Cute Petite Blonde Step Daughter Makes Sex Video With Step Dad For Mom On Fathers Day POV

Cute Petite Blonde Step Daughter Makes Sex Video With Step Dad For Mom On Fathers Day POV
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This is a story about me and my best friends sister My name is Nick, and I am 15 years old. I lead a sort of normal life at school, living in more of the geek and nerd clique though. I participate in knowledge bowl, drama, speech, stuff like that, yet I hang out with all kinds of people. One of my best friends, whose name shall not be said, sister is in first block Spanish II with me. This means that we got to know each other quite well over the course of the year.

She even started going to all the movies that me and my buddies go to together. Jesse, for that is her name, was also a very, VERY hot girl, although most people didn't really notice like I did.


One night, our school held a Spanish club dance. This just meant that even though it wasn't Spanish themed, the Spanish club had to do all of the work. We started after school, doing pointless shit like setting up for food, lights, that kind of shit. Most of the time we just sat around doing nothing. I had been hitting on Jesse almost the whole year now, but nothing really serious, just small flirtations, and I think that she returned them back, but everything was small.

My few morals got in the way, seeing as this was my best friends sister, and he had confronted me about hitting on Jesse.


I wasn't really concerned though, because it didn't seem to be going anywhere. Now, I know it sounds dorky, but at dances I always where this cool black top hat. I don't know why, but everyone seems to love it.

The dance had finally started and people were showing up, so I donned my top hat, and went to work at the food table. (Nothing picks up for an hour, so I opted for free food) About five minutes later, Jesse came up behind me, really close, although I didn't notice. I was in the middle of hitting on this very hot chick I know, a junior like Jesse, and I thought that was going somewhere. Out of the blue, Courtney's (The girl I was hitting on) eyes go wide, and my hat is whisked away, and all I hear is devilish giggling.

I spin around, furious (This was my hat man!), when I notice that it was Jesse. "What do you think" she said, Popping it on, and going into some sort of girly pose. "I think you should give me my hat back before I go crazy and kill everyone I see" (characteristically me) I said.

She just pouted and walked away, tossing my hat at me.

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"So, where were we?" as I went to talk to Courtney, only to discover that she had vanished during the whole thing. Disgruntled, I went to talk to Jesse to explain to her that one girl should not interfere when someone she knows is trying to score with someone else.

When I found her, she was sitting outside the gym, on some old gym mats. "So, how's Courtney?" she asked. Damn, I hate when chicks have jealous mood swings. "Fine." I replied "But she would probably be better if you didn't interrupt our little flirting thing there." "Nick! She's older then you!" said Jesse.

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"Yeah, so what? I can't hit on juniors then?" I asked. "Well you can, but at least pick the right junior to hit on!" She replied, obviously frustrated. She walked away, leaving me to try and figure out exactly what she meant by that. "Wait!" I said, catching up to her "Is there someone else I should be hitting on then?" I asked, thinking I would get some stupid answer.

"Well, maybe me." She quietly replied, throwing me totally off guard. (I wasn't prepared for this one, whew) When I didn't say anything, she said "Nick, we have been hitting on each other for the better part of a year now, don't you think it's about time something came out of it?" "Wha… Huh. What?" I replied "You're my best friends sister!" I exclaimed.

"Well then, you've already met my parents then, leaving us free to be with each other!" she said, with a devilish look in her eyes.

My eyes just went wide, and I think my mouth dropped open. "Here," she said, dragging me away, "Follow me." At this point, I was getting very confused, yet very curious. What exactly did she want to do with me, that she was taking me to the part of the school where people weren't allowed to go? "What do you want" I asked. "Nothing much," she replied, "Just you!" And with that, we fell into a girls bathroom, with her falling on top of me, kissing me furiously.

"Mmph!" I half-yelled into her mouth, as I fell flat on my ass, her on top of me. "Hey, whoa!" I heard behind me. "This room is taken!" I tore Jesse off me and looked around.


I couldn't believe what I saw, Lydia, Jesses' best friend, naked up against the wall, and her boyfriend holding her up with his cock! "Oh, hi Lydia," Jesse said, "How's, it going?" "Pretty&hellip. damn&hellip. good&hellip. Ohhhh!" Lydia replied, as her boyfriend resumed his aggressive pounding into her pussy.

I was just amazed, Lydia's' tits were bouncing around, I was hard as a rock! "Oh Scott!" she screamed, "I'm Cumming!" Suddenly, Lydia started convulsing, and she was moaning with delight the whole time. When at last she calmed down again, she rode Scott like a horse there on the wall until he gasped out "It's time!" With that, Lydia jumped off the cock (Quite literally, it really was amazing) and took Scott in her mouth.

My mouth was still laying against the ground, my jaw had dropped so far. While Lydia was busy sucking Scott off, I looked over to see was Jesse's reaction was now. I was even more surprised than I had been for the last six minutes or so when I saw that she had her hand in her pants, shoving around, and her other on her newly bared breast!

(Man, you think I'd notice something like that, with how much I stare at her tits) "Whoa!" I cried, falling backwards, "What the FUCK is happening around here?" "Just that," I heard behind me, from Lydia, I looked back and saw that Scott had sat down, cock deflated, and she was sitting next to him, gently rubbing it. "Fuck is happening." At this point, I was pretty sure I was insane. First of all, I have never heard Lydia say the word fuck before. Second of all, Jesse, the girl I had fantasized about for a while now, was masturbating next to me (and moaning at this point), third, I hadn't even taken advantage of the situation yet!

(Usually, I am a calm and collected person, always thinking to my advantage, assassin mind, I called it) I suddenly realized that I hurt somewhere.

My mind was still a little wigged out, so I thought of reasons why I might hurt, as I had not discerned its source yet. Was it from the fall? No, it was to gentle to be that.

Then what was it? That's when my brain kicked in. Nick! You're harder than a brick right now! I looked down, the bulge in my pants was defiantly noticeable. Did I mention that I ripped my shirt on something on the way down?

I looked around. Jesse was still moaning next to me, eyes shut, Lydia had taken Scott in her mouth as a way to get him to rise back up, and Scott was obviously distracted. I quickly reached down and adjusted myself so that I wasn't in such a painful position. Apparently, that movement was enough to snap Jesses' eyes open. "Nick! Aren't you going to even do anything?" she said, sticking her finger in her mouth (erotically, I might add) "You're not gay are you?" she asked.

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"What? Of course I'm not gay!" I replied, eyes bulging. "Well," she said, "Prove it. Are you even hard?" I couldn't reply in any other way I know. I reached down, unzipped my pants, and pulled all eight and a half inches out. (I'm only fifteen, remember? You can't expect too much) Plus, I was so hard, if I didn't whip it out soon, I don't know what might have happened.

"Oh!" was Jesse's reply. Her eyes bulged and she licked her lips.

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Good sign. I guess Lydia was attracted by the fact that there was a hard cock in the room, and she sort of crawled over to where we were. "Oh Nick, you have a pretty big cock for someone your age. I don't suppose you know how to use it?" she purred. Honestly, I didn't. This was going to be my first time. "Not really, I'm still a virgin" I mumbled.

"What?" Jesse said? She came over. (I noticed her shirt and bra were completely off now, didn't help my unserviced cock) "I thought you had sex with Emily earlier this year?" "No, She broke up with me before we could" "Then I'll fix that!" and at that point, she grabbed my cock. I was frozen.

"No!" Lydia said, "I should get him first, I'm more experienced!" "Hell no," Jesse said, "I've been looking at him for months now!" (Ha! I knew it) "Well, let's let him choose then, shall we?" "Ok, Nick who do you want to fuck?

Lydia," she sneered "Or me?" with that, she spread her legs to show her shaved pussy, juices flowing onto the floor. "Don't I have any opinion on this?" Scott said.

"Nick, I don't want you to fuck my girlfriend." "Don't worry, I want Jesse" I said. With that, I stood up, cock waving, and let my pants drop down a little farther so my balls could get some more air. Jesse yipped in joy, (while Lydia pouted) and jumped, grabbed my hat off the floor, put it on, and whisked her skirt and panties off, all in one motion.

"Talented." I said, bringing her up against me. "Now that's the Nick I know." She said. My shirt was already ripped, and I had a spare in my locker, not far from here, so I just ripped this one off, with the hopes that it might be a little impressive. I guess it was. Jesse kneeled down and felt me up a little. She gently rubbed my balls as I leaned against a near wall, I could tell I was going to need support soon. "I can't wait anymore!" she said, and promptly took me in her mouth.

She moved her mouth up and down working up a steady rhythm, while flicking my head with her tongue and rubbing my balls. Now, at this point, I think I should say that I hadn't jacked off in about three days now, so I had quite a load built up. "Whoa Jesse!" I said "Im gonna cum!" "Good," she mumbled around my cock, "I want your steaming hot load in my mouth!" Needless to say, I didn't disappoint. I'm pretty sure that I exceeded expectations with all the cum that I loaded into her mouth.

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She finally pulled off, and wiped her mouth off with her hand, then started licking it. "Damn Jesse," I said "how do you expect a guy to just stand through this?" "I don't know!" I heard across the room. I looked over, and saw that Scott was licking Lydia's pussy, and that Lydia was moaning. "Eat me." I looked down at Jesse. "Eat me!" she said again. "I don't know what to do!" I said. "Learn!" She growled, laying down. I love to learn. She was laying on her back, so I started with gently fondling her nipples.

She started to quietly moan. Instinctively, I took my hands off her breasts and put my mouth on her right breast. I made sure that I wasn't sucking too hard, and I started to flick my tongue over her nipple. Now she started making definitely audible noises, moaning just loud enough for us all to hear. I moved my hand down to her pussy, which had started seeping pussy juices.

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I quickly shoved two fingers up her slit and started to finger fuck her, while alternating my mouth over her two nipples. I could feel her pussy muscles squeezing together, and I knew that she was going to cum. As quick as I could, I slid one more finger up there, and finger fucked for all I was worth, she quietly came on my fingers, making little squelching noises through her pussy juice.

She grabbed my head and pulled it away from her breasts, and gave me a fierce kiss. She sat up and sort of grinded on my leg as she kissed me, rubbing her clit on my leg, and covering my leg with her pussy juice. My cock was up and ready to go for another round.

She noticed this, and as fast as I could think about entering her, jumped up and impaled herself upon my cock. "Oh," she said "You really are a big boy aren't you?" "You naughty girl," I said "You shouldn't talk like that." And with "that" I withdrew, and slammed myself into her wet pussy. "Oh!" she cried, sliding up and down my shaft, "Fuck yes! Oh, Fuck!" I naturally settled into a slow and steady rhythm, impaling my cock into her wet pussy, over and over again.

When I could tell that she started to get close to orgasm, I brought up they pace steadily until I was fucking as hard and fast as I could. "Oh! It's HERE!" she screamed as her orgasm blossomed inside her. I could feel her hot, tight pussy muscles squeezing me, and when she started to twist her hips, I knew I was gone. I started to withdraw, but she looked at me hungrily and slammed herself back upon my cock. "No, I want to feel your steaming hot load deep inside my cunt!" she cried, forcing her way to another orgasm.

As she started to cum, I shot my load into her, just like she told me to. "Oh yes!" she screamed, and we both collapsed to the floor, completely exhausted. "Don't worry Nick," she said "I'm secretly on birth control" "Oh, good. I don't know how I would explain to Andy (My best friend) how your first child was mine." We both laughed.

"Where's Lydia?" I said.

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"She left about five minutes ago" we heard from a stall. It was not Scott. "Whoa! Who's there?" I said, standing up as Jesse reached for our clothing and my hat.

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