes and it was confusing me even more.

A loud call of my name brought me back to moment. "… I asked if you have eaten yet" Rachael asked, looking at me with an amused grin. "Sorry… um&hellip. No, I haven't, I was waiting for you" I answered.

"aww, so sweet" Jess said snapping my attention away from Rachael. She was beaming! Her eyes were sparkling as she leant forward and rested her elbow on the table, flicking her thick red hair behind her in the process… this was genuine, and what's more, she was flirting. What the fuck was going on with her? I didn't get any more time to think on the matter as the waitress approached our table. "Ah, so your guests have arrived." The older lady said, addressing me whilst simultaneously scolding the two ladies opposite me, before addressing them directly.

"You know, this young gent has been waiting here for more than an hour. Even in my day, most men would have left by now" "An hour?" Jess exclaimed, suddenly looking very shocked "you've been waiting for us for an hour?" "More than an hour, lovely" the waitress said sternly as Jess looked back at me I nodded with a shrug.

"Oh, I'm so sorry" Jess said, still sounding genuine, "It was my fault, I took too long with my make up." Again, not a hint of deception or deceit. Maybe it was in my head, maybe those two big assholes who had backed Jack into a corner had set me off and I had imagined the rest. Now I thought about it, nothing else had bothered me about her for the rest of the night.

I decided to put the issue out of my mind and enjoy the rest of my evening with these two lovely albeit very apologetic ladies. "Don't be upset with us" Rachael pleaded reaching over and taking my hand.

I glanced up at the waitress and matched her playful smile. The girls noticed at the same time and both started laughing, nervously at first but quickly becoming more relaxed. "Take some advice from an old woman, dearies." the waitress said, "never leave a good man waiting." "Oh, this is definitely a good man" Rachael answered quickly, drawing a bigger smile from the waitress, enthusiastic nods from Jess and a blush from me.

They all giggled at my expense. Eventually we all composed ourselves enough for the waitress to take or order; I chose the double burger stacked with bacon and cheese, Rachael ordered the hot dog to the amusement of Jess, who in turn ordered the chicken salad and shakes all round. The conversation flowed easily, my reservations about Jess being pushed further into the recesses of my mind with each passing minute.

Before long, the conversation turned to the game due to take place in a few hours. "So how good are you?" Jess asked. "At what?" I answered back before sipping my shake. "At this whole 'reading people' thing you do?" "yeah, I wanted to know that as well" Rachael interrupted, "You saw straight through those guys at last week's game as if they were holding up signs" I shrugged as I swallowed another mouthful. "I don't know, I just seem to see things. I notice the small details that people overlook.

Plus 3 years in university studying exactly how and why people's body language and eyes are effected by emotion and it becomes easy to read them." It was a very simplified answer but I hoped it would satisfy their curiosity without having to get into the boring science behind it. "Show us." Jess said after a long pause, sitting upright and looking at me intently, Rachael was nodding enthusiastically.

"How?" I asked, not sure how to comply with her request. "Read me." Rachael answered quickly. It would have been fairly simple to read Rachael, I could have told her about her internal conflict about what she wanted with me, for example. But I thought better of it. "It doesn't really work like that" I answered truthfully, "There has to either be a lot of observation over time, like with the pair of you.

Or there has to be an emotional stake involved." They both looked at me confused. "Okay, let me put it like this" I turned to Rachael, "I bet I can tell you what colour underwear you are wearing…" "oh, I'm not wearing any" she blurted out, Jess and I both burst into laughter. "Oh, I've really gotta stop doing that" she added quietly.

"Okay, let's try again…" I turned to Jess this time, "I bet I can guess what colour underwear you're wearing." I said. She shrugged. "exactly!." I pointed at her shrugging shoulders, "So what? It doesn't matter if I win or not, there is no stake in it, nothing to win or lose." I paused.

"So, what if I said," another pause, "I bet you ten grand, I can guess what colour your underwear is. If I'm right, you strip completely naked and finger yourself right here" she started to blush, "and if I'm wrong, I put ten grand in your hand right now." A longer pause. "I think they are…" "No wait," she burst out, a look of panic in her eyes, "I didn't agree to anything" I sat back and smiled. Both girls understood immediately. "So, when you're playing poker…" Rachael started, checking to see if she got it, "… its easy because they want to win." "and they are afraid to lose," Jess added.

"and there is a 'stake' involved" I nodded again. "But what about people around you, you said you see things. Give us an example". Jess said as the waitress arrived with the food. "Okay," I said, cracking my knuckles.

Both girls grinned, the waitress cocked her head at me but continued passing out the food. "Our lovely waitress here… Her name is Dorothy, she lives alone but has a dog, she has problems in her knees probably early onset arthritis either that or some really uncomfortable shoes. She used to be married, but her husband died a long time ago…" I stopped talking as I noticed the waitress was holding my plate in mid-air, hanging off every word.

"Keep going" Jess urged. "She's happy, smiles a lot and is well liked, her boss couldn't imagine this restaurant without her.

She's worked here for years. Her joys in life are her dog and her grandkids… "Do I know you?" the waitress asked slowly, looking at me curiously. I just smiled at her and shook my head "how do you know all that about me." "HOW DO YOU DO THAT?!?" Racheal squealed as she absorbed what the waitress Dorothy - was saying.

"I see things." I said with another shrug. "No way" Jess chimed in, "Spill!" "Okay okay…" I held my hands in defeat, laughing. "Her name is Dorothy, there's faded lettering just above her breast pocket, I'm guessing that it used to be stitched in there?" Dorothy nodded. "I know she has a dog because there are a few white hairs on the cuff of your trousers, too long to be cat hairs and too think to be human, besides, you don't have a grey hair in there" I motioned towards her head in mock flirtation, she blushed and smiled.

"You have a little bit of a limp in your left leg, which hurts as you take the weight off your foot, not when you put it down typical symptom of Arthritis, or a badly blistered heal" Dorothy confirmed she had arthritis in her knees and elbows.

"I knew she had been working here for a while because of her fingers" I continued, all three women looked at Dorothy's hands. "Those plates are burning hot and you picked them up without even flinching, that kind of nerve damage comes from years of carrying hot plates, also it would be a massive coincidence if another Dorothy had a shirt that fitted you with her name stitched into it" The three were all looking at me in awe, so I continued, "I knew it was here because not only are there pictures of you on the wall behind the bar, but I've heard three separate people come here and talk to you like you are family.

That's also how I know you are well liked, and the boss wouldn't tolerate that sort of thing if he saw you as just staff." "Hang on," Jess jumped in, "How do a few pictures mean the boss can't imagine this place without her?" "because there are no pictures of the other staff, only Dorothy and the boss, and in a place like this, in the city centre, there is no way she is the only waitress. Oh, And I know he's the boss because he left earlier and you called him…" I held my hand out to Dorothy for her to finish.

"I've always called him 'Boss'" she said. "Grand kids?" Rachael asked. I pointed to a small blue smudge on the arm of her pink shirt. "That is crayon, if you're wearing a shirt for eight hours a day and rely on tips. There are only a few people you'd let near your work clothes with crayons." Dorothy beamed at the mere mention of them. "What about my husband?" Dorothy asked softly.

I paused before reaching up to the opening in her shirt and lightly touched the wedding band hanging from the chain around her neck. "It matches the one that you wear, only a few sizes too big. No woman wears her husband's wedding ring unless he's not around to wear it himself." I said, matching the softness in her voice. I looked at my two ladies, Jessica's jaw was almost on the table and Rachael was wiping a tear from her cheek as Dorothy nodded gently "And these smile lines…" I continued, pointing to the small wrinkles on the side of each eye, "show you are happy, and you smile a lot, which couldn't be possible if his death had been recent…" "… and wearing either ring wouldn't happen if I'd found someone else" Dorothy finished for me, "which is how you knew I live alone." I nodded.

"very impressive" she mused as she put down the plate she was still holding, a large smile across her face. She walked off happily when she was done and I'd thanked her. The girls where still looking at me in shocked silence. "Well, now I'm really glad you didn't do me" Rachael said matter-of-factly after a very long pause, bringing a laugh to the table.

"that is pretty amazing though." Jess added in agreement. "Those people at the game don't stand a chance against my Jimmy" Rachael added as she took her first bite of food, I wasn't the only one who registered the 'my' in that sentence as Racheal's eyes grew a little wider.

She looked at me nervously, I was already smiling, so she just rolled her eyes in self-deprecation and carried on eating. Jess was oblivious. The meals went down well and after a short time we were all satisfied and ready to leave, still feeling flush from the previous week's winnings, I settled the bill and made sure to leave a sizable tip for Dorothy.

We were due to meet the supporters bus at 6.30 and making the short walk from the diner in the fresh evening air with two beautiful women attached to my arms was enough to draw a few envious looks from the men we passed and even a few of the women. But soon enough we rounded the corner and onto the valet area of the hotel.

Cardiff castle an ancient roman fort rebuilt during the middle ages, then glamourized by a Scottish Marque in the 1700s, was an impressive structure which sat directly opposite the hotel and I admired the architecture of it whilst the girls chatted amongst themselves. It wasn't long before a large mini-bus pulled into the entrance bay, Jack hopping out of the front passenger's seat and opening the rear sliding door for the rest of the supporters.

"I present to you 'team Jim'!" he announced proudly as one by one, 16 people climbed out of the bus. I was surprised to see that, aside from Jack, there were only three men in the group. One was obviously gay by his pose and the copious amounts of glitter spread over his body, the other two looked like they had been dragged here against their will by their respective partners.

The rest of the party was full of partly inherited women, laughing and squealing as the massed before us. I immediately recognised Tiffany and the mystery girl who Jack had enjoyed the previous week, another three girls made up the rest of the slutty group, all of whom were again dressed in skin tight short dresses.

Not usually my thing, I couldn't help but admire their lithe little bodies as they stood waiting for the rest of the bus to empty. "Well, what do you think?" Jack asked, his shit-eating grin spread across his face as he presented his crowd. Mystery girl sauntered over to him through the crowd and slipped her arm around his waist, making his smile beam even brighter. "I think you all have far too much time on your hands" I joked back, drawing a laugh from the crowd, "but thank you all for coming, your support means a lot to me." My two goddesses linked arms with me and we made our way into the lobby to announce my arrival.

The clerk at the desk smiled at our procession and looked through the listings for my name. "ah yes, Mr Donovan." He said, finding it quickly, "If you could follow me please, your guests will be comfortable in the bar until the event starts." I looked at Rachael, then to Jess, both nodded and walked away towards Jack as I was led towards a large set of doors to the right of the desk.

The auditorium was huge, lush velvet carpet lined the floor and elegant artworks dotted the walls in tasteful fashion, a large balcony surrounded the room on all sides and the twenty or so gaming tables were laid out in beneath it. I was led to a small table with a few chairs in one corner of the room. I wasn't sat there long before I was joined by two men in suits.

I stood and shook both hands as they were presented to me when the men introduced themselves. Mr Michaels and Mr O'Brian were the event co-ordinators and had apparently heard of me flouncing my opponents in the first round.

Apparently, I was the odds-on favourite. I was surprised that people would be placing bets on such a small part of the overall tournament until I remembered that the whole thing was being organised by an institution set up to monitor and promote gambling. "Ok, Mr Donovan" Mr Michaels said, "The ground rules are essentially the same as the first round, except there will be professional dealers this time." "There will also be cameramen filming each player" Mr O'Brian added, "The footage will not be used tonight, of course, but whichever player progresses to the national heats will have a small promotional video ready to play, that video will get bigger with each heat won.

If you were to make it to the grand finals in Las Vegas, you will be brought into the room with a full Wrestling style entry video." He smiled at that last reference, this guy was obviously a wrestling fan. "You just need to sign some paperwork and we can get started, basic legal stuff, contracts from the sponsors saying that you will do some promo work for them if you win and a disclaimer agreeing to be filmed." Mr Michaels said as he put some forms in front of me.

I quickly read through everything and signed in the appropriate places before being led into a dressing room to wait. "Two of your guests are allowed to visit you in here until the game starts, but no more than that, and nobody at all will be given access to this area once the game has commenced" Mr Michaels informed me. I didn't need to think too hard to decide which two guests I wanted to join me.

Five minutes later, Rachael and Jessica were led into the room. "wow," Rachael cooed, looking around the room, "This place is nicer than my house!" "Nothing but the best for our boy" Jess added, turning to me and smiling, "Somebody is looking nervous." It wasn't nerves. More of an excited apprehension. The whole event was already much bigger than I was expecting, everything about it screamed professionalism. I was just eager to get on with it. "Nope, just ready to go" I replied, matching her smile.

"I'm not a fan of waiting around." The women looked at each other with a grin. "I'm sure we can find something to take your mind off things for a while" she purred. Both women moved to stand in front of me and in one almost co-ordinated movement, pulled the straps of their dresses off their shoulders to reveal two equally beautiful pairs of tits.

Rachael's black dress bunched up around her waist whilst Jessica's red one fell off completely revealing a red lace thong. A single step towards me and my legs were pulled open. Both ladies leaned in towards my face while two set of hands worked at my belt and zipper. Rachael's lips connected first, here tongue demanding entrance and my tongue moving out to greet it. She felt amazing as usual. The kiss only lasted a few seconds before she disengaged and my head was pulled gently to the right to meet Jessica's open mouth.

As her tongue started its duel with mine, I felt my belt come loose and my pants lowered to the floor, my rigid member being fished out of the opening in my boxers. "Oh, I've missed you." I heard Rachael purr, I gasped as I felt her warm lips wrap around head. "Sharing is caring" Jess grinned, breaking our kiss and looking down as the brunettes head slowly working down my shaft.

"mmm hmmm" came up from my groin as Jessica slid down my body and onto her knees, her head disappeared below Rachael's. A groan escaped my throat as I felt her tongue make contact with my balls, bathing it in saliva before sucking it into her mouth, her tongue lapping against the sensitive skin. Rachael was almost down the hilt and with a small adjustment to her angle of approach, opened her throat and swallowed my entire length.

"That looks amazing" I heard Jess say in her seductive voice from somewhere below as my head leant back and my eyes closed in bliss. "Mmmm, I love his dick" Rachael replied after pulling my cock from its new-found home, "you try" I felt some movement below as another set of lips engulfed my manhood and a tongue licking my balls with much more force. The mouth moved down as far as it could, but despite a valiant effort, the throat would not open, leaving the last saliva covered inch of my base in the cool air.

A small giggle, assumedly from Rachael, the tongue left my balls and started licking the exposed part of my cock. A sharp gasp of air and Jess pulled back off my cock. "I'm sure he has grown." She joked at Rachael whose mouth had already started working up the side of my pole.

Rachael didn't reply, all her attention was on the feast in front of her, her lips clamped onto the slide of my cock, her tongue rubbing every inch of flesh, her head moving slowly up and down against in like a harmonica. Jess, not one to be outdone, moved down slightly and attached her lips to the opposite side, matching Rachael's movements as the worked up towards the head and then back down the base.

Each time they reached the head, one or both of them would suck it into their mouth, bob a few times and then resume their journey down my shaft as the other mimicked the motion.

For my part, I was in heaven. My head pressed back into the chair, my eyes sealed shut and loud groans emanating from my throat. This was the dream of every guy I had ever known and I was relishing in every second of it.

After what seemed like an eternity, I started feeling that familiar sensation as my balls started to tighten. "He's getting close" Rachael purred, her fingers stroking my tensing balls changed to massaging and squeezing them, as if she was trying to milk every last drop out of them. "Remember…" Jess said, my dick coming out of her mouth with a loud pop, "Sharing is caring" Rachael was next to reach the head and knew exactly how to work her magic.

My entire length disappeared down her throat as she started bobbing enthusiastically. Jess moved back to her position sucking my balls. Rachael's ministrations quickly became more vigorous and frenzied as I approached my climax. "I can feel him tensing, he's gonna come in your mouth!" Jess almost shouted, her excitement getting the better of her. Rachael sped up even more with Jess shouting encouragement at her, "Oh yes, that's it. Suck that big cock, milk those balls into your whore mouth".

Rachael was moaning loudly into my dick, the vibrations sending me over the edge as I emptied what felt like a gallon of cum into her hungry mouth. "Oh fuck yeah!" Jess yelled, feeling my balls contracting. With a loud pop, Rachael came off my cock, Jess didn't miss a beat and attached her own mouth to my wilting member, sucking hard to get the last droplets of my orgasm.

As soon as she lifted off, her and Rachael met in an extremely exotic kiss, passing my cum back and forth between them. That alone was enough to send the blood rushing back to my deflating tool. After a few seconds they parted, both looking at me and opening their mouths to show the shared pool of my seed covering both wriggling tongues.

In a moment of subline synchronicity, they both closed their mouths and swallowed, beaming smiles on both faces. I could only watch in stunned silence. "Well, that should relax you" Jess said, still grinning. Rachael had return her attention to my cock and was gently stroking it, "I cannot get over how good you taste" she said, kissing the tip before tucking it back into my boxers.

"I could seriously get addicted to that thing." Jess giggled in agreement as they stood me up, my knees unsteady beneath me, and helped me dress and straighten my clothes. A loud knock on the door snapped us all from our intimate tryst, as a stage hand popped his head around the door and told us the event would be starting in 5 minutes, "The ladies will have to re-join your group on the Veranda" He added, giving me a knowing smile. Jess and Rachael both gave me a quick peck on the cheek, before sauntering out of the room, Jess making an exaggerated and intentional show of wiping her lips as she passed the young stage hand.

He blushed slightly as she turned back to me and winked. I chuckled to myself before sitting back down and getting into the zone. A few slow and deep breaths and I was calm and focused.


The ladies really had done an excellent job of relaxing me, I thought to myself as the stage hand returned to get me. I was led out into a different corridor to the one I had entered in. A large queue, mostly consisting of men, was lined up behind a large set of ornate double doors. The stage hand made a point of placing me at the end of the queue and keeping me there. I could make out muffled music from behind the door and an announcement halfway through. "&hellip.regional finals of the international poker championship." The announcer was saying, an equally muffled cheer came up from the crowd.

"more than sixty of our local champions will battle for a place in the National finals and remember folks. There is no prize for second place!" another cheer. "And now, please welcome tonight's competitors!" The doors swung open, the music and announcer instantly growing in volume and clarity, the queue started to move forward.

Each player's name was announced to a small cheer as a bathing suit clad woman took each by the hand and led him to a seat. After an interminably long time, I was the last one left in the corridor. "And finally…" the announcer said as a platinum blonde in a black leotard bathing suit approached me "…the bookies favourite for tonight's match. Winning his heat in a blistering eighty-four minutes…" murmurs from the crowd "… I give you JAMES DONOVAN!" A roar from the crowd, especially from above me to the left, as the blonde took me by the arm and led me into the room.

I remembered thinking how much bigger this was when I was shown this room earlier, but the spectacle before me was far beyond anything I could have imagined. Swirling spotlights of every colour flashed across the auditorium as Def Leppard's 'pour some sugar on me' blared from the stacks of speakers in every corner.

A man with a large TV camera stepped in front of us as we walked, his lens fixed unflinchingly on my face. I smiled meekly but made a show of raising my arm in greeting to the crowd and looking around at the balcony to find a familiar face.

There was none to be seen as a huge number of people bustled to get a good vantage point. "all this for a poker game" I thought to myself as I was seated in the last empty chair. "Tonight's game will be split into three heats." The announcer said, as the blonde kissed me on the cheek and wished me luck. "The first game will be sixteen tables of four. The winners from those games will form the second heat with four tables.

Then the final will be the last four players standing. You have seen the players; the game will commence in five minutes. You still have time to place your bets at the kiosks on the veranda or in the lobby&hellip." Five minutes later, after the dealers had introduced themselves and the music had dies down, the tournament began.

The games were all as simple as the first tournament in the Oak and I'd be lying if I said any of the players were more than lucky amateurs or were particularly difficult to read. Rapturous cheers and applause filled the room with every hand I won.

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Jack's laugh sometimes drowning it out from somewhere above me. I was like stone cool, calm and collected. My mind was like a pristine alpine lake in its serenity, my focus heightened beyond anything I had previously known, due I assumed to the efforts of my lovely ladies who I still could not see in the crowd. Every shrug, every gesture, every flicker of doubt or hope, every imperceptible smile or cringe I seen them all.

I crushed my first table in 18 minutes, apparently that was some sort of record as the announcer… well… announced my victory with no small amount of amazement in his voice and the cameraman filming my every move. I was escorted from the room, to the cheers and hoots of the crowd, to a private bar off the same corridor I had entered through.

The blonde leading me the entire way. It was the first time I had been able to see her in the proper light. Almost theatrical amounts of makeup no doubt for the cameras showed off an exquisite face. Her skin-tight leotard was straining to contain her truly massive tits which I guessed were easily an E cup. When I looked back up to her face, she was looking at me intently, I knew I had been caught ogling her but she smiled causing me to smile back as we entered the bar. "Can I get you a drink, handsome?" she asked, her flirtations not going unmissed.

I ordered a coke, not wanting to dampen my focus behind a haze of alcohol. A few minutes later she returned and parked a drink in front of me and sat beside me. I was surprised that she stayed, I had assumed that she would have gone back to the game.

"It's ok honey, I am your escort for the round" she said, seeing my confusion. "Escort?" I asked, taking a drink "Yup, I'm yours until they call the next game. I'm supposed to make sure you don't cheat or talk to anyone outside the player's lounge, although for you…" she flashed a devilish grin, "…I'm sure I can be persuaded to be another type of escort." She winked, taking a sip of her own drink. A month ago, I was alone and although I was reasonably content in my solitude, I would have been happy for some female company.

Now I had two women perfectly happy to share me, slutty teenagers creaming over me (if Jack was to be believed) and now an actual model coming onto me with unabashed confidence. I didn't know what was happening but I wasn't going to complain. "Not sure I can afford such a gorgeous escort on my measly salary" I joked back, matching the flirtatiousness in her voice. "Honey, for you, I'd do it for free." Another grin and another sip.

I nodded, not sure how to answer the statement, my other head was doing all the thinking by now and had grown back to full mast in my pants. When she put her hand on my thigh, rubbing up towards my groin, it grew even more. Her eyes lit up as she brushed against its outline. "Excuse yourself to the bathroom, I'm under orders not to let you out of my sight" she winked. I followed her instruction and made my way to the doors at the end of the bar.

We walked into the men's room, with her quickly checking to make sure the other stalls were empty before dragging me into the largest one. In a flash, her bathing suit was peeled off and she was on her knees pulling off my belt. "oh, you really don't disappoint" she growled, looking at my granite like member.

She opened wide and tried to slide it all the way into her mouth, but she lacked the skills of either Rachael or Jess, only managing to get the first two or three inches in. But what she lacked in skill she made up for in enthusiasm. Gripping the exposed part of my cock with both hands she started working her way up and down my shaft as fast as she could.

With my hands on the back of her head in encouragement, she hungrily slurped and sucked my manhood as if it was her last meal. A few minutes later she pulled off, raising herself up a bit. "Ever fucked titties like these before?" I couldn't answer and simply shook my head, her devilish grin growing wider. Placing one hand on each side of her enormous mounds, she leant forward until my cock was nestled in the crevasse between her tits, then mashed them together, completely burying my manhood in her flesh.

She turned her head down and spat into the crease as her hands and body vigorously bounced her tits, sliding me in and out of the two heaving globes of flesh. "you get many tit wanks from strangers in a bathroom?" she growled, I shook my head as she continued her efforts, growing more and more frenzied as she went.

"uuurgh yeah, that's good, fuck my whore tits!" I started thrusting into her chest matching my movements to hers. "Oh yeah, that's right, fuck my titty pussy! That's it. I'm such a skank! Fuck my tits like the slut I am! Go on, call me a slut!" I was lost in a fog of passion and filth, my mouth responding before my brain could fully process what was being asked of it.

"Ah you dirty little whore," I growled back, "fuck my cock with those massive slutty tits!" "Oh fuck yeah! You wanna cum on these tits don't you?" I groaned in response, "you wanna paint my chest with you jism so I can lick it all off! Good, cos that what youre gonna get. But first you're gonna ram that stud cock into my dirty little cunt hole!" In another lightning fast motion, she was stood up, turned around and bent at the waist, leaning against the stall door.

Wasting no time, I rammed my dick into her all the way to hilt, without the smallest shred of intimacy or concern for her pleasure. She wanted to be fucked hard? That's exactly what I was going to give her.


She was far from tight, but she was dripping wet, the moisture quickly coating my shaft and dripping onto my balls as I ploughed into her with all my strength. "Uuurrgggh" she groaned, her breath ragged and shallow "Fuck that juicy cunt!" I started pulling her back onto me increasing the force with which I pummelled her. "Oh, fuck yes! That's it, nice and hard. Use me! Fuck me hard and then throw me away like a used jizz rag. Use me like the cum dumpster slut I am!" She was going crazy, the filth coming from her mouth only drowned out by the banging sound made by the door against the stall as she bucked back against me.

Suddenly she cried out as her body convulsed in orgasm beneath me. "Oh fuck!" she panted, "Don't stop, keep going! I want you all over my tits." I continued my ploughing, getting closer and closer to my own release. When her second orgasm shook through her I forcefully spun her back around and onto her knees. The lust in her eyes didn't hide the fact that she knew what I was demanding.

She opened her mouth and put her hands around me onto my ass as I pushed hard into her mouth. I bottomed out against her throat after 4 or 5 inches but kept pumping away forcefully, only letting up now and then to allow her to breathe.

"Yes! Fuck my face!" she squeezed out before being interrupted by my sword being jammed back into her mouth. "GUH GUH GUH GUH!" coming from her as I inched further into her throat. He hands pulling me deeper into her.

Her throat being by far the tightest hole on her, it didn't take long for my own orgasm to arrive. I let the first blast go off in her mouth causing her to choke and splutter in shock, before I pulled out, aiming my head at her heaving, sweat covered breasts.

Considering it hadn't been long since my last release, I was surprised by how much cum shot out onto her tits and chest. Her hand was wrapped around me, her mouth having valiantly swallowed my first rope was now shouting encouragement at me. "Yes, give it to me, cover me in cum! Paint me! I wanna be glazed in your spunk!" She got her wish. I had let loose an enormous amount of cum, both of her tits were completely covered, with the odd splash on her upper chest and lower neck.

I stumbled back onto the toilet and sat down, completely spent. She was cooing, looking down at her cum soaked tits, using her hands to rub in the fluid or scoop fingers full into her mouth. It took several minutes for her to be satisfied with her work, her skin slick and shiny from its new paint job and her belly full of what couldn't be rubbed in.

She leant forward and crawled over to me. "Let me just clean this up for you" she whispered as she ran her tongue up my entire length, back down and onto my balls. She must have spent a good ten minutes cleaning my cock and by the time she had finished it was slick and spotless. Happy with her efforts, she tucked me back into my pants which had never fully been pulled down, winked at me and walk out. I never even got her name. After regaining the feeling in my knees, I followed her out and returned to my seat in the longue next to the blonde who was smiling in contentment.

I was amazed to see that the bar room was still empty. The blonde noticed my confusion "oh, they're all still playing, the first round is still going. You set a speed record so I thought I'd make the most of the situation." We both laughed and sat back to enjoy our well-earned drinks. It took almost another 20 minutes for the next table winner to enter the lounge. And well over an hour before all sixteen winners were present.

Almost all of them looked impressed with themselves, a few looked quite surprised to be here, but every single one of them looked at me nervously. The announcer had called for a break to allow the table to be reset, telling the crowd that the second round would begin in 30 minutes. As I sat there with my drink, I noticed a few of the other winners disappearing into the bathrooms with their respective hosts, coming back out a short time later looking very pleased with themselves. My host giving theirs a knowing smile.

The 30 minutes passed fairly quickly and before long we were escorted back to queue in the corridor, my host placing me at the back again. Whereas last time I was waiting it was all anonymous, this time the fifteen people in front of me knew exactly who I was; not only being announced as the favourite, but flouncing my competition in spectacular form, I was getting plenty of nervous or curious looks as my host wished me luck for the rest of the tournament and left before I could answer.

I had mocked Jack mercilessly for his anonymous fuck the Saturday before and now I had done the same thing. I was debating whether or not to tell Rachael and Jess when the music started blaring again, this time it was 'flay away' by Lenny Kravitz, a few minutes of the song passed before the announcer's voice came flowing into the corridor. "Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome back to the second round of the regional finals.

Sixty-four players were seated at the tables at the beginning of the evening. Now only sixteen remain." Pause for effect as a brash of applause filled both rooms. "Now we will wattle that down to four. Now, introducing our semi-finalists…" and with that, the parade of names which I systematically ignored - started rattling off.

After an obviously much shorter wait than the least round, I found myself once again alone in the corridor. "… And finally," the announcer said, "after winning his last table in a record breaking time of 18 blistering minutes, the bookies favourite for not only tonight, but now for the national finals as well…" this part was news to me, "…a player being dubbed by our pundits as 'the Jedi'… JAMES DONOVAN!" In a roar of cheers and enthusiastic applause, I entered the auditorium.

Same swirling spotlights, same blaring music and same cameraman trying to get a close up of my eyeballs. I put my arm up in recognition of the crowd again as I was led to my seat making a conscious effort to look more confident. This time it was a redhead linked onto my arm for the short walk to the tables; not the fiery red hair of Jess, but more of an auburn ginger. There was no kiss on the cheek this time either as I took my place, all the time laughing to myself at my new nickname.

The protocol I quickly worked out was that each player's chips was the sum of his winnings in the previous games, we had started the previous round with the £400 worth of chip for the last heat, after winning £1200 in the last game, I was sat before I pile worth £1600; with a bigger pile came a longer albeit more exciting game.

But once again, having been completely drained of testosterone before the game, I was a calm lake of serenity against the sea of doubt, nerves and alcohol in the opposition; and again, it was no challenge for me to mercilessly relieve them of their chips. There were a few big-pot hands in this match including a four-way £1000 each pot, in a bizarre twist, Second, third and fourth had all bluffed, then tried to buy themselves out of the bluff and failed.

I won that hand with a full house that none of them were even close to matching. I was on fire, even by my own standards. The bluff tell from fourth was an almost imperceptible shrug, as if he didn't expect the bluff to work, but was going to try anyway. The trick to bluffing is that every now and then, you have to be holding something reasonable good, obviously nobody had let Fourth into this rule as he kept bluffing with nothing in his hand that could even remotely pose a challenge, so I simply called his bluff as soon as I saw the shrug.

He was the first to fall. Second was next, he'd bluffed almost the entire remainder of his pot against third, then folded. When he did have a good hand, he only had £120 left and couldn't stay in past the second flip. It didn't matter though because my two pairs easily beat his pair of aces. Third lasted a little longer, dragging things way past the 40-minute mark before my flush ended his tournament and I was once again led back to the player's lounge.

Ginger host I was surprised to see made no attempt whatsoever to stay with me during the break. Although I wasn't expecting a repeat of blonde's performance, I had been led to believe that they were under orders not to let us out of their sight.

When the other players started to return, only to be unceremoniously abandoned by their hosts as well, I began seeing the error in that assumption. I couldn't imagine the reasons behind the differences in behaviour but I didn't have the time or inclination to dwell on it now, there was only one player left to return and the final round would be starting soon. Allowing my mind to wander to dirty, anonymous sex and the lack thereof had a good chance of messing with my groove and although I wasn't expecting much in the way of a challenge, I couldn't assume that I would win.

I needed to keep my game face on. The last finalist arrived about 15 minutes after I had, another short recess was announced, a few more drinks were imbibed and soon enough, I found myself standing with the three nervous looking men in the corridor.

More subtle glances in my direction as we waited. The music started back up, this time the theme tune to St Elmo's fire, 'man in motion' started blasting. In a change from the previous two rounds, a host came and stood by each of us as we waited for the announcer to start. Mine was a short brunette, her head only coming up to just above by shoulders.

"You've got them scared" she whispered above the music, I smiled, "but you already knew that didn't you?" she finished with a grin. After a long pause, and just before the announcements began she looked up at me with deep brown eyes "I can't believe I've been paired with the favourite for the final no less.

If you win, my face will be in your promo video. This is only my first modelling job and I could be on a screen in Vegas!" she squealing in excitement. "What's your name?" I asked, turning to meet her gaze "Abigail" she answered, looking a little surprised by the question.

"but my friends call me Abbey" "Well, Abbey. It'll be my pleasure to be escorted to the table by you. And if I do win and if I have a say in the matter I'll make sure you are my escort for all the future games as well." She almost swooned at the gesture. But she composed herself, thanked me with a smile, took a deep breath and steadied herself for her debut.

With a quiet, "here we go!" from her lips, the announcer called all the finalists in together and she led me into the auditorium. No individual introductions this time and no commentary about favourites. We simply walked through the applause to our seats. I made another attempt to find some familiar faces in the crowd, this time, to my surprise, I made out the bleached blonde head of Tiffany and after a slight shift in the crowd, I saw Rachael standing next to her, beaming down at me.

I gave her a quick wink with no idea if she could see but judging by the enthusiastic wave and kiss blown in my direction, I'd guessed she had. It became obvious very quickly that this game would be different. Even though there was almost £5000 in front of each player, they were all aware of my victories and none of them were willing to match me if I went all in.

In fact, none of them seemed to want to bet more than a few hundred on each game. I was forced to work them up slowly, only matching the increase in their bets rather than raising them myself. As soon as I did, they folded. It was a slow and frustrating way to play the game, but they became complacent before I did. Third was the same to make his move. After more than an hour of playing, he went all in. Fourth had already folded and Second followed in short order.

I did nothing. I just watched him, waiting for one of his tells to show. For 30 tension filled seconds neither of us blinked, the crowd growing increasingly frenzied at the suspense. Then I saw it; a tiny flare of the nostrils followed by a twitch at the corner of his mouth. With a smile, I said the one word he was dreading: "Call" and slid my entire pile into the table. His face dropped, not in a way that suggested he was bluffing, but certainly a look that said he didn't have full confidence in the hand he was holding.

He showed his hand first three kings was a respectable hand by any definition and the crowd "oooooh'd" as it was called out. I placed down my Ace first… Silence. Then I put down my other Ace, another three of a kind and only one hand better than his.

Aces versus kings won me the pot. The masses went wild. Rapturous applause and cheers filled the room as the bottom fell out of my opponent's world. That win seemed to take the fight out of the other two players and with tortuous inevitability my chip pile grew as theirs shrank. 20 minutes later, after all three of us went all-in on a hand neither of them had any confidence in winning, I shook their hands and was announced champion.

"OUR WINNER!!!" came the voice over the speakers, as two of the models abbey being one of them latched onto each hand and raised them in victory. I took a bow and was led back through the chants and cheers of the crowd to the players' lounge where abbey placed a bottle of champagne in front of me and sat next to me, the other host disappeared.

Ten minutes later the doors to the bar burst open and Jack blew into the room, his group following excitedly behind accompanied by a huge throng of people none of which I recognised. My eyes quickly found Rachael and Jess in the crowd as the group spotted me next to the young brunette. "There he is!" Jacks loud voice rising over the celebratory music, "you absolute fucking legend!" "That was intense!" said his blonde mystery girl with an arm around his waist.

This one liked to mark her territory "So, how was that for you?" Jack added after nodding in agreement. "Last game was a bit of anti-climax" I replied, "probably didn't make for good viewing. But other than that, I thought it went well" "Are you kidding! The pros up there loved the last game, those pussies were scarred of you! It was almost funny watching them trying to stave off the end." "and when you called that guy after staring him down…" mystery girl continued "ooof, I think your friend had an orgasm" I instinctively looked at Rachael.

"not me" she said with a smirk and turned to Jess who was blushing brightly. "What can I say, you do things to me" she joked, her cheeks still flushed. "Besides, I'm not the only one with damp panties" she said, sitting next to me on the other side to abbey and leaning in to my ear.

"Your darling Rachael here has been getting better acquainted with young Tiffany, including a 20-minute trip to the bathroom together" It was Rachael's turn to blush now as I noticed Tiffany standing next to her, "it's my fault" Tiff said as Rachael giggled "I said I wanted to Fuck your brains out, and she said she already had.

One thing led to another and after she said she was willing to share…" she shrugged and took a sip of her drink.

We all shared a laugh at her brashness. I noticed Abbey looking flushed at the conversation and realised that she was being left out. I made all the necessary introductions making sure I included the fact that this was her first modelling job and she would in the promo video.

Pretty soon, Jess had her engaged in conversation, moving to sit next to her leaving a space for Jack to sit next to me as Rachael and Tiffany sat opposite engaged in a deep conversation of their own. "The Jedi," he chuckled as he slapped he on the back, his mystery girl having wandered off to her friends. "I love that name. Fits pretty well too" he smiled taking a mouthful of his own drink, I picked up the glass of bubbly that someone had poured for me and drank deep.

With the game over, I was finally able to relax. "Jedi Jim" I smirked "I'll drink to that" Jack raised his glass to me, we clinked and drained our glasses, refilling them from the bottle on the table. "So, did you get her name after?" I said between slips to Jack, nodding towards his mystery girl in the crowd with the other slutty girls. "Yeah, oh you'll love this." He smirked, "her name is Chantelle." In other parts of the world, Chantelle may be a perfectly acceptable name, but in our area, it was associated with being trashy, as was Tiffany.

The ongoing joke in my home town was that parents had wanted to give their daughters classy names, forgetting where they lived and it had backfired. But either way, the names fitted perfectly. "You're joking?!?" I asked laughing "Nope… Chantelle! couldn't have chosen a better name for her myself" We laughed and emptied our glasses "I swear to god," I joked after swallowing, "If their friends are called Kylie or Chardonnay I'm gonna blow a fuse" Jacks booming laugh filled my ears as he refilled our glasses.

A Voice quieted the music and rose above the din of the crowd. "Ladies and Gentlemen. Can I have your attention please." Mr Michaels stood in the middle of the room, the crowd around him parting to give him the attention he was requesting. "Where is he? Where is the man of the hour?" Cheers from the crowd as a mass of fingers suddenly started pointing at me. Abbey grabbed my hand and raised it in recognition.

"Ah, there he is." And started walking over to me. "What a game Mr Donovan, What - a game!" more cheers as the crowd enthusiastically agreed with his statement. "I'd heard the hype, I'd seen the numbers, but never in all my years doing this have I been that enthralled watching true genius in action!" "See… Genius… I called it first" Jack joked to me. Mr Michaels reached our table, taking hold of my still raised hand and pulling to my feet. Abbey stood with me, placing herself next to me and flashing her best model smile.

"I have just come off the phone with the sponsors and they are VERY excited to meet you. So much so that they will be coming to London to personally watch you in action in THE NATIONAL FINALS!" the last part of the sentence raised to the crowd drawing another massive cheer. Mr Michaels turned to me and handed me another dark blue envelope before shaking my hand and walking back towards the bar.

"And for you," addressing the rabble, "After such an amazing show of support and sportsmanship far beyond what the sponsors and I couldn't have asked, drinks are on the house tonight!" he called out before disappearing into the crowd.

An unsurprisingly rapturous cheer filling the room as I opened the envelope. Congratulations Mr Donovan on reaching the national finals of the international poker championship. The next phase will be held at the 'Ritz hotel London' in Piccadilly on the 5th of July. The personalised nature of the letter hadn't gone un-noticed and neither had the venue.

The Ritz was one of the most expensive and high-class hotels in the Capitol, even I had heard of it and I could count on one hand the number of times I had even stepped foot inside the city. A quick check of the calendar showed that it was a fortnight until the 5th another Saturday. With the elevated prestige of the next round, you will be required to provide interviews with some of the media outlets covering this tournament meaning that all stages from this point onwards will be all-day events.

As such, complimentary rooms will be provided for all finalists for the nights before and after the game. We would like to wish you luck for the rest of the competition and look forward to seeing you in the next round. I handed the envelope to Jack after he had asked what it said. "Does this mean we are gonna need to tell the girls to be there on Tuesday?" I asked nodding to Rachael, Jess, Abbey, Tiffany, Chantelle, the rest of the slutty group and a handful of other women I didn't recognise, mulling in a group next to our table.

"Probably" he laughed, "But I know one thing for sure" "what's that?" "We're gonna need a bigger bus!" ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* Thank you for all the positive votes on the previous series and please, feel free to vote and comment on this second chapter.

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