Minha safada Calvogando Gostoso na Rola do Amigo

Minha safada Calvogando Gostoso na Rola do Amigo
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Dude…can I fuck your Mom? &hellip.This was not the first time I heard this from my simpleton buddy Jason. He had had the hots for my mom for a long time. I'm Brad, and we were hanging out that evening in the mall parking lot. "Dude, isn't that your mom?&hellip.Jason whispered. &hellip.I walked over and peeked around the corner of the building. I smiled and whispered to Jason: ("It sure is.") He smiled back and we continued to watch.

She was standing at the front of her SUV smoking a cigarette with some guy. It was dark but I knew her SUV and it was her alright. Jason said to me: ("Brad…that lucky bastard better be good to her."). &hellip.My dad had a girlfriend on the side. My mom and I both knew it. After a while she decided to even the playing field…and more.

&hellip.Jason had always had a big crush on my mom and she decided to let her feelings for him go and a little romance begin…at first. She was up front about it with me and said she felt 'romantic' with Jason.

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I couldn't blame her and I said I'd just look the other way if anything was going on. I envied Jason as mom was a beautiful hot woman. I wished it was me having an affair with her instead of him.

Mom and Jason were cool until dad left to do some 'night work' as he did a lot. . As soon as he left, mom and Jason headed for the spare bedroom and closed the door.


At first I was happy for both of them but I had the usual little lust about my mom as boys get. Now that I was older it grew and my envy grew too. The spare bedroom was right next to mine and the first time I heard mom moan being with Jason&hellip.that…started driving me crazy. I had a cool girlfriend but something about him having sex with my mom was way hotter than anything I felt with the girlfriend.

As the two to three nights a week continued, mom moaned more and their sex play was very hot to listen to. Fucking my girlfriend was no relief for the sounds I was hearing those nights. &hellip.One night Jason couldn't come by and mom was walking around in her sexy thin nightgown with no bra or panties, I could see everything.

She had just taken a shower and she looked and smelled so sexy. Damn…she was hot looking. &hellip. "No April (my girlfriend) tonight?" mom said. I said she had gone out of town for a few days. She immediately smiled and said: "Ok, I'll be your date." and giggled. "I have no 'date' either so we'll just 'pretend' we're our own dates." &hellip.I thought 'oh my god mom, don't do this, you have no idea how I would love to be your hot date.' Maybe it was the smile in my eyes that gave me away, but somehow she reacted like I was Jason and these words came out of her mouth: "Let's go see what's in my spare bedroom, Mr.

Date." &hellip.My dick got to hard so fast, it shocked me. Out of my mouth came: "Why don't you show me your spare bedroom Ms.


Date." We walked up stairs arm and arm like a couple getting ready to get it on. We entered the spare bedroom and she immediately turned off the lights. That room was almost pitch black as she led me to the big bed. She sat me down and then laid me down and lay beside me. We turned towards each other and our arms went around us. She begin to talk softly.

"Despite what you've probably heard thru the walls, Jason and I have not had sex. We've done about everything else…but&hellip.I'm saving that for someone special.

&hellip.My dick is sticking straight out between us. We both felt our bodies&hellip. as she talked. "I've found the man I want to have sex with. He young, handsome and I love him." &hellip.I thought about the guy Jason and I saw with her that night in a closed business parking lot. It sounds like she really has the hot for this guy, and that's her business and I'm happy for her&hellip.but triple envious of that, 'lucky bastard'. &hellip.She felt my body and then started kissing my face and neck.

She scooted in close to my rock hard dick.

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I figured I would play 'Jason' for the evening and let her lead the way. What ever they had been doing in here made her moan real good and I turned on big time to hear her moan like that. She took my hand and put it on her full tits and rubbed it all around. I couldn't see real good but next I felt a soft hand feeling my dick, stroking it gently. &hellip. We played for a while and then she turned 180o and I felt her breath on my dick.

I smelled a combination of bath soap and&hellip.pussy in my face. I had the jitters bad. First feeling my own mom up and now she putting her pussy in my face.

She had to have felt my labored breathing on her pussy. As her lips slowly touched the head of my dick, I lifted her one warm leg and moved my tongue into her bush. &hellip.Shit shit shit! .we heard dad's car enter the garage. I took one giant lick on her clit and we both jumped up and out of the room.

My heart was pounding like a race horse as I got in my bed with the lights out. I listened intently. I heard nothing. Mom had gone downstairs slowly. Still nothing. My mind kept replaying what had just happened over and over. &hellip.Dad was home early from seeing 'the other woman'. I couldn't hear what they were saying but is was calm.

I waited. Then I heard dad's car start up and leave and drive away. I heard mom come up the stairs. My door opened slowly.

"Oh Mr. Date, we can continue now." mom said.

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----------- &hellip.I called Jason the next day. "Dude…I know who that guy is now." Jason: "No way, who was he?" Me: "The dude had on a ball cap, it was dark but I saw something and just now realized he had a small tattoo on his left hand. He is my dad's business partner!, Mack!" Jason: "No way, Mack never wears a ball cap and always wears sunglasses." Me: "I know, that through me off but I remembered who else has that tattoo&hellip.Mack" Jason: "Your mom is messing with me and Mack?&hellip.no way dude".

Me: "It's true, he didn't want to be recognized, it was him, I know." Jason: "May be… but he better treat her good. We'll have to fuck him up, otherwise dude." Me: "He's cool if mom likes him, don't worry." Mom's thoughts&hellip. &hellip.I couldn't help but notice Jason's attention to me for a long while now.

It grew on me and I liked it. At first I just figured I was having a little crush on Jason. Over time I felt romantic towards him. Being in his late teens, he was young and had such a great build.

My romantic feelings turned into wanting to feel him naked. &hellip. Who was I kidding. Jason was just a substitute for my feelings for my son Brad. I couldn't touch him because I was his mother, but I sure could feel Jason. A dark room, my closed eyes and Jason became Brad as I let my feelings go further and further.

&hellip.Last night was the real thing. He thinks I have the hots for Jason, but it's him I really want, but can't have.

Feeling your own son shook my pussy to the core. It was the most sexually exciting thing I had ever done. He was so cooperative as he wanted to please me. He pretended to be Jason but something new came over us. My pussy tingled like never before as he licked it so hot. I got to feel his grownup cock and even suck on it in the dark.

I wonder if he knows how bad I would love to have sex with him all night. I know all the taboo rules, but we're not having sex, just&hellip.kind of&hellip.having a little…touching&hellip.kissing&hellip.licking, that doesn't hurt a thing&hellip.to us anyway. &hellip.I laughed at my own thoughts&hellip.how long did I think this was going to last? Last night was so hot, and I'm a normal healthy woman who needs good sex. He's my perfect guy and if I wasn't his mom&hellip.he would have had sex with me in a heart beat.

He gave me a wonderful, mind blowing orgasm last night&hellip.and I made him cum and cum big. He splattered my face and I took the rest in my mouth and tasted him, then just swallowed it down… &hellip.What's next?&hellip.of course I want that cock of his in me and filling my pussy with his cum.

Will it happen?…if we both want it to…the time will come for ultimate taboo&hellip. Or&hellip. maybe not. &hellip.No rules about me just thinking about it…just as much and as often as I want to……that would be at night in my bed, in the shower or anytime I just want to feel good and feel my pussy get that wonderful tingle and wet feeling……I'll just bet Brad closes his eyes and thinks about me as he wanks a good one&hellip.

I did it for him last night…I bet he'll remember it for a long time&hellip. Brad&hellip. &hellip.Last night changed everything. I let all my hot feelings for my mom out of the lock box.

Things I'm not suppose to think about. Forget it Jason, I'll take care of mom's needs. Mack, you can get lost too.


My mom is now taken and I will make her happy. The feel of her body pumped my hardon up to the point of pain. She made me cum right in her face, then sucked on it. I could feel her swallow my cum down. I've never had a girl do that before. When I came, her pussy got so wet I just had to suck on her clit hard.

Her moaning and jerking her pussy was so awesome. .I knew she liked it when I licked her pussy. Her moans told me that…so sexy and intense. She has the softest bush ever. She purred like a kitten when I rubbed it and then licked her between her legs. Her lips on my hardon was so hot. She was feeling it with her tongue&hellip.all around as she jack it&hellip.Damn, I better snap out of it, I've been just staring at the wall smiling&hellip.

&hellip.That night Dad stayed home and watched T.V. The looks mom and gave each other were intense. She looked so sexy she gave me hot flashes.

I could see her take a big breath and look away as not to let dad know anything. &hellip.In time dad move out and Mack and mom ran the business. Mack and mom were just good friends and nothing else.

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Jason fell in love with some dirt bag and stopped coming over. The first night mom and I had the house all to ourselves we…well…I feel I must stop the story now.

It involves some very personal things and some would call it incest, but I feel were not bad people and I'm of legal age and&hellip. "Brad" mom said. "Tell them" "But mom I…" "Tell them Brad, you can't just leave them hanging, it's to beautiful not to tell." "Ok, you tell them mom." Mom&hellip. &hellip.When the door closed for the last time and now it was just Brad and I alone&hellip.my heart was pumping hard in my chest.

Freedom at last. I headed for the shower pulling Brad behind me. He had never watched me take a shower and said he had always wanted to, even as a little boy. He said he would try and peek at me and see me naked. He could only listen and imagine me naked. He said he would stroke his little dick and make himself cum outside the bathroom door.

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I never knew this. I told him I wanted to watch him jack himself while I showered. "Mom!, you don't have to tell them everything." "Go and get naked and wait in my bed, ok baby?" Brad smiled, kissed me and left for upstairs.

Now to continue&hellip. .Brad feasted his eyes on me as I gave him a sex show in the shower. Watching him stroke his cock was awesome. I got out and had him dry me off. He was panting like a dog he was so excited&hellip.but then so was I.

He picked me up and carried me to my big bed. I got the pleasure of undressing him slowly. We kissed and sank into the bed, never breaking the kiss. We were both trembling and gasping for breath. My pussy was a mass of tingles as he lifted my legs straight up.

He licked his way down to my pussy, starting at my ankles. The chills were making me crazy. I could feel the my juices flowing in my pussy as his tongue licked every part of my pussy.

"Brad…I can't take this, come and lay on me, hurry." &hellip. I franticly pulled on him to lay on top of me. I had waited long enough and I want his cock in me and now. I opened my legs and he climbed on me.

I held his warm cock and put in my wet pussy…ahhhh &hellip.there finally. I jolted as I instantly orgasmed. We both moaned like it was our wedding night. The fucking began, deep and intense. I began to feel the climax of all climaxes building up in me. His cock was full and pink moving smoothly in my pussy. I held on for the climax coming and my body and his tensed up and we began to make indescribable sounds. I quick locked my legs around him as I felt like I was blacking out.

He held me so tight as we breathed in our ears. &hellip.

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I&hellip.I&hellip.can't describe the feeling of that climax with him shooting a mass of his cum in me. All we could do is shake and squirm violently. I squirted so hard it scared me. He kept jolting as he came more and more. '…at last ' my mind thought as we just&hellip.just&hellip.we don't know where our minds went&hellip. &hellip.Time passed before we came to and it started all over again……… "Mom, come to bed please" I have to go now, 'someone' is calling me&hellip.