La puta dejar comentarios para subir mas a ella le gusta q le comenten

La puta dejar comentarios para subir mas a ella le gusta q le comenten
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It was a warm evening in august, I had spent the day lounging arround, watching tv and playing xbox. At 23 I knew i was too old to be doing this with my days but i had recently returned home from a year abroad and was alowing myself to chill. Arround 7 i began to get ready for my friends arrival, as my mum was away i had invited some of them to come round and have a few beers in the evening and was looking forward to seeing most of them for the first time in a year.

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It was only my sister and me in the house for a few days and she had agreed to stay out of our way and asked me to try and keep the noise down. Louise - my sister - was 19 at the time and we got on pretty well, we sometimes bickered over little things but generally had a pretty cool relationship and were becoming over the years good friends.


My affection towards her was part of the reason i wanted to her to stay out of our way that night and up in her room. For several years (since when Louise was arround 14) my friends had been making sexually suggestive comments about her to me and although when they did so i took it in good fun i did not want them arround her when they had been drinking.

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Louise is a petite girl, she is arrounf 5'5 and very slim for it, though not in a skinny way, her body did have a natural softenss, and her 32b boobs give her a shape. Her chesnut brown hair ran down to her shoulders but she often kept it tied up, she has a cute rather than sexy face though the big brown eyes, freckles and unusually full lips for a slim face did catch the attention of plenty boys and men despite looking younger than her 19 years.

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Arround half seven the doorbell rang and before answering it i checked in on Louise'sroom to let her know my friends had arrived, she was curled up on her bed in her pajamas reading a book and simply looked up, smiled and said "ok". I ran down the stairs and opened the door to my friend. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It was arround half past one in the morning when my friends and I heard a creak in the floorboards above suggesting movement upstairs, my heart sank the last thing I wanted was Louise coming down, the living room was a tip, beer cans strewen arround the room, smoke from the joints we had shared hung in the air and there was the stale smell of beer, weed and 6 guys hauled up in a room together for 6 hours.

As the creaking turned into footsteps coming down the stairs I knew Louise was on her way, i looked round at my friends and muttered embarassed "looks like my sister is coming down." A few of them exchanged glances and smirked at eachother as the down slowly creaked open.

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Louise slowly entered the room, very sheepishly, her cheeks tinged with red as my friends eyes roamed over her and she looked for me, she was wearing white pajama bottoms and a fairly low cut, pink top which had strpas over the shoulders, i was sat in the corner of the room on the end of a sofa with 2 other guys on it and i suddenly felt a very protective urge towards her as she looked so helpless in the middle of this dingy room full of drunk men.

She found me in the corner and looked me in the eye, blushing even deeper she said "Mike please can you keep the noise down" I looked at her feeling protective but alos a little annoyed at her interupting my eyening, as i drew breath to answer one of my friends chucked and said "we are sorry darling we were only having a good time" Louise frowned and muttered with supprising confidence "well just keep the noise down please. A few more of my friends chuckled and my friends dragged his eyes blatendly down to Louise's chest, making no attempt to dusguise this and clearly making her uncomfortbale, i felt a savage pleasure at her discomfort.

My friend dragged his eyes up and looker my sister in the eye again "ok well we will keep the noise down if you answer one question for us." Louise frowned and folded her arms over her chest but, although it may have been unoticeable to anyone other than me, her face did soften slightly and there was almost a trace of amusement on it "and what question is that?" she pouted. Without missing a beat my friend responded "are you wearing a bra?" What happned next is the part of that evening I really didnt understand, the Louise i knew would have stormed out of the room at that point or started shouting but she just gazed my friend staright in the eye and said calmly "no." Everyone but me and Louise laughed.

I flushed with anger towards her and embarassment at the situation. But her face remained calm and she stared at my friend as if she was trying to stare him down, he sat smirking and remained undeterred and amused "panties?" he asked. This time Louise paused before answering and i sat there half hoping she would leave and half hoping she would answer him.

She sighed and said shortly "yes of course." I started to get dizzy at this point, i am not really sure what was going on but the best way i can explain is to say its like i was watching the unfolding events from outside myself.


I watched my friend raise his eyebrows and flick his eyes down to my sisters pajama covered crotch then back to her face, the other 4 of my friends doing exactly the same as he calmly and cheekily said "what kind." Again almost untracably i saw a flicker of amusement cross my sisters face "its hard to explain" she said with her voice ever so slightly less irritated.

Everone including me held their breath as they knew what my friend was going to ask next and he duly obliged "well show us then" he said simply as though this was a most reasonable suggestion. This really was the point i expected Louise to draw the line but she actually broke a smile for the first time since entering the room and pulled her PJ bottoms down a little the the front showing the top of her panties to the 3 guys who were sat in front of her who all whistled, laughed and stared as she began to laugh too, i was sat behind her on the sofa with my 2 buddies who could only see what she was doing from behind and thus we saw no panties.

"you guys are so dumb" she laughed at the guys who could see her knickers' reaction, "hey dont leave out the guys behind you" one of them said gesturing at our sofa and i felt the 2 guys next to me sit up with excitement.

She turned slowly with one tongue in her cheek to show her amusement at the situation until she stood at an angle where us guys sat on the sofa could see what she was showing by pulling down her bottoms a bit at the front.

she had pulled them down so her hand covered only just where her private parts started and this was made obvious by the fact that her panties were light pink in colour but made of the kind of lacey material that makes them almost completely see through, this i imagined was what was causing my friends excitement as they showed a pubic region completely devoid of pubic hair, to put it crudely, her pussy was obviously as bald as the day she was born.

I felt a shudder go through my groin but this was quickly followed by a feeling of shock and horror at what my little sister was doing the 2 friend sat next to me reacted the same way as the guys on the other side of the room, staring avidly, smirking and laughing a little. Suddenly Louise flushed as though a terrible thought has just entered her head "what are you guys laughing at" she said a little doubt in her voice.

The guy sat next to me gestured toward her groin and saying " keep that area well looked after clearly! I mean its totally bald" A surge of anger and resentmend pulsed in me at my friend talking that way at my sister but also at her for letting him. She smiled clearly relieved that that is all they were laughing at, "oh yea" she said "well its nicer isnt it?!" this was met with more chuckles and nods of approval by all but me.

For the first time since my friends took over, her eyes met mine as my friends laughed arround us, she held my gaze and a look of almost shock crossed her face, as if she had forgotten i was in the room, i held her look for as long as i could and then without thinking about it i glanced down at the front of her panties and her bare pubic area, i glanced immidietly back to her eyes and i flushed a deep red, she had seen me looking and was now looking at me in a way i had never seen her do so before, shocked, alarmed almost, but not afraid.

The friend sat next to me said "your definetly right it is about you show us the full effect, your just teasing us at the moment" there was an excited buzz arround the room as everyone waited for her response, "what do you mean?" she asked, it was unclear if she was being deliberatley coy because i thought his meaning was pretty clear and he confirmed this when he said "loose the panties and pj bottoms, let us see the full view" There was a shocked silence as everyone realised he had just taken a big step in the developments of that evening, all eyes flicked between my sisters face ro her reaction and her panties, i felt a couple of glances come my way but i kept quiet, if she wants to show herself off like a common whore then whats it to me?

Louise looked at me and i scowelled back at her and to my shock as if this spurred her into action the kept her hand on the front of her pj bottoms and began pulling them down to her thighs and then shaking them to her ankles from there.

Defiently she looked at me as my face hardned and smiling she slowly turned arround giving everyone in the room the full view of her nearly see through panties from the front and the back, only a slightly thicker layer of material prevented all from being on display, she did her 360 degree turn and returned to facing me, my friends eyes all alight with excitement, she caught my eye one more time and defiently turned her back to us on the sofa, back to facing my other 3 friends and sharply pulled her panties to the floor me and my friends on the sofa only had her ass revealed to us but the guys in front of her were silent in shock and delight, i heard her giggle at the expression on their faces "you guys are pathetic" she said still giggling and without being prompted she turned to face us on the sofa.

Without thinking I looked.

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I couldnt help it, its just where my eyes were drawn. Stood a few feet away from me was my sister with no clothes on her lower half. I took a few seconds taking in her pussy, it was bald, as had been clear in the panties, but the panties had not shown how puffy and pink it was, she may have been 19 but it was clear that thing had not been through too much wear and tear so to speak, i glanced accross at my friends smirking fixated on my sisters genitals then i look at her face, i was supprised to see her still smiling, she caught my eye and almost carelessly shrugged.

"touch your toes" one guy behind her shouted obviously wanting to see her anus and vagina from behind, again to my shock she looked at me, shrugged again and did so, smiling as she touched her toes and held herself there for a good 5 seconds.

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