Blonde Conner gets his jizzster gay sex

Blonde Conner gets his jizzster gay sex
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It was while I was at work on Wednesday morning that I got her text. "Be here at 7pm Friday night. Shower and shave. Bring your slut outfit and $400 in $20 dollar bills. Do not be late, nor early!" It had the effect of thrilling and confusing me at the same time. Texts from her that indicated that she had plans for me always made me squirm in my panties, but the money component had me confused.

If she wanted to dress me up and take me to the strip club, I would have thought that she would have wanted me to bring singles or fives, but I knew better than to ask.

The instructions were quite straightforward and clear, and the only acceptable reason to ask about the instructions was if there was an element that needed clarification. I was just going to have to wait to find out what she had planned for me.


For the rest of the day, it felt like I was aware of every time my bra played across my nipples or the satin of my panties rubbed against the head of my dicklette.

Any time I went pee, it was all I could do not to stroke my little peeny clit.

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Friday came and I was worthless in the office. Thursday night I had deep cleaned my sissycunt, and Friday morning I had shaved from the neck down, so my bra, panties and stockings were stimulating me whenever I moved.

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It did not help that m'Lady kept sending random texts throughout the day. "Don't forget your slut clothes." "Got your CFM heels?" "Make sure you remember the $20s" "Go right into the bedroom and get pretty. well as pretty as a sissy like you can. Don't come out until I come get you." The day seemed to drag on until it was time to clock out and go.

I drove as fast as I could and still not get a ticket back to my place to grab my outfit and then drove over to her place. I was a few minutes early, so I sat in my car, watching the second hand on my watch move with insufferable slowness. When my clock read 7pm, I went up to the house and went in. As I entered, I could hear noise from the living room and called out "I'm here m'Lady" loud enough to be heard over the TV, and went straight back to the bedroom and began changing into my slut outfit - my half-cup bra and thong panties.

Black seam up the back stockings with a black garter belt and read 'come fuck me' heels. Red mini skirt with a camisole and mesh shirt over the top of it. I had just finished applying my makeup and primping my hair when m'Lady came in. She had on a mini skirt with thigh high boots, and a button up shirt that was only buttoned to just under her breasts, allowing her big, beautiful tits to hang and sway free as she walked purposefully into the room.

"Stand up, let's have a look at you." I stood up and turned in place for her. "Hmmm. Lift your skirt." I Reached down and lifted my skirt.

exposing my panties to her, the bulge in front very noticeable. Without warning, she snapped her foot right into my balls, making my cry out and drop to my knees.

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she came up and grabbed me by my hair and wrenched my head until I was looking up at her as she slapped me across the face. "Did I tell you to say anything when you came into the house? NO!" Another slap."You were to enter and come right down to the bedroom. Was all the blood in your cunt and clitette that you couldn't follow the simplest of instructions?" "I.i.i'm sorry m'Lady" I stammered.

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She shoved me back and let go of my hair, causing me to fall onto my back. She stepped forward so that my peeny and balls were under her shoe as she brought her foot down and slowly applied a grinding pressure. "If there hadn't been so much planning that had gone into tonight, and the fact that I am going to enjoy myself so totally, I would just fucking cancel it all and send your stupid sissy cunt home!" She stomped down on her last words and then went and sat on the end of the bed.

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"Get up and get yourself straightened out. Oh, and where is the cash?

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Get it!" I stood up shakily and got the money out of the pants I wore in and handed it to her then I straightened out my outfit and went back to the mirror to look at myself. I saw that the slaps had messed up my makeup, so I started to fix it when m'Lady stood up and told me not to bother with that as my makeup was going to get seriously messed up anyway, and she slapped a folded piece of paper against my chest, and said "Read it." I opened it up and saw that it was a computer screenshot of a Craigslist ad.


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Some sort of compensation for your valuable time can be arranged." I looked up at m'Lady, dumbfounded, aghast, and aroused, but totally speechless.