Gorgeous babe is doing her superlatively good to keep her friend satisfied

Gorgeous babe is doing her superlatively good to keep her friend satisfied
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Stranger: 19 f usa no pics ;) You: its ok You: m usa 22 You: how r you tonight? Stranger: Awesome, hey I got a question, do you like werewolves, or roleplay? You: both You: why? Stranger: Yes!!

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you're perfect. Would you like to play a werewolf for me? Stranger: You could pick the scenario if you want You: like me be a warewolf and rape you? Stranger: Yeess You: hmm never done this b4. sounds like fun though Stranger: Hehe me either, have never been able to find anyone.

Stranger: Would you like to start us off? You: sure just give me a sec Stranger: take your time =================================================================================== You: ok well lets set the scene as you've gone for a nighttime walk in the park with your dog Stranger: okay You: you hear a howling in the air from noy to far off You: it frightens you as it sounds so feral You: you hear the sound of running feet in the distance You: your dog begins to cry You: the feet are drawing close and fast You: it sounds like a bear You: or lion You: a beast crashes out of the trees 50 ft from you You: of wolf and man, man 8 feet tall, 500 lbs, and covered in fur, with the head of a wolf Stranger: My dogs runs away terrified Stranger: dog* You: i howl once more, a ragged scream You: and charge towards you on all fours Stranger: I scream, and turn to run You: i overcome you quickly You: and jump on your back.

pinning you beneath ne Stranger: I scream louder terrified, feeling your weight and fur on my back You: i begin to savagely rip your clothes from your body.

using both teeth and claws You: once your clothes lie n shreads Stranger: I try and fight you off, twisting and turning You: i grab your arms and flip you onto your back, easily pinning you down You: i lower me head to your pussy and shove my snout inside You: licking deep inside you you You: souaking your pussy You: soaking* Stranger: I moan loudly feeling your long tongue dig deep into my pussy, no longer fighting so hard.

You: i lick you furiously as i taste your pussy juices begin to flow You: licking both pussy and asshole Stranger: Your hot tongue forces me to come dangerously close to orgasm, and I clench my legs together, squeezing your face between my knees, moaning again You: your scent drives me wild, i dig into you with my toungue almost literally eating you Stranger: I feel your teeth against my skin as your tongue trashes in and out of me, scooping me dry with your wet tongue, I orgasm immediatly feeling your teeth and deep penetrating tongue and groan wildly, falling limp on the ground at your mercy.

Stranger: thrashes* You: i continue to lick you roughly until i mopped up ass your cum You: then i slowly rise up You: and stand over you on all fours You: lowering my 14 inch cock into your mouth You: a low growl rises from my chest Stranger: I oblige, terrified of your wrath, sharp teeth and claws, my hot mouth sucking on your massive cock, already trying not to choke on it, I whimper.

You: i shove 8 inches into your throat You: and hold it in You: until you feel like you might pass you You: then slowly pull it out Stranger: I choke and gag on it, my throat closing in on you, I trash around wildly, my nails digging into the fur on your legs. Stranger: thrash* You: your fighting only encourages me Stranger: I take in a gasping breath finally looking up at your glowing eyes You: i slowly lower you onto my cock, deeper and deeper, never looking away from your eyes You: until 10 inches is inside of you You: i grab the sides of your head and violently fuck your mouth Stranger: I gasp at first, feeling it sliding into my mouth, allowing you to go deeper, I cough and heave.

You: i fuck you like that for a minute then all of a sudden stop You: i force you up onto your knees You: and position myself behind you Stranger: I choke, and then breathe finally, taking gasping breaths and plead with you as I get on my knees "no! no!" As you get behind me I struggle to stand and run away You: i grab your shoulders and hold you down You: then move my cock to your pussy lips You: i slowly slide the head inside Stranger: I begin to wail, crying for my lost virginity to you, and bring my head to the ground, soaking it with my tears, feeling you spread my pussy slowly.

You: i let out a savage howl You: and thrust har into your virgin cunt You: hard* Stranger: My body is thrust forward, my tits jiggling violently as you slam into me. I scream into your howl my eyes sread wide as you bottom out in your 14 inches deep into my hot tight pussy Stranger: spread* You: i grab your hips and begin to fuck you violently You: fucking you with all 14 inches You: like a bear on top of you Stranger: I scream ragged wails as you demolish my tight pussy relentlessly, I plead and struggle but it's no use.

My body is yours, you have complete control over me. You: i howl again as i near orgasm You: my thrusts become very rapid You: and i slam into you with my entire body Stranger: You stab every inch of my tight pussy as you swiftly fuck me, and I bring my head to the ground again, feeling your claws digging into my hips as you thrust harder. I never stop screaming You: i cum long and hard deep inside your pussy You: my cock swells and shoots a neverending load You: inside your pussy Stranger: It take awhile for your hot sticky load to finish, and it fills me up completely and drips out onto the ground, I hear it dripping on the ground.

In defeat I stop screaming and feel my body collapse in your hands, glad it's finally over, but still weeping. I turn to look you in the eyes again with complete fear and hurt. Stranger: takes* You: i lie there on top of you for 10 minutes You: leaking cum inide you all the while Stranger: My body throbs and my legs clench with pleasure every time another hot load drips out of me, I moan throat my tears, feeling your weight and rough fur on top of me.

I remember your teeth, and begin shaking with fear again, I don't fight you, but let you pour everything you have into me. Stranger: through* ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You: after 10 minutes my cock begins to harden again, and soaked in your juices and my cum.

begin slowly sliding in and out of youy You: you* Stranger: ((This is so fucking hot, thank you so much for this, I'd be your bitch ;) )) I moan, feeling your massive cock begin again inside of me, sliding in and out with absolute ease from the hot cum. "Please," I groan and whimper, still feeling your weight on me, I want to orgasm. You: (no no, thank you) as if in reply, a low rumble escapes my chest You: and i growl and begin hammering you again You: every thrust harder and faster than the last Stranger: It doesn't take long for the heat to build up inside of me, and I moan, backing into you so you can thrust easier, letting your cock slide deeper into me.

I groan and then finally scream with pleasure as you reach full speed, and like a bucket of hot water, my pussy swallows the leftover cum, and closes in around your massive cock as I cum again.

You: i reach forward and pull your hair as you begin to cum. i slam into you as mercylessly as i can.


making your back arch as i fuck you violently Stranger: I scream, feeling you dig ever deeper into me, still cumming, the heat still dormant inside of my pussy, the control you have over me, and the tugging at my hair makes me cum even harder.

It terrifies me, and my resistance against you stops once again. My pussy walls still tight around your dick. You: with the strength and agility of the wolf. i twist your body so that you are facing me, while never pulling out of you You: so that we are in a missionary position You: i then rise up onto two feet, standing my tallest.

holding you tightly to my body, impaled onto my 14 inch cock You: i put my hands on your sides and begin to slide you up and down my dick You: your legs spread wide Stranger: I yelp with surprise as you flip me over, my pussy twisting around your dripping cock, and then gasp at your strength as you lift me up with ease. I feel your dick dig slowly into my soaking wet pussy, I maon with pleasure, and dig my fingers into the long fur of your neck, locking my blue eyes with yours.

Stranger: moan* You: a loud rumbling in my chest as i start a quick rythem inside of you. slamming all of myself into you You: i bite your neck gently and wrap my arms around you tightly Stranger: I lock my legs around your waist, despite the jabbing of your long dick as it glides in and out of me with perfection. The possessive growl of your throat makes me submit by default, and my pussy relaxes allowing all of you into me, I yelp with surprise, weeping again, but still holding tight.

You: i feel your pussy relax and begin thrusting even harder. i run my hands over every inch of your body. still biting and licking your neck Stranger: My pussy throbs at the nipping and biting at my neck, and I run my hands over your muscular arms and back letting you have your way with me, as tears fall onto your fur, gasps escaping my lips. You: i look you in the eyes as i slowly slide myself deep inside of you You: and begin to gently lick your face Stranger: I open my mouth slightly for you as I kiss your muzzle and tongue, submitting and becoming completely yours, I hug my legs tighter to you, and run my fingers through the fur by your ears admiring your strength as you slowly slide into me again.

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You: i hold for a minute with myself completely inside you you. holding you n the air with my dick. and kiss and lick your mouth fiercly You: my hands carressing your ass Stranger: A whimper escapes my throat as you hold all 14 inches into me again, my pussy tightens as I wince at your fierce kissing, tongue sliding over my own and partially down my throat, I kiss you back, digging my fingers gently into your shoulders as you grope my ass.

You: i groan of ecstacy escapes my lips and i slowy begin to fuck you You: my hands on your hips You: then i begin to fuck you faster and faster. harder and harder Stranger: I gasp hard at first, but then they become softer and quicker with every thrust you give, I bury my face in the fur of your shoulder and moan "I'm yours, take me," my virgin body submits completely to you, and some more tears flow from the realization as I feel you having your way with me.

I moaned with pleasure. You: my legs thrusting you up my dick. my hands wrap around your body and pull your hair hard, arching your body backwards. i begin to thrust rapidly again You: each thrust intended to be harder and faster i slam myself into your virgin pussy with pure lust as i near orgasm Stranger: I yelp with the pain of my hair pulled and tugged, my body arching backwards, plump breasts fully exposed to the night air.

I feel you slamming into me and begin to come yet again!

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The feeling is new to me ever after the last two, and I shake with fear as I feel you jabbing into me, I whimper and moan as my pussy closes over your dick in temptation once again. Stranger: even* You: i bury my face into your breasts as i slam into you. licking at first then i put your entire breast into my mouth and bite down, enough to almost draw blood Stranger: I feel your long, hard teeth bite into my skin, but not breaking it, I scream with mixed pleasure, terror, pain and want.

My legs close over your waist hard as I come, my virgin pussy even tighter, I feel your hot tongue and mouth dominating my breast, and your long hot dick demolishing my pussy and fall limp with a scream as I cum You: my thrusts continue to build, drawing nearer and nearer to orgasm.

i release your hair and pull you to me tightly wrapping you in a bear hug. using my whole body to slam you on and off my cock You: i howl into the night as i fell your pussy with my hot cum.

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i continue to fuck you with all i have through my orgasm, shooting jet after jet of hot cum deep inside you Stranger: I feel it drum inside of me, and I scream at the strength and accuracy of your body as you pull yourself into me.

My body shivers and pulses in your hands as the hot liquid fills me to my depths, and then pours out. I groan and sigh deeply, burying my face in your chest. You: i hold you to me as my cock continues to shoot inside of you. gently licking your shoulder and neck You: softly caressing your body Stranger: I wrap my fingers in your fur never wanting you to pull out.

I feel the licking at my shoulder and neck and whimper as you pull me closer. You: i kneel down and lie you on your back, staying inside you all the while You: then begin to softly kiss you You: (i can wrap this up or keep going) Stranger: (You can keep going if you have time, this has been the single most amazing RP I've ever had, not even lying) You: (i would agree wholeheartedly) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You: i finally pull myself out of you You: and cum pours from your pussy You: i eagerly bendo down and begin licking You: cleaning your cunt, gently massaging your abused pussy Stranger: I gasp at the sheer amount that pours out, a bit scared, and then feel your warm muzzle burying into my slit, licking me clean.

Slowly, so you don't feel I'm trying to get away, submissively I slip under you, wrapping my mouth around your massive, wet, hard cock and suck it gently as you lick me. You: i groan softly as you begin to suck my cock. i begin to concentrate my efforts on licking your ass now sliding my tongue 4 inches into your virgin ass Stranger: My pussy clean, it relaxes, finally able to close around itself, I moan as you leave it, and slide my mouth further down your sfat, nearly before gagging, and then repeating, feeling your tongue on my ass, I whimper, but do not object.

Stranger: shaft* You: i slowly begin thrusting my cock in and out of your mouth, it grows each thrust and soon my cock is fully erect again. all the while licking your ass You: once my cock is rock hard i push you off my cock You: and lie down on my back next to you You: i grab you You: and lift you onto me, straddling me You: i slide my cock into your pussy, slide it deep and slow, soaking it. then pull it all the way out You: and rest your asshole on the tip of my cock, holding you over top of me Stranger: I lock eyes with you, fear crossing my face as I feel the tip of your head waiting to enter my asshole.

Knowing the care you took to wet my hole and your cock beforehand I try to relax my body over it, so it doesn't hurt when you enter, I lean in and kiss your soft muzzle, another tear running down my cheek. You: i gently kiss you back, and lick the tear as it rolls down your cheek You: and slowly slide the tip into you You: i slide back out You: and back in only fucking you with the first 3 inches for the first few minutes Stranger: The care and gentleness you show makes me melt, and with soft gasps, feeling the potential you could slam me with at any second, I ease my body down with your soft and slow thrusts, feeling my hole stretch, I close my eyes tightly.

You: my hand slowly run from your shoulders to your knees, softly caressing your body. i continue to fuck you gently, allowing more and more of me to enter you each minute You: i put my head between your breasts and bigin to work on them again. licking and gently nibbling You: begin* Stranger: I groan and smile contently, your restraint relaxing my body, making it even easier for you to enter my extremely tight hole.

I kiss the top of your head and muzzle as you begin to nibble and lick them. I slide down even further with you as you slide even deeper into me. I bite my lower lip in pleasure.

You: i place my hands securely on your waist and gently glide you along my cock. allowing almost 9 inches into you by now You: i continue to nibble at your breasts as i fuck you, making your nipples throb Stranger: I take shaky intakes of breath as you slide a bit further into me each time, I lock eyes with you, allowing a small smile as I focus on breathing and relaxing.

Moaning. You: i groan loud in pleasure as i push 12 inches into you. as we lock eyes i know you are ready You: i squeeze your hips and slide you completely onto me. buried to the hilt in your ass. i hold you close to me as i savor the feeling Stranger: I moan with a pleasurable shriek as you slide yourself completely into my tight hole I arch my head backwards with the strange, amazing feeling. Returning back to your eyes after my call of pleasure, waiting for you to dominate me once again.

You: i join you with a howl of ecstacy. looking you deep in the eyes i begin to qicken the pace. i grab your hips tight and pull you on and off my cock You: i groan loudly as i my cocks slides in and out of your ass Stranger: Well prepared, my ass takes every inch of your throbbing cock as it hammers into me.

The pulling at my waist sends warm shivers down my spine and I come down onto your shaft as you jab it into me for a deeper bite. I close my eyes hard, your massive cock still stretching my hole sends tingles through my body. You: i slam you down onto my cock furiously. biting your neck hard, i force you on and off of my cock with fury You: my claws dig into the small of your back as i fuck you Stranger: Your brutal fucking makes me scream that could be mistaken for either pain or pleasure, I bite my lower lip hard as gasp as I feel your teeth close on my neck, the pressure of it stuns me and I wonder and wait to feel blood, your fucking jabbing me violently I yelp.

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You: your scream only makes me go harder. i roll us over so that i am on top of you in a missionary position, cock and teeth never releasing You: i continue to violently fuck your ass Stranger: I scream again and again, your dominance over me making my body submit to your will, my body throabs and pound with every brutal jab into me, I claw my fingers into your back, your thick fur protecting your skin. My legs thrash as I feel it digging into me deeper.

Stranger: throbs* Stranger: pounds* You: i roar over you and slam all 14 inches into you again and again.

i force my tongue into your mouth and violently kiss you Stranger: I part my lips and kiss you back, more wailing escaping my lips again even as you kiss me, feeling every inch of you demolish my virgin ass, my eyes well with tears again, and my legs kick lazily knowing it's no use.

You: i pin your shoulders down with my arms. forcing my tongue down your throat. i fuck you harder than i have all night.


using your body like a peice of meat Stranger: I scream again and again, harder and louder than I ever have in my life as you destroy me, and claim my body again as your own. My tongue dances with yours, and I open obediently to your tongue, as your teeth wait menacingly against my lips.

I feel my body violently and brutally thrashed like a ragdoll in your arms, wailing like a banshee You: i continue to kiss you as my thrusts lift your body off the ground. my thrusts breaking you, i never stop fucking you as my cock swells and cum begins to flood your ass Stranger: You bottom out of me to the hilt as every fiber of your being goes into fucking me and my screams are ever loud as I feel your cock expand, ready to pump my ass full of your juice, I whimper through my cries and lock eyes with you as your hot tongue slides down my wet throat.

You: i thrust inside of you repeatedly, cum shooting with each thrust. lubing your ass, i thrust even harder and faster than before, never looking from your eyes Stranger: Your power and endurance breaks me, and your cock pumps me full finally, and my cries become hoarse as my voice gives in. The orgasm that sweeps my body is unlike any other and completely different, it terrifies me and my body shudders with it, my eyes full of fear and complete submission to you, I take in a massive gasp of air.

You: i slow down to an eventual stop. looking you deep in the eyes. i begin to lick the sweat and tears from your body Stranger: I collapse, my body going completely limp on the ground. The beloved moonstone necklace had been spared from the violent clothes ripping, and I slip it off my neck and clip it around your thick fur-covered neck, kissing your muzzle."Thank you," I say, barely audible, feeling the cum drip out of my ass.

I look to the sky, the morning sun filtering through the trees. You: i lick your cheek twice then swiftly rise from you and dart into the woods =================================================================================================================================================================== =================================================================================================================================================================== You: (thaaaaat was sooo good) Stranger: (Holy shit you aren't kidding, and it is early morning here.

NEVER have I done that. Thank you, seriously, would you like to keep in contact? Sweet god, I can't let you go lmao) You: yeah its almost 6 a.m. here.

you were amazing, i came soo hard Stranger: And so were you!! I came twice lmao! Yeah it's almost 6 here too. My email is (PRIVATE INFO), it's also my windows live contact. I hope I don't sound desperate lmao, that was just like, the best RP ever. so lol <3 Stranger: And to think we were both new at the werewolf thing! You: my email is (MORE PRIVATE INFO).

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and yeah that was a firstime for me You: though i have fantasived about it before You: fantasized* Stranger: So have I, I am so happy I finally got to play it out through RP.

And alright! You don't have MSN/windows live though do you? Just to check because I'm on my instant messenger daily. You: nope sorry i'm not on any kind of instant messanger. and yeah this RP was amazing, i was so shocked when you asked me.

this was worth the 3 hours we spent ;) Stranger: Like it was made to be! And no problem, e-mail will work just fine! Thanks so much for everything I'll have epic dreams tonight! Goodnight! You: alright i guess i'll talk to you later. goodnight! :) Stranger: You will! ;) Night!