Extreme young gay boy old man xxx porn clips xxx Andy Kay steps in

Extreme young gay boy old man xxx porn clips xxx Andy Kay steps in
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Chapter 1 Jenn came home from school and closed the door behind her. 16 years old, she was roughly 5'6" and had lang black hair that grew past her shoulders. She was-by all standards- sexy. Firm flat belly with wide hips, hips which made her ass look amazing (wide and juicy enough to catch attention but not enough to be in a rap video) and a set of 36c breasts that caugh the attention of all the boys at school, not to mention long smooth legs. She walked up to her room and set all her school stuff down, then went downstairs to relax on the couch.

Her sister, Teresa, walked in from the den. "Oh hey, Jenn, I didn't hear you come in. How was school?" she asked.

"School was school, boring and a waste of my time" Jenn replied. "Yea I was pretty bored too, stuck home alone all day and everything.

You want something to drink?" Teresa offered. "Sure, what do we have?" "I'll go see" Teresa walked into the kitchen to look for a drink. She was taller than her sister by three inches, had slightly smaller breasts, 34c, but made up fo them with her ass and legs, which were slightly better than her sister's. Both girls were hot, and they were competetive with eachother, even though Jenn was 16 and Teresa almost 20.

The fact that guys her age sometimes hit on Jenn, even though she was almost 4 years younger, made Theresa envious and often slutty, to try and pull attention away from her younger sister and back to herself. On top of her envy for her sister, Teresa also had a whole lot of lust. Teresa would always spy on Jenn, and Jenn was none the wiser. She would always come into the bathroom before or after Jenn showered, acting like she needed a razor or a toothbrush.

She would always peek through her cracked door and try to get a glimpse of her naked. Sometimes it worked, but most of the time it didn't. Today would be different though. After giving it much thought and planning, Teresa was going to fuck her sister. Partly to put her back in her place, and partly for the sake of her burning incestful lust.

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Smiling to herself, she responded "We've got water, milk, orange juice.but since mom's not here we've also got whiskey, rum, beer, wine, vodka, and whatever else she's got in her book club bar.wanna mix some rum and coke?" She figured the best way to score with her sister would be to get her drunk. "Yea, that sounds fine" replied Jenn, who didn't have the slightest idea what perversions her sister had planned. Teresa mixed the drinks and called her sister into the kitchen.

They sat together at the table and started drinking together and chatting away. Teresa's plan hit a snag; after the second drink, Jenn didn't want refills, saying she had studying to do and needed to focuz. Teresa would have to improvise: "Lets go sit on the couch and chat some more, I never get to see you anymore" she pretended to beg.

Jenn gave in after some oscar worthy pleading by her older sister and went to sit on the couch. T They sat there talking and channel surfing, Teresa tried to get "cozy" by leaning her head on her sister's firm yet soft tit. Jenn shifted a bit, as a way of saying "get off".


Teresa ignored the body language, this time leaning higher on her sister's chest, closer to her shoulder, and put an arm around her waist to pull her tight, then put her leg over her sister's, trying to gt into a perverted cuddle.

"Teress, get off me, I just wanna relax" teresa lifter her head to look Jenn in the eye. She shifted, put her other arm around her shoulder, and tightened her grip on her younger sister's waist. She kept looking intently into Jenn's eyes. Jenn shifted uncomfortably "Teress I'm seri--" that's all she got out before older sister leaned in and tongue kissed her deeply, rubbing her neck and waist, and grinding against her leg. As soon as the the temporary shock wore off, Jenn broke off the mae out session and looked away.

"Teresa what the fuck is wrong with you?" she yelled. Teresa perfectly faked an ashamed look "I'm sorry sis, I don't know what came over me. I've been having feelings lately, like I might be bi.and I was just thinking about how pretty you are, and I wanted to see what it would be like to be with a girl, but I could never ask my friends because I don't know how they'd react, and then when I had my head on your.on your boob I just felt so hot." That was an outright lie, Teresa planned all of this.

And even though she never did anything sexual with her friends, she could if she wanted to. Jenn had a look of fear mixed with concern on her face. "Teresa. I'm your sister.

I'm sorry you feel that way, but we can't. It's not ri--" this time, Teresa was on top of her sister, making out again, but straddling her stomach while doing a grinding motion.

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her hands were ripping open the shirt from her school uniform as the buttens flew all over the room. She cupped Jenn's huge meaty tits and carressed them, then squeezed them so hard they turned red-twice.

"come on Jenn, come on!" She was working on Jenn's bra when she was shoved off onto the floor. Jenn stood up, shirt dangling open, and adjusted her bra. "Teresa what the fuck? you have to stop this, I'm not kidding." Theresa stood up, and again acted confused, pretended to break down into tears. "I need help" Jenn walked over and crouched next to her "It's ok Teress, I'm sure you just need some counseling or something. Maybe one of ur friends will li--" Jenn choked on her words, Teresa was holding a switchblade to her younger sister's throat that she had hidden in her back pocket.

Jenn was stunned, her eyes were full of pleading and fear, she came out of the trance when Teresa smacker her hard across the face. "We're doing this whether you like it or not." Then she added in a sarcastic childish voice "I love you baby sister". Jenn was trembling, tears dripped from her eyes.

"I'll tell mom" Jenn sobbed. Teresa laughed "If the knife isn't enough insentive to do what I say, I'll tell mom you fucked all my guy friends in the same night. Whose she gonna believe: her well mannered Teresa, or her goth wannabe Jenn who hangs out with the wrong crowd" (the part about Teresa's guy friend's wasn't true.


In fact, Jenn was a virgin. WAS, until now that is) "I--I can't believe I'm being raped.by my own sister." Teresa smiled.

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"I tried to do it the nice way, baby sister, but now we're doing this the fun way, and you're gonna regret not cumming quietly" Chapter 2 Teresa slapped Jenn several times across the face. Hard. Jenn started crying, the threat of the knife still existant, even if it wasn't pointed at her throat. Teresa kissed her teardrop, then guided her baby sister's shirt off.

then she cut the bra staps and ripped it off. She gently kissed Jenn on the mouth. That's where the tenderness ended. She reached down, squeezing her sisters breasts for the first time bare, pinched the nipples, and twisted them as hard as she could, gripping them as tightly as possible.

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It was something ehr guy friends would to to eachother in a prank-ish fashion, but the sensitivity of her sister's nipples plus the tremendous force she was gripping, pulling, and twisting them with, made it torture for Jenn, who let out a very loud yell in agony. Teresa pulled Jenn's nipples so hard, that the younger sibling was pulled off her knees and onto her sister, who rolled them both over, pinning Jenn on her back "Fuck please stop!" she cried.

Her plea was answered with another hard slap across the face. She opened her eyes to see Teresa undoing her jeans with a grin on her face. She wasn't wearing panties, so she just leaned forward, using the jeans between her knees as a way of keeping Jenn's neck held down, and sat her wet pussy over her younger sister's face "Eat it, bitch." Jenn let out more muffled sobs.

Teresa tightened her thighs around her sister's face so she couldn't breathe: "I'm not loosening until you start licking" Jenn let out a suppressed yell. The vibrations only made Teresa feel pleasure. Reluctantly-VERY reluctantly, Jenn started licking her sister's pussy. "Harder slut!" she yelled, tightening her leg headlock for effect.

When Jenn finally started licking hard enough, Teresa loosened her hold on her, under the condition she keep lickind that hard, fast, and deep. She came a couple times to her younger sister's mouth work, then decided it was time to have some fun with her body. She lifted herself off her sister's face "Please let me go! You came more than once, so your done with me, righ-" SMACK.

The hard slap insinuated that no, it wasn't over.

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"Move and I'll hit you harder" with that, she licked her sisters face from her neck to her forehead, just for a show of dominance.

She braced her right forearm over her sisset'r neck and started sucking/ nibbling Jenn's amazing tits. After she had her share of fun with Jenn's tits, she flipped her over and forced three fingers into her tight ass. Jenn scramed, to which Teresa replied "Shut up, I'm sure guys do this to you all the time" "NO" ,Jenn sobbed, "I'm a virgin I swear!".

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Teresa froze. No way! She was Jenn's first? She couldn't believe it, all the attention she got for being her age and she never took advantage of it? Not once? "A virgin? Aww sis, if I'd have known that I wouldn't have been so rough on you." She gave Jenn's ass a playful smack "We need to make you cum!" Jenn was still shaken up from everyhting Teresa had done to her. She looked out of in as Teresa started carressing her unused pussy.

That snapped her out of it pretty quick. Teresa was playing with her in a loving way now, not rough and violent like earlier. Jenn didn't want it. She was still furious. "oh yes Teress, YES!!" Teresa lifted her head out from Jenn's crotch "There, see? I knew you'd like it. Now it's time for me to take that cher-" That's as much as Teresa got out, after Jenn hit her on the head with a coffe mug.

Not strong enough to injure her badly, but she was knocked out. The orgasm was fake. Jenn was furious. Teresa woke up tied to a bed. When her vision cleared, she saw she was in Jenn's room. Jenn walked in wearing a black corsette with a black thong and high boots-last years halloween costume.

She was carrying 2 bottles of vodka, plus the empty rum bottle from earlier.

"Oh your awake! And just in time!" Teresa was confused "in time for what? Why am I tied up? Why did you hit me psycho bitch ? I thought I was doing you a favor." Jenn just smiled, the same wicked smile her older sister had earlier before she forced her into sex (though Jenn was technically still a virgin) "Just in time.

It's my turn now" And for Jenn it would be about pleasure, but more importantly, Revenge. As Jenn takes center stage of the story, one thing is certain, Teresa was in for alot of pain.

To be continued