Da Nex Nikka Red Hair Undercover Thot Ridin Pipe

Da Nex Nikka Red Hair Undercover Thot Ridin Pipe
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CEO makes a business deal, Part I Jack was the owner of a weapons manufacturer based in the Midwestern United States. He inherited the company from his father at age 28 when his father passed away. Now 34, Jack was firmly entrenched as the CEO and was, for all practical purposes, set for life. At six feet tall and 170 pounds, Jack was not an imposing figure. However, his three piece suits and clean shaven face told the world he was all business.


The secrecy involved with Jack's job was his biggest stressor. He knew top military officials and foreign heads of state all over the world.

However, he could not make his relationships with those parties known for fear of the media exploiting the situation. How would it look if a US based weapons manufacturer was speaking with high level officials in the Brazilian army?

People would get the wrong idea. To relieve his stress, Jack flew to Vegas three or four times per year for a couple days. A few years after he became the CEO, Jack met a stripper at one of the clubs. As she was giving him a private dance, she offered that for $1000 she would do anything he wanted. At the time, Jack pulled out 10 $100 bills and bought himself the dancer for the night.

On each return trip to Vegas he would seek her out. After being with her for the third time, Jack asked that they meeting the following night for dinner to discuss a business proposition.


She agreed. At dinner, Jack started the conversation. "I want to know your real first name," he demanded. Without hesitation she answered, "Danielle, but my friends call me Dani." There was something about Jack that made her instantly submit to his requests.

Maybe it was his position of power, maybe it was his "take charge" attitude, but Jack had this power over her. Danielle was a gorgeous natural red-head. Only 23 years old, she stood 5 feet 3 inches tall had had B cup breasts. Her skin was slightly pale and she had green eyes and full red lips.

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Her 24 inch waist and 32 inch hips caused Jack to get an erection just thinking about them. "Danielle, What would you like to drink?" Jack asked.

"An Absolute and Tonic?" She replied as if asking a question. "Are you asking me what you want or are you telling me?" Jack inquired with a smile on his face. "Telling you," she replied.

"I would like an Absolute and Tonic." Jack ordered a scotch and the drink for Danielle and continued the conversation. "What I'm going to propose to you Danielle may come as a shock. I want you to listen to me first. Listed to everything I have to say before you answer.

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If, at the end, you don't like what you hear, I will harbor no ill will. We can have dinner and go our separate directions." "Okay?" Danielle said with a questioning tone. She had no idea what he was going to say. Jack continued, "In three months, I'm coming back to Vegas. The trip will take place after a series of meetings in Los Angeles and I will need a huge release by that time. I want you to be that release." "I'm listening," Danielle said curiously.

"I'm a very demanding man, Danielle. As we get closer to my return, I would send you an explicit set of instructions that you are to follow to the detail." "Could I have an example of something?" she asked. "I may require that you not sleep with anyone five days before my arrival." Jack stated.

"I will require that you are shaved to my liking, and I will be telling you what to wear." "Basically, Danielle, I will require that you act as my personal property for a day." Jack said bluntly. "Oh" Jack added, "And I will fuck your brains out for an entire day." Danielle felt her pussy start to gush. "I have one question before we talk compensation," Danielle started. "Of course," Jack said motioning for her to continue. "Why me?" "That's simple", Jack stated. "You are the best fuck I've ever had and I've never seen a more perfect pussy." Danielle turned bright red.

She did have a gorgeous pussy. Full outer lips swelled even more when she was aroused. Her inner lips were small and did not protrude past the outer ones. She would become so wet that she glistened as she approached orgasm. Danielle had to find her thoughts. Sensing she was losing her train of thought, Jack jumped in. "So, let's talk compensation." "Yes!" Danielle said as she jumped out of her day dream.

"What will it take?" Jack asked. "For twenty four hours of undivided attention of Danielle." She quickly responded, "But if I can't sleep with anyone before you arrive, that's going to cost you too." "Agreed." Jack stated. "Ok." Danielle started. "$100/hour times 24 hours is $2,400. But you want to control me a little before you arrive. Another half day would be $1,200.

For $3600 I would not have sex for five days prior to your arrival." "Is that your number…$3600?" Jack asked. "Make it an even four thousand," Danielle said confidently behind her newly heightened self esteem.

"Done!" Jack said. "Four thousand." He reached into his wallet and pulled out $1000 and slid it across the table. "Here's a quarter of it now. Give me a phone number where I can reach you in three months." Danielle wrote down her number and the two had dinner. When they were finished, Jack said he would call her from LA in just about three months. With that, they left.

Two months and three weeks later… …Jack was in L.A. in his hotel room at midnight. He pulled out the pink slip of paper on which Danielle had written her number. He dialed it and got voicemail. "Hi this is Dani. Leave a message," the bubbly girl on the voicemail message stated. "Danielle. It's Jack. I will call you at noon tomorrow. It would be in your best interest to answer the phone when I call." Dani got home at 3:00am from partying with some friends and listened to the message.

It sent chills down her spine. She knew she would soon have to live up to her end of the deal.

At noon the next day Jack called as he said he would. "Hello this is Dani," Danielle answered. "Danielle. It's Jack. Listen closely." Jack commanded. "I will be in Vegas on Friday.

My flight lands at 10:00am. From the airport I will go to Mandalay Bay. I'll text you the room number when I know it." Jack paused. "Do you understand so far?" he asked.

Danielle eeked out a "Yes." Jack continued, "At 11:00 I expect you to knock on my hotel door. You will be wearing a green dress of your choosing. It will not hang below your knees. You may wear any bra you like, but you are not to be wearing panties.

Is that clear?" "Got it." she said "No panties." "Now, about your shaving," Jack started. "When was the last time you shaved that pretty pussy?" "Umm" Danielle had to think. "I shaved a landing strip in two days ago. At the same time I shaved the lips bald." "Good." Jack said. "Shave around the landing strip on Friday morning. Don't touch anything else." Danielle had very light and silky pubic hair had and Jack loved it. He loved the almost peach fuzz that grew on her lips.

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"Don't sleep with anyone from now until Friday (four days)," Jack demanded. "I want you ready for me. I'm going to make you plenty sore and I don't want you entering Friday with any previous conditions." "Do you understand all this?" Jack asked.

"Yes. I do," Danielle replied. "Ok. See you Friday," Jack stated and he hung up. On Friday, Jack got off the plane and sent a text message to Danielle. The only thing in the message was "1342." He arrived at the hotel, dressed in a three piece pin striped suit at 10:15am.

Jack pulled out his computer and checked emails until 10:45. At that time he retrieved a bottle of lubricant from his suit case and set it on a table near the door. After a few checks in the mirror and tightening of his tie, there was a knock on the door. Jack looked through the lens in the door and saw it was Danielle wearing a green dress.

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Jack reached over to the bottle of lube and filled his left hand with three large pumps. Then with his right hand, Jack opened the door and smiled. He motioned for Danielle to enter. As she did he quickly got behind her and covered her mouth with his right hand. "Don't say a fucking thing!" he demanded. With his left hand, he lifted up her skirt from behind and soaked Danielle's pussy with lubricant.

Danielle didn't know what to do. What could she do? She didn't know what to expect coming into today, but she certainly didn't expect this.

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Jack forced her over to the end of the bed as he massaged her pussy with his left hand. At the bed he bent her over at the waist and placed her head on the bed. Jack pulled his left hand away and unbuttoned his pants. He wiggled out of them and they dropped to the ground. He then grabbed his thick seven inch cock. It was already rock hard. He placed the tip at Danielle's opening. He placed the tip just past her beautiful lips. Then, Jack took his left hand and grabbed a handful of Danielle's hair.

"I want you to listen and listen good, Danielle." Jack barked. I haven't fucked anybody in a week as preparation for today. I just about burst on the plane ride here. So, you're going to lie there and just take it you little cum bucket. Do you understand?" Jack yanked Danielle's head back and took his right hand off her mouth.

"Answer me!" he yelled "Yyyyyes. I understand." Danielle stuttered. With that, Jack thrust his whole cock into her and began pumping her like an animal. He flipped up her dress so he could get a full view of her tiny ass. The sight of his cock sliding in and out of her caused him to almost cum several times. After a few minutes of savagely fucking her, Danielle reached back and cupped Jack's balls.

Just the light touch of her fingers caused him to let out a moan.

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Danielle knew what she had done. Jack' cock began to spasm inside her. As he came, Jack pumped her harder…if that was possible. When he finished, Jacks forearm ran the length of Danielle's back. He was still clutching her hair. "Just wait," he said.

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"Just stay there and let me fall out of you." A few minutes later, Jack's cock slipped from Danielle's slick crease. "You can comb your hair if you want, but that's it," Jack said plainly. "We're going to lunch and I want to know my liquid will be running out of you the whole time."