Daddy cum compilation and not Summer Seduction

Daddy cum compilation and not Summer Seduction
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Inspired by True Events.

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Based on a true story. This story isn't all sex and has some plot line so you can get to know the females I have had sex with. More sex will come later but if you are looking for instantaneous sex and a fast fuck this is not the story. If you want a good story then this is the one.

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Please comment and rate ! Enjoy! Criticism is welcomed also ! I never would have imagined that my life would have been full of bliss. I remember saying bye and departing with my friends in middle school in eighth grade. We were all so rambunctious as I think back upon it. Summer was a blur of events as my good friend Blake who is very wealthy, and lives in Ben Wallace's old house here in Virginia, threw a huge party for pre-freshman year.

The events at that party will be a story to unfold later. Moving on, entering my first year of high school, I stood at 5'10 and had a muscular, fit body from years of basketball and football. My light skin is similar to Hip Hop star Drake's complexion. I have my hair in a mini fro and I'm quite attractive according to girls and my highlight feature is my color changing eyes.

My first of high school was the day my life took a turn for the better. The fact that I previously played sports prior to high school, helped jumpstart my high school career.

I was not outstandingly great at football, but I did manage to achieve varsity status. I played Linebacker on defense and although I wasn't the fastest, I could still finesse through the crowd and sack the quarterback or defend the ball really well.

I also played slot receiver on the offensive side. I was glad I made the varsity squad it gained me friends that I would need for future events. Going through my classes I was elated to find out I had classes with a lot of our schools cheerleaders, JV more than varsity. Our school had some of the best looking cheerleaders as puberty was treating them well.

It was treating a few JV cheerleaders in my class really well. A stunning brunette, with glorified tan skin from time spent tanning that summer, and the most beautiful sea blue eyes I have ever seen had walked past me. She had on a low-cut shirt which revealed her C-cup sized breast, but she had a great blossoming little tight ass. I couldn't have been more happy to walk in behind them and even more happy that they were in my class. I am an extremely intelligent, but my fatal flaw is that I am incredibly lazy, also with football practice every day I was typically tired.

It also did not help that my 1st period teacher who I had every day for an hour, talked like molasses and looked like Crocker from the Fairy Oddparents. Twenty minutes into the class I felt my eyes beginning to droop lower and lower until I eventually gave up the fight and went to sleep.

I was woken by a poke on my side. I brushed it off with a low grunt at first, but then it poked me again.


Getting up and rubbing my eyes, I look to my right seeing the girl giggling. A little embarrassed, I tried to play it off by tying my shoe. This only caused them to laugh at me more. Giving up I looked at them. "What do you want?" I asked her in a low tone. "You are the Jay. The only freshman to make the varsity team right?" the girl with those beautiful blue eyes asked me.

"The one and only, living in the flesh," I responded with a sly smile as I was kind of feeling like a rising star. She giggled with excitement. "Hey my name is Ashley Foster, Jacob's little sister.

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The school's varsity football quarterback. He told me about you and how impressed he is by you. I cheer for the Varsity team even though I'm only a freshmen." This gave me a feeling of superiority. I was being known and it was only the first day of school.

Plus it was by such a cute girl. I could feel my chest beginning to swell with pride. They were cheerleaders too! Everyone loves cheerleaders right? Calming my nerves, I turned back to her. "I'm glad your brother thinks highly of me…" I pretended to forget her name. She gave me a small saddening look then replaced it with a bright smile. "Ashley! It's Ashley!" she exclaimed. Jackpot I thought to myself.

She wants me to notice her. "Yes Ashley!" I said in astonishment. "How could I forget the name of such a beautiful lady?" This got a big smile out of her and I knew I hit the right note. "Well I was wondering if you wanted to come to the homecoming party that is going to be at my house next month. I know my brother was going to invite you, but this was good chance for me to branch out and get to know you before all the girls try to get you." "Girls?" I asked looking puzzled.

"Yeah a lot of the varsity girls have been talking about you when we saw you practice the other game…" she trailed off. My ears perked at the sound of that and I couldn't help but feel a little bit of excitement building up. Not only did this beautiful brunette want me but so does most of the varsity cheering squad! It couldn't get much better than that. "Anyway, can I get your number?" she asked. "To give you directions to my house of course." She quickly added.

With a sly smile on my face I nodded my head in agreement. I laughed internally knowing full well that she wanted my number for more than just 'giving me directions'. After 1st period ended, I was on high. I blew through the day in a daze. It wasn't long until the bell rang and I was headed to the locker room. I was in such a daze that I missed a simple wide open catch.

The coach yelled at me and told me to run 10 laps around the field after practice. I even ran the laps with no regrets with a nice broad smile on my face. After I finished my laps I walked back to the locker room where I took a quick shower and ran into Jacob who had just finished watching some Tom Brady films. He offered to give me a ride home, which I gladly accepted, sending my mom a text that I had a ride home.

I told him my address. Walking out to the parking lot, I saw Ashley standing by her brother's car in her skimpy cheerleading outfit. Her back turned to us which gave me a good view of the wonderful ass. When she heard us walking up, she was prepared to yell at her brother, but when she saw me, she lit up.

"Hey Jay!" she said giving me a quick hug before blushing realizing what she just did. "I didn't know you were riding with us." She gave her brother a mean glare. "It was a last second thing really," I told her. I shrugged my shoulders nonchalantly. Coming to her side of the car, I opened the door for her, she smiled and thanked me.


Coming back to my side I sat in the back with her. Jacob got in the driver's seat, started the car and pulled out the lot. Me and Ashley were stealing glances at each other the whole car ride. When one of us wasn't looking the other would steal a glance. Eventually Jacob let out a loud laugh.

"I knew you were distracted by a girl when you missed the pass earlier, but I didn't know you'd be distracted to this goblin!" he erupted into more laughter.

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"Jake! You asshole! I hate you!" Ashley yelled at her brother which only made him laugh harder. Trying to clean up the situation I turn to Ashley. "Don't worry dear, he is only mad because he can't find a beautiful girl like you for himself. I mean he does look like a goblin himself so I guess he was looking into his rear-view mirror when he said that." This earned me another one of her stunning smile. She had perfect, straight, white teeth. "Ouch man. Throwing me under the bus for my sister.

Not a smart move. I know someone who isn't getting the ball our first game Friday." He said in midst of chuckles. By the end of the event we had just turned into the driveway of my house. Thanking Jacob for the ride, I exited the car. I was peeking back into the car to say bye to Ashley, before I felt the softest pair of lips meet mine. With a quick, sudden brush of our lips, she yelled bye and pushed me back before I could even react.

As if on cue, Jacob began backing out, and I could hear him saying "well that was awfully bold of you" to his sister before she closed the back door. Once I got inside, I let my mom know I was home then took a long, real good shower as I thought about the event that just transpired.

Bringing my fingers to my lips, I felt them as I imagined Ashley's soft lips on them again. I may act suave and enthusiastic and all, but I had no experience with girls and I was a nervous wreck. My only confidence came from sports. I never had time for girls as I was always busy with sports and school. Walking back to my room, I threw my towel on the bed and changed into some basketball shorts and a t-shirt.

I heard a buzz and I looked to find my phone had a text from an unknown number. Picking it up, I opened the message and it was Ashley saying it was her an hey.

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Hey I sent back. Not even 15 seconds later she replied back; Did you really mean it when you said I was beautiful? Of course. Nobody ever said that about me before. In middle school they would just say you have a fat ass or other remarks that I found disrespectful. I'm sorry to hear that. Yeah when you said that, I don't know it made me feel queasy inside and then I kissed you. That was my first kiss ever. Mines too. Really? Yeah. We ended up texting for most of the night I learned that she was born in Georgia.

She only ever had one boyfriend but they broke up because he cheated on her because she wouldn't have sex with him or kiss him. I learned a lot more interesting facts and it wasn't until midnight that she ended up going to bed and I fell asleep. The rest of the month blew by quickly as I was working to balance out school and high school football. I was getting rides home with Jacob which gave me more time to associate with Ashley.

We got closer and closer as the days, which turned into weeks, passed on, Homecoming was right around the corner. So was Jacob's party. With the day of homecoming finally upon us, the school through a pep rally.

They introduced other fall sports, the cheerleaders performed for us, the varsity players were given balloons, and the homecoming prince and princesses were announced. I won Homecoming prince for the freshman class along with Delaney Freeman as the homecoming princess. Another one of the few freshmen that made varsity's cheering squad. That night at the game we were beating the opposing school in the first half 14-7. At halftime the Homecoming King and Queen were announced which was Varsity cheering Captain Alana Greeving and our very own, Jacob Foster.

The rest of homecoming court walked onto the field following the king and queens lead. I held Delaney's hand as we marched to the middle of the field, then bow to the crowd. The game didn't get any better for the opposing team as we finish the game with a whooping score of 42-14. The team was on high and we all took refreshing showers. We all got dressed into our good clothes, sprayed cologne and got ready for Jacob's party that was in an hour.

I rode with Ashley and Jacob to their big house that was adjacent to Blake's mansion. The only reason why we weren't at Blake's was because Jacob's parents were out of town for business. We set up decorations for the party and brought out the beverages and snacks.

An hour or so later, people began to trickle in and the house began to get rowdy. Throughout the night people began to drink beer and get drunk. During the party, I ran into Delaney who had changed from her cheerleading outfit into some short shorts that showed her great ass and a low cut shirt that portrayed her at least DD- sized tits.

She led me to a secluded living room and we were talking to each other while we sat on the couch and she got up to sit on my lap. Like I said I had little to no experience with females, and when she sat on my lap it sparked my penis. It began to stir, and I know she felt it as she looked at me. Her soft yet firm plush ass had turned me on. She knew it did as she wiggled her butt a couple times that only made it harder.

Before the teasing continued, Ashley came swooping into the living room. Pulling her off of me, she scolded Delaney. "Hey you can't have him yet I got first dibs." "Calm down Ashley. Nothing happened. And anyway didn't we all agree he was ALWAYS up for grabs no one could have him permanently." Delaney replied before leaving. "Damn Bitch. I mean I love her to death but she can be a real pain in the ass sometimes." She looked at me and noticed my hard-on.

She smiled slyly. "Since you've been so good to me, I'll treat you to a nice present." She got down on her knees and unzipped and unbuttoned my jeans. Pulling my boxers down, she unleashed my cock.

She eyed it with astonishment. "I know I don't have much credibility, but this thing is HUGE!" I felt my head swell. I always knew my penis was a little more than average.

It was 7 and a half inches long. I measured monthly for my own sake.

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It still qualmed my fear that it might be bigger than other guys in high school. "I am sorry if I do bad, but this is my first time doing something like this," she said to me.

Looking at me with those mesmerizing blue eyes. With one more stare, she kissed the head of my penis. She kissed it a couple more times before she enveloped it into her mouth. Now like I said I never had much experience with girls, so this felt like heaven to me. She tried going down but the girth of my penis was a a lot so she only got about 3 inches down before she gagged.

She came back up for air, the went back down. This time swirling her tongue as she went down. After a few minutes of this, she began to get better(or I assume she did it all felt amazing) and was bobbing her head up and down and swirling her tongue at the same time. As more time passed, I reached my limit. Not knowing what to do, I tapped her on her head and when she looked up I told her I was close to cumming. Nodding her head, she went back to sucking and licking the head.

I felt my balls beginning to tighten. "I'm cumming!" I told her as she enveloped my head back into her mouth. I released four long streams of cum into her mouth. She swallowed what she could, but the rest dribbled out her mouth. She opened her mouth to show me she had it in her mouth before she closed it and swallowed it. "It's a little salty, but still very good!" We got up and I pulled up my pants and buttoned them back.

We walk back to the living room as Ashley tried to hiddenly wipe the corner of her mouth where some of my cum had still been left. I was on high. I had just experience the most mind-boggling orgasm of my life ever. But nothing could prepare me for what would happen later…