Encheu de porra a Buceta

Encheu de porra a Buceta
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Nikki and I had been up on the computer since 5 and it was now 11, we chatted on her MSN and had also been drinking Vodka and 7up she was still nursing her 1st drink and I had poured myself a very strong one.

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We invited her friend John over I was like in love with him, he was 24, about 6 foot, maybe 150LB, neck length brown curly hair and brown eyes. I was 18, 5'3, about 250LB, I had blue and black hair, and brown eyes.

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Nikki was about my height if not an inch taller, about 175LB, with black shoulder length hair, and brown eyes. I heard the door bell and ran to answer. it was John he was wearing a pair of beggy pants, a black T-shirt, and a back pack on his back. I was all smiles when I pulled open the door. He smiled at me and I invited him in and offered him a drink. "ya sure I'll take what ever your having" he said as he smiled at me.

"Nikki we'll be down stairs ok?


don't come down" I laughed as we walked down the stairs. I poured him a drink and he guzzeled it down "more?" I asked John handed me his glass and I poured another.


I handed it to him and slid into his lap "guess what?" I said, "what?" he replied, "I'm so horny I want you to fuck me" I said in a whisper close to his ear so only he could hear and with that I licked up the rim of his ear, giving him a half stiff member. John chugged the rest of his drink and just as he finished I kissed him, not one of the things I usually do when I'm sober.

He kissed me back, his lips were soft and pink, and tasted great. I got up and started to strip, I handed John a pair of leather shorts, "put them on I want to play with you" I said in a devilish voice.

John started to strip I wanted to jump him right there but he made me turn around so he could change his boxers. "ok" he said as I turned around he looked hot. "follow me" I said as I toke his hand a lead him to another room.

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I closed the door and walked over to the closset "pick one you like" I said as I opened the closet door. He walked over to me and started to rummage threw the cloes before finding an outfit he liked it was a strapless leather bra and a skirt with a thong sown in, I smiled "I like this one too", I I slip it on in a matter of seconds." someone once told me you were a great dominator, think you can prove that to me?" I smile at him devilishly again, I walk over to the chains hanging from the middle of the ceiling and the one's bolted to the floor.

"you gunna chain me up or not?" I ask egerly, John walkes over and kneels on the floor attaching the chains to my ankles, then he straightens up and attaches the one's hanging from th ceiling to my wrists.


John walks over to my wall of whips and picks out a Riding Crop, then he walks back to me, John stands infront of me with Riding Crop in one hand and a smile on his face, he runs the Riding Crop up and down the outside of both my legs before sliding it up and down the inside. Then he ran it over my tits and stumach then my back, but then he got to my ass he stopped. he lifts the back of the skirt and tucks it into the top of the skirt.

John taps the Riding Crop on my right ass cheek, then the other one, John brings his hand back far and back down on my ass with a loud "thwack" soundI cry out "uhhhhh.do it again" I pleed. John brings his hand back again and smacks it down hard on my ass, "uhhhhhhhhh.again, again" I pleed, John does so again, and again, and again. making me moan with each smack.

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"I need you right now john, please fuck me?". John complies and undoes the chains I walk over to the bed and lean on it the skirt raising so you can just see my pussy.

John reaches under the skirt and unbutons the underwear part and lets it fall reveling my hairless pussy lips. John presses his leather covered cock against my hot box.

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John pushes down the leather shorts he let his cock out and ran it against my lips leting it gather juices from me.John pushes past my lips and up into my pussy and starts to rock back and forth slowly in slow aganizing strokes. I start to push back against him wanting more, he smacks my ass hard "don't do that" snappes John. I stop moving and let him slide as much of his 8 inch cock in as he want's at a time.

John begins to move faster and harder and with each of my moans comes a slap on the ass. I can feel my body start to tense up and my body starts to arch I let out a scream "I'm cumming oh fuck I'm cumming, I want you to cum inside me john please cum inside me" I beg and scream at the same time.

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I can feel his sweaty body smacking against mine as he, himself get close to his orgasm. I can feel his dick throbbing, and his body tense up as he lets out a loud moan and collapses next to my bent over body. Nikki walks in mid question "what are you two.ok" she says as she closes the door. I start to laugh and so does John.