She spread her ass for another dick

She spread her ass for another dick
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Who was he?. I grabbed the blonde guy by the back of his head and pulled his head up.The minute I saw him, there was a smile on my face.I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him into a hug.


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When did you get here?! I missed you so much!" I heard him give a small laugh. "Well.I heard Chris was here, and anywhere Chris goes, there's a chance you'd be there.Besides, I wanted to visit my favorite cousin.I see you've enjoyed having me arround, so far." We both laughed.I was still hugging him.The last time I saw Rory was when we were kids.He's Hunter's older brother.Now being 20, he could do whatever he wanted.He thought I died when he hadn't heard from me in a while.Much like Hunter, he tried to fuck me in the past.Only, he was nicer.He let me say no."Have you seen Hunter's tattoo?" I asked pulling back.

He stared at me with an 'Are you kiddding me?' look on his face."Gaby, not again! Remember what happened the last time you did this?" He started nibbling on my neck.I didn't mind.It felt nice.

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"Oh yeah.I remember.You kinda went crazy.You tried to let you fuck me for a whole day! It was pretty funny." I pictured him two years ago.His wild green eyes, his hair messed up, his breath heavy."I miss you like that.You mind repeating it?" I pushed him away from my neck.I gripped his hair.Forcing his lips onto mine.After a few minutes, I heard a new voice."Really Gaby?

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Again? Don't make him go crazy again.Last time you did that to him, he ended up in a psych ward." I heard the voice laugh."Fuck.Off.Hunter.I'm busy with Rory, here." I said in between breaths.

"Yeah.I can see that." Hunter's laugh sent a chill up my spine.Not the bad kind.I heard him get in the pool.I turned Rory and I around.Now, he was against the wall.Not a moment too soon, I felt his hands around my waist and his lips on the back of my neck.I was squished in between the two brothers.I felt Hunter's hand slide down to my pussy.He started to rub my clit.Picking up pace.I moaned into Rory's mouth.I pulled back and spun around.I was now looking at Hunter when I said, "And you say that me and Ry are the sex crazed ones in this house." He leaned in with his eyes closed.I leaned sideways.Bringing Rory with me.Hunter ended up kissing the wall.We both laughed loudly.It was like when we were kids.Rory and I would always trick Hunter.We swam back to the shallow end."So.If I say yes, do I have to get another tattoo?" Oh, I missed that smile of his.I shook my head no.I turned around and got up.I showed him my tattoo."Remember this?" I showed him my "I like it rough" tattoo that he picked."Where's yours?Where'd that black rose go?" I asked looking for it.I forgot where it was.He turned and pointed.The back of his neck.Of course.I thought.

"Sure, he gets a black rose and I get a fucking silver tiara." Hunter complained."Oh stop complaining, you big baby!

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That's what you get for calling me princess all the time." I swam over to him and gave him a small peck on the lips."A silver tiara? Okay, clearly I haven't seen everything.Next thing you'll tell me is that unicorns exist." Rory had a crooked grin on his face.

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"Shut the fuck up, Nathaniel." Hunter said teasing.I'd changed Nath's name to Rory.I couldn't believe that I had both Reyez brothers as my bitches.They were equally hot, but something about Hunter made me like him a little bit better."Shh.I just want to enjoy this for a minute.No more fights as long as I'm in the same area as you guys." My eyes were closed as I leaned into Hunter's chest.His strong arms around me."Minute's over! Let's go.I wanna do something." I grabbed both their hands as I led into the house."Ry!

Have you met Rory yet?" I said hugging him.He turned around and studied Rory's appearance."No.I think he crept around the house." I love how he was so cool with everything that I did.As long as I still fuck him."Yeah.Sorry about that, man." Rory smirked."I wanted to see G first." I grabbed their hands and shoved clothes into their arms."Put this on.We have a lot of catching up to do.Now hurry!

Go!" I was practically jumping up and down."Meet me in the garage when you're done." I went to go change, too.I was wearing the same boots but with fishnets, a black layered skirt, a crop top with nothing under it, and a jean jacket.

I ran down to the garage.


They were already there, eyeing my ride.I rolled my eyes at them."Are you gonna pick your mouths off of the floor and get in or do I have to fight for you to get in?" They took shaky steps toward my car.It was just a neon blue and black "Bumblebee" car.Bumblebee from Transformers.I'm not good with cars, but I love that movie."Just get in." I said as I unlocked it.They were about to reach for the handle when I yelled, "Wait!" It shocked them.They jumped back.My voice calmer now, I pointed to the wall."Inspection!Now!You first, Rory." Hunter looked confused but Rory walked bover to the wall.I looked him up and down.He was wearing the outfit I gave him.Something was up with his hair."Get over here, baby." I said.He strutted over to me.Leaning down.I shook my hands through his hair.Making it look casual.Not like he just fucked a hair puller."Fine.Go to the front seat.I'm driving." He nodded and got in."Hunter!

Line up, douche." I was staring at him.When he got to the wall, I noticed a problem."You're tattoo's peeking out.You should never lat your tattoo peek out." I said fixing his shirt. He was staring down at me.


I looked up and made out with him.Apparently, for a long time.I heard Rory honk the horn so I turned.He wrote on a piece of paper.It said, "Get a room!!!" I glared at him and continued making out with Hunter.I gave Rory the finger without breaking off.I threw my hands around his neck.He put his hands under my thighs and lifted me up.I wrapped my legs around his waist.He spun us around so that my back was against the wall.He had me against the wall enough to let go of me.His hands went under my shirt and up to my tits.He pinched my nipples hard.We were both getting more turned on by it.My legs let go and I faced Rory.He was still in the car.I tapped the window and he rolled it down."Change of plans.Go play a video game with Ry.I have to take care of with Hunter.Get out." I told him with a blank expression.He got out and he followed Hunter and I into the house.Once we got in, he slapped my ass.I didn't care.He used to do that all the time."Have fun, kiddo.Save some for me later, okay?" He said as he pulled me to him.I stretched up to give him a hickey.He clearly enjoyed it.Hunter had to pull me off of him."Hey, back off for a minute.You're mine for now." He said as he leaned down to kiss me.I put my index finger on his lips."Uh-uh.Wait until we get a room.Clearly, Rory wouldn't like to see me naked." I said glaring at Rory."I know I would like to see you naked, babe." Hunter's voice said next to my ear.I let out a slight moan.I led him running to the basement.It was the closest room.When we got into a room, I shoved him onto the bed and locked the door.In a second, my jacket and top was off.So were my boots.He was up on his elbows watching me.I walked over to him.He sat up as I straddled him.I took off his jacket and literally ripped his shirt off."Woah.If you want me that bad, you could've just told me.We'd be fucking right now." His smirk was back."I don't care.We'll be fucking sooner or later.Trust me, It'l be good." I took off my skirt, the fishnets, and my underwear.My bald pussy was in full view.Hunter licked his lips and growled.He took off his jeans, boots, and boxers.We were both naked, now.I layed down on his chest and let him roll us over."Just fuck me, Hunter.Fuck me hard and fuck me good.Fuck me like the slut I am." In a second, I felt his dick slide in me.He quickly picked up his pace.Soon, we were going at it like rabbits.I let out an ear splitting scream as he started to bite my nipples.Hard.The Reyez brothers always gave the best orgasms.Especially Hunter.If you want hard fucks, the Reyez brothers are who you're looking for.I put my hands against Hunter's toned chest.He had a different idea.He lowered his face down to mine.He put his lips against mine.I closed my eyes as I started sucking and biting his lips.He was a good kisser.Now he's better.I thought.He came in me.The feeling was so incredible that I came, too.Once I got down from my high, I heard Hunter say, "Get on your hands and knees." That look in his eyes was back.His lips were open, twitching, and slightly swollen.His hair was in a mess.Our breathing was heavy.

I quickly got on my hands and knees.He shoved his dick in me.Causing me to move forward a little.He reached over to my tits while fucking me.He started kissing my back.I closed my eyes and bit my lip."Fuck Gaby.You are so tight.So sexy." He slapped my ass."Fuck you Hunter.Fuck me harder." I urged him on.He did.He fucked me harder and harder until I had to hang on to the headboard to keep myself from hitting the wall.He flipped me around so I was facing the ceiling.I looked down at him.I was met with his lips.He trailed down to my jaw.Quickly stopping there to nibble on it.He continued down my neck.I could feel him giving me a hickey.He pinched and twisted my nipples.They hurt badly.I let out another scream."Oh, Hunter!" I yelled out.

"I love you." I whispered to him.He smiled at me.We came at the same time.We then fell asleep spooning with his dick still inside me."I will never find someone better than you, Hunter." I said.

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"You weren't so bad yourself, princess." He chuckled."Ah, there's the Hunter I know and love.Now shut the fuck up.I wanna sleep." I told him.I drifted off for a couple hours.When I woke up, Hunter was kissing my neck.What was up about this guy and his brother with necks?Either way, I loved it."Hi baby.What time is it?" I asked facing him."I think about 4:00.Why?" He asked.My eyes widened."Oh, shit!Oh my god.I can't believe this just happened." I said pacing the room."What?

Are you okay, babe?

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Hello?" He tried gettingvmy attention."I was supposed to be at parade practice an hour ago! They're going to kick me out." Parade practice was one of my favorite extra curricular activities.I proudly held the place of flag firl captain."Geeze babe.Relax.Ry called and told them you were sick.Relax.Shh." He said rocking me in his arms.I liked sitting on his lap.Best seat in the house.To me, anyways."Let's go upstairs.Here." He handed me a pair of shorts and a tank top."It's hot upstairs.And here." He handed me a pair of my swim suits, too.Of course, he picked the camo one that were a size too small."The guys are at the pool.Meet us there if you want." He winked and went out the door.I dressed in my clothes.Of course, that fucker chose everything a size too small.I went outside and plopped down on Hunter's lap.Ry and Rory looked at us and grinned."What's with those creepy smiles?" I asked.

"They're jealous." Hunter said muffled by my hair."I had a good time, Hunter." I said kissing the top of his head.The two boys chuckled.Then I heard Rory say,"We've heard, G." Okay now evetyone was smirking.Even Hunter.I don't understand boys."Huh?" With a confused look on my face, I looked at them for an explanation.None of them gave me one.I looked down at Hunter and said, "Tell me or I'll torture you and never fuck you again, asshole." I said loud enough for only him to hear.His head snapped up and he looked at me.I gave him my serious glare.He started to look worried.His eyes were flashing from Ry and Rory to me.I held hjs chin and brought his face up to mine.I kissed him passionately.I backed up and I saw he made his decision.

"Fine.They heard your screams and recorded it." He said looking down. I looked over at Ry and Rory.They were sitting at the side of the pool talking about basketball.I walked over quietly to them, lay on the ground behind them, and kicked at their backs.They both fell in with a splash.I got up and walked over to Hunter.The two came to the surface.I sat on his lap again and started to make-out again."You stay truthful to me even though you're the bad-ass delinquent one.That's one of the many reasons I love you." I said catching my breath.I took off my shorts and tank top and sat on his lap again.I closed my eyes and leaned on his shoulder when I felt arms around me.My eyes opened when I realized I aas being carried.The two were carrying me to the side of the pool."Fuck.You're gonna throw me in, aren't you?" They both nodded."I was expecting you'd say that.Throw me high, though." They nodded again and counted to three.They threw me really high.High enough to let me do a soumersault in the air and dive in.I came up fake coughing.It must've been pretty convincing because Rory dove in and carried me out.I faked me being passed-out.Rory tried to do CPR on me.The second his mouth came in contact with mine, my tongue darted out into his mouth.His eyes opened and he started kissing me.I kissed back without thinking twice.My eyes fluttered open.Rory raised up."I just saved your life, bitch.You better pay me back." He winked."Yeah, yeah.Now come here." I said pulling his face down to mine.We remained like that until I felt him lift me up.I didn't give a fuck.I just kept on sucking his tongue.I realized he was walking us over to the pool.He jumped in without breaking the kiss.I felt him push me against the pool wall.I threw my legs around him.My hand tangled in his hair, I pulled him closer.Deepening the kiss.He moaned into my mouth.I pulled his head back.Like how Hunter's was this morning.They had the same features.Luscious red lips, beautiful eyes, perfectly shaped nose, and everything else.They had no blemishes at all.They could be twins.There were 4 ways to tell them apart.Hair: Hunter has brown.Rory has blonde.Eyes:Hunter has green.Rory has blue.Tattoos: Hunter has silver tiara.Rory has black rose.And finally, Personality: Hunter is a hot, rebellious bad boy.Rory is sweet, gentle, and the best boyfriend you could ever have.We used to date before.Then as Hunter had said earlier, ended up in a psych ward.Rory's lips twitch, too.I broke the kiss and looked at him.His lips were swollen.And twitching."Delete what you recorded or I swear I will never kiss you or fuck you ever again.These boys knew not to question me.If I said I'd do something, they know I would.His eyes widened in shock and fear."Ryan!

Destroy that recording!


Do it!" He growled keeping his eyes on me.Everything seems to happen at the pool.Almost everything. "On it!" I heard him say from the kitchen."Now we got that taken care of.Where were we?" He said begor I pushed him to the middle of the pool.I got out and turned to him.I mouthed "Tomorrow.I'm tired." I turned and ran to Hunter.I put my arm around his waist as he kissed me.We resumed walking as I noticed him give the finger to his brother.He put his hand on my ass and squeezed.As we entered the house, I felt Rory pull me aside."I need to talk to you.It's very serious bad news."