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Katja Kassin hot dp und Sperma schlucken
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Enjoy Chapter 2 Jay lay on his mother's bed, flat on his back. There was no moonlight here, and Shellie clicked on the small reading light on the bulkhead. "I want to see," she whispered. Jay gazed at his mother. He didn't feel shy, or embarrassed. He felt an intense excitement, his cock standing out of the fly of his shorts, very hard.

He was proud of his hard-on, pleased that his mother found it fascinating.

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He looked at her. Her silk gown clung to her slender body, outlining it. The top strained over her pointing tits, the lace exposing the creamy swells. He saw the shape of his mother's thighs, the way her nipples pressed at the tip. His cock jerked back and forth as he looked at her. Shellie sat near his thighs, staring at her son's cock with smoldering eyes. She was pleased with the size, the long shaft and rounded head.

She ran a hand up her son's thigh, toying with his balls. "Beautiful," she murmured huskily. "It's very beautiful, Jay." Her hands moved up and down his thighs, caressing his flesh. She hooked her fingers into the waist band of his shorts, and slowly dragged them down.

Jay lifted his ass slightly as his mother pulled his shorts to his knees. Shellie again gazed upon his cock, watching his young balls. They looked very full, loaded and hot. She moved her hand up his leg once more, and stroked the tips of her fingers over his balls. Jay gasped and looked down. He was breathing harshly with excitement, and Shellie was pleased with his responses to her fondling hand.

She drew one knee up, resting her chin on it as she gazed hotly at his exposed cock and balls, gently touching them. She wanted to expose herself to him, show him her juicy cunt, but was afraid that once he saw her unusually long clit he might react as his father had done.

But since her pussy was bubbling with liquid fire, she pressed her other hand to her crotch, exerting pressure upon that throbbing clit-knob. When she moved her hand on her pussy, the silky gown slipped along her thigh, revealing the smooth, creamy leg to her crotch. "Oh, Jay," she mewled, closing her fist about his cock again.

"It's so hard, baby! So very hard!" Jay watched his mother, his eyes darting from her thigh to the hand that was now rubbing up and down her crotch. He wanted to see his mother's cunt. It was exciting to watch her rubbing between her legs as she pumped his cock.

For his first experience with a girl, it was plenty for Jay. No one other than himself had touched his cock, and he enjoyed his mother's hot fist around it. "Ohhh, baby, I'd love to make you come," Shellie whispered hotly, squeezing his cock very hard. "I'd love to make you come this way!" She sat on his right side, her right hand moving up and down his cock. She parted her long legs wide, but kept the other knee up and her chin on it. She rubbed at her cunt through the gown, breathing forcefully, her tits lifting and falling.

Jay squirmed his hips, unable to remain still beneath the stroking fist of his mother. "Oh, yes," she mewled. "Move, honey! Move all you want. I know you can't be still when it feels so good." Jay was moaning softly now, his hips twisting as his mother's fist moved up and down his cock.

Shellie sat with her legs opened, her palm moving, feeling the wet heat of her cunt coming through the thin gown. Her fist moved faster, and her palm rubbed with increasing speed. She writhed her ass on the bed, whimpering as she jacked her son's cock. There was something especially erotic about him lying there on his back with those shorts stretched at his knees. She licked her lips, tasting the wetness from kissing his cock as he sat on his bunk. She felt the urge to lower her face, kiss it again, lick at the head, swirl her tongue around it and lap his piss hole.

She resisted the urge, not wanting to startle her son with such a thing. She rubbed her pussy, excited because he was watching her do it, and she pumped at his throbbing cock with her other hand. One of her thighs was completely exposed to her hip, and Jay gazed at the inner flesh.

Jay moaned. "Oh, Mom, you're doing it too fast!" With a lewd giggle, Shellie pounded faster on his cock, her fist flying up and down, smacking at the base with a soft sound.

Then she twisted her palm around the wet head, closed her fingers about the shaft, and jerked vigorously again. "It's not so fast, honey," she whispered. "Your cock will squirt for Mother, won't it?

I can make your cock squirt, can't I?" "If you keep going that fast, you will!" He lifted his hips as his mother came down, and lowered them when she pulled upward, making fucking thrusts at her fist.

He couldn't prevent the movement. Her fist felt so good on his cock. So excited to be jacking her son's cock off, Shellie had shoved her hand beneath her lifted gown. Now she was working a finger into her cunt, then up over her swollen clit into her cunt again. Jay stared at her exposure, seeing her finger moving into her pussy, the thick, silky hair, and part of her clit. He watched her finger stab into the pink wetness of her cunt, eyes bulging with excitement.

Shellie's finger made wet sounds as she finger-fucked herself, while her other hand was beating frantically on her son's cock. She twisted and writhed her ass at the mattress, gasping and whimpering with boiling hunger. Her fist banged furiously at his hard cock, making his balls jiggle. Her finger rammed in and out of her cunt, and then she drew it up to her long clit.

She rubbed her slippery wet finger about the inflamed tip with as much frenzy as she jerked Jay's prick. "Oh, show me, Jay! Let Mother see you squirt! Oh, darling, come! Let it go, baby! Shoot it in the air!" A soft scream bubbled from her throat and she rammed her finger hard and deep up her cunt, holding it there.

Her eyes glazed and she shivered, squeezing his cock desperately. "Ohhh, I came!" she gasped. "My God, I came, Jay!" Jay's eyes were big as he stared at his mother's finger up her cunt.

He wanted to see more of her pussy, but her hand covered it except for hair along the side. "Now, you!" she hissed, and began to jerk his cock hard and fast with short, jerking pumps of her fist.

"You're going to come, too! I'm going to make you come, Jay!" Jay grunted and arched his hips upward as his mother's hand flew up and down his cock. Shellie watched his prick with hot eyes, her finger still buried in her pussy, but not moving.

Her cunt was squeezing at her finger, and her long clit burned at her palm.

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She moved her fist up and down her son's cock almost desperately. "Come, Jay!" she urged in a husky voice. "It's your turn, baby! Let Mother see you come! Squirt it, Jay, squirt it!" Jay was struggling, his uplifted hips twisting. His balls became very tight, and drew up at the base of his cock. "Mom, I'm about to . to come!" he shouted. "Yes!" Shellie cried out. "Come for me! Come for Mother!" Shellie's eyes stared at her son's piss hole, watching it flare open and drip, the head bulging smoothly.

She felt her son's cock throb with more power, and she waited anxiously to see his cum juice gush from it. Jay's cock erupted. "Ahhh, baby!" Shellie gurgled, seeing the thick cum juice spurt high into the air, splashing back down on her wrist.

She pumped as he came, and the cum juice squirted time and again, going high, spattering her lower arm, his thighs, his stomach. "God, Jay! Oooh, come hard! Sweet, sweet cum!" Time and again his cock gushed, coming more than Shellie suspected. By the time he finished, her lower arm and fist were glistening with the slippery cum juice, and his thighs and stomach looked coated.

With a grunt of pleasure, Jay let his ass fall to the bed, but Shellie kept her tight grip on his cock, feeling it relax. Her eyes were bright, and her face was radiant with excitement. She licked her lips, and when his cock was soft in her hand, she turned it loose. She leaned forward on her hands and knees and kissed her son on his mouth, writhing her full lips against his with a soft, purring sound. "Don't go away," she whispered as she swung her legs over the edge of the bed.

The small bathroom was a feet away, and she slipped into it, leaving the door open. The small reading light on the bulkhead gave just enough illumination for Jay to watch his mother.

She ran water over a cloth, and then came back to him. She washed the cum juice from his thighs and stomach, then gently washed his cock and balls, squeezing them tenderly and with a great deal of affection, smiling at her son.

"Did you like that, honey?" she asked softly.


Jay nodded, grinning up at her. "It's better than doing it for yourself, isn't it?" "It sure is, Mom," he agreed, watching her as she used the cloth to clean her arm and hand. She leaned down and kissed his mouth once more, then returned to the small bathroom.

Again she left the door open, but stood facing her son. She lifted her gown to her hips, and sat on the toilet. Jay stared at her, his eyes seeing the thrust of her pointed tits, the creamy flesh of her thighs. Then he heard her pissing, and he giggled. "It isn't funny," she said. "I've heard you pissing in here a lot, you know. And . I saw you piss over the deck earlier." Jay flushed lightly.

"Oh, don't act embarrassed," she said. "You knew I was there, that I might not be dozing.

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You're so damned innocent, you know, baby." Shellie tore a few squares of paper, then changed her mind and tossed the paper into the small waste basket. She stood, and for a moment held the nylon about her hips, allowing her son to stare at the silky hair of her cunt. "Do you like it?" she asked huskily, lifting the gown to her waist so her son could see the lush, fan-shaped hair.

"Oh, nice, Mom!" Shellie twisted her hips lewdly. "Why don't you take your shorts off for me?" she whispered, stepping out of the small bath and standing at the side of the bed. Jay stripped his shorts off swiftly, his cock starting to lift again. Shellie stared down at it, holding her gown up with one hand and running her fingers through the soft hair of her pussy. She didn't care if her son saw her clit now.

She was so excited she could hardly stand it. She took hold of her son's hand, placing his palm against her thigh and drawing it upward to her hip. Then she grasped his cock and pumped it, feeling it swell into hardness. "Ooooh, it's nice and hard again, darling," she cooed hotly, climbing onto the bed. "So very hard and .

and hot!" She straddled his legs, holding his balls in one hand, his cock in the other. She pressed her thighs against his and began to rub her juicy cunt on one of his knees. Jay felt it, and was holding his breath.

He had never felt a cunt in his young life, but he loved the wet heat he was feeling on his knee. He pushed his knee at his mother's cunt, anxiously. Shellie grinned down at him as she felt the pressure. Rubbing her cunt along her son's knee, Shellie grasped his cock and jerked up and down, hissing and gurgling with delight. "Baby, baby, baby," Shellie whispered hotly, sliding her wet, hairy cunt just past her son's knee. Her eyes smoldered with increasing desire as she pumped at his cock, rolling and twisting his balls tenderly.

"You're so very big, Jay! So big and hard! Ooooh, honey, your balls feel so full!


Is that for Mother, darling? Are your full balls for me?" "Mom, please," Jay groaned, lifting his hips, pushing his cock into his mother's fist. "You're gonna make me come again if you keep that up!" "But I want you to come again, darling," she purred, sliding her cunt along his thigh now, her knees pressing at his hips. "Mother wants you to come again, but this time ." She lifted her ass and shoved the swollen head of his cock against her inflamed clit.

She gasped with the contact, wiggling her hips wantonly. She looked down, watching the head of his cock peek from the thick curls of her cunt, feeling the shaft rubbing against her long clit. "Would you like to feel your cock in me, honey?" she whispered. "Oh, Mom! Can I?

Would you let me stick it in you?" Jay asked excitedly. Grinning down at her excited son, Shellie lifted her hips until her son's cock was beneath her, the swollen head pointing at her pussy. She held it at the base, moving her hips, rubbing her wet pussy lips along the head.

Jay was holding his breath as he gazed down, watching. His mother's exceptionally long clit excited him almost as much as the heat of her wet pussy did.

"Be very still, Jay," she moaned. "Let Mother do it! Be still and let me show you how good it will feel." She lowered herself just enough to take the smooth head of her son's cock into her cunt. Her eyes half closed as an ecstatic moan came from her. Her cunt squeezed the head of Jay's cock, the contractions gripping with flexing heat.

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Shellie purred softly, then a long hiss of air came from her as she slowly lowered her cunt onto her son's prick. Jay gurgled as he felt the wet heat closing around his cock, his own eyes glazed with rapture. Shellie pushed her cunt down onto his cock until it was buried completely, her pussy lips smashed at the base.

Her cunt kept up the squeezing sensation as she sat there and breathed deeply, her tits lifting and falling. She felt his balls against the creamy sweetness of her tight ass. With a squeal of delight, she squeezed her son with her knees and thighs, running her hands up and down his chest and stomach, caressing him, her pussy gripping with fiery wetness. "Do you like it, honey?" she asked in a husky voice. "Oh, Mom, it's great!" With a gurgle of pleasure, Shellie leaned over and kissed her son.

The movement caused her ass to lift slightly, and as she sat up, it went down on his cock again. The sliding of his prick along the walls of her cunt sent tremors of delight through Shellie. She lifted her ass, dragging her cunt up his prick to the head of his cock, then down again. She repeated this a few times, slowly, watching her son's face, delighted in his eager acceptance of fucking her.

Jay groaned and twisted beneath his mother, not knowing what to do with his hands.

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But Shellie knew; she drew her son's hands to her knees, bringing his palms up her thighs, then down again, urging Jay to feel and stroke and caress her flesh. Shellie fucked her son's cock with her steamy cunt slowly, feeling his hands on her thighs, moving from her knees up the skin, almost to the hairs of her cunt.

With a giggle, she asked, "Want to get fucked, darling?" "Oh, yes, Mom!" "Mmmm, then let me do it!" Shellie mewled. "You lay still and let Mother do it, this time. Let me fuck you, Jay! Ooooh, baby, let me fuck your big, hard cock!" With gasping hunger, Shellie began to plunged her cunt up and down on her son's cock, taking it deeply, making the hot lips of her pussy smack softly and wetly at the base.

She jiggled her as, twisting it in tight circles as she rose and fell. Jay gasped with the ecstasy, clutching his mother's thighs tightly, lifting his hips into the air. His balls throbbed with fullness and his cock pulsated with hardness. Feeling each ridge and throb of his cock, Shellie began to squeal and bounce up and down vigorously, fucking her son.

Her tits strained at the thin nightgown, the creamy swells heaving. She lifted her head and closed her eyes, lips parted. She gasped and whimpered as her cunt stretched around her son's cock, the friction becoming intense. Her long clit rubbed along the shaft, sending shivers of boiling desire through her body. "Oh, baby! Oh, God, darling!" she yelped softly, grinding on her son's cock in a frenzy. "You feel so good inside me! Ahhh, Jay, I love to feel your hard cock in my cunt!

Oooh, baby, Mother is fucking you! Mother's hot cunt is fucking your hard cock! Ahhh, baby, baby, my pussy is so fucking wet and hot . your cock is so fucking hard! Ohhh, Jay, Jay!" Shellie pounded her cunt up and down, throwing her shoulders back, her tits straining out. She cupped them, her fingers digging into the firm flesh, her nipples burning through the gown and against her palms.

Jay was making strangling sounds, gripping his mother's thighs hard, his eyes staring at her cunt riding on his prick. The wet heat seemed to sear his cock, but it was so good he didn't want it to ever stop. There was a froth of juices forming on the base of his prick, smearing his hairless balls. Shellie's cunt dripped and seeped sugary juices around his cock as she slammed it up and down. She pulled at her rigid nipples through the gown, her head lifted up, eyes closed.

She squealed and whimpered with the delicious sensations of fucking her son. She leaned over her son, bracing herself with her hands on each side of his head. Her ass twisted and pounded in a frenzy. Her hair swirled around her twisting face. Jay watched his mother's tits jiggling above his eyes, seeing her nipples straining through the gown. He clutched her rippling thighs hard, grunting with the downward thrusts of his mother's consuming cunt.

"Ahhh, beautiful!" Shellie cried out. "Do it faster, Mom!" Jay urged, choking. "Are you about to come, baby?" she asked in a husky voice, her ass slapping up and down. "Is your lovely hard cock going to squirt in my cunt? Are you going to come in Mother's hot pussy, darling?" Jay was straining hard, his young face contorted with agonized ecstasy. All he could do was nod his head, his throat very constricted.

"Do it!" Shellie hissed. Her ass began to plunge up and down faster, making grinding motions. She stabbed her cunt time and again onto her son's hard cock, squealing as it went deep into her. She shook and sobbed, pounding his cock almost with a desperation. She pushed her tits into his face and slid her long thighs along his, sprawling on top of her son. She began fucking him, her ass lifting and lowering swiftly in short, quick thrusts.

She gasped and squealed as an orgasm began swelling inside her pussy. Jay, no longer holding his mother's thighs, threw his arms about her waist and held her tightly, his face buried between her creamy tits. Shellie clawed at the sheets above her son's head, her ass whipping up and down frantically, her cunt riding his cock swiftly.

"Ooooh, baby," she whined. "Mother's cunt is on fire, darling! My cunt is going to eat you up, baby! Mother's cunt is going to suck your cock off! Ooooh, Jay, can you feel Mother's pussy jacking you off! And now I'm coming! Ohhh, shit, am I coming! Jay, my cunt is . ahhh, God, it's so fucking good!" Jay couldn't stand the tightening sensation of his mother's cunt as she exploded into orgasm.

Each wet clutch of his cock brought him that much closer to discharge. "Now!" Shellie shouted. "Come in me now!" With a wild yelp, Jay felt his cock gush, sending boiling squirt after squirt of thick, creamy cum juice up into his mother. Time and again his cock spewed, splashing and filling the soft, yet tight, pussy. The spurting of her son's cum juice into her sent Shellie into a series of orgasms, orgasms that shattered her, making her scream out with the intensity of her ecstasy.

She smashed her convulsing cunt hard onto his spurting cock, grinding as she shrieked .