A melhor sentada da novinha bucetuda

A melhor sentada da novinha bucetuda
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This is not a true store so don't say dick about its honorableness you have been warned this might be disturbing to some viewers this is 100% mine Don't fucking take it. This is a true thought of mine.

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post comment don't be a grammar Nazi When I was a young man i was just as normal as can be i smoke weed dated girls all that nothing out of the ordinary. then one day i find my girl friend at the time talking to my best friend not a big deal right so i start walking away when i hear them snickering so out of curiosity i go back to spy on them most of it was just bull shit bout me and some other people I knew then they started sucking face Im telling my self what the fuck this is fucked up then i thought to my self ill just kill that mother fucker.

two days later i had my devious plan all worked out i was going to Waite till after school and kill him on his way to his house ( in the ally behind his house) so I Waite till after school and Ill stalk John until he gets to the ally to his house being six feet four inches in height I started to choke him as he started squirming i felt a strange sensation in my pants I mean I know what getting a hard on is ive beet my meat for a good 7 years now but this was different this was way more intense i had the biggest hard on of my life killing John now that his body felt limp i had to take care of it i thought to my self then i notice i had a dick of steel in my pants waiting to explode so i say fuck it I got a willing body right here.

so i rip Johns cloths off and start to have my way with his cold limp body first i had to lube his ass not being to picky on what is wet i grabbed my pocket knife and cut off his dick blood was coming out faster than i thought it would the sight of it over whelmed me i had to fuck this corps now taking his blood off the ground i stick it on and in his tight ass hole after his ass was good and wet i grabed some more blood and covered my swelling eight inch cock and start to insert my head into my dead Johns ass feeling the blood the warmth of the blood drove me insane i couldn't wait any longer so fuck going slow this bitch is dead i just started pounding as fast as i could.

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as i fuck this dead bitch named John his ass hole tore and blood filled his ass that was it I blew the biggest load in my life as i was cumming that was when I decided i would kill and fuck people for the rest of my life leaving my john there I was thinking of my next target and how i would do it.

the next day i was thinking of having some fun with my girl friend that didn't noticed her man on the side was now laying in the ally ass raped with my hot cum in his ass we talked for a moment telling her that we should go and see a movie at my house and Juline not having the faintest idea of what i had in store for her said OK ill see u at five. Walking home and Mentally preparing for what I was about to do i noticed yellow tape in the ally and both police and people talking, yelling, and screaming so knowing what it was most likely about i just continued my way home to be stopped by another fucking person it was my mom crying and saying that my best friend had been brutally murdered and raped pretending to care i acted like I was to shocked for words it was getting close to five now I had my bat under my couch and was ready to have my way juline showed up at around five and i did the normal kissed her hug that bull shit ass she goes to sit down i grab the bat and hit her knocking her out cold i grab he limp but still alive body and drag her to my room were i tie her up and waite fir her to wake up.

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Its now about 7 and shee wakes up bound and gaged she notice me siting on the chair in front of her she tried to get lose and screem but it was no use ( warning this is were the storie gets very graphic you have been warned ) "Now that your awake my love I can start to have my fun see i knew about you and John so my guess is you like cock since you have to have two well here you can have johns" I tossed johns cock that was rotting on her belly she started screaming as I told her what I did to John then I told her what were going to do the first thing I did was take all of her clothes off then she saw I had a shit load of needles sitting on my night stand I started sticking them in her pube area like a pincushion hearing her screams drove me on next i took a pair of clippers and started nicking her clit taking chunks of her screams became more intense but not to loud thanks to the gag as i was cutting up her clit i took a pair of hedge trimmers and started taking off every toe but not all at once see i didn't want to kill her yet I wanted to make sure she lived to feel the full extent of my rage A so as i was cliping her toes down i took a sauntering iron and burned them so they would stop bleeding then cutting them more after all her toes were gone i went to her size c tits licking them i felt the over whelming feeling in my pants again that's when i wanted the blood as she was screaming and crying i started to bite her nipples as hard as i could causing them to come of and bleed the blood was so warm as i rubbed her nipples on my cock then eating them now it was time for me to have my way as i inserted my hard cock into her slightly wet slit then i go now i want what happened to John I took a wood saw bout 2 feet long and bout 4 inches tall at the widest point and started to force it inside looked at me with tears in my eyes and then she realy started screaming as i bushed the saw deeper and deeper causing blood to pour out as i forced it in and out her slit became bigger and then i pulled out the saw and to my amaze meant the cunt was still alive but just barley just barley so i know i had to act fast i started my fucking now i pounded that shit so hard the the blood just sprade every were on my face my stomach the walls what ever is in its path then after bout 10 mins of that i busted a nut just in in she was still alive so i had to take care of that i took the sauntering iron and jammed it in her eye causing a sizel notice as she screamed and moved and struggled i put the iron in her other eye after that I was still amazed this cunt was still alive so i took off the gag of her mouth and all i could here was please just kill me please Dustin please just end it i cant take it any more ill i replied was not yet im not finished bitch and she went into hysterics ass i grabbed the saw i thought about what i would do next Then i thought ill let her live but i cant ever let her talk so i tell her im going to let her live and she said thank you thank you i interrupted her and say o but im still not done so i grab the saw and start sawing of her jaw taking care to burn the wounds shut so she don't die now you cant say shit bitch then i was like o but she can write so i start sawing off her arms at the shoulders also taking care to burn the wonds shut then i say fuck it and cut her legs off to make s it even now that she was all done i took a torch and lit it and burned her pussy up so they cant trace my cum all she could do was go magamphf as i did it to her after that i put her now three foot body in my suitcase and carry her to a wall mart were i live her and her parts there with all the weapons I used witch i wiped off for any prints then leaving her body i took off.

Read part 2 witch will be longer but need to know if this is what some people want

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