Download free mobile married straight gay porn Purse thief becomes

Download free mobile married straight gay porn Purse thief becomes
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After parking his wife's practically new minivan away from all the other cars, the shade of the mall's parking garage was a relief from the summer sun. Dave bent down to get his receipt. He knew the store wouldn't take back the wrench without it. Sitting up, he saw some little black Honda had just pulled alongside and blocked his door.

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Jerk off, Dave thought. Looking down, he saw blonde, luxurious hair splayed across the nude midriff of a hairy guy. The guy had his tee shirt pulled up to his chest and his pants around his knees.


The blonde was already involved in giving a guy a serious blowjob. Dave wasn't sure what to do, but watching her lick and suck was making him horny. He imagined her hair gently caressing his belly as she licked his balls and stroked his cock. He knew that he was supposed to return the wench and come right home, but being blocked in made it a different story. He couldn't help watching as the girl sucked on the head of the guy's cock while gently fingering his balls.

He watched the guy's hips rise slightly to meet her mouth; he heard the guy groan. She looked good. Dave hadn't seen anything but lovely locks and manicured hands. Still, she looked like she knew how to give a blowjob, and she looked like she enjoyed it. As she sucked her guy's schlong, she began to strip. Her mouth still in place, she unbuttoned her blouse and slowly stripped it off.

"Oh Baby, yeah. You look so good, you feel so good. Keep going," the guy said. She slipped out of the blouse and rubbed her breasts against his thigh. "Oh Baby, your titties are so nice." He reached forward and cupped a boob in one hand, fondling it. She sucked and played with him, running her fingernails over his balls and the shaft of his cock while she worked the head with her tongue. Then she would dive deep; his dick would almost disappear into her mouth as she grabbed both balls in one hand and gently squeezed.

Dave couldn't take anymore; he slid the driver's seat back and reclined two notches. A boring Saturday, blocked in the van and a little porn show going on outside his window, he figured what the hell. He unbuckled his jeans, picked his ass off the seat, and slid them down to his ankles. He wriggled into a better viewing position and slowly massaged his own cock as he watched.

The girl put her mouth over the head of his cock; propped herself up on one arm, and with the other undid her shorts. The guy, taking his queue, slipped the shorts down to her ankles where she just stepped out of them. Her narrow waist and shiny black thong framed her bubble butt, making it look She quickly got back to a full contact blowjob, as the guy began rubbing her huge, almost naked ass.

Dave's cock sprung to full attention when he saw the lush, round butt squirming beneath the caresses of the guy's hand. The more he stroked her, the more she pushed her ass toward his hand.

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He watched as the guy's hand slipped beneath the lycra thong. At first it was a finger here and there, just rubbing the top of her ass crack.

As she pushed her ass against his hand. He slipped his fingers deep under the thong with one hand and then with both hands began to strip it off. He slid the sides over her wide, round hips. She kept sucking him has she wiggled her thighs out of the thong and let it slide down to he feet. With the skimpy cloth tucked in her toes, she bent her knees up to her ass and let the guy pluck the skimpy thong from between her toes and hang it on the rearview mirror.

Dave began stroking full bore; his cock was rock hard, he could feel the veins popping as he stroked. An SUV pulled up beside the minivan on the passenger's side. Dave slowed his stroke and looked over. In the driver's seat, looking into his van was an attractive middle-aged woman. She looked, and then looked again. Dave's heart pounded. He was done for. He figured that she would get his plate number, turn him in to security or the police, and it would be the most humiliating experience of his life.

Instead, the woman did something completely unexpected. She stretched out her middle finger and slowly stuck it in her mouth. She made exaggerated sucking motions before she slowly pushed her finger below the doorsill. He watched the pumping movement of her shoulder; he imagined her wet finger sliding aside some silky briefs and diving into the depths of her hot, wet cunt.

It made him all the more hard knowing that she was watching him jerk off and was playing with herself. He lifted his hips slightly so that she could get a better look while she masturbated. He slowed his stroking and tightened his grip; his cock head turned a dark purple. Dave knew he was getting ready to spew. Looking down into the Honda, he could see the guy stiffen as the girl sucked the sperm from the back of his balls.

The guy wailed; his hips bucked and he slapped girl's ass, something she obviously enjoyed.

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Knowing he'd get nothing like that, Dave turned his attention to his peer, the older brunette in the SUV. She looked him straight in the eye and sucked the breath right out of him.

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He couldn't believe his luck; he couldn't believe how bold she was. He looked directly into her eyes and felt the electricity that bursts through the body when two strangers lock eyes. This time he practically dared her to look away; this time she didn't. He saw nothing of her movements, but stayed locked with her gazed. He head leaning against the headrest rolled back and forth.

Her dark red lips parted. As she breathed harder and harder, he got harder and harder. Still, Dave kept his eyes fixed on hers. He felt like he knew what she wanted and what she felt.


He was wet; the head of his cock and the palm of his hand were sticky with pre-cum. He tightened his grip and felt the bulging veins in his cock ripple beneath his hand as he stroked.

When she looked away from his eyes, it was only to watch him masturbate. As he heard a moan from the woman, he saw her shoulders shiver.

A blob of cum flew from the end of his cock and plopped onto the steering wheel. A quick glance to the SUV and the woman was still staring, watching, waiting for him to cum.


Dave had this momentary fantasy that she would climb out of the truck and into his van and suck his balls right through his dick, like the girl had done to the guy in the Honda. He stroked faster, he felt the hot load push from the base of his cock and cum jumped from his dick onto the plastic carpet mats. Dave looked over at the woman. She flashed a quick smile, dropped the SUV into gear and drove off.