Lesbian pretty buddies hot missionary fucking on the mat

Lesbian pretty buddies hot missionary fucking on the mat
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How could I have not seen this coming? But, it caught me totally off guard.

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My wife has always been a big sports fan, much more than I am. I never really got into sports, but she was interested in a big way.

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Basketball, baseball, football, you name it, she was into it. She was constantly talking about the stars of the games, comparing me to them and making sure that I knew where I didn't exactly measure up.

I just never thought she would ever let things go so far. It started just over 6 months ago. She was waiting at the door for me when I came home from work, something she hardly ever does. She was so excited that she could hardly talk, making little squeaking sounds of excitement. I had to ask her to repeat herself several times before I finally understood what she was saying. Her favorite baseball team was going to be in town this weekend to play the local team, and her favorite player Bobby "the Rod" Johnson was signing autographs Saturday evening, if you made a donation to his favorite charity.

She squeaked out "He's SUCH a STUD, and such a sweet guy to try to help those poor kids from the neighborhood he grew up in, I just can't wait to meet him!" And that was the start of it all. The rest of the week she was on cloud nine, happily getting herself set to meet her favorite "stud". Hair, nails, tanning booth, new clothes.just to look good for some ball player I'd never even seen before. Finally Saturday arrived, and she spent hours locked away in the bathroom and bedroom doing her makeup and getting everything just so.

Finally, the door flew open, and out came my wife. She looked incredibly hot. She was wearing this very low cut top with a short skirt, and hi-heels that made her as tall as I am. She looked like one of the girls in Penthouse magazine, her 36D tits proudly displayed and her long sexy legs wearing silky stockings, the tops just barely hidden by the edge of her skirt.

Her skirt was tight across her sexy, tear-drop shaped ass. A little too tight I realized, as I noticed there were no panty lines.

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"How do I look?" she asked brightly. "Wow, you look great!" I said.

"But aren't you showing a little too much to be going out alone like this?" I asked. Frowning deeply she responded "Don't be such a prick and rain on my parade, its not every day I get to meet "the Rod" and I want to look my best for him!" Snatching up her purse, she headed straight for the door. As she closed the door behind her she tossed "Don't wait up, I may be a little late!" and she was gone.

Several hours passed and I was beginning to get worried about where my wife was. I kept thinking about how provocatively she was dressed and how she was so concerned with meeting "the Rod" that she might not realize she had pushed things a little too far. I was about to try her cell phone when our telephone rang. I rushed over and answered. "Hello?" I heard my wife breathlessly ask. "Hey, I was just about to call you!" I replied. ".just a sec" I heard her say to someone else, then she giggled.

"Are you there?" I asked. "Oh, yes, I, er.I'm here." she stammered. "Is anything wrong?" I asked her. "No, no, everything is FINE." she said "but I need for you to do a favor for me." "Um, ok.sure, what ever you need." I said. "Great!" she almost shouted "I want you to go out for a little while tonight, ok honey?" "What do you mean?" I asked. "See, when I got to the table to get my autograph, I slipped "the Rod" my cell number with "call me" written above it, and he did! " she said excitedly "Can you believe it?" I was thinking about how my wife was dressed and how she was acting about this "stud" baseball player and I was pretty sure, as sexy as she is, that any guy would have "called her".

"I'm not sure I understand why you want me to go out for a while." I mumbled. "Don't be such an ass and ruin this for me, you KNOW how important this is!" she said, then added "I've invited "the Rod" over to "my house" for some drinks and I don't want you to be there to mess things up for me, ok honey?" "But, isn't he going to get the wrong idea if your husband isn't there when you get home?" I asked.

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"Don't be stupid!" she said crossly "I took off my wedding ring before I got to the autograph table, he thinks I'm single.now go on, get out of the house NOW, we will be there in 30 minutes and I don't want you getting caught leaving as we drive up!" I was shocked.

I didn't know what to think or do, but I knew that even if my wife didn't realize what she was getting herself into, that baseball player was definitely going to assume that she was trying to get him alone for sex! I knew that my wife would never screw around on me, but she was about to get in over her head. I knew I couldn't just leave her alone with this guy, but I also knew that if I was at home when they arrived, she was going to be extremely angry and I didn't want to think about what that might mean for me.

Suddenly it came to me! I would drive my car down to the local store, park and leave it there, then walk back to our house. I would slip into the spare bedroom where we had our security monitor, lock the door and use my headphones to listen in. I could watch the entire house on our color security cameras, and if things started to get out of hand, I could rush in and rescue my wife. I had just settled in when I heard a car pull into our driveway.

Just moments later I watched as the front door swung open and my sexy wife came strutting in, followed very closely by a huge black man who could only be "the Rod". I saw my wife close and deadbolt the door, and as she turned back toward the man who was now alone with my wife, I saw him push her up against the door with his body as he pulled her face up to him, kissing her passionately on the lips!

I almost bolted up and ran down the hall, but I saw my wife wrap her arms around his neck and kiss him back just as passionately! I couldn't believe that she was not only letting him kiss her, but she was kissing him back! I jealously noticed that she never kissed ME like that! As they broke their kiss, he swept my wife up into his arms as if she were nothing, and carried her into the main room.

He sat easily, swinging her into his lap. I noticed that her skirt was pushed up so that her bare bottom was sitting directly on his lap. I heard him ask "So, where is your husband?" With a shocked look on her face, my wife stammered "Umm, uh, husband?" "Yes, your husband." he replied "I saw you slip your wedding band off just before you slipped your note to me." Blushing brightly, my wife answered "I told him to go out for a while, that I wanted to be alone for a while tonight." "You know that I'm going to fuck you, don't you?" he asked.

Hanging her head, in a whispered voice my wife answered "Yes, I know you are going to fuck me insanely.I want you to, it's all I've thought about for weeks now." Hearing this, he slipped her off of his lap, into the floor and onto her knees, facing him.


"Take it out!" he ordered her. I watched in amazement as my wife's trembling hands unhooked his belt, unzipped his pants, reached in and pulled out the biggest cock I've ever seen! It must have been at least 10 inches long and was larger than a soda can around! My wife's hand couldn't reach completely around it! With her eyes wide, she gasps "It's so BIG, I'll never be able to handle it all!" "Don't worry." he said "You'll handle it all and love every inch of it!" I watched her lick her lips and lean forward and take as much of his huge member into her mouth as she could force in!

Almost chocking on it, she began sucking his huge cock, stroking it with her hand and squeezing his balls with her other hand. I couldn't believe it, but she was taking his cock deep into her throat, I could hear her choking on it but she took it deeper and deeper with each stroke, taking well over half of his length into her mouth! Suddenly he said "Now, strip for me, let me see my newest whore's naked body!" Not even flinching at being called his newest whore, my wife stood up and began taking off her clothes, writhing her body as if to hidden music, swaying and teasing as she removed everything, until she stood before him completely naked.

"Very nice." he said, standing and asking "Where's the bedroom?" Taking his hand, she led him into our bedroom. Switching cameras, I watched as he looked around and said "Not as nice as my crib, but it will do to fuck you in." I saw my wife watching intently as he removed his clothes, she could hardly take her eyes off of his cock, but she obviously loved the rest of his body almost as much.

When he was completely undressed, she pushed her naked body against his and began kissing his chest, then dropped slowly down to her knees again and took his rigid cock into her mouth again. Reaching down, he took her hair in his hands and pulled her roughly up to her feet. "Time to get to it, bitch." he snarled. He pulled her over to our bed, pushed her down roughly onto her back and said "Spread those legs so I can fuck you, whore!" Obediently, my wife spread her legs but said "I have condoms in that drawer, I bought them just in case this happened, and I'm not taking any birth control so you have to put one on!" Laughing he moved up between her legs and pushed the head of his huge cock up to her pussy lips.

"You're mine now, bitch, I'll fuck you any way I want, and if you get knocked up, your pathetic husband will take care of my kid if he likes it or not!" "No.no.please, I'm ovulating, if you cum in me you'll get me pregnant, I'm sure!" she begged. "Maybe I'll pull out and cum on your pretty face and tits" he laughed as he pushed his cock into my wife's tight little cunt.

"AAAAAHHHHHHH, it's TOO BIG!" she screamed. "Yeah, take it, you tight little cunt" he growled! "Oh, oh, OH, OHHHH!" I heard my wife moan, as I watched his huge cock slipping deeper and deeper into her wet pussy, until it was buried completely inside of her!

"You love my cock in your pussy, don't you bitch?" he snarled. "Yes, oh YES, I LOVE your cock deep in my pussy, fuck me, FUCK ME with your BIG, HARD COCK" she screamed as she arched her back and pushed against his huge cock, taking it deep inside of her. My wife was fucking this strange man, someone she'd never met before, fucking him like an animal, bucking and humping him like she'd never done with me, her husband! I was so humiliated, feeling the heat of my anger as I watched my wife letting another man fuck her, but I realized that it was also turning me on.

I'd never seen my wife being such a slutty little whore before and to be honest it was a huge turn on watching her being fucked hard by this big cock. After pounding my wife's pussy harder and harder for at least twenty minutes I heard their breathing both becoming ragged and fast and I knew something was about to happen. Suddenly I heard my wife start screaming "oh, oh, OH, OH, OH, OH, I'm CUMMING, I'M CUMMING!!!" as she bucked and thrashed like a mad woman, pushing herself hard onto his hard cock!

She was fucking him like mad, climaxing like I'd never seen her before. I realized that she must have always faked her orgasms with me and that this big, black cock was making my wife really cum for the first time since we'd been married.


"Yeah, baby, that's right, take my hard cock deep in that hot little white pussy!" he growled. Screaming and thrusting against him again and again, until finally she collapsed beneath her lover, my wife's worn and stretched pussy clamped down on his cock tightly, refusing to release his monster cock, even after she had climaxed beyond exhaustion.

"I'm going to cum, bitch." he said as he started to pull his cock from my wife's soaking wet cunt "Do you want it in your mouth on your tits?" "NO!" she screamed, wrapping her legs around him. "Cum in me, fuck your whore, baby." "You want me to knock you up, don't you bitch." he stated "You want my cum in your pussy, don't you!" "Yes, cum in me, please cum in me, please, please!" I heard my wife beg. "Ok, bitch, here it CUMS!" he shouted, as I watched his body tease and he slammed his cock deep into my wife's pussy.

"YES, YES, YES!" she screamed, cumming on his cock as he shot his sperm deep into her obviously fertile womb. Again and again he slammed his cock deep into her, pumping his jism deep inside of my wife, until he collapsed on top of her, covering her completely, his huge, spent cock still deep in her pussy. As he rolled off of her, pulling his swollen cock out of her abused pussy, I heard him say "You know I own your cunt now, don't you bitch!" "Yes, I know.I belong to you completely" my unbelieving ears heard my wife say.

"You will fuck anyone I tell you to fuck, any time or place I tell you to fuck them from now on, bitch!" he commanded. "But.but.I only want." my wife stammered. "You are nothing but a dirty little whore, I OWN you, whore, you WILL do what I say! Do you understand, bitch?" I heard him command her. Hanging her head, I heard my wife answer "Yes, I'm a dirty little whore and I will do what ever you say, with who ever you tell me to, any time you tell me to." "Good, now here are the rules, bitch." he told her "From now on, you will never let your husband touch you with his cock.you can stroke his cock if he calls me himself and begs permission, and ONLY if I tell you that you can stroke him.

You can never let any of his cum touch you or your clothes. You can never be naked in front of him again, and he will sleep on the couch, never in bed with you" Then he added "You will never let him fuck you. He can suck the cum of other men from your pussy but only if he will swallow it like the pussy that he is.

Any real man would never let his wife be a whore like you are." "Any time that I call you, you will immediately stop what ever you are doing and go anywhere I tell you. You will do anything I command you to do with anyone I command you to do it with.

If any man ever comes to your house at any time and tells you that I sent him, you will strip naked in front of him with the door open for your neighbors to see, as you drop to your knees and suck his cock, then you will take him inside, close the door, and let him fuck you in any and every way that he wants.

If I send a group of men, you will take as many cocks in every hole that you have, and you will let every one of them cum in your pussy." he instructed. "Do you understand, bitch?" he asked. "Yes." she answered numbly. "Good." he said. "Now, go clean yourself up, but keep my cum in your pussy until your husband gets home, then make him eat your pussy and swallow my cum, make him the pussy that he really is." With that, he dressed and as he started for the door he asked "What are you going to tell your husband when he is finished swallowing my cum from your pussy, bitch?" "That I'm your whore, to be used by you or any man you tell me to service, any time, any place, and that he can't ever fuck me again, and if he has any problem with that, he has to leave." she said softly.

"And?" he demanded. "That I'm pregnant with your baby, and that if he stays, he will have to raise your child and that you will come and go as you wish here." "Good little whore." he said, then turned and cockily strode out the door, taking my wife's car as he left.

After sitting in the dark, stunned, for an hour, I quietly made my way out the back door, walking back to my car. I drove home thinking about what I had just seen and heard. As I pulled into the driveway, I decided to pretend that I had no idea what had happened, pretending that I knew nothing, and hoping that my wife would do the same.

Everything could go on just like before, as long as I didn't know. I parked the car and came into the house. As late as it was, I did what I would have done any other time and quietly made my way to our bedroom.

As I walked in, I noticed that my wife was wearing her sexiest nightie, sitting on the bed waiting for me, her legs held tightly together. "Um, hi, how did it go?" I asked innocently. "I have a lot to tell you." she said "but right now, I'm so horny, baby, will you please eat my pussy?" I stared for a moment, then undressed, dropped to my knees as she spread her legs. As I slipped my tongue into her cunt and tasted "the Rods" cum, feeling how lose and wet her cunt was, I knew my life had changed forever.

Just as I swallowed the last of my wife's lover's cum, she climaxed again, then, catching her breath, she told me everything.

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Now, six months later, I've lost count of the trips out of town that my wife has made. Her pregnancy is far enough along that everyone knows that she's going to have a baby.

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I have to bite down my reaction when anyone congratulates me about our expected baby. I don't know what to tell the neighbors when they try to ask about the hundreds of men that have been coming to our house at all hours of the day and night. And I've learned to be satisfied with eating the cum of other men out of my whore wife's pussy, as I stroke my own tiny little cock. I have forgotten what it feels like to have my cock in her cunt, but as stretched out as it is from all of the huge cocks she's taken for the last six months, I don't think either of us would feel it anyway, even if I could get permission from her owner to fuck my own wife.