Neha sharma cum tribute desi guy jerking solo

Neha sharma cum tribute desi guy jerking solo
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Note: Didn't actually happen, I'd love if it did This fantasy came to me TODAY while my mom took us to the Arco gas station to fill up the church van. As I always do, I was looking around to see if I saw any hot girls around, and luckily I spotted one when we drove up but I got a better look of her before we drove off.

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Let me describe her to you, she's white, has black beautiful hair (was in a ponytail), hot body from what I saw, but to be detaikled about that, she was skinny, better looking than most girls I've seen, somewhat of a flat stomach, I'm guessing her breasts are between A and B cups, they looked lovely from my view, her ass was small but fit my needs (YUM), and from the looks of the front, she probably had a shaved or little hair on her most likely juicy pussy.

Let me start by saying, this fantasy took place at night, she's wear a gray shirt and very short jean shorts.

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I'll call her Macy. I was in the passengers seat while she was pumping gas, I told her earlier that I wanted to fuck her pussy so hard, but she told me to wait, I angrily but calmly said "Fine, but it's not going to be at home" with a slight smirk.

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I decided that I couldn't hold this honriness in any longer. Before I made any move, I made sure nobody was around, but I really didn't care if anyone saw me fucking my babes juicy wet pussy. I opened the door, shut it and walked the long way around the Expedition, she didn't see me coming behind her, shocked or not, I rubbed her beautiful ass gently, and I knew for fact that sent a chill throughout her body.

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Anyway, after I gently rubbed her ass on the outside of her shorts, I wrapped my strong arms around her beautiful body and proceeded to kiss her soft neck, Macy smiled seductively saying "Mmm, I see a certain cock can't wait for my pussy" "Damn straight sexy." With that said, I slid my hand inside her shorts and panties and began to rub her pussy and clitoris, causing her to moan.

Man I loved the feeling of her pussy in my hand. I slid my hand out of her panties, turning her around and slid her shorts and panties off exposing the most gorgeous pussy and ass in the world, not to mention, it was smooth and shaved.

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We began making out soo lovingly while I felt on her ass, sliding my fingers between her cheek messing with her ass-hole, that made her jump a little bit, but luckily, I caught her. When i felt her ass, that sent the blood from my brain to my now rock hard cock and she noticed, seeing I was wearing black and white basketball shorts.

I think that turned her on cause I dropped to her knees and slid my shorts and boxers to the ground. I didn't need to say anything cause she took my entire cock into her moist warm sexy mouth, I wanted to cum right then and there, but I held back and she noticed, took my cock out of her mouth and said with a sexy voice "No no noo, I want to taste that yummy cum baby", I didn't give in, I instead picked her up.

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I REALLY wanted to taste that clit and pussy, with that, I laid her half way across the drivers seat, putting her toned sexy smooth legs on my shoulders and buried my tongue and pussy horny tongue into her wet wet wet pussy, making her "OHHHHHHHHHHH BABYYYYY", her moan could be heard all the way in Fresno (haha). That moan told me she was feeling REAL good, I plunged my tongue deeeeeeeep inside her juicy and tasty pussy, man did she taste FANTASTIC.

As much as I wanted to eat her all night, I wanted to fuck her HARD.

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I put her legs down but stopped her body at my dick. "Put that fuck meat in me baby!!" she demandedly screamed, I needed no more screaming, although I couldn't wait to hear her beg.

Lining my cock up with her cunt, I roughly plunged my cock deep into her pussy and began pounding her went pussy harder and harder with every loving thrust. Pounding her pussy in and out and in and out and in and out and in and out and in and ouuuuutt and back IN AND OUT AND IN AND OUT, for nearly 3 minutes, she kept screaming "FUCK ME BABY, OHH FUCCKK!!", I tight pussy but yet the best.

I continued pounding her hot wet pussy for a few more thrusts before letting her down. She knew what was next and turn around point her ass out at me, I didn't care to be gently, jamming my cock hard and deep into her beautiful ass, I spanked her ass not too hard and she screamed "OH YES Baby, I'm soo naughty little bitch!!" I started roughly pounding her ass with my rock hard rod, while I did that, I ripped her shirt off, and noticed she was braless, that was fucking SEXY.


As I continued pounding her beautiful body, I reached around grabbing and pinching her erect nipples and squeezing her sexy breasts, I could feel her rubbing my cock as it went in and out of her pussy, she was rubbing her very wet pussy and my cock, and fuck it felt good.

I wanted to fuck her more, but I felt my sack tightening up and I think she noticed cause she screamed for me to cum in her. After pounding her sexy ass body, I shot more than 6 loads of cum into her cunt, she felt that and SCREAMED in a pleasurable way.


She wanted to taste my cock and cum, so she turned around, dropped to her knees and took me into her cum thirsty mouth and sucked away until my cock was empty. She sucked my cock for at least 3 minutes, and in that time, I came AGAIN but not as big as I did in her ass, but fuck, she was a pro at cocksucking.

After she was done, we didn't care if we were dress, we just jumped into the truck and drove off. "Baby, that fuck was AWESOME" I proudly said, "Don't call me your baby.I'm your fuck toy now big dick." I smiled big, cause not only was she driving naked, but I was gonna fuck her whenever I wanted. I knew from there, I would be one happy FUCKING person.