Mom hd hot mature milf loves being romanced to orgasm

Mom hd hot mature milf loves being romanced to orgasm
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Robert Jordan walked into his classroom and it was curiously quiet. The teacher sat at her desk quietly not facing the class. There were about 12 desks in the room.

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Each was clear except for a single black blindfold that was placed into the middle of each desk. The students, about 50% girls and 50% boys sat nervously in their seats. Robert took the last remaining seat, sitting towards the back of the room. As soon as he sat down, the teacher got up and closed the door.

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"Welcome everyone!" she announced. "This class is Sex 101". The kids in the classroom giggled a little bit. "There are 3 things you must know in this class: #1) No condoms allowed. #2) You must follow the rules. #3) You do not want to break the rules.

If you do you will be punished. Robert flinched. What kind of rules are those? You must follow the rules and you do not want to break the rules? What are the rules you do not want to break? His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the teacher again. "Everyone please put on your blindfolds" she said.

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Robert looked around the class. Throughout the desks the students seemed to be complying with the teacher's order. He put his blindfold on. There were no cracks in the fabric for him to see through. He was now completely blind. With his vision restricted, Robert's other senses heightened their awareness. Again he noticed that the room was eerily silent.

The silence thudded against his ears until with a slight rustle he heard a body pass by him. What?


He thought. People are moving now? He waited silently as two more bodies walked by him. The third time he felt a breath of air pass by him by the slight rustles of movement stopped. He realized with a jolt that someone was standing by his hand. His ears perked up and now he waited expectantly. What was going on? There was another slight rustling and he heard the sound of fabric hitting the ground.

Without warning a small hand touched his forearm. Robert nearly jumped out of his chair. Being blindfolded, the light touch of the hand felt electric. He realized the hand was feminine and was pulling gently on his arm. He let himself be guided by the mysterious woman's touch. She pulled his hand off the desk and guided it.

Robert felt a touch of soft flesh and then abruptly his was cupping a small, lightly haired, soft pussy. The vagina is warm and he can almost cup it all the way in his hand. It is soft and wet the way a young high school pussy should be. He keeps his hand still, resting up against the pubic warmth, listening to the breath near his ear. When he shifts his hand ever so slightly he can hear an intake in breath. I wonder what would happen if I rubbed it?


He mused. However, before he could do so the pussy is taken away from his hand. He is left with a small collection of warm juices pooling in his still cupped hand. The class is silent for a minute of two more and then the teacher instructs everyone to take off their blindfolds.

Robert surveys the class. Everything looks normal and everyone is sitting in the same seats they were before the blindfolds went on. Confused, he is startled as the bell rings and the students begin to shuffle out of the classroom. He is definitely looking forwards to day two of this class. On the second day, Robert was very excited for class. His experiences the first day intrigued him. He wanted to know what kind of health class, even if it was called Sex 101, allowed students to feel a real live vagina on the first day.

He thought they would just be watching videos or something to learn how to put on a condom. When he walked into the classroom, everything was similarly set up. Again there were 12 desks laid out in the room and again there was a black blindfold on the center of each desk.

As the bell rings the teacher once again stands up and instructs everyone to put on their blindfolds. This time Robert waits in anticipation. He feels two bodies pass by him until a third person stops near him. Once again he hears a thump of fabric hitting the floor and then the same lightly haired pussy is slipped back into his hand.

The pussy feels even warmer and more moist today. Robert begins to knead the pussy ever so slightly, and is rewarded with a slightly audible moan. Robert begins to let his hands explore. He is anxious to know whose genitals are currently cupped in his hand.

This is like no situation he has ever been in before. Robert crawls his hands upwards from the vagina he is cupping. He lets his hands travel until he touches what feels like the hem of a woman's shirt and then up under the shirt until he can feel the curves of a woman's breasts. He can feel another slight intake of breath as he trails his fingers up over soft lips.

It is at this point, as he is close to figuring out the identity of this mysterious person, that he feels something crack down on the back of his head and everything goes black. When he wakes up he is blindfolded and he can feel that his surroundings have changed. He is now nearly naked, covered only in a thin paper medical shaft, and lying, back down, on a cold hard table.

His head is restrained by a smooth leather belt that is anchored into the table. So are his wrists. His ankles are only lightly restrained and as he wiggles he can feel some give in those restraints. He lies on the table, waiting.

A school bell rings and he is surprised to hear students shuffling into a classroom very near to where he is lying. He hears teacher's books being laid down and a feminine voice begins a lecture. "Welcome welcome class. Welcome back to girls-only anal." Robert flinches.

Girls-only anal? What the hell is that? The lecture continues. "As a 21st century woman, having a vagina is always enough. Men are always hungry for more and one thing you can offer them is your anal cavity. Now, raise your hand if you know the answer: who knows the first rule of anal?" The class laughs. "Lube up!" one girl shouts. "Very good. Now who remembers the second rule?" "Always get an enema before hand" another girl shouts. "Again, correct" the teacher replies.

"Both rules number one and number two are fundamental rules of anal never to be disobeyed. Alright class, now this will not be a very hard course. We will learn how to properly have anal sex and at the end of the class you will have anal sex with a partner for your final grade. Does everyone approve?" A chorus of yeses echoed back from the crowd. "Ok then lets begin" the teacher said.

"One of the best ways to learn anal is to actually see it performed so that will be the content of our first lecture today. Olive, will you please bring out subject out?" Robert felt the table he was lying on being wheeled out and suddenly he was exposed to the bright lights of the room he had been listening to. His blindfold had shifted a little bit and he was able to see a crowd full of high school girls all eagerly leaning forward from their seats to get a good look at him out of the corner of his eye.

As he glanced around he also saw the teacher, an attractive woman in her early thirties, was putting on gloves. "Alright class. The patient we will be learning on today is named," she looks down at the index card in front of her, "Robert.

Robert was caught trying to figure out someone's identity during his Sex 101 Class. He serves us as just another reminder not to break the rules." The class of girls booed.

"Alright now, here we go" the teacher said and Robert felt his ankle restraints loosened. However, to his dismay, his legs were immediately grasped hard by unknown hands and lifted high before being plopped down into stirrups. Stirrups! The things they use at the OB/GYN or to birth babies!

How humiliating. The medical sheet he was wearing as his only covering suddenly is removed and there is an audible gasp from the crowd of young girls.

"Ok, ok calm down girls" said the teacher. "We've all seen a dick before, I'm sure many of you were in penetration 101 before coming to this class." Some of the girls nodded.

One girl, out of Robert's line of sight, spoke up. "But ma'am" she said. "This one is especially big." "Yes that's true but that's not really what we're here for." Robert felt her move humiliatingly between his legs, which were held open by the stirrups. She cranked something out of his sight and the stirrups moved wider, spreading his legs even more. "This here class" she remarked, "is Robert's asshole." There was a frightening moment of silence and then a cold, gloved finger lightly touched his asshole.

"This little sucker is the key to what we're learning today." She lightly moved her finger around his hole. "The first thing we're going to do to it is give it an enema." Robert felt his stirrups tightened until his ass was lifted off the table, and then a cold bedpan was placed beneath him. "All you need for a good enema is a bag and a tube connecting to that bag," the teacher said moving away from Robert and pulling both out from her desk drawer.

Robert was able to see out of the corner of his eye that the bag she was holding was filled with clear liquid. She walked back between his legs and out of sight. "Now, the water you have in your enema bag is most likely going to be cold. You need this water to be at least lukewarm for this process to be at least semi-enjoyable for the recipient. One trick I like to use is to place the bad between your breasts. This will work for ample breasted girls out there.

Small-breasted girls I'm sorry you're out of luck. Placing the bag between your breasts will gradually warm the water in the bag over time." It was evident to Robert that at this time the teacher had placed the enema bad between her rounded breasts.

She continued, "The next thing you need to do is to lube up the tip of your enema tube and the recipient's asshole." Robert heard a brief squelching hand and he assumed the tip of the enema tube was being lubed.

Then, without warning a drop of cool, fluid lube dripped down onto his asshole. He shivered. The teacher laughed.

"They never expect that first drop class. Especially when they're blindfolded like this one." The class laughed again and Robert felt more lube being dripped down onto his asshole. The finger rubbing it in applied a light pressure to his hole but neglected to violate his asshole. The class laughed again as Robert squirmed with anxiety. He had never had anything in his ass before. "Now that it is all lubed up, you are ready to insert the enema tube into the asshole" the teacher announced to the class.

The teacher pushed the clear plastic tube towards Robert's ass. He clenched his asshole tight. He didn't know what rules he had broken but he certainly knew he did not want that thing in his ass without his permission. "Now now Robert. Don't be silly," the teacher quipped.

She smacked his lower abdomen causing him to temporarily unclench his muscles and deftly she shoved the tube inside him. At first the sensation was like fire. He would have gasped, but he held his tongue. The teacher did not push the tube in any more, she simply let him adjust to his new feeling.

After a brief period, Robert adjusted. He could still feel the thin pressure of the tube separating his asshole but he no longer wanted to gasp. The teacher pushed the tube in slightly more and once again Robert felt like he wanted to groan.

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The third time she pushed it in a little farther. Robert still felt a little uncomfortable but the friction of the tube sliding past his never before violated flesh produced a pleasurable ribbing sensation.

The teacher began talking again: "Alright class, you have now pushed the enema into the subject. Our Robert did very well accommodating this into his tube into his cavity but for tighter assholes you will have to take your time and maintain patience." Pencils scratched against notebooks as the girls diligently noted what the teacher had said.

"You are now ready to pump water from the enema bag into the anal cavity. Hopefully your breasts have been warming the liquid this whole time.

To pump simply squeeze the water bad like so." Robert prepared himself. He felt a small, warm stream of water spurt from the tube deep inside him. He immediately relaxed all of his muscles, allowing the water to trickle out of him and into the waiting bedpan. The drops of water felt deeply erotic as they trickled down out of his hole.

"Robert!" the teacher exclaimed. "You can't let the water trickle out of you like that. You need to hold it all in and release it when I say so. Okay, ready?" Once again, water spurted out the tube inside him and once again Robert relaxed, letting the water trickle out of him. He was immediately slapped.

Hard. Against the face. "Robert, I'm not kidding," she said. He groaned.


His ankle restraints were tightened again. "We'll try this one more time" the teacher told him. This time, as the water was pumped into his ass (a little more forcefully I might add), Robert clenched his muscles and held it in.

"Good!" the teacher exclaimed. She pumped again and Robert felt his lower belly begin to expand. She pumped again and he began to feel an urgent pressure against his lower abdomen and ass.

"Now remember Robert, it is absolutely imperative that you gold this all in until I say to release it ok?" He groaned again. "Okay" she said. She pumped again and by the fifth or 6th pump his anal cavity was entirely full. The water exerted uncomfortable force and there was intense pressure on his asshole to release.

She squirted one more pump of water into his ass and commanded him: "Hold," she said. The pressure inside his anus was agony. His whole body felt swelled up and he could feel his abdomen bulge.

She began to count down. "30," she said. "29…28…" By the time she reached ten Robert was done. The warm water demanded against the inside of his flesh. Water began to leak out of his asshole but he retained the most of it for fear of another slap. "5" the she said.

Robert wanted the sweet release so badly. At zero a finger helped open his asshole and water gushed out of him in bursts. The flow dissipated slightly until there was only a small trickle flowing from his asshole. He panted from the effort of holding the water in. His insides felt empty and abused. He felt a hand wipe his crack down, washing away the chunks that had exploded from him.

He felt another set of hands remove bedpan, now filled with water, from underneath him. "You did good honey" the teacher said, allowing a touch of sympathy to creep into her voice.

"I'm proud of you, but I'm not done with you yet". Robert could only grunt. The enema tube was removed and he sensed her move out from between his raised legs. Out of the corner of his eye he saw her move back to her desk, open a drawer, take something out and begin to remover her leggings that she had previously been wearing.

A girl coughed, causing him to temporarily look away. When he looked back she was facing away from him, pantsless with her little ass pointing towards him. He realized briefly that the teacher who had been abusing him up until this point was a small person. She stood 5'4 with a slight build, toned calves, and a slim, firm ass.

He groaned again. In another scenario, one where she was a normal teacher and he was a normal student, he might find her attractive. When she turned around to face him front on he saw that attached in front of her vagina she had a big, black strap on. Robert's insides clenched and unclenched at the thought of her plastic monster inside of him. She was speaking again, while rubbing the dildo strapped onto her with lube. He noticed fleetingly that the model of strap on she had chosen to wear cradled her clitoris and had a slight pleasure nub that rested just inside her vagina.

"So she will be getting some pleasure out of this" he thought. He tuned back in to what she was saying: Class, you've seen a fantastic example of an anal enema, thanks to me you are now ready to see what anal sex looks like. Now obviously I do not have a cock," the class laughed, "so I will be using this baby right here," she slapped her rubber penis playfully, "to get the job done. Robert has generously provided us with the asshole we need for this sex.

Please, Justine, lower the subject's table a little bit." According to the her signal, some unseen person cranked something to lower the height of the table that Robert was restrained on top of. Whereas before his legs and stirrups had placed his asshole at breast height (perfect for reaching in and performing an anal cleansing), now his asshole was lowered to the level of the teacher's strap on. She stepped out of Robert's sight and back between his legs. More lube was applied to both her rubber dick and his asshole.

"The first step is consent" the teacher advised her students, petting Robert's ass and winking to the class. "Then you are ready to mount. In some cases that would mean climbing on top of the man. In my case, his ass is already spread and at dick level.

I simply have to move forward." She moved forward between Robert's legs. He felt the tip of the rubber dick come to rest lightly against his asshole. "Then you are ready for entry," she said and thrust her hips forward, entering Robert's ass and finally taking his anal virginity. Robert could have screamed from the intense sensations inside of him as she entered. Her dildo in his ass was painful, yet euphoric at the very same time. Her rubber cock slid deeper and deeper inside of him. The friction of it sliding past his never before violated flesh sent waves of pleasure rolling through his body.

Soon the teacher was in deeper, deeper than the douche ever had been. Robert felt wonderfully full and warm. Waves of heat radiated from his navel where the shaft of her cock rested. He felt her small hand fall lightly onto his hard lower abdomen as she braced herself.

He could hear her panting from pleasure and out of the corner of his eye he saw a girl's jaw drop. Apparently this level of intensity in a fuck from this teacher was unexpected. The teacher, once again bracing her small frame against his navel, pulled back her hips and withdrew her rubber cock from Robert's ass. The girthy tip rested lightly again, almost out of his asshole before she drover herself forward again and plunged inside of him.

His hips bucked and his body ached against the waist restraint. It was all Robert could do to not cry out in pleasure. Every fiber of his being seemed to be stimulated as golden rays of pleasure filled his ass.

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The connection from the teacher's strap on to the inside of his ass crackled with energy as if it were an electric wire. He was breathing extremely heavily now, as was she. The stirrups Robert's legs were restrained in rattled with each thrust of the teacher's rubber cock.

With even more intensity she ramped up the pace of her thrusts in and out of his ass. Each deep stroke now rammed up against his prostate and a shudder escaped from between his gagged lips. He deep thrusts reached a breakneck pace until, impaled on her black cock, Robert came in an anal orgasm. The muscles in his ass pulsed and writhed and contracted against the heated rubber of her dick.

Nearly simultaneously with his convulsions Robert felt the teacher make a last, deep thrust and then moan in an orgasm of her own.

Apparently the stimulation of the strap on grinding against her clitoris was too much for her to take. Her dick still inside him, he felt her weight fall forward onto him and they both laid, warm and panting, joined at the hip in golden waves of pleasure. Just then the bell rand and the girls of the class packed up to leave.

Robert heard each girl thank the teacher for an insightful lesson. All the teacher could do was not, still entranced by her pleasure. As the last girl left the class, Robert felt her rubber cock withdraw from him as two people supported the teacher, still wobbly from her orgasm. The table he was lying upon was wheeled away, artificial semen still leaking out of his ass. He watched the teacher fall down, stunned and drenched in her own fluids as he was wheeled away and all went dark once more.