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Bdsm teen deepthroats black cock
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I wrote earlier about growing up in a household where nudity and even open masturbation were considered ok. I had a brother and a younger sister. It was ok for me and my brother to masturbate in front of my sister.or our parents.but there was no touching allowed.

Nobody ever said anything about it being taboo for my brother and I to touch each other but we were always afraid to try it in front of our parents. You may recall in my previous story that I had a gf Linda who eventually joined in on the family nudity and even advanced as far as jacking me off in front of my dad. I was 16 at the time but by the time I was 18 Linda and I had split up.

I had a few other girlfriends but had never been comfortable enough with them to introduce them into public nudity at my house much less any sex stuff. So any time a gf was at my house, the whole family had to put on clothes. It was kind of a drag but not too many girls that age were as liberal as Linda had been.

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I would never have broken up with her but her family moved to the opposite coast. After Linda left my sex life was mostly solo masturbation. I did like to jack off in front of my sister just because I could tell that watching me stroke my cock was arousing to her.

When she was younger she pretty much ignored my brother and me when we had an erection in her presence and started stroking it. She would usually leave the room or just not pay any attention. But now, I guess her hormones had kicked in and she seemed to actually want to watch us. At first she would just sit there and watch us stroke our meat with our balls bouncing up and down.

But later she would rub her pussy. She tried to sit so that we couldn't see what she was doing but it was pretty hard for her to hide it. And eventually she gave up trying disguise what she was doing and started openly rubbing her clit and fingering her vagina.

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I remember the first day that she really got into it. Both my brother and I were jacking our cocks while sitting on the sofa. She was sitting opposite from us and was intently watching. She had her legs together with her fingers down between them. Pretty soon I guess she got exasperated with not being able to really properly finger herself and she spread her legs wide. She sat like that for awhile with her legs spread, rubbing her clit.

Then she actually pulled her feet up onto the chair with her knees almost up to her chest and her pussy fully on display. There was something totally wanton about this pose and it kind of tipped me over. I had been stroking my cock for some time.sort of edging it trying to make it last as long as I could. But when she put her legs up like that, it was just so damn arousing that I couldn't hold back any longer.

Cum started shooting out of my prick and splashed up over my chest and one spurt even caught me under the chin. I was in total ecstasy. I kept furiously pounding my hard cock as more semen spurted over me. I think it might have been one of the biggest loads I had spewed forth. I continued to milk my prick to get every last drop of semen coaxed out of it. Finally there was no more cum to get. I looked at my sister and her eyes were as big as saucers.


I don't think she had seen either my brother or me spurt out so much cum. It must have been very arousing for her because she arched her back and rubbed her clit with total abandon and came with a very noisy and wet orgasm.

I saw a lot of juice on her fingers and all over her pussy and thighs. She left a good size wet spot on the sofa, which would probably require a good story for mom. Although mom was used to cum spots on the furniture so it was no big deal. In fact mom unexpectedly walked into the living room at that moment. My brother had just started spurting his cum as she walked in.

Since this wasn't anything particularly unusual, he didn't even slow down just because mom was there. I guess what was unusual was for her to see all three of us engaged in masturbation together.

I think this might have been the first time that mom actually saw my sister engaged in it in front of us. Sis was still lightly stroking her wet pussy and I am sure it was totally obvious to our mother what had been going on. Sis was sitting on a big wet spot with girl cum all over her. I was splattered with boy cum all over my stomach and chest and now there was a string of it trailing from the tip of my cock.

Mom did have sort of a shocked look on her face for a second but immediately broke into a laugh. She commented about what a good time we appeared to be having and said to sit still, she would be right back. She returned from the kitchen with three wet cloths and proceeded to clean each of us up in turn. She squatted next to the sofa and took my deflating cock in her hand and wiped it clean. Then she wiped all the goo off my chest and stomach. She held my cock rather tightly while she wiped the cum off my body.

This caused my prick to start to harden again.being the totally horny teenager that I was. She just smiled at me and gave it a quick little pump.

She then moved to my brother and proceeded to clean him up as well. Finally she took the third cloth and wiped all the girl juice from my sister's pussy and thighs. She didn't say anything about what we had been doing because basically it had all been within the guidelines our parents had established.

Later that evening mom and dad went to the movies along with my brother. My sister and I were left alone. And as usual when in the house, we were nude. We were in the living room again watching tv when my sister made a comment about how much cum had gushed out of my cock. She wanted to know why I had cum so much more copiously than usual. I told her that there was something highly arousing about the way she had put her feet up on the chair and spread her pussy lips.

And that it had turned me on a lot and caused my cock to not only spew a lot of cum, but it was as hard as it had ever been. She said "You mean like this?" As she said this, she pulled her feet up just like she had earlier. As she did, she slid her hand down her lower stomach with her middle finger extended and let it graze over her clit.

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My penis immediately sprang to life. Damn that was hot!! Sis laughed and clapped her hands. "Just like Pavlov's dog," she exclaimed. She jumped out of the chair and plopped down next to me on the sofa. She reached over and grabbed my stiff prick. "We are not supposed to do that!" I screeched.

She totally ignored me and started stroking it up and down.


She said that rule had been put into effect when she was so much younger and now that she was a relatively mature young girl, it wasn't necessary. I wasn't sure that made sense.and probably wouldn't to my mother and father.but with her right hand pumping my cock and her left hand massaging my nutsack, I wasn't about to argue.

She had me scoot forward on the sofa and she hopped off and knelt between my legs on the floor. She slid her left hand under my balls and gripped them but had one finger extended that touched my asshole. Her right hand got a firm grip on my cock and she proceeded to jack me off. As her right hand slid up and down the length of my steel hard prick, her left hand gripped my nuts and moved back and forth with the tip of her finger massaging my anus.

She didn't penetrate it but the feeling of her finger tip massaging the wrinkled flesh put me into orbit. There was no way I could take much of this even though I had cum heavily just a few hours before.

Sis sped up her movements on both my cock and my ass, gripping my prick tighter and tighter until I knew I was going to explode. And sure enough, a wet stream of jism jetted out of my prick like a rocket. My semen was much thinner than my previous cum but the force of my ejaculation seemed to be even stronger this second time around. When I was about to cum, she saw it coming and pointed my prick down towards my body so that the wet gooey stuff splattered all over me.

She at least knew enough to keep jacking me even after I had started cumming. She had seen me and my brother jack off enough times to know not to quit like so many girls do when a cock starts spurting. She continued to milk my prick long after the last drop of cum had been coaxed out and I finally had to ask her to stop because the sensation was too intense. She finished me off by grasping the glans of my still hard prick with the tips of her fingers and massaged it with my cum juice forcefully until I had to grab her hand and pull it away.

It was just way too intense. She leaned forward and touched her lips to the incredibly sensitive head of my cock. She let it slip in between her lips and sucked off the coating of cum on it that she had spread around with her fingers.

Then she let it slip out of her mouth.

I lay there for a few minutes totally spent. She lightly fondled my now softening prick. In fact, now that there was no danger of getting a faceful of cum, she got extremely close and started examining it in detail.

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Rolling the foreskin back and forth over the head while intently looking at it. She even squeezed the head opening up the eye so she could look right down inside it.

I told her that I would like to return the favor and get her off but she said she really wasn't in the mood for that. She said she had been totally focused on my pleasure and had put all of her concentration and effort into getting me off plus she wanted a ringside seat to see my cum gush out. She had seen me cum many times but always from a distance.

I asked her if it was everything she had hoped it would be and she said it was even better. In fact, she said she hoped to have many more closeup views of my prick spurting forth a load of cum.

And who was I to argue?