Russian teen couple fooling around

Russian teen couple fooling around
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This is my first story so I kept it a little shorter to see if it's well received. Open to comments and criticism, both positive and negative.

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Let me know what you thought and enjoy the story. It was just another ordinary day for Christian.


He woke up and jerked off thinking about his hot neighbour. He knew that nothing would ever happen with her but he couldn't help himself. At 5'8" she was absolutely gorgeous with curly dirty blonde hair, tanned sexy legs that went for miles leading up to a great ass. It was tight and firm looking and sat right below her thin waist and flat sexy stomach. Right above her sexy stomach rested her tits and from what he could tell they looked to be perfect; firm and perky and at least a C cup.

To top it all off she had the most amazing blue eyes that he couldn't help but get lost in whenever he talked to her. He never even thought that he would have a chance with her seeing as she was 2 years younger then him at 18 and she was friends with his sister, but man was he wrong.

He would finish taking care of himself and then head upstairs to eat and get ready for work assuming it would be just another slightly boring day. It was just another slightly boring day, until he got home from work that is.

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He got home to find a note left by his parents that they were going out to eat with his two siblings and would bring him back the usual. He was a little pissed at this seeing as he was starving but there wasn't much he could do about it. He decided to shower since he had nothing better to do.

He knew that nobody would be home for a while so he never bothered to close the bathroom door or use a towel to cover himself as he walked from his the bathroom to his room. In order to get to his room he had to walk through the living room and he was almost halfway across before he realized that there was a goddess sitting on his families couch.

It was his neighbour and she looked to be upset about something. "Maria, what's wrong?" He asked gently as he walked towards her "I just found out that my boyfriend has been cheating on me for the past month" she sobbed as she looked up and her eyes got wide as she noticed that he was naked. He noticed her staring and quickly reached down to cover his slowly hardening member.

He gave her an awkward smile and quickly walked backwards towards the bathroom to throw on some boxers and a pair of paints before rejoining Maria in the living room. He sat down next to her on the couch and asked if she wanted to talk about it. At first she just started to shake her head as she continued to try and hold back the tears. Christian put his arm around her and she completely fell apart.

She started sobbing uncontrollably and started to tell him about how she had found some dirty texts on his phone form some girl that he worked with and she confronted him about it and he tried to tell her something but she could see it in his face that he was guilty. She stormed out of his parents' house where they had been fooling around and just drove around for a few hours. She had come to Christian in the hopes of talking to his sister but saw that she wasn't home but didn't have the energy to go home and explain to her parents what had happened.

When she got through the story she wrapped her arms around Christian's neck and buried her head in his shoulder. Now Christian wasn't the biggest guy out there, he was actually on the skinny side.


He had however been diligently working out for the past couple of months and it had been starting to become apparent so he just wrapped his arms around her and held her as she continued to cry. He started to rub her back slowly as he kissed the top of her head not really thinking about it, just trying to comfort her. They sat there for about 15 minutes as she slowly regained her composure.

She started to disengage herself from the hug and Christian couldn't help but feel a little disappointed that he no longer got to hold onto this goddess. "I must look terrible" Maria joked as she tried halfheartedly to fix her hair. "I think you look gorgeous, but then I always think you look gorgeous, no matter what" Christian said without thinking about it.

"What was that?" Maria asked as she looked at Christian with those beautiful blue eyes "Uhh nothing" Christian mumbled as he got up "I have to go finish getting dressed" "Did you say I look gorgeous no matter what?" Maria asked as she too stood up and grabbed his hand to keep him in the room. "I did" Christian said as he started to blush. "You are the most beautiful girl I know and Lucas was a fool for cheating on you, he will never find anyone as beautiful".

He tried to disengage his hand to walk go to his room before he embarrassed himself further but Maria pulled him to her and wrapped her arms around his neck. She kissed him deeply and at first Christian was too stunned to kiss her back. Here was the girl of dreams and she was kissing him in his living room.

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He finally realized he shouldn't be just standing there so he started to kiss her back. He opened his mouth as he got into the kiss and he could feel her tongue start to rub the top of his mouth. He placed his hands on her hips and pulled her tight to him.


She let out a soft moan as he hands slide down to her gorgeous ass and squeezed it firmly. He picked her up and pushed her against the wall as she wrapped her legs around his waist. She tilted her head back as he placed soft gentle kisses on her neck and nibbled on her ear lobe. She let out a small sigh as he continued this and squeezed her beautiful ass tightly.

He turned around and fell onto the couch with her straddling him and as he looked into her beautiful eyes she reached down and started to pull her t-shirt over her head exposing her lacy black bra. She gave him a sexy smile as she started to grind herself against Christians now fully erect cock. She reached back and undid her bra and let it fall to the floor as Christian grabbed her hair half roughly and pulled her in for a deep kiss while he slid his hands up her smooth skin until he reach her firm perky breasts.

He gently cupped them and rolled her nipples through his fingers as she breathed into his ear that she liked it a little rough. He stood them both up and led her to his bedroom and laid her down on the bed.

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He kissed his way down to her left breast and started to tease her by running his tongue around her nipple. She let out a small gasp when he suddenly took it into her mouth and used his teeth to gently pull on it and suck hard enough to leave a hickey. He kissed his way over to her right nipple and proceeded to just start flicking it with his tongue as she lay squirming under him. As he was attacking her perfect breasts she was fumbling with his belt and finally managed to get it off.

She started to tug it off so he quickly stood and removed his jeans and boxers causing his rock hard cock to spring free. She just looked at him as she undid her jeans and lifted her hips to shimmy them off. She was wearing a lacy black thong to match her bra and she kept it on she beckoned for him to rejoin her.

She pulled him in for another make out session which he broke to kiss his way down her tanned sexy body. He teased her breasts again because he could tell by her breathing that she really enjoyed it and then continued on. He kissed down her flat stomach and flicked his tongue in and out of her belly button a few times causing her to squirm as it tickled.

He gently pushed her legs apart as he kissed his way down her right thigh down to her knee and back up around to her left knee. As he was softly kissing her smooth skin she was roughly massaging her boobs and moaning softly as she did so. He got back to her shaved pussy and separated her pussy lips and blew softly on her soaking wet pussy sending shivers up her spine. He started to slowly flick his tongue in and out while she continued to attack her boobs.

Then he started to pick up the pace. "Oh fuuuuck" she moaned as Christian slid two fingers into her drenched pussy while his tongue found her clit. He took this as a good sign and started to finger her fast and hard while he sucked greedily on her hard little clit.

She had let go of her breasts to grab the bed sheets and she scrunching and un-scrunching them with her hands as Christian brought her closer to an orgasm. She knew that she was close and told him so. He just redoubled his efforts. At this point she was breathing in short ragged gasps with moans escaping her lips and as the orgasm ripped through her body she let out a long lustful moan while Christian continued to pleasure her. Her back was arched slightly and her legs wrapped around his head as she writhed in pleasure.

Her orgasm started to subside and she released his head and grabbed his hair and pulled him up for a kiss so she could taste herself on his tongue.

She broke the kiss to catch her breath and lay there panting as he gently stroked her toned stomach. She was just about to open her mouth when they heard the front door open. To be continued.