Sensual blowjob lover gets pussy rubbed

Sensual blowjob lover gets pussy rubbed
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adopted part 8 Henry's eyes almost popped out of his head when Patty answered the door. Patty was wearing a very sheer see through teddy. Her big tits were poking out and Herny was staring at them. "What can I do for you?," Patty asked.


Henry stammered, "My Aunt Margert asked me to stop by." "Why on earth did she do that?" Patty questioned. "Here's a note from her!" Patty read the note. "Do you know what this says?" She asked Henry. "I have a pretty good idea.

I think it has something to do with me fucking you." Henry replied as he grabbed Patty"s huge tits. "Stop that! What do you think you are going to do?" Patty hissed through clinched teeth. The boy was pinching her nipples through the thin material. She could feel her cunt getting wet. Her nipples were Patty's most sensintive parts.

Henry pushed Patty down onto the sofa as he continued to maul her tits. "No, please, don't. I can't do this." Patty stated as she continued to feel her pussy getting wetter.

Henry unzipped his pants and exposed his half hard cock to Patty's gaze. Patty moaned when she saw the size of Henry's dick.

Henry's cock was as big if not bigger than her son's cock. Patty moved her hand down to grab Henry's dick. She could hardly get her hand wrapped around it. She could feel it swelling in her hand. "You aren't going to try to fuck me with this monster cock, are you?" She asked Henry. "You bet I am! And you are going to love it." Henry hissed as he was sucking Patty's nipples.


"It is too big! It will tear me apart!

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No, please don't! I won't let you. Patty moaned as she continued to stroke Henry's swelling cock. "You'll be able to handle it. Then you'll want more." Henry replied. Henry finished sucking Patty's big tits and moved down her belly. Patty started moaned as Henry edged nearer to her cunt.

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"I shouldn't be doing this." She thought as Henry's tongue licked her pussy hair. Henry turned so that his big cock was poised at Patty's mouth. "You don't expect me to suck this, do you?" Patty asked. "Shut up and put it in your mouth!" Henry retorted. "But its too big!

I can't get it in my mouth!" Patty replied. When Henry's tongue hit Patty's clit, Patty knew she was a goner. Here was one of the most beauitful and biggest cock she had ever seen.

And it was rubbing her lips and trying to get inside her mouth. Patty moaned as the cock rub her lips. She couldn't help herself when she moaned and her mouth opened. In slide half of the monster dick. Patty began to chew on the cock in her mouth. It was hard, warm and tasted delious.

Patty began to inhale more of the cock into her mouth. She felt it hit her tonsils but she still had both her hands around the base. "Boy, this is a big one!" She thought. Henry had found Patty's clit and was sucking it deep into his mouth. The older woman beneath him was going out oF her mind while he sucked her clit and she sucked his cock. Her juices were flowing like a river. "UUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHH!!" Patty screamed as best she could with the dick in her mouth.

"PLEASE, FUCK ME!! RAM THAT MONSTER COCK DEEP INTO MY CUNT!!" Patty yelled to Henry as she started to cum. "I'm CUUMMMMMING!! Patty repeated. Henry removed his tongue from Patty's swollen red clit. He grabbed his cock and aimed it at her cunt hole. He nudged the swollen head to the opening of Patty's love slot. Patty raised her hips trying to get impaled on Henry's big cock.

"Shove it in me! I'm so horny! I need to be fucked good and deep. Ram that cock into my womb. Fill me with your seed, now!" Patty screamed as the cock entered her hot, juicy pussy.

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"UUUUUUUGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!OOOOOOOOOH, YYYYYYEEEEEEESSSSS!! That's it. FUCK MEEEEEE! RAM YOUR COCK INTO MY WOMB! LET ME FEEL YOUR SPERM!!" Patty yelled as the large cock bounced off of her tender womb. She was going out of her mind with the pleasure that the boy's cock was giving her. Patty knew that Henry was a boy but at least it wasn't her adopted son. Patty wrapped her long legs around Henry's waist pulling him deeper into her horny cunt.

She was like a bitch in heat. Wanting more of the huge cock. Patty knew that she had to fuck this boy again and again. Henry continued to pound Patty's cunt. Henry also wanted to fuck her ass. Her pussy was so wet from all of her cumming that Henry deceided to pull out of Patty's cunt and fuck her in her ass.

As Henry pulled out of Patty's pussy, Patty protested. She hadn't cum yet. "What are you doing?" She asked Henry. But Henry didn't answer. Henry just moved his cock to Patty's pink rosebud asshole and shoved it in to the hilt. "NNNNNOOOOOO! PLEASE, DON"T!!!! Don't fuck my butt.

Fuck my pussy!!" Patty wailed as the cock entered her butt. "Please, don't!! Please, Don't stop!! YES, that feels wonderful!! More, FUCK MY ASS!! BURY YOUR COCK TO MY TONSILS!!!

OH, God, I love being fucked in the ass." Henry said, "I knew you'd like my cock in your ass. Now, shut up and fuck your ass onto my cock. Squeeze your ass muscles around my dick." Patty loved the monster cock in her ass.

She had always liked to be butt fucked since she was 16. She would only let her first boyfriend fuck her ass because she wanted be a virgin when she got married. The first time was hard. Her boyfriend used a lot of vaseline and took his time but she was nervous. She kept clamping her ass muscles every time her boyfriend pressed his cockhead to her rose colored anal opening.

Finally he got mad and rammed it in in one stroke right to the hilt and held the cock deep in her ass until the pain subsided. As he began to stroke his cock in and out the pleasure was becoming wonderful.

It also help that he had a small dick. When Patty married Bill, she was still a virgin. What Patty didn't know was that Bill was hung like a horse. On their wedding night, Patty climbed into bed without looking at or having touched Bill's cock before.

When she finally did touch it, it was as hard as a rock. She threw back the blankets and yelled, "I never knew cocks were that big. How am I ever going to get it into me?" Bill had brought some vaseline to bed with him.

He told to lay back and relax. He smeared his cock and her pussy with the lube. He then crawled between her legs and nudged the bulbous head to her virgin hole. The lube helped as she felt the head enter her hole and start stretching her cunthole. Patty juices immediatly started flowing, helping Bill and the lube. Suddenly Bill stopped his entry. He had hit her hymen. Patty was feeling her first orgasm building and wanted more cock so she wrapped her legs around Bill's waist and dug her heels into his ass and pulled him into her.

The cock split her hymen and plunged deep into her virgin cunt. It only stopped its forward onslaught when it hit her womb. That's when Patty started loving huge cocks because that same night Bill reamed her butt like noone before him and Patty was in heaven. Now this boy with the huge cock was fucking her ass like Bill used to do.

His cock had stretched her little used asshole to its limits and then some. Patty was cumming and cumming. She didn't think she'd ever stop. She didn't want to stop cumming. She didn't want Henry to cum. She just wanted him to keep pumping and ramming his cock into bowels.

Even if he did it for hours. Nothing ever felt so good. Henry continued fucking the woman beneath him. He watched his big cock disappear into her bowels. Then he felt his balls churning and he knew he was getting close to cumming. "I'm going to cum!!" He yelled as he pounded Patty's abused asshole even harder than before. "YYYEESSSSSS!! I can feel your cock swelling bigger. POUND MY BUTT DEEPER, HARDER!!! FILL MY ASS WITH YOUR SPERM!!" Patty screamed as another orgasm racked her tiny body.

God, how she loved to have her ass pounded with a huge dick. She felt her asshole being stretched even more. She thought she felt it tear, but she didn't care she was having one orgasm after another and she felt wonderful. "I'm cummming!!!" Henry wailed as his spunk raced out the end of his dick and into the beautiful woman's tiny ass.

He rammed his cock all the way to the base of his pubic bone and held it there while his balls unloaded their load. "AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!! OOOOOOOHHHHH!!! YYYYYYYYEEEEEESSSS!! That's it! Fill my butt!! CUM DEEP INTO MY ASS!! DON"T STOP!! GIVE ME MORE OF YOUR WONDERFUL LOVE JUICE!!!! UUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHH!! Patty screamed at the top of her voice. She hadn't felt this good, or fucked this good in a long, long time. Henry pulled his now shinking cock from Patty's butt.

Her asshole was wide open with his sperm flowing out. He had never looked at an asshole after he had fucked it. You could see deep into Patty's bowels. "Please, don't take it out! Please, leave your cock in my ass!" Patty asked. But Henry had already removed it and moved up to Patty's face. "Suck my cock, bitch!" Henry said as he rubbed his big dick on Patty's face and lips. Patty moaned as she did as she was told.

She opened her mouth and took Henry cock deep into her throat. Next to being fucked Patty loved to suck a cock especially after it had just finished fucking her. When they had finished, Patty asked Henry if he could fuck her in the future.


"Anytime you want." Henry replied. "How about right now?" Patty said. She had never felt so horny and so well fucked as she was now. She want to keep fucking the boy for rest of the day. Patty went back to sucking Henry's monster cock. She hadn't noticed the door opening and while she was sucking Henry growing dick in walked Walter.

Walter had gotten out of school early and wanted to get home. He had a full load in his balls and was looking forward to fucking his adopted mother. He found Patty sucking Henry's huge cock. She had every inch down her throat. His cock swelled in his pants. Henry had seen Walter but Walter motioned for Henry to be quiet. Walter stripped off his clothes. Since Patty was on her hands and knees sucking Henry for all she was worth.

Walter got behind her and put his cock up to her juicy cunt. Before Patty could protest Walter rammed his big dick into her pussy. He didn't stop till he hit bottom. All Patty could do was expell a muffled moan.

Patty knew she was in trouble. Here she was sucking Henry and then a cock entered her pussy. It could only be Walter. She tried to dislodge the cock in her mouth to protest but Henry held her head tight with his cock deep in her throat. Walter started pounding his adopted mother cunt with a renew vigor he didn't know he had. Henry let go of Patty's head. Patty released the cock that was in her mouth.

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"Oh, no Walter, please stop fucking me." "Why should I quit? You're fucking and sucking this other boy. Why not me? Besides I think we'll both fuck you at the same time. What do you think of that?" Walter laughed. "I'll get her ass and you take her cunt! OK!" Henry chriped in. "No problem." Walter replied as he took his cock out of his mother. Walter laid down on his back and pulled Patty over him and lowered her cunt down to his throbbing member.

"Please, don't fuck me, Walter, its not right." Patty moaned as the cock entered her juiicy pussy again. "Shut up and move your ass! Henry, stick your dick in her butt, now!" Walter stated as he continued to shoved his dick deep into his mother's cunt.

As Henry crawled behind Patty to reenter her ass, Patty thought about the last time she was double fucked. Bill and one of his high school buddies had their way with her body. Bill had her on top of him, like Walter had her now, and his buddy fucked her butt, like Henry was going to do now. The only thing is that Bill's friend wasn't hung like Bill, Henry or Walter.

Patty remembered she like being double fucked but she needed, no wanted a bigger cock in her ass. Now Walter and Henry were going to fuck her two holes with their big monster cocks. She didn't mind fucking Henry because he wasn't her son but it bothered her to be fucked again by Walter. But she was so horny and turned on by the thought of the upcoming double gang fuck that she deceided to accept their meat and enjoy the pleasure of having both her holes filled at the same time.

"OOOOOOHHHHHH!! YYYYYEEEEEESSSSS!! Patty wailed as Henry entered her ass for the second time that day. Since she was still loose from the first fucking she got, the cock entered her butt again with no pain. Henry pushed the monster dick all the way to the hilt in one stroke.

Henry could feel Walter's cock though the thin membrane that serapated Patty's cunt and anal tract. "FUCK ME!! RAM YOUR COCKS DEEP INTO MY CUNT AND ASS!!!

God, I love you, both. Fill me with your wonderful man meat. Walter, fuck me deep into my womb. Henry, fuck me deep and hard into my bowels! Let me feel you both cum!! Make me into a cum slut. AAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!! Patty screamed as the boys drove their cocks deep into Patty little body.

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As the boys pounded their cocks into Patty's orifices, Patty was cumming as she had never cum before. Then she felt the cock in ass start to swell and she knew Henry was going to unload into her bowels.

Patty hoped that his second load was as big as his first because she wanted to feel her bowels swell from all the cum. Her asshole was really stretched to its limits. Then Walter's huge dick swelled and again Patty knew he was going to unload. She knew his load would be big for it was his first fuck of her in three days. But she also felt she wanted it to go into her womb. She had always loved the way sperm felt when the man was able to squirt his life giving spunk into her tiny womb and make it swell to the bursting point.

The pressure always made her cum a dozen more times till it was expelled by her concactions. "OH, YES, FILL MY ASS, FILL MY WOMB!! Give me all of your boy spunk." Patty wailed as the first splashes of cum entered her body. Walter was first. He buried his bone deep into Patty's cunt, right up against her womb. Walter and Patty didn't know it yet but Walter's pee hole had hit on the opening to Patty's womb and his spunk was squirting into her womb. Suddenly Patty screamed, "I can feel your sperm entering my womb!

Don't move, please. Fill my womb! OOOOOOHHHHH, GODDDDDD, I love it." Henry could feel Walter's cock pulsing in Patty's cunt. This made Henry start to dump his load. Patty screamed and thrashed about when she felt Henry's cock swell and the hot squirts of his cum shoot into her ass. Patty was overcome by all the orgasms and all the cum being dumped into bowels and womb.

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She passed out on top of Walter as the boys continued to empty their balls into the woman. When Patty awoke she was in her bed alone. Her ass and cunt still tingled from her fucking but the boys were nowhere to be seen.

After laying there for a few minutes to regain her composure, Patty got up to see if the boys were in the other rooms of the house. They weren't. Patty moved to the bathroom to clean up.

There was sperm running down her legs, huge gobs of sperm, sperm from her pussy, sperm from her asshole. Patty reached down and scooped up sperm from cunt in one hand and sperm from her ass in the other. She brought her hands to her mouth and licked the hand than the other. The spunk of the two boys tasted the same with just a touch more saltyness from what was Walters.

But Patty didn't care as she continued to the bathroom licking her fingers. After Henry and Walter finished cumming and Patty passed out, they went downstairs to get a bite to eat. While there they talked and deceided that since Patty was finished that they go over to Henry's house and fucked his aunt like they had just done to Patty.

Henry knew his aunt would welcome them both with open arms and especially open legs. Margaret smiled from ear to ear when the boys entered the house. "I see you guys met. Anything else you would like to tell me?" She smiled. The boys told her of what they had just done to Patty. They told her every detail. Henry like the part about de-tail.

Margaret just sat there listening and smiling. Her panties were soaked clear though. When they were though with their story Margaret asked, "So now what?" Henry spoke first, "We want to do the same to you, Auntie!" "I never thought you'd ask.

Let's go to the bedroom." As she was walking Margaret started to strip. The boys were right behind her dropping their clothes as they went. Margaret made sure that the boys got a good look at her round firm butt as she wiggled out of her very wet panties. As they all entered the room, Margaret noticed the boy's hardons.

She licked her lips, saying "How do you want to this?" Walter popped and said, "Since Henry fucked my mom's butt, I want to fuck yours." "Ok, by me. I loved to be butt fucked. Henry lay down on the bed so I can fill my cunt with your beautiful monster cock." Margaret stated as she and her nephew climbed on the bed.

With Henry on his back, Margaret began to lower her dripping wet pussy on to the head of the boys huge dick. When she had all of it in her to the hilt, she turned to Walter, "OK, Big boy! Cum fill my tight ass!" Walter jumped om the bed behind Margaret's upturned ass. It looked as if the pink puckered hole was winking at him. Margaret reached behind herself and grabbed Walter's big dick. "Normally I would want some lube but I so horny and so wet I don't think I'll need any.

Go ahead and put that beautiful monster in my ass, now." The Aunt moaned as she began to ride the cock in her crotch. Walter took his cock from her hand with his and placed the bulbous head up to Margaret's anal opening. He rammed forward impaling the young woman's ass on his big prick. "OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!! YYYYYYYEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!!! That's it! Its hurts but it feels good too!!

Don't stop!! RAM YOUR COCK DEEP INTO MY ASS!! MORE COCK!!" Margaret yelled as the whole monster horse cock entered her firm tight butthole. She continued to yell amd moan until she felt Walter's pubic hairs hit her ass.

Then she wailed, "Oh, Shit, I loved a big cock in my butt! I need a good ass fucking!!" With that she bent over and offered Henry on of her tits to suck. They could feel each other though the thin skin that serapated the two holes. They got a good rythum going and started pounding Henry's aunt pussy and ass. Margaret hadn't gang fucked in a long, long time.

Now she was being fucked by two of the biggest cocks she had ever had. She could feel every vein, every ridge, every throb of the horse cocks in her ass and cunt. Margaret was cumming like she had never cum before. She was delirious with the pleasure the dicks were giving her. Margaret had once tried to fuck a horse when she was on the farm with her parents but the horse wouldn't cooperate.

She knew that one day she would try again. Now she was being fucked silly and loving every stroke. In her mind she was just one big pussy and one big orgasm. Walter felt his balls rumbling and he knew he was going to blow his wad. His cock got as hard as steel when it swelled to what felt like the bursting point. Margaret had also felt Walter swell and she knew he was going to fill her bowels with his life giving juice, "Oh, God, Yes, POUND MY ASS WITH YOUR HUGE COCK!!

CUM DEEP IN MY BOWELS!! Stretch my asshole to the limit. Stuff your meat in me! Fuck my as hard and deep as you can", she yelled. Henry felt Walter swell, then the pulsing as Walter came in his aunt's ass. Henry's dick swelled as he also started cumming. "YYYYEEEESSSS!!! My, dear Henry, cum in my cunt! Ram your cock into my womb!! FILL MY WOMB WITH YOUR SPERM, NOW!!!

OH, GOD, I can feel your spunk going into my womb. I feel my womb stretching. It hurts so gooooood!!! Pound my womb. Pound my cunt. Pound my ass. Don't stop! AAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! UUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!! Walter, Ram your cock to my throat!!

YYYYYEEESSSS! I can feel your sperm filling my bowels. God, You have so much spunk. I've never had so much spunk dumped in my ass or my cunt. I love you, both, very much." With that Margaret collasped onto Henry as the boys finished unloading their balls into the young woman. Margaret knew they would being doing this again real soon and Walter's mother would be there too. But right now these boys were hers. And before the night was over she'd be in this position again and again.