SWALLOWED Facefucking two cuties Michele and Eliza

SWALLOWED Facefucking two cuties Michele and Eliza
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Chapter One "Dude! Dude!" My roommate exclaims bursting through the door. "What?" I say calmly. "That girl from latin!" He says, almost screaming. "I think she likes you!" "What?" I ask, sort of excited. "What gives you that idea?" "You know my friend?" he says, "The one from chemistry?" "John?" "Yeah! He heard from his girlfriend, who is in cheerleading, that she heard that she likes you." "So your telling me, that you heard directly from her through a friend who heard it through her girlfriend.?" "Yeah!" "Dude, those rumors are almost always false." I say, a little let down.

"She's to pretty to like me anyway." "Oh, come on man! You're a good looking guy!" He says trying to cheer me up. "And tell me, what's the big deal? You ask her out and she says no. It's not the end of the world!" "Yeah, I guess you're right, but im going to head to the gym. I will be there 'til close" I walk out the door. I walk across campus and make it to the Fitness Room. I'm in shorts and a tanktop.

The door says "Hours" I look through and find, "Saturday : 8 A.M. - 8 P.M." I have 2 hours, I think. Walking inside I pull out my iPod, and put on my running music. "May I help you?" Says a voice. "Uh, no thanks." I say looking up. I walk away from the service desk and go find a treadmill. I step on and set the speed to 6 MPH. After about a half hour of running, I step off. I hear footsteps behind me and turn around.

"Hi!" Says a stray voice. "H-" I start, then I see who the voice belongs to. It's her. "My name is Britney." She says, holding out her hand. "Hi, Britney." I say, shocked.

"I'm Rick, What are you doing?" "I was heading over to the Elipticals." She says pointing. "Then I noticed you working out all by yourself. So, I decided to come over and introduce myself." "Well, it's mice to neet you!" My nervous side says.

Shit, I skrewed up, I think. She giggles and says, "It's mice to neet you too!" Play it off cool, I think Play it cool! I can feel a blush coming on. Good think I am already red from working out.

"You know, you should never work out alone!" She says hinting at something. "If you do and you pass out, no one will ever know." "And what about you?" I say. "It's an unusually slow night for the gym." She says. "Are you done? Or are you gonna stay here a while?" "I am here 'til close." "Awesome, do you want to hang out?

Then neither of us will be alone." "Yeah, sure!" "Thanks." I turn and start walking towards the Elipticles, just before I reach the machines I hear a slight "Yess." That of course, makes me smile. "What are you studying for?" I ask. "I wan't to be a teacher, you?" She returns. "Engineer." "Cool!" She says. * * * We finish our exercise in another half an hour. "I'm going to go home," She says "Okay." I mope.

"How about I walk you back?" "That would be great!" she says. We leave the gym and start walking in the direction of her home. We make it there in about three minutes, "You wanna come up for a drink or something?" "I probably shouldn't," I say, "I really need to shower." "That's okay, you can shower in my room." "Umm. okayy." I'm a little different on the thought but I still agree to go up. "Yay!" She exclaims.


"Follow me." We walk up to her room, and she opens the door. "Come on in." I walk in and look around. "Nice place you got here." "Thanks!

The shower is right over there when you're ready. "Okay, thanks!" I say, "I may go in there now." "Alright, let me show you how it works." I agree and we walk into her bathroom. She starts to explain, but I quickly zone out.

I am looking at her rocking body. Perfect figure.


She wears a D cup and has an ass made in heaven. She has long black hair and full lips. I want her so bad right now, I think.

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"Rick," she says "Are you even listening?" "Uhh." I say racing to think of some excuse. I finally give up and just say "No." "Oh my word!" she says, "do I need to bathe you as well?!" I look at her with a blank face.

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"Alright, if that's what it takes." She takes a step forward and presses her lips against mine. After about 30 seconds she pulls away and asks, "How was that?" .I stand there like an idiot, speechless.

I see her smile fade quickly, "You're right, that was inapropriate." and she turns and starts walking out of the room. But before she could reach the door I grab her arm, "That was amazing." I say as calm as I possibly can. She turns around with a big smile on her face, and before any other words are spoken our lips lock again. I reach over towards the bathroom door and lock it. She smiles at me and we continue. She starts reaching up my shirt and want's me to do the same.

So, I move my hands down from her face and slide them down her waist. I reach the bottom of her shirt and start to lift it up a little. She breaks our kiss right there and grabs the right side of her shirt with her left hand and the left side of her shirt with her right hand. She slips it over her head and we continue kissing.

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Now I am touching her warm and bare skin. She attempts to slide my shirt over my head, but is too short. So I grab my shirt and tear it off. She is running her hands up and down my abs when I feel her go for my pants. I have no argument but I want her to lose her pants as well.

So I put my thumbs in between her panties and her shorts, and start to tug. She smiles at me and leaves my pants in order to help me take off her's and now she is only wearing her panties and her sports bra.

She returns her attention to my pants and she unbuttons them, she unzips them and pulls them to my ankles. She gives me one last kiss and then gets down on her knees. I look at her and see her big blue eyes looking me in the eye. She pulls out my penis which is now at full mast. She gives it a little peck on the head and then wraps her mouth around it. I look at her and say "So, is it safe to ask you out?" "Mmhmm," she says while deepthroating my throbbing cock. This makes me smile. I can feel my climax coming on and I tell her right away.

"Here it comes!" She makes a glugging noise and I warn her once more.

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"You sure you want to do this?" "Mmhmm!" "Okay, your ca-aall" I say as my climax arrives. She opens her mouth and lets my white gold squirt into her mouth.

She then proceeds to swallow my cum and suck the rest out of me. "Mmm, how was that?" she asks. "That, was amazing!" I say, "But now we really need a shower!" "Yeah, I'd say so!" I turn on the shower and say, "See, I really was paying attention." She smiles and starts to take off the rest of her clothes, but I stop her. She looks disappointed until I tell her why I stopped her.

I reach and remove her sports bra, and then I look at her lower half.

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I decide it would be in my best interest to pleasure my newly found lover.