Magma Film heiße Brünette mag anal

Magma Film heiße Brünette mag anal
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It then drinks the inmates liquid; the vine really likes this one as it starts thrusting deeper into her pussy. She squeals and gasps again as in relief of being fucked deeper and deeper. Another flower bowl opens below her pussy as it milks her more. The guard reenters the room and watches. The smell of sexing the room is intoxicating. The door opens in steps the warden all dressed in black spandex that hugs and shows off every curve of her body.

As it closes behind her, she asks how the new girl is. The guard says great the vine likes her it has started on another bowl. The warden asks how her liquid is. The guard says I was saving the first taste for you. As she puts her finger over the vile and puts it in her mouth, the elixir tastes pure I will test it now. I will put a condition yellow for all guards on and off duty. Oh.My. She is special tag her for the special section and pick two more guards to feed her every three hours and raise the humidity in the room I don't want her to dehydrate.

As she turns to leave she adds for your extra work you can enjoy the vine also while on duty as well as the two you chose. Thank-you the guard says. The warden says you can thank me later as the door closes. After watching a few minutes she leaves but returns with a cart so she can take care of the inmate. She speaks asking the computer to raise the humidity in the room by eighty percent.

The guard says let's get out of this uniform computer hook and a hook pushes out of the wall as she strips and hangs it up and puts her shoes next to the wall. Ahhhh better she says let's get you fed as she rolls the cart to the inmates head and opens it. It has a large number of cups and a feeding tube and a few full syringes and a few empty vials. The guard caresses the inmates face. The guard takes the tube and pull the inmates head back as she slowly slides down her throat into her stomach.

There she says, and then she puts the funnel takes a cup and pours it in, then another. There we go as she removes the tube and starts caressing her neck down between her breasts.

The humidity in the room rises, as moisture starts forming on the walls, floor and ceiling. You can smell the moisture and sex in the room. The guard checks the flower bowl as it is almost full as the guard fills a few vials.

The guard caresses the inmate's inner thigh as she torches the vine on the inmate's clit it falls off reveling that it has shrunk to almost normal. Time for another shot she says as she takes a syringe and pierces the inmate's clit as she gasps as she starts taking quick short breaths as she pushes the plunger down.

The guard rolls it between her fingers, as it quickly enlarges again then moving as the vine reattaches. The guard caresses the inmate's breast and feels how hot it is. She speaks out loud I bet she is a milkier. Let's find out shall we as she gets another syringe. As she gets closer to the inmates breast, the vine releases the nipple.

Already tender and red the guard pierces the nipple with the syringe and pushes the plunger down. The inmate gasps and her pussy twitches wildly on the vine.

Then gets another as her nipple expands as big as a thumb, oh yes the guard says as she leans to give it a quick suck, MMMMM she says, as it starts to quiver. Let's do the other as the vine releases it and she does it the same. The vines start to reattach as the guard says not yet here suck on mine as she pulls out a side stool and pulls the back up and sits. She places a vine on each of her nipples, AHHHHHMMMMM that feels good.

As she enjoys herself and watches the vine fuck the inmate. The guard speaks to the computer to change inmates 10669 collar status to special section. The inmate's collar changes color from metallic silver to metallic blue. Now you are a part of the few she says. The guard every now and then rolls the plump nipples between her fingers and watches the vines squeeze the inmates wrapped breasts. The inmate's nipples twitch begging for attention but the guard doesn't let the vines attach she keeps them on hers as her pussy starts to drip.

The vine reads her body like a cheap book as another vine runs up to her to her pussy. The guard blocks it by covering her pussy and gasping not yet let me finish with her please. The vine acts like it understands her and waits. The guard watches the inmate's nipples; she sees a small drop of clear liquid forming. The guard rolls the inmates nipples again this time more starts to flow slowly.

The guard says yes hot dam computer send a message to the warden changing status to collar status from metallic blue to metallic blue with green stripe. The computer responds message sent changing collar status from metallic blue to metallic blue with green stripe.

The guard says she is ready for you and so am I as she touches her nipples the vine come off in her hands and she places each on the inmate's nipples the vines respond by enlarging to engulf the larger nipples as the inmate moans more and her pussy spasms harder.

The guard checks the flower bowl again wow full already, as she fills more vials until it is almost empty. The vine now keeps the flower bowl for the guards as starts sucking hard on the inmates nipples. The fluid slowly comes out as it keeps working them. All at once like a valve being opened floods into the vines as the inmate moans as in relief. The guard pulls up other attachments on the chair as she leans back and hooks her legs over the stirrup hooks. Opens her-self up real good and speaks to the vine to take me.

The vine wastes no time in wrapping her body up and attaching first to her nipples. Sucking them hard as it pulls on them, she gasps. I need a hard orgasm before shift change. Another vine rises up with the same shape as the other one in the inmate. In a flash it penetrates the guard.

She arches her back and screams Ahhhhhh. Good thing the room is sound proof as the vine shows the guards pussy no mercy. As it plunges in and pulls out then in until it hits the back part of her womb. It keeps this up as she thrashes about in the chair. Another beaded like vine comes into view and enters the guard's ass. Showing it no mercy plunging in to her opposite of the one in her pussy, it doesn't take the guard long until she is Cumming hard in her pussy and ass.

The vine sucks up all her cum before exploding into both holes and pulling out as she spews out the excess as it unwraps her as leaves her gasping and jerking well satisfied. Dam that was good the guard says no matter how we try we can't even come close to the fucking the vine gives us. Time to feed her again as she gets the tube and inserts it down her throat and gives her two more cups and pulls it out. She lowers the stirrup hooks and gets dressed before her replacement comes in.

the door opens and she says here I am. Good the first guard says and briefs her on the warden's orders. You should have plenty of syringes and food for her until morning when your relief will arrive. As she leaves the first guard smiles, and says. The warden said as a bonus you can enjoy the vine also, you can thank me later and leaves.

Well now the guard says let's check you out shall we. As she pats the inmates inner thigh, as she watches the vine give her pussy a work out. These guards must have a thing for inner thighs. The guard's pussy tingles a bit as she says let's check that clit.

She touches the side of the vine and it flops off into her hand. We need another injection I see as she gets a syringe, and gives her clit another shot then rolls it between her fingers. Dam girl you have a nice pussy I can't wait to bury my face in it. She lets the vine return to it, let's check the nipples. She can feel the heat in her breasts as the vines squeeze them as it sucks and pulls her nipples.

She touches one vine it doesn't pop off, not ready I see that is ok maybe in an hour. Let's get the mind probes going to finish your conditioning.

She puts a head strap across her forehead. Almost forgot to put the feeding tube in before I lock your head down. She slides the tube in and caps the end then positions her head straight and pushes a button on the chair and it locks into the table with her eyes pointing to the ceiling. She puts a small visor on the front of the headpiece. It starts flashing the same pictures and the words control your anger and rage that were on the walls earlier.

She then puts an ear bud in each ear as the audio starts playing. Then she checks the flower bowl wow almost full, you are special as she gets all she can.

She watches the vine fuck the inmate hard and the smell of sex in the room it all it takes for her to quickly strip and hangs up her cloths like the other guard. She sits on the stool playing with a nipple with one hand and fingering her pussy with the other, until it is time to check on the inmate's nipples again.

This time they plop off the guard gives each one an injection and sucks each one hard then letting the vine return to them. The guard thinks out loud as much as she is giving she has to be hungry, she feeds her again.

Smelling the moisture in the air she tells the computer to put a fine mist in the air. Yes the equipment is weather proof as the moisture gathers on everything the inmate and the guard it looks like dew.

The guard licks the moisture off the inmate's neck that is mixed with her sweat. Then she licks the inmate's stomach, not interfering with the vines. Nice. As she goes to the chair she pulls the back up.

She then lets the arms down then pulling them like a Y. Making it flat with a narrow side pointing out, like a U and a Y combined. She stands in front of it and places an ankle in each hook. Then she lays flat down on the chair bottom, her breasts hang at each side of the extension. Now the back of her legs, her ass cheeks spread and gets very tight. As she lays her arms out her sides and grabs the edge of the Y.

she speaks take me as the vine runs up the chair to her arms and ties them up. Then ties around the hooks at her ankles, more vines run up to her hanging breasts and wrap them up and start squeezing them hard making her nipples harden and fill with blood as it latches on to each and sucks and pulls then hard. A nice sight to see a woman bent over and tied begging to be fucked. More vines come over to her, one rises up as looking her over. It starts to shoot in her ass, but instead slowly pushes into her.

Spreading her slowly, she gasps as it enters her making her feel the burn more in her legs. Another one takes her pussy quick and hard, as she screams as it starts fucking that pussy she stiffens more. The pain in her legs ripples through as her juices start dribbling down her inner thighs.


As she moans in delight as she relaxes and enjoys. The vine fucks her faster and faster, almost a blur in both holes that now have become sloppy wet. She has a constant Ahhhhhhh in between labored breaths as orgasm after orgasm washes over. The vine attaches to her clit and sucks it hard. The vine takes some of the fluid it has milked from the inmate and runs it up to her clit and nipples.

Barb like needles pierces her clit and nipples at the same time and injecting three doses into each. Heat wave after heat wave rushes over her as her clit and nipples swell quickly like the inmates. Her breasts heat up as it continues fucking her. Cumming hard one last time before her face glasses over.

The vine sucks up her cum as it turns clear like the inmates. The vine keeps squeezing her breasts and sucking hard on her nipples forcing her breasts to lactate clear fluid from them. The vine takes care of the inmate by running a vine next to the tube into her stomach and feeling her with its liquid. The vine harvesting the rare liquid from both women, it lets the guard's pussy drip on to the floor and keeps sucking from her nipples. Not until the relief guard enter the room and sees what has happened.

The guard makes a log entry for the warden eyes only, for her to review the video from the room. She counts the needles and asks how. She checks on both and they seem fine as she leans over the other guard and see her glassy looking face. Another vine rises up behind the new guard then strikes at the base of her skull right in the soft spot like a bee sting. The guard drops to the floor. More vines run through her clothes and rips them from her it wraps around one ankle and pulls it to the ceiling until straight up.

Wraps around one wrist and pulls her upper body over until she is flat on her back. It wrists no time and attaches to her clit and wraps her breasts up and squeezes then making her nipples harden and attaches to them. And sucking and pulling them hard. She comes to and realizes what has happened. But enjoys the sensations she is having. It pulls more harvested liquid and pierces her nipples and clit at the same time she jerks as it injects her with the same dose as the other guard.

She feels the heat waves ripple through her body, as the vine thrusts into her pussy with the same large vine as the others. She feels her pussy being stretched like never before. Entering her fully and hitting the back of her womb. Her head swims as it starts fucking her hard and fast then takes her ass. Then fucking each hole opposite the other, her orgasm ripples through her body as she floods her cum out both holes the vine sucks it up.

Her clit and nipples swell quickly. The vine starts fucking her faster and faster until it is a blur. Her holes are sloppy wet as her juices start to clear, her face glasses over like the others. Mark another one down for the vine, as it starts to suck on her nipples harder. Trying to get them to flow another hard squeeze, her breasts she starts to flow into the vines. The vine returns to the inmate and injects her again.

All three women have a shiny coat of sweat all over them. The vine puts a small vine into the new guard's stomach to feed her. Twelve hours later the original guard comes in, she says oh my and checks each one. The liquid from the guards pussy has ran over the floor making it slick. The guard missteps and slips and falls knocking herself out.

The vine moves in quickly and strips her, tying each ankle and pulls them up to her shoulders. Her pussy lips open up as more vines move to her.


Another vine like the others quickly shoots into her pussy. This wakes the guard as she feels her pussy stretched and realizes what is happing.

She likes the feelings she is having. She mummers take me, as it starts wrapping up her breasts and squeezes them hard. Attaches to her nipples, she gasps more. It then attaches to her clit sucking hard on it. She arches her back as she says now. The vine now pierces her same as the others and injects her. The guard wants it to happen as the heat washes over her.

This is great she says as her nipples and clit swell. She says yes as her face glazes over and the vine takes her ass as well. All the women have a steady moan as the new guards cum clears and the vine sucks her clean. As it turns into a blur in her the same as the others and sucks her nipples until they flow. The flower bow under the inmate starts to overflow the vine stores it. The vine takes the inmates ass and starts fucking her as fast as the others.

The warden enters the room in her outfit and walks around. Her outfit melts into her body as she squats with her knees out like a V as the vine comes to her.

She speaks there is my precious baby come to mommy. The warden caresses the vine and says I told you the new girl was special. We must take care of inmate 10669 without her the others wouldn't be possible. Let her rest and I will talk to her and make her an offer she won't refuse. Now that any woman can make the elixir we need to heal any illness and stay young forever. We still need five hundred gallons for our beauty cream.

In its diluted form it tones the skin and makes light wrinkles disappear. Demand has gone through the roof. You know my precious we have over four hundred women here. Could I have my guards back and we can get started. I will start playing the tone and let's get every drop ok. Now show how much you love the mommy as she puts the vine back on the ground. The vine moves between her legs the warden's pussy is open you can see that her lips have parted and her lips look like a flower in bloom and her clit is exposed.

The vine pushes in as she gasps that is it as she starts to bounce up and down as the vine pushes up into her deeper and has her squirting into time.

After her orgasm has swept over her body, and the vine has sucked her pussy of her cum. She stands and her outfit returns covering and hugging every curve. The warden speaks activating the hum that all the inmates have been conditioned to. The warden speaks let's play as all guards are called, she tells the computer condition green as the lights dim and one foot by one foot holes open everywhere in the prison. All the inmates' doors unlock hooks release from the ceilings and rooms everywhere.

As conditioned the inmates get aroused and start on each other. Some stay in their rooms others flood the halls. Once they exit their rooms they seal.

The guards work on the inmates that didn't leave their rooms once inside the door closes behind them. The vines rush out all the holes in the halls and start grabbing inmates' wrists and reaching up to the hook and pulling them up off the floor.

The inmates scream help and no, not knowing what will happen to them. The guards in the rooms tell the inmates that their last test came back that they have an infection and they need a shot. For it to work correctly it must be given in their clit. What about outside what is going on. Everybody has behaved so well the warden gave everybody free time to enjoy. Once we are done you can go if you want to, or we can play together if you want.

Ok the inmate says and lies on her back and spreads her legs wide for the guard. The guard tells her you have a nice looking pussy as she rubs her pussy to get her clit hard then she injects her. Uhhhhhh the inmate says as she feels it go in to her.

The guard then rolls her clit as it starts to enlarge. The inmates' breathing gets harder as the guard rubs her pussy. You like that the guard says. Yes don't stop the inmate says. the guard then stands and takes off her clothes and dives between her legs licking her pussy and sucking on her clit as she comes up for air she sees the vine enter the room up the wall and over the hook.

The guard tells the inmate to stretch her arms straight back over her head and she will lick her some more. As soon as the inmate does this the vine wraps around her wrist cuffs and pulls her up off the floor. The inmate says what's going on and kicks with her free legs.

The guard says relax and enjoy. I have other inmates to see. The vine wraps down her arms to and wraps up her breasts squeezing then and attaching to her nipples. As her clit swells she gives in to her lust and need to be penetrated. A large leaf opens up below her like a funnel leading in to a flower bowl unwrapping to reveal a cock vine like the other with a large head and skinny shaft.

Her legs jerk as it speeds into her pussy. Her eyes roll back as it attaches to her clit and injecting her more. Then piercing and injecting her nipples just as she climaxes. Right before her face glasses over takes that ass of hers. Her juices run out her pussy and ass down the vines and her legs and drip off the end of her toes onto the funnel and into the bowl. After a few minutes her breasts starts to flow and starts milking her.

Room after room this happens and in the halls inmates are strung up everywhere some have been injected others haven't. The vine fucks them all the same. The ones not injected thrash and kick as they cum and scream from pleasure. The warden walks through the halls enjoying the looks and sounds of pleasure being given all around. She asks one of the inmates not injected of she likes. The inmate says yes in between the throws of orgasm. The warden asks do you want it to stop. No the inmate screams as the vine penetrates her ass.

The inmate throwing her head back and screaming with pleasure, the guards gather to the warden and tell her they are all done. The warden says I need three to remain for new prisoners' are being delivered today but the rest can do whatever they want. The three that don't get to now will enjoy later. Three are chosen and they depart to the receiving office to wait.

The warden goes to inmate 10669s room and waits to talk to her.

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As the other guards strip and take off in every direction some get tied up by the vine and injected others don't get injected others play with the inmates. The vines have untied inmate 10669 arms and legs and the magnets turn off. She lies in the chair the vine slowly sucks her as the injection wears off. The glassy look leaves her face as the warden lays her hand on her shoulder comforting her looks at her. What is happing to me as she feels the pleasure in her pussy and breasts?

Relax you need to feel an orgasm and cum hard you have been under total submission for three days. She says what you mean, as the vine speeds up she gasps ohh my god as her back arches.

Her body starts to shake as her orgasm rips through her and she squirts out around the vine. As she screams Ahhhhhhh dam that is wonderful. The vines withdraw from her and release her breasts. As she sits up and sees the other guards still being fucked by the vine. They are in the same state as you were total submission and that is thanks to you. Me the inmate says why me? In that state your body makes an elixir that can heal any illness and keep you young forever.

Only seventeen women here can make it but you are special yours can make any woman do it and only my vine can make you produce it. Nothing we have tried has worked. So we help each other. The vine needs the cum from our orgasms to survive and it also needs the elixir we can make also. We keep some to use here and we also sell the elixir in a very much diluted form and add it to our line of makeup which over time tightens the skin and removes wrinkles. In its pure form it is instant watch the stretch marks above your breasts.

Watch this bottle is from you as she pours some on her hand and rubs it on her breast. As soon as she removes her hand the marks fade away and her breast tightens as she watches.

Wow the inmate says what about the other one, the warden says ok and applies it to the other. The inmate looks at the guard on the floor that is the woman who injected me.

She looks as her glassy look as she places her hand on the guards raised leg. Look at the juices coming from her. The warden tells her to get down on the floor and touch the vine on her clit. She does this and it falls to the side, see her clit the warden asks it is not as large as it was but here inject her clit with this.

It is from you in its pure form and watch. The inmate takes the syringe and pierces the clit and pushes the plunger down as the guard twitches in response. Giving back the syringe the warden tells her to roll the clit between her fingers then slowly breathe on it and watch.

She does this and it swells quickly. Watch the warden says as the vine finds it and reattaches to it and starts sucking it hard again. What about the nipples the inmate asks. You can inject them also but watch the vine do it.

The vine injects her nipples again and does her clit again. The vine in the corner of her mouth keeps her hydrated as well as the high humidity. We don't eat solid food only liquids. Do you wish to play with her later say so and the vine wont inject her anymore and you can have her.

Ok the inmate says, as her door opens the warden says walk with me and I have a deal for you. As they walk the halls she notices some have been injected others haven't why this she asks is. The vine isn't different from us. Like up it enjoys the sounds of pleasure and also it will rotate them out going back and forth injecting them until it has bone them all a number of times.

It can keep this up for weeks or even longer. Without you only a handful of the inmates can do what is happing now. Only you can make every woman do this. There are only a few of us who could make the elixir normally; you are a part of a few. We are a prison and run like on, we only have woman here no men anywhere we even do executions here both male and female. They are kept separate from the main part. As you remember you trip in. We do them different; we have over three thousand acres of private jungle.

A deal with the governor, any inmate with a death sentence has a choice a quick death or a chance for total freedom with their record erased clean.

If they can make it through the jungle and survive all the traps and make it out the door on the other side they are free. It treated just like any execution with witness; they know the deal and the odds. They don't know it nor does the inmate about the vine it gives great pleasure but it also is a fierce hunter showing no mercy.

We have six women and six men for today, my deal for you is if you become my assistant warden your record will be wiped clean but you have to stay here. I am sure it will be enjoyable. You will also have an outfit like mine. The inmate gasps as it flows from her and molding to her curves. Yes it is a part of the vine and the vine will give it to you. Think about it I have to get things ready for the executions tell the computer your answer and I will get it.

Now go and enjoy the guard. As she walks back watching the vine pleasuring the other girls. She sees another guard on her knees on the floor and kneels down next to her. Watching the vine pump into her pussy, she asks do you like it here the guard says yes.

Would you mind if I was assistant warden. No I wouldn't between gasps I would enjoy it please take it as the inmate caress the guards ass and gives her a slap and says have you ever been injected before.

No I haven't would you please the cart is over there.

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Get three I want my nipples done also. Inmate 10669 touches the vine and it stops and then unwraps and pulls out waiting. The inmate does one nipple she gasps as the heat ripples through her then the other one she rolls them between her fingers watching them swell as she sucks on one the other. She then runs her finger between the guard's pussy lips and inserting a finger into her as she gasps. She then moves between her and injects her clit as she gasps again the inmate rolls it between her fingers and gives it a good hard suck before moving out of the way.

The vine moves back to her wrapping her arms up and pulling her off the floor like the others. Wraps her breasts up and starts sucking her nipples as it plunges into her pussy and starts fucking her hard and fast she tells her thank you.

You will be great at this as the vine gives her two more doses. She leans back as her face glasses over. The inmate then goes back to her cell and the door opens she kneels down next to the guard and watches the vine give her a good fucking.


The injection having wore off and she is screaming and jerking as she Cums. The guard turns and sees the inmate. The inmate says to her, is it my turn yet. The inmate massages the guard's inner thigh.

She touches the vine on her breast it falls off and she takes its place and starts sucking her nipple. The inmate puts the free vine onto her clit as gasps as it sucks her hard.

The vine releases the guard as she says now it is your turn as the inmate lies on her back and spreads her legs wide as the vine on her clit releases as the guard dives between her legs for a treat at the Y.

it doesn't take the guard long with her expert licking until the inmate arches her back and orgasms hard flooding into the guards mouth. The guard smiling as she asks do you like women now. Yes I so can we watch the vines fuck the other guards. Sure and they sit down together with their legs spread wide and slowly finger themselves.

The inmate tells the computer to send a message to the warden and it is yes. The two women watch the vine fucks the other two guards and even watch the vine inject them again.

Dam that makes me wet the inmate says as a vine makes its way to each and slowly enters them and fucks them slowly until they both cum. The inmate says I got to go and meet the warden and quickly leaves. The guard then goes over to the table where the inmate was and pulls up stirrups on both sides and gets into position.

She tells the vine to take her hard and fast. The large cock vine takes her pussy hard and fast as she gasps as it starts fucking her until it is a blur. It ties her up to the table as it takes her ass the same way. As she thrashes on the table against the vines that have tied her down it wraps her breasts up tight and attaches to her nipples sucking them hard as it attaches to her clit. She feels the vine pierce her clit and nipples at the same time injecting her again. Her thrashing slows then stops as her face glasses over again.

The vine keeps pumping into her. Inmate 10669 catches up with the warden and sees she has changed into a regular business suit and has one for her also.

Change into this it will fit you and please and walk with me. As they walk the warden tells her more about the executions that will take place we have six males and six females. We will give them the offer the governor has approved of.

Looking over their files I see two who most likely will take other death option. Whatever happens doesn't speak and hold you're cool. We will watch in this monitor.

A large bus enters the receiving area as twelve inmates are bound and chained together in the back. The guards come out and open the door of the bus. Then tells the inmates to come out single file and lineup, any problems will be dealt with swiftly. Then they disappear through the door. The same guard as before comes up to him. He rolls his window down and she signs his paperwork and he gives her copy to her.

She shows a package for him. What is that he asks? Here open it. He takes it and opens it to find an air-taser like the one he seen before.

I didn't get you anything he tells her. She says come with me and we will talk about it. I can't leave the vehicle. She tells him the warden has given special permission this time as his door unlocks. She steps back and says come on.

We are still in a secure area. He gets out and follows her to another room with a few beds in it for the guards on duty in that area. We are alone here do you want part two of your present. What is it he asks? Do you remember what you said when you was leaving last time. No he says. Does this jog your memory I would love to have her for Christmas and unwrap her.

How did you hear that? We record everything now here I am. He starts removing her clothes as she does his until they both are naked. They both scan each other body liking what the other sees as the move into each other and kiss. His hands roam over her back and grasp her ass as she reaches down and grasps his hard cock. She then kneels down looking into his eyes as she takes him into her mouth and gives him a blow job like no other.

He nearly falls to his knees as she looks up at him with drool dripping off her chin. She tells him to lie on the bed I have some oil I want to put on you.

I think you will like. His cock bounces as his heart beats as she takes the elixir and pours it in her hand. Laying the bottle down and getting both hands wet with it starts massaging his shaft and balls making sure to get them real wet. She rubs the excess on her hands on her breasts and nipples and her pussy. He starts to feel his cock and balls tingle as it soaks in her breaths on him causing him to gasp.

Her nipples have hardened and her clit has hardened but not like the others this elixir has been diluted. He feels a rush in his balls as they grow larger and his cock enlarges by at least five inches from eight inches to thirteen. He sees it and says dam I have never been that large before. She asks him when was the last time that you has a woman ridden you.

He tells her three years ago my wife died not sense then. I am honored she tells him. I guess it likes me as she starts giving oral on him again.

This time she starts massaging his balls as she sucks him deeper. He is paralyzed with pleasure his eyes closed his mouth open breathing hard. She stops and starts raking her nails down his chest as she straddles him. His cock parting and laying between her pussy lips, getting him wet with her juices.

She then raises up a little on her legs and lets his cock point straight up as she lowers herself on to him in one steady motion until he is all in then starts bouncing on him. She leans over him so he can suck on a nipple as she starts rocking her hips faster on his cock. He gasps and moans as he stops sucking her nipple, she moves to see his face.

His eyes closed mouth open as he enjoys the feeling of her pussy going up and down on his hard cock. She speaks to him as he now looks at her eye to eye. You like…show me how much you like. I want you to fill me up with your cum. I want to feel you squirting into me. She continues to work her hips and beg him to cum in her. She can feel him stiffing and starting to pulse inside her. She growls yes that's it I can feel it, give it to me!

She screams as he starts squirting his hot cum deep inside her. She keeps stroking him with her pussy. His orgasm seems to last for thirty seconds, and then she stops and milks him of the remaining cum with the muscles of her pussy. As they both catch their breath she says we are not done yet. Have you ever been tied up? He says no. Trust me you will like. She brings his legs up and parts them like he had been fucking her before and ties him like that.

Then she brings his wrists back up over his head and ties them there. She leans over and kisses him, telling him I have some toys to use on you and I don't want you to see and blindfolds him. She runs her fingers down his body eyeing his still hard cock. She has to have him in her mouth again, this time she is more aggressive. As on cue the vine comes up from the floor at his feet. She moves and the vine attaches to his cock like a giant nipple sliding all the way down his shaft to his balls and starts sucking and sliding up and down.

The man gasps and asks what you are doing. The vine keeps him sloppy wet making him think he is still getting a blow job. The vine starts going faster and faster, he whatever you are doing I am not going to last long.

Then the vine long strokes him and squeezes his cock on the up stroke. The man still thinking it is her begs for her to stop I can't take much more. She puts her hands on the sides of his face and says it is not me but my toy do you like. He gasps yes I can't take anymore as she says cum for me. Then the vine starts stroking him faster until a blur as she screams and explodes into the vine as it goes down to his balls and sucks him dry.

His body jerking as he gasps for air. She pets his hair and says you are good for me but we aren't done yet you are still hard. A small vine pushes into his ass he gasps as it finds his prostate and starts to stimulate it. He gasps and says I have never had that done before as it starts sucking him again. She starts massaging his balls and pulling them down as he moans. As she moves her hand away on the next slow down stroke to his balls the vine pops out two barbs that look like fangs and pierce each of his balls at the same time an interior one injects the head of his cock filling them with pure elixir.

He gasps what is happing as he feels his cock and balls heat up and run through his body. The head of his cock swells even bigger. Even his balls swell larger. She takes off his blindfold and looks into his eyes as the vine starts stroking him into a blur. Wave after wave washes over him, he moans and gasps his eyes roll back just as he is about to cum again. His body relaxes and his face glasses over, as his cock steadily starts to ooze out elixir for the vine.

Guys can make it also she says and calls the warden. And tells her the vine can do them as fast as the women. Good the unused lower levers will be for them.

The vine can milk him for a while, go and start working on the unused sections. We will play more and leaves. The warden and her new assistant by her side listen as the warden talks to the prisoners. You all are here condemned to death for different reasons. You can die the old way with the thought of no escape or you can try to survive our jungle.

Of you do your record cleaned? Anything goes but I suggest that you don't kill each other there are there is a hunter and traps for three thousand acres. There will be food water left throughout your route. Anyone wishing not to do this can stay here and you will be put down by an injection. No weapons but sticks and stones any questions.

Good let's begin she pushes a remote and their restraints fall off and a door opens to the outside. They all leave and scatter outside leaving two. The door closes as the warden asks why they stayed.

The man says I am up in age and would not last long and I am tired of the wait. Ok the warden says do you have a last request. Yes I would love to see a woman naked even if I can't get an erection it would be nice to die with a pussy wrapped around my cock and a nipple in my mouth.

The warden asks the girl what about you.

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She says I don't know how to survive in the woods and with my sense of direction I would fall off a cliff. What about your last request. The girl thinks I like the old man's request but I get fucked to death. The warden fighting back a smile and tells them to stay here she will be back. Her and her new assistance leave the room to talk. I like the girl the assistant says. I do also but they have to die the warden says.

The elixir works on men as well I have confirmed it. I can fulfill his request but hers will be harder and longer. Let's carry out the orders. As they reenter the room the warden we can do both requests but first strip.

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They obey and strip as the warden talks. I have a special oil that has been proven once applied to a limp penis will make you harder than an eighteen year old. The warden pours it in her hand and rubs it on the man's limp cock and balls. He instantly feels them tingle and his cock rises to full hardness. I haven't been hard in ten years. The assistant pulls the girl to the side and gets her to lie down on the table and ties her down with her legs spread wide, and tells her I am going to give you several injections of this into your clit and nipples.

You will become crazy with lust and will fuck anything in the room. The more you fuck the more you want. She does her nipples first injecting each then moving to her clit. She gives her one then four more shots into her. Then finger fucks her hard and fast to start her off as she screams for more.

The warden tells the man that she will remain bound that way to increase her hunger. She will remain that way for two hours after that she will fuck you to death.

You can start now if you like, as they leave the room.

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The man walks up to her and looks her over she screams for him to fuck her as he sucks on a nipple then the other then moving around and seeing her pussy open for him and how wet she is. He moves between her then slides into her with one stroke then starts hammering her pussy. Never has he fucked so hard and fast ever.

He feels his balls boil as he shoots his cum into her but he doesn't quit as he keeps hammering her. Until the next time he pulls out as she shoots all over her body and covers her breasts.

This time he enters her puckering ass hole and pounds her until filling her again. They take turns Cumming one after another then together, nothing could stop these two now.

Two hours have passed and her restraints release and she embraces him and starts fucking him back as he sucks her nipples hard and kiss deeply they even breathe through each other.

He picks her up off the table and fucks her standing until he climaxes so hard he falls to the ground with her on top. Now she takes over and works that pussy up and down on his cock. He spreads his legs letting her take more of him into her and stats thrusting up as the thrusts down. He squeezes both breasts and sucking hard on one nipple than the other as his balls boil again.

Until the biggest orgasm he has ever had explodes in him as he sucks her nipple hard and she milks him dry until he stops pumping into her his body relaxes as he dies. His erection goes limp and falls out of her as their combined juices flow out of her. She still is wanting more as she gets off him and starts pacing the room looking for anything to please her. In her frustration she falls to her knees and lays over begging to be fucked.

The vine quickly comes in and wraps her up with her ass in the air. It knows she must die and shoots hard into her pussy. She screams yes as it fucks her into a blur as she orgasms one after another as her face glasses over another vine rises up her back this one a long sharp barb that shoots deep into the base of her skull into her brain her body jerks as it explodes in her head killing her as requested in bliss of orgasm.

Then withdrawing from her two down ten to go, back outside we see some of the men have picked up rocks and sticks for clubs. As one man steps on a trip wire, releasing a log with spikes on it. He screams as it rushes toward him until it impales him on the end of it, and swings back and forth as other see it happen. One of the women has run miles ahead of the others. She stops to catch her breath and leans against a tree.

She feels a sting on her arm as she passes out. Waking up she is tied naked by her wrists, her feet just off the ground. As she struggles trying to free herself another guy walks by and sees her naked comes closer to her not seen a naked woman on a long time looks her over and caress her body she tells him to stop but he pays her no mind as he walks around then back in front of her.

As he reaches up to grab a breast there is a thud at his back and he stops. Blood comes out of his mouth as he is pulled back and flung through the air; you never see what got him.

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The vine keeps her hung up, nothing like live bait to catch something. The vine then races up her leg as she tries to kick it away not knowing what will happen. She gasps as it enters her pussy. She can't believe she is starting to enjoy this as it works on her pussy.

She starts moaning louder which is what the vine wants. It starts fucking her pussy like a blur as she screams and passes out from the pleasure and falls out of her onto the ground just as another woman sees her hanging. She comes over close and sees her juices running down her legs. She looks around trying to see who has fucked her this way. Not knowing that it is at her feet behind her she looks the girl over and says I sure would have liked some of that then she feels a sting on her leg and drops like a rock.

The vine quickly strips her and hands her up then attaches to her ankles and pulls her feet to her shoulders. Opening her pussy wide then does the first one the same way. And waits for them to wake up, the second woman wakes up and says what the. How did this happen. She looks over and sees the other woman the same way. The first one says I remember being stung and then I am tied up naked.

This strange vine is fucking me. And I liked it I have never had an orgasm that hard. The second woman asks what did you take and can I have some.

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The first one says hush and listen as they hear nothing not even birds chirping. This can't be good one says to the other, she screams as the vine come up from behind her and shoots in to her pussy. She starts to enjoy it as it takes the first one again. Away from the two tied up women the vine drives the remaining women closer to the others as the men have ran father away. This time the vine doesn't stop fucking the two as the other three come into the area.

As they get closer to the others each gets stung, stripped then hung like the others. It is dark when the last three wake up only to feel a push into their pussy as they are slowly fucked. Why this happing one is asks. The first one says we are bait it used me to kill a man already.

I think it enjoys the kill, if it doesn't want to be heard it won't. There are five of here we know the two that stayed behind are dead and most of us saw the log of spikes kill one and I saw one die that makes three men left. The vine knows where they are at as it waits for them to fall in to a deep sleep.

The vine comes up to each one and stings them to make sure they sleep through the night. Then it runs up a pant leg and engulfs there limp cock to the balls and injects them then releasing them. It then waves a vine under their nose letting them smell fresh pussy until morning.

They wake up where ever they are at and have a throbbing hard on and the smell of fresh pussy is in the air. They rip off their cloths and start sniffing out the smell, as pure lust takes over.

At the same time the vine moves each woman down. Hanging them above the ground on their back just high enough so the men can fuck them with ease, the vine keeps them sloppy wet. The small of sex is in the air, it won't be long now. The women hear stomping and thrashing but can't see.

The vine pulls out of them and lies on the ground all around them. As the stomping gets closer one of the men comes onto view finding the women. He looks them over and charges up to the closest one as he runs into the woman. His hard cock rams into her pussy hard, as she screams in surprise her pussy being penetrated hard.

Then grabs her legs and pumps her and fast, as he grunts and drools. It doesn't take long for him to cum into her so hard that he staggers off her with his cum dripping out of her as he moves to another woman.

Before he reaches another woman the vine quickly attaches to their clits and gives them an injection as the rest come in to the area and each get a woman. As each woman starts to feel the effect of the injection they start begging to be fucked. Then men are now like kids in a candy store they don't know what they want to eat first, as they go from woman to woman until they all have been fucked and have cum dripping out both holes. The vine wraps up one man and wrings him like a wet dishrag then drops him.

Another man the vine shoots into his chest and out his back as other vines wrap around his arms and legs and pull him apart. The last man he wraps around his ankles and drags him through the jungle until dead. Then it returns to the women who are still crying out to be fucked. The vine plunges into them hard one last time giving each a mind blowing orgasm before inserting a large barb into the base of their skulls and exploding inside each one.

We return back to the male guard that is tied to the table as the vine leaves him and the female guard straddles him again and slowly rides him as his injection wears off and he looks up at her. she asks him can you cum one more time for me, as she works her hips faster as she feels his body tighten and fills her again. She gets off him and licks off their juices from his cock as she smiles and says I hope you like your new job.

You are now the new gate guard; you can go and get your stuff later. Rest now the warden will talk to you later. One of the benefits here is you can have anybody you want to enjoy. The warden speaks to her assistant are you ready to become one with the vine. Yes she says what do I have to do?

On the table and spread your legs wide. That is it, what a nice looking pussy you have indeed as she engages the restraints locking her in. you can keep the restraints if you want to I will fix them where you can remove them later. She gives her inner thigh a few pats and then gives her pussy a pat. Then she runs a finger between her lips before slowly inserting one in as she gasps.

Nice as she then sucks on the finger. I think I need a better taste as she leans over her and licks her pussy and sucking on her clit. She then says we will play later I have to go and finish work on the new section; you and the vine have fun now as she leaves the room.

The vine comes in and starts wrapping her breasts up as it attaches to her nipples and pulling and sucking them. It then shows her the large cock like vine that it has fucked her and the others before. Then she feels it slowly penetrate her. Deeper and deeper with each push in as she feels a small one attach to her clit and suck and pull it before she feels it inject her. The vine then pieces her nipples and released fiber like vines into her breasts as they flow throughout her body.

The vine starts fucking her harder and faster as she feels the fibers gathering in her womb. She gasps as she feels another vine enter her ass. Faster and harder the vine goes as she submits to the vine. Her face glasses over the vine pulls put and you can see the fibers throughout her body take over. As the fibers in her womb drink up her juices and growing inside her. You can see her stomach bulge bigger and bigger then ripples throughout her body like a wave.

You can see as she changes, her skin tones and tightens. A complete body makeover as the process is complete. The vine returns to her and takes her fast and hard this time as it plunges into her pussy and starts fucking her fast and deep as it drinks from her until the injection wears off and then gives her a mind blowing orgasm before leaving her.

She gets up and looks herself over in the full length mirror as she grasps her breasts feeling how tight they are. She turns to the side and checks out her ass giving herself a slap nice and tight. She thinks about what she would like to wear.

Then the fibers flow out of her pores and forming an outfit that hugs every curve of her. Making her look like she was dipped in latex, she smiles as the warden returns saying nice. Are you ready to get started in the new section lets go and enjoy ourselves now?