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Chapter 1 It all began when I was eleven years old. My family and I had just moved to a small town in North Dakota called Minot. Ya I know you have no idea where it is but the most significant thing there was the air force base. This is the reason my father moved us to North Dakota; he had gotten a new job as head of the air force bases network team. He was not in the military but was hired as a civilian contractor.

This was a big change for me, coming from Las Angels California. All the warm and the busy traffic has been my way of life for so long. Now we were in the cold and the empty. I was going to die. A little bit about myself, hi I am peter, and as I said I loved the warm weather, because I spent most of my days out side in only a pair of short, shorts. I was extremely tan, and it looked good on my 5' 1" body. I had light brown hair I wore past my ears.

I had blue green eyes as well that my mother called enchanting. I also had a swimmers build due to all the time spent at the beach swimming in the ocean. So I was good looking for my age. But that did not help me when I came to making friends. I knew I was good looking but that made me all the more shy when it came to other kids my age.

We had just barely moved to our last house in L.A. three years before our move to Minot, N.D. we have always lived in L.A. but moved around a lot. I had just barely made a new friend after about 2 years of living in the new area. Her name was Jenna. She was my age and very pretty, but it wasn't until latter that I fully appreciated that fact. I was able to tell her everything. I felt more comfortable around people when I was with her. And here I was on the road to Minot, N.D. There was a tearful good buy, mostly on my part for I knew that I was leaving my only friend probably forever.

There were promises of writing and calling on both part but I also knew that would probably not last either. I was also scared of going to a new school. What were the new kids like? Would I fit in? Those along with many other questions popped into my head. When we had left California 4 days before, it was warm and breezy and sunny for a mid April day.

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But as we pulled into Minot for the first time it was cloudy with no chance of ever seeing the sun again. There were piles of snow all over. When we got to our new house, I was shocked, it was nice looking. I was half expecting a shack. When I stepped out of the warm car for the first time I was overcome with a sense of what it felt like to live in a freezer. I had to be below freezing but my father said it was 45 degrees outside. I just think he was trying to make me feel better about the cold.

I kept thinking to myself if it is this cold in April what would it be like in mid winter. i didn't even want to think about it. After a week of being in the middle of nowhere and freezing to death it was time for school. On my first day of school I wore my new snow jacket made for below zero temperatures. I felt it was appropriate due to the fact I was freezing all the time.

As my mother and I walked to the office to sign me in and get my new schedule I notice that all the other student only wore short sleeve shirts, and shorts. The warmest thing I could see was a light sweater a grown up was warring. What a bunch of freaks. How can they handle the cold? They are all going to get sick. Oh well at least I a prepared, I thought to myself. As I walked to my first class I notice that I was causing a lot of attention.

I finally gathered it was due to my jacket. Most kids just pointed and laughed. I would redden in the face every time I made eye contact with one of these individuals. By the time lunch came around I had, had enough.

I was determined to put my jacket in my new locker and try and blend in with the other student. As soon as I took off my jacket I began to regret my decision, but was determined not to be the source of laughter any more today.

As I walked into the lunch room with lunch in had I noticed that it was packed full, and not being a brave souls I went back out into the cold. There were a few benches with tables outside, so I headed towards one and sat down and took out my lunch. It only took moment before I was too cold to eat so I just sat there hunched over rubbing my bare arm for warmth. "Hey you", I heard someone call.

I didn't look up not thinking it was for me. "Hey you, new kid", I looked up shocked out of my freezing state for a moment. There were three boys walking toward me. The one in the middle was a large fat boy. That sounds mean but there is no other way of describing him he was fat, and had a look of pleasure on his face. I had seen that look before from all the bullies I have ever had in my life, they had that same look on their face right before tormenting me.

"Yea you, new kid, what's your name" "p-p-peter", I stammered. "Peter huh, well peter where are you from?" the boy asked with a sneer. "California, Las Angeles area", I replied.

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"Oh so we have our selves a rich kid huh, I bet you are one of those snobby military kids that think he is better than us.

Why didn't you go to school on the base?" "My father is not in the military" I said feeling a little offended, who does this kid thinks he is making assumptions about me. "My father just runs their computers, he is only a contractor." "It doesn't matter, I don't care anyways. I only care that you have decided to site at my table.

This is our area. You need to learn the boundaries sixth grader. This is eight grade territories. What do you say we teach him a lesson s on manners?" The other 2 boy's just snickered. I got up and grabbed my lunch and started backing up. "I am sorry I was sitting at your table.

I didn't know it was reserved for you. I won't do it again I promise." "Oh I know you won't do it again that's why we are going to teach you a little lesson help to engrave it into your mind." The three of them slowly rounded the table and came toward me.

"Is there a problem?" someone asked from behind me. I spun around and saw that my line of sight was blocked by a much taller boy, maybe 5' 9".

But he was big. Not the way that the fat bully kid is but lean and muscular as if he did a lot of sports.

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I didn't even get to look my savior in the face before the fat kid responded to the question. I spun back around. "None of your business Matthew, we were just talking to the new sixth grader, making him feel welcome to our school." "I know how you welcome people to this school Shan.

I don't think that this kid needs any of you welcome or your help. So move along." "What if I don't move on, what are you going to do about it?" "Well that would be a sham, because I would have to go get my buddies in there and then we could work out this little problem." He said this with the sweetest tone you have ever heard, as if he were talking to a friend.

"What ever he isn't worth my time, come on guys lets go." And with that he turned and started away. "oh and Shan, if I hear that you have gone back on our little talk we just had and decided to let's say get revenge on this kid, I would think twice because we may have to finish our little chat we had today, if you get my drift." Shan didn't even acknowledge that he had herd Matthew speak at all.

I turned around to thank my savior of the moment, and looked into his face for the first time, and found myself speechless. It was as if a brick had hit me in the head. He was the most gorgeous boy I had ever seen in my entire life. I was feeling things I didn't even know were possible for a boy my age to feel, let alone for another boy. He smiled down at me with big blue eyes. He had blond hair that he wore as long as mine, and pale skin, not sickly looking but cute.

It fit his blond hair and blue eyes perfectly. He was obviously an older kid probably 9th grade, and very popular for now bully would back down in the face of no one else except the popular.

I was pretty confused too. Why did this much older boy decided to help me I was only in the 6th grade. "So are you alright" he asked now a little concern coloring his face.

"Yes perfect, thank you for your help, I really appreciate it." I looked down from his piercing gaze. Now that the confrontation was over I was becoming shy again.

"What's wrong then?" "Nothing, I was just wondering why you did it. I mean you are a 9th grader right. I am just confused to why you would help me." "Oh, I saw you earlier today in that big jacket.

I thought it was kind of funny. Then I saw you again at lunch. You came in looked around and then left again. I was going to ask you if you wanted to join me and my friends for lunch.

But you are a fast one. So I went to look for you and found you not a moment too soon it would seem." I had looked up at him as he finished his little speech and he smiled at me, and all those same feeling came rising up again and I blushed and looked away.

"So what am I like a 9th grade charity case or something? The new kid who is a freak at this school" I didn't know why but I felt angry for some reason. It came out of nowhere but I felt I didn't need some punk, hot, cute 9th grader trying to make me feel welcome because I was new.

I wasn't going to be no one charity case. "Who said anything about charity, or freak I was just coming to ask you if you wanted to come eat lunch with me and my friends" "Well no thank you, but I don't need your sympathy" I still had no idea why I was reacting this way. I wasn't even sure if it was me speaking but my body began to turn around and walk away towards my locker.

It was to dam cold to not have a jacket on. My mind was in turmoil, I was thinking a hundred different things at once. "Hey weight a minute" he called. He ran forward and grabbed my arm and spun me around. But he didn't let go of my arm. "I don't do charity cases, I am to selfish for that" he smiled "I was serious when I said that I wanted you to come join us" "But why" I asked, liking the way he held my arm.

"I have my reasons, and maybe I will share them with you someday" he smiled again, and not being able to help it I smiled back. "He looked concerned again as he looked to my bare arm he was holding.

"You are freezing aren't you" I looked down to and saw that I was shivering. "Ya I guess I am" "Hear take my sweeter." I finally noticed that he was warring a sweeter. He took it off. "No I am fine, I have a jacket in my locker, and I was going to get it" "No, no I insist. I am not cold; I only wore it because it looked good on me." I finally took it slowly form him and gratefully put it on.

I was frozen by this point. "You really are gold huh. Wow you city boys sure are soft" he laughed at the hurt look on my face and put his arm around me and lead me into the warm cafeteria to where his friends were sitting. Chapter 2 2 weeks latter Matthew and I had become great friends, almost like best friends.

We spent a lot of time together at school and at each other's houses. He had a little brother that was 8 years old. He was a mini Matthew. His parents were also the best they welcomed me each time into their home with open arms. My parents were the same, maybe a little over excited that I had made a friend on my first day of school, and overly grateful that he has protected me so well.

They would let me do anything I wanted as long as Matthew was involved. Matthews's friends were a different story. There were about 6 in the group we hung out with at lunch. Three of the accepted our friendship with no problem the other three was more skeptical. Not liking that a little kid had broken into their cool circle. But they would never question Matthew. He had said the first day he brought me to the table this is my new friend peter, and he is going to hang out with use from now on.

So that was that. I found myself falling more in love with him every day. It took me a couple days, but that what I came to the conclusion of, it was love I felt for him. Sometimes I thought he felt the same way, from the way he would look at me, and the way he would he would laugh at my every joke. It was heaven. I found myself not missing California any more, and grateful my father got this job.

About 3 weeks after we first met, Matthew invited me to spend the night at his house. Of course my parents and his parents both agreed, mine being overly ecstatic about it. That night at his house we played video games for hours, ate junk food, and laughed and laughed. It was so much fun. When we got tired of video game we decided to go get ready for bed and watch a movie in his room.

As we change I couldn't help occasionally taking looks at his perfect semi naked body. He wore only his boxers to bed so I decided to do the same. I climbed into his bed a curled up under his covers. "So what do you want to watch?" he asked. "I don't care" I said "anything sounds good to me" "Okay how about a scary movie.

Let's watch dawn of the dead. That one always scares me" I just shook my head yes, not sure what movie that was, but up for anything new. He grabbed the movie and crawled across the bed to the other side to put the movie in the player.

He stayed knelled on the bed as he worked, and his bare feet ended up by my head. I couldn't help but lean over and smell them. They smelled awesome.

It really turned me on. My little pecker all of a sudden got hard. "Alright ready to go" He sat back and crawled under the covers behind me so I was closest to the TV. after about 15teen minutes into the movie I was scared out of my mind.

I felt all alone, and very cold. I began to shiver as if it were winter. "Are you alright Peter? You are shivering. Are you cold or scared?" "No I am fine and not cold" Obviously not believing me he scooted up behind me and laid his arm over my side and pulled me into his body so I was spooning him.

"Is that better?"He asked concern in his voice. "Yes, thank you" I scooted back even more so my little round butt was pressed firm into his crotch area. I felt his dick stir, but it seemed he was able to control himself. As the movie went on it didn't get any better, even scarier. I rapped my arms around his in front of me and hugged it even harder. He chuckled and pulled me harder into him. It felt so good hear. I felt as if I could die a happy boy. I began to rub his arm with my hand.

I am not sure what came over me but I did it out of unconscious thought. He sighed and squeezed me tight against him again. Then all of a sudden I felt him kiss the back of my neck, once twice, three times. "Is this okay" he asked me with his lips still pressed to my bare shin. I made a soft note of pleasure in the back of my thought and he took it as a yes.

He slowly began to massage my bare chest with his hand. His bare skin on mine felt wonderful. He slowly moved his hand from my chest and slid in down past my belly and to my crotch area. I caught my breath and his hand touched my firm 3 inch dick. Be begun to massage it through the fabric of my underwear, while he continued to kiss and make out with my neck.

Then all of a sudden he let go of my prick and pulled me over onto my back. He then pulled his face toward mine and brushed his lips to mine and then pulled himself up onto one elbow to look me straight into my yes. "I have something to tell you peter. I wasn't sure how this night was going too turn out but I was hoping it would bring us closer together" he bend down again and kissed me lightly on the lips.

When he had pulled away I looked into his eyes and said "I have something to tell you. I am not sure how to go about saying this but I love you" I blushed but continued.


"When I first met you I wasn't sure what is was that made me feel good to be around you then I realized it was pure love. I love being hear close to you." To prove my point I wrapped my arm around his neck and kissed him hard upon the lips. I opened my mouth and he did the same. His breath did not stink and I hoped mine didn't either.

I plunged my tongue into his mouth not sure what to do but knowing that people in love did this all the time. Matthew was able to slow me down and show me how to work our tongs together. After a minute we were French kissing and pulling each other as close to each other as 2 boys can get.

It was so hot, he was so hot. His tong tasted good. I began to suck on it as he licked the inside of my mouth. As we pulled apart for a breath he leaned forward wrapping half my body in his and whispering in my ear "I love you too" My heart soared.

I thought I knew what happiness was a moment ago but now I was literally in heaven. He went back to kissing my neck and then started to kiss down the length of my body. When he got to my nipples he spent particular attention to each of them, and then move on. He did the same when he got to my belly button. When he got to my underwear he didn't even bother pulling them off he just sank down onto my dick, putting it and the fabric from my underwear into his mouth. I let out a little gasp of pleasure.

It was the most wonderful felling in the world. My toes began to curl in pleasure, and my legs began to squirm on the bed.

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Then in the heat of the moment Matthew grabbed my underwear and pulled them of leaving me naked on his bed. He then took my bare penis into his mouth and began to suck furiously. I let out a little squeal again in pleasure my toes were still curling and uncurling in ecstasy. I then felt something bump into my head. I looked over and saw that Matthew had moved himself into a 69 position and his dick was right next to his face.

On impulse I reached over and grabbed his dick head that was starting to pock out of his boxers. He let out a gasp of surprise and stopped sucking my cock.

Ho looked up and over at me. I reached out and tried to pull of his underwear. With a smile of pleasure he lifted his middle up so I could have better access to his underwear.

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They came off easily. When they were off I began to explore his dick. "It's so big" I said in awe. He just smiled. It had to be at least 5 ½ to 6 inches long and to one so young that was big. I slowly began to massage it like he did to me.

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He let out another moan. The tip of his dick was covered in clear sticky stuff. I touched it and then looked at him. He laughed.


"It's called pre-cum. It's what a boy's dick does when he gets excited." I looked at my dick which had not done the same. He laughed again. "Yours will, when you get a little older. It happens after you go through puppetry." Satisfied I put my finger with the pre-cum on it into my mouth. Mum it tasted so good.

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I was ready for some more. And surprising him and myself a little I put his dick into my mouth. It tasted so good. He let out a gasp. "Oh peter" he moaned "that feels so good. I never realized it could feel this good" A little surprised that I was his first, but also pleased I pulled more of his dick into my mouth. I began to roll my tong all over it. I slowly learned to bob my head. I knew he liked this for his breathing took on a whole new level of intensity.

Then I felt him envelope my dick again in his mouth. There we were, an eleven and fourteen year old doing a sixty nine. What could be hotter? All of a sudden I felt as if needed to go pee. But I didn't care it felt to good to stop. It kept building until I felt as if I was going exploded.

So I let it go, and a violent orgasm came over me, shacking my body. I lifted my legs and encircled his head with them and squeezed hard to the pleasure of my first orgasm. My orgasm must have been too much for him, for he too shuttered and began to fill my mouth with cum. I was so delirious I didn't even care. I just couldn't believe I had the good sense not let his dick slip out of my mouth.

When our orgasms were over we laid there panting and me swallowing the mouth full of cum. He reached over, for we were both on our backs and put his hand on my stomach and began to rub it. I took his hand in mine and pulled on it. He sat up and came and laid his body on top of mine. I reached up and stroked his hair. "I love you" I said. "And I you" he said back. He leaned down and kissed me good and hard on the lips. Then he slid of me and pulled us back into the spooning position he had started in.

and there we fell asleep together me in his arms. Please stay tuned for more about Peter and Matthew. Please leave comment if you like this story. If it gets good ratings I will write more. Thank you.