Pretty sweetie spreads wet crack and gets deflorated

Pretty sweetie spreads wet crack and gets deflorated
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These stories contain sexual acts of two underage boys, from the british soap Eastenders, if you have a problem with this gay underage theme do not read on. Peter Beale, the 14 year old kid who has a tall, skinny athletic type body with perfect golden blonde hair, his cock is 6.5 inches and he has very little pubic hair. Jay Brown, is a tough 13 year old kid, who is much shorter than Peter, he is not the best looking guy in the world but has a cheeky almost sexy type personality.

He has short brown hair and a 6 inch cock. He and Peter develop a relationship together and these are their stories. PART 1 After showering after footy practice on a Friday, Peter and Jay were the only two left in the changing rooms.

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Whilst getting changed Peter had a huge desire to kiss Jay. Peter turned and slowly kissed Jay's soft lips, which made Jay jump back and push Peter away "What you doin?" Jay screamed.

"Peter I'm not gay!" "Oh.oh.oh i'm sorry just i saw you lookin at me in the shower and thought you were checkin me out!

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I'm sorry!" Peter replied blushing. The boys walked home together but didn't talk about what had happened until they had to seperate to go home.

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Jay suprised Peter when he told him he sorta liked the kiss earlier and maybe they should do it again some time. For the whole weekend Peter masturbated thinking of Jay and his hot body and lips. However It was a good few days before the two boys saw each other again, the kissing saga had slightly unsettled Jay. Peter was now beside himself with worry and frustration, he wanted Jay to do things to him.

Things that he had no control over. Things that only Jay could control and stop on his whim. The thought of kissing Jay and seeing him naked the previous week really turned Peter on.


He had loved it at the time and he'd really love to do it again. Peter next saw Jay at break time during school on Monday. He took the opportunity to take Jay to a quiet corner and clear the air. How he'd take it, Peter didn't know. "Look, I'm sorry," said Peter. ""I shouldn't have kissed you like I did." "Well I sort of liked it" Jay replied. "Are we cool?" "Um, no not really. I loved what we did.

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I want to do it again." muttered Peter under his breath. "Yeah?" said Jay, raising his eyebrows at Peter. "I." Peter paused, quickly deciding whether Jay would go along with what he was about to say. "I liked it when we kissed. You have warm soft lips.

I can't explain it, it's just.Just. do stuff with me, please?" "Hmm." Jay pondered this. He drummed his fingers on a nearby window ledge as he thought.

"But what's in it for me?" "Jay?" asked Peter again, almost pleading. "Okay Beale. Here's how it is. Do my homework for the rest of the year to Grade C. Peter thought this through carefully. He had seen his dad Ian make rash decisions and get heavily stung for them later. The idea of effectively signing his life away to Jay for want of sexual relief was tempting, but on the other hand Peter had wanted to be done by the hands of somebody else for a while now, as his solo wanking adventures had become boring and stale.

"Ok I'll do your homework man." said Peter as the bell rang. With that, the two students left for their next lesson. When the pair met up again after school, Peter was on the way to athletics. "Here you go," replied Jay, reaching into his bag."Homework.

Grade C or else." He gave Peter three exercise books and two big theory books. "Chemistry - questions two, five and nine on page 35. History -all questions on Nazi Germany from the sheet in the book. Maths all questions on pages 16, 17 and 18. Grade C or else." Peter loaded the books into his bag.

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"No problem, I'll sort it," said Peter. That evening, it was anything but a problem - it was a major headache. With Jay's load, Peter now had eight pieces of work to get through. By the time he'd started on his own homework having had to learn a week's new material in the space of one night, it was already 9pm. Two and a half hours to do Jay's load, he eventually finished the lot at 1:30am and clambered straight into bed where he had no time for a late-night wank - as soon as his head hit the pillow, he fell asleep.

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The next morning. "You got my homework?" Peter nodded. "4pm, outside history class, Room 17. I'll give you what for then, you cock-loving little faggot boy." laughed Jay. 4pm came and Peter walked slowly across the school towards Room17. When he arrived, there was no sign of Jay. Peeking inside the classroom, he saw Jay walking towards the door. "Come on" ordered Jay. "Where are we going?" questioned Peter They walked to the changing rooms where their first kiss had happened, it was deserted and they went inside both sitting side by side on the bench.

"Right, take your coat, jumper, tie and shirt off. Now!" ordered Jay. Peter hesitated at this order as he couldn't be sure if Jay was now joking or deadly serious.


Jay suddenly grabbed Peter's shirt collar. "STOP FUCKING ABOUT! GET THEM OFF!" he shouted, before dropping his voice to a more threatening tone. Peter knew Jay wasnt joking and did as he was told. Peter found himself heavily turned on by this situation.

He loved it when he was alone with Jay for company. After removing his clothes he glanced down at his naked body. Jay had began removing his clothes as he did so he noted that Peter was very pasty-white with no tan, not even on his arms. There was very little hair across his main body at all, his nipples were erect and pubic wise, Peter was almost prepubertal as far as his body went anyway.

He also had an innie belly button. Moving further down the body, Jay again saw next to no sign of any tan or body hair on Peter's lower body apart from his few blond pubic hairs.

He looked so young for a 14 year old. His body was in perfect condition. Jay slowly ran his index finger down Peter's body to find him smoother than a polished glass table. His finger caught in the boy's natural body creases but aside from that, he was able to move across Peter's torso with no resistance at all.

Finally, he moved upwards towards Peter's head.

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Jay ran his fingers through Peter's hair, making a half-hearted effort to comb it. As his hand came down Peter's cheek, he stopped.

Something clicked in his head he leaned in and kissed Peter gently and passionately which caused both boys to become erect. Jay's penis being slightly fatter but a little shorter than Peter's 6.5 inch hardon.

"Jay!" Peter gasped. "I want you to Wank me!" Jay sensed what was happening, put his free hand on Peter's penis and began to stimulate him. Peter had now started to hump his body outwards to get more relief along his penis from Jay's hand.

He felt like he going to explode any time soon. He managed to grab hold of Jay's penis which was begging for attention, Jay's cock was shorter but had more pubic hair than Peter, which was dark in colour. Peter slowly and carefully pulled back the foreskin to reveal a beautiful dark purple head. After a few minutes of endless stimulation by Jay on Peter's cock Peter had his eyes closed and was enjoying the sensation immensly.

"Don't stop! I think I'm gonna shoot!" shouted Peter. A few more strokes and Peter shot his watery load onto the ground, just avoiding splattering Jay's hand. All he could do to recover was to breathe heavily and deeply. "Thanks Jay! I really. really liked that! I want to. phew. repay that back to you" gasped Peter as he began playing with Jay's almost balls. Jay hadn't quite expected it and he slightly jumped. Without another word,he pulled himself up to Peter's level, cocked his head and planted a full-blown kiss on Peter's lips.

"Shit man! Ten to six! We'd better go! Said Jay disapointed that he hadnt cum yet. "Our secret," he said quietly. "Tell nobody." Peter nodded at this.

"Oh by the way poof any one finds out I'll kill you!" exclaimed Jay as he was leaving the changing rooms while scouting the area in case they were seen by anybody.

To be continued.