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I will jerk you off until your balls are dry JOI
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Aria stared at the image hovering in the middle of the bridge. She'd been struggling for hours to get her ship back in working shape, a fuse had blown in the navigation computer while her ship had been in Slipspace, forcing an emergency reemergence into reality. Aria had been blind these last few hours, with the ship's sensors down she could have slowly been being dragged into the orbit of a star, and wouldn't have realised until the heat burned through the layers of hull and she was cooked alive in her own ship.

She shuddered at the thought, it came second as every spacers worst nightmare, next to a power failure leaving them to slowly freeze to death as the heat bled out of the hull, or to asphyxiate as the oxygen recyclers ceased their function and the air slowly became toxic around them as they breathed. Aria shook her head, chiding herself for falling into the simple trap of anxiety induced thought spirals. She had lived, the sensors were functioning again after she'd repaired the damage that had been done by the emergency jump, and most interestingly, the sensors had locked onto a structure.

As far as she could tell, she was in deep space, with her long range sensors and navigation computer slowly building up data to pinpoint where exactly she was in relation to the galaxy, but no solar system was close. The space station sent no hails, and preliminary scans showed it to be derelict, but still fully functional and sealed, with ancient generators powering the weak shields that faintly glittered whenever a small passing chunk of rock struck them.

Aria could hardly believe her eyes, the readings indicated that the station was enormous, large enough to house millions of people.

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This was a salvagers dream! She could go in now, find enough salvage to entice a few investors and then come back with a full crew, maybe hire a couple of dedicated transport ships and walk away with enough credits to secure a nice lifestyle for the next few hundred years, or she could spend it to hire a few salvagers like herself, fund their expeditions and hopefully make some real permanent money, enough that she could afford to live pretty for the rest of her life!


Subconsciously Aria licked her lips, her body spurring to action as she ran to the cockpit, she'd spent long enough idle. Aria keyed in commands to the flight computer, setting a casual pace to the station that'd get her there in about 30 Nubeni standard hours, better to take it slow, rather than pushing for a hard burn and damaging the ship's engines, or causing another system to blow a fuse.

She collapsed onto her chair, suddenly feeling the sweat and grime of the last few hours worth of work covering her body. Aria had scoffed at first when she bought the ship, a shower? Hello, 26th century calling, they want their outdated technology back. But after the last few decades with it she could see the appeal. Sure, when you wanted to get properly clean quickly they weren't very good, but damn if they weren't relaxing.

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She stood under the stream of hot water, feeling the aches of the day fade under the heat and pressure, she ran her fingers through her short black hair, and felt the grease and grime wash from her body. Aria glanced across at the clear mirror across from the shower, the heated steam from the water flowing around the mirror but refusing to latch on to the surface, her ebony skin stood out in stark contrast to the white of the shower's walls, her tattoos forming whorls across her chest and down her arms, with more curling around her legs.

She half turned, checking out her ass in the mirror, Aria gave it a small smack, letting out a small giggle at the sound of the wet slap that echoed around the room. It was a shame that out here there was nobody to share a hot shower with. Aria groaned a little, knowing it'd be weeks at least before she could find a port and a warm, willing body to share a little time with.

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——————————————— Aria fidgeted with anticipation, her close range sensors had located the primary hanger on the station, and she was aboard a small shuttle, gliding slowly through the void towards the shimmering portal that separated interior atmosphere from the cold vacuum of space.

The scans had indicated that the false gravity of the station had been set to 1.876 g, which while higher than human standard at 1g, was completely safe for her to spend time in. Aria shivered as she drew closer to the station, now she was close enough, cameras on the shuttle and her ship were feeding her visual data on the station, it dwarfed everything she'd ever seen, it was orders of magnitude than the largest Imperium derelict she'd ever seen, and those derelicts were gigantic compared to anything that had been built in the last 5 thousand years.

Aria double and triple checked her gear, the sleek form fitting space suit hugging her body, and the small armoured helmet connecting snugly to the seal of the space suit. She let the computer run a final diagnostic check, assuring that her oxygen recycler was fully functional and her suit formed a perfect seal.

Bounding with excitement, Aria bounced to the airlock of the shuttle, already adjusting to the heavier gravity of the station, she tapped her fingers along the wall of the airlock, impatient for it to finish cycling the air so that she could get to exploring the massive station. As soon as the airlock's lights flashed green Aria slammed her fist down on the door controls, and leapt out of the doors, rushing over to a nearby table, it sat slightly below comfort level for her, meaning she had to bend over to open the case she had brought over, inside sat a plethora of shiny silver drones.

Carefully, Aria removed each batch of drones from the case and activated them, sending drones scurrying through the halls and vents of the station to map it out. Quickly a detailed map of the nearby corridors appeared on a HUD integrated into Aria's vision, it might take days for the drones to scan something so large, but when it was over she should have an accurate map of every nook and cranny, leaving no potential loot anywhere to hide!

Aria's computer sent a soft ping to her, the atmosphere of the station had been thoroughly studied, and found to not only be breathable, but also completely free of toxins, in other words; safe.

Aria excitedly disabled the seals on her helmet, ripping it off as fast as possible, breathing in atmosphere's long untouched by other beings was her favourite part of exploration. Breathing deeply, Aria let out a grin, the air was cold, and unlike the usual smell of disuse and decay on derelicts, this ship smelled sweet, for some strange reason, the smell of some kind of sweet fruit permeated the station.

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The smell soothed Aria immediately, causing her to loosen muscles she didn't realise she'd been tensing. Softly grinning, Aria began to hum as she strolled through the hanger, idly letting her feet take her where they would while exploring the station. Aria kept one eye on her display, the map slowly expanding as her drones filled it in, the other basked in the wonder of the ancient station.

It had clearly been designed for a race that stood smaller than the average human, they seemed to be bipedal with three arms ending in 9 fingered hands. As she was walking, Aria couldn't help but feel her mind dragged away from the station and back to her growing isolation from people, she hadn't been back to a port for almost 5 years now, stopping only at unmanned deep space stations to resupply.

The loneliness was growing on her, she'd always been a lone wolf, more happy to spend time on her own in deep space than talking awkwardly in a port, but at times that growing need for a warm body by her side grew too much to bear. Walking along, Aria felt the heat slowly increase, checking her display, she saw that it held at a cool 292 degrees Kelvin, and it had since she left the shuttle. Shrugging, she removed her space suit, peeling it off her body to allow the cool air to bring her temperature down.

Removed from her space suit she stood in her underwear, a pair of jet black lacy underwear and a simple grey sports bra, a sudden blush overtook Aria's face as she imagined someone finding her like this, half naked in an ancient alien ruin, what would they think of her?

Aria continued to absentmindedly wander the derelict, her dark skin flushed with heat. In confusion Aria sat down in a corridor, as she brought up a hand to check her pulse she accidentally brushed against her breast, fingers barely tracing past her hard nipple.

With a gasp Aria felt a tingle of energy shoot through her body and subconsciously began to rub her thighs together, that had felt good, better than it'd ever felt before, better than something so simple had any right to. With a start, Aria realised something was terribly wrong.

She was sitting in the corridor of an alien derelict, ripping off her sports bra so she could more effectively play with her nipples. She tried to stop and found that she could only drag her hands away from her tits for mere moments, before they were drawn back, twisting and flicking at her hardened nipples, with every touch sending lightning hits of pleasure bursting through her body, making it harder and harder to concentrate.

Desperately she sent a mental command to her heads up display, she could send a command to the drones, to have them find her and take her back to the shuttle for medical quarantine, but even as she tried to navigate to the emergency response activation, something stronger in her whipped through folders, finding her stash of pornography and filled her vision and hearing with the sounds and sights of sex. Moaning sounded in her ears, blending in with the sound of her own as her fingers moved down to her cunt, a finger planting itself softly on her clit as she began to massage herself to orgasm.

Aria couldn't be sure how much time had passed, whatever part of her mind that could reach a thought as complex as that had shut down a long time ago. She lay sprawled on the floor of the derelict, cum covering her thighs and starting to form a small puddle beneath her.

She barely noticed when a drone passed her by, still dutifully scanning the ship, or when she heard the scraping of a large creature moving towards her.

Her only reaction to being picked up by the insectoid creature was a pathetic mewling, as it was holding her in such a way that meant she could not continue to touch herself, she squirmed in it's grip, desperately trying to drop a hand to her clit to continue rubbing, but to no avail, the mantis like creature held her tightly. Aria dimly came aware through her struggling of a new sound, it sounded like chanting?

As she was brought closer to the chanting, she began to be able to make out the words, it sounded like; "New queen! New queen!" repeated over and over, but surely that would be impossible, she was aboard an ancient alien derelict, there was no way she could understand their language!

She was suddenly jolted from her thoughts by the alien dropping her into a warm pulsing mass. As she landed she breathed in deeply, the fruity scent that pervaded the station filling her senses, it was stronger here, more intense.


Aria attempted to move her hands back down to her clit, but felt resistance, glancing from side to side she noticed that long fleshy tentacles had curled around her arms, holding them spread out, she moaned in frustration and began bucking her hips, desperately trying to get herself off again.

The fleshy tentacles continued to curl around her body, new ones joining from the mass beneath her, she squirmed in pleasure as they curled around her tits, opening her mouth as one brushed across her lips, it immediately and enthusiastically entered her mouth, filling her taste with the same fruity scent, but this time the effect of the aphrodisiac was immediate.

Aria desperately began to suck and lick, pleasure engulfing her body as the tentacles continued to explore her. She let out a raw moan around the tentacle filling her mouth as another found her cunt, slowly easing itself inside her soaking pussy. She could feel the aphrodisiacs entering her body, making each new twist and turn of the tentacles send her into greater heights of pleasure. Aria was almost completely insensate as a tall bipedal alien chittered it's way towards her, it's words, although spoken in a language understandable by her, required more focus than she could spare to be interpreted.

"Thank you for finding us.

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With the information we've extracted from your ship's computer, we'll be able to find many more queens like yourself. May you enjoy having the honour of being the first queen of the returned Chthilli Empire!" Aria could only moan in response as she felt the tentacle filling her cunt begin to pulse, then expel egg after egg into her womb, filling her with the beginning of a new generation of Chthilli. ——————————————— Aria glanced around the room, she was in a rare moment between having the eggs implanted and birthing.

Row upon row of people filled the chamber, each, like her, encased in a fleshy mound that saw to their every need and kept them full of aphrodisiacs and eggs. She began to feel the first egg travelling down her cunt, they were just large enough to stimulate without being painful, and her moans joined with the rest of the chamber as the birthing process began to bring her to her first orgasm of the day.