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Tranny using toy in tight shemale ass Redtube Free HD Porn Videos  Shemale Movies Clips
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Part 2 - Saturday The next morning I was up before Katie and fixed some breakfast for us. I was very worried how she would act after yesterday. Would she be uncomfortable around me? But when she came into the kitchen, she seemed like her normal sweet self and came over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. What a relief! While we were eating, I asked, "What would you like to do today?" She said, "It's almost my mom's birthday and I'd like to buy her something nice, but I don't have much money and no way to get to the mall." "Of course I will take you and help you buy something nice for Susan, and maybe something for you too if you are a good little girl, ha ha," I replied.

Then she said, "I'll definitely be good and maybe later I'd like to spend some more time at your pool. I like it because it's private and not a bunch of rude boys splashing you the whole time.".

"Before we go," I said, "there's something I need to tell you. I should not have touched you the way I did yesterday and last night. It's not right. I'm almost middle age and you're still a teenager, even though you look and act like a grown woman.

You mustn't tell anyone I did that. If it got out, it would destroy my marriage and both of our reputations. Will you promise to keep it just between the two of us?" "I understand and promise not to tell anyone, Uncle Jim." "I know you have had boyfriends before.


Has anyone ever touched you?" I asked. Katie looked down and her cheeks turned red. She said, "A boy I went to the movie with put his hand on my chest. I kinda liked the way it felt, but I wouldn't let him touch me inside my sweater.

Most of the guys I like are too shy to do anything, and the others are crude!" "Last night when you played with my boobs, it gave me a real tingling feeling down in my tummy.

And, I would never tell anyone about that. I know you love me and would never do anything to hurt me." With that, she leaned over and lightly brushed her lips on mine before kissing my cheek. Another electric charge ran through me from hair to toes and it felt like it was going to discharge through my dick. I said, "I need a hug!" As we embraced, the top of her head barely reaching my shoulders, I felt her soft body mold into mine. There was no question she would feel my erection and she didn't try to pull back from that.

When we got to the mall, Katie wanted to go in a lingerie shop that had some really risqué bikinis and panties and bras in the window. I gave her a hundred dollars and said, "I shouldn't go in there with you. People wouldn't understand you're buying this kind of stuff with me.

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I'll go down to the sporting goods store and look around. I'll be back in a half hour and we can have lunch." When I went back to the lingerie shop, Katie still wasn't finished. But in a little while, out she came with a shopping bag with several things wrapped in pretty tissue paper.

We had lunch and headed back home. She said she bought herself a new bathing suit and wanted to wear it this afternoon.

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Katie went to her room to change for the pool and when she came outside, she had another long t-shirt on. While I watched, she pulled it off over her head and my mouth gaped open to see her standing there for me in the tiniest string bikini I'd ever seen.

The top was just two tiny triangles of thin flesh colored fabric held up by a string around her neck and another around her chest. Her nipples were clearly visible under the thin fabric. The bottom was another tiny triangle which barely covered her pubic mound with strings that tied on both sides. She slowly turned around so I could see the back, a little triangle that started just below the crack of her ass and disappeared down between her butt cheeks.

I exclaimed,"Katie, you can't wear that in public, you're practically naked!" She said, "I know I can't wear it in public. I just wanted to see how it looked on me.

We can take it back tomorrow and I could say my mom wouldn't let me keep it. That's what the girl at the store said anyway." I said, "You knew I would love it, didn't you?

It's the sexiest thing I've ever seen! You are so beautiful I could just eat you up! Please turn around again so I can see the back. I am so proud you've shown me how beautiful you are." As she did so, I had a thought.

"Honey, since you aren't going to keep it, and you haven't really seen how it looks on you, would you let me take your picture wearing it?" She thought a minute and then said, "Would you share the pictures with me?" I said, "Of course, but only if you let me put a safe file on your computer so only you and I can see. You If anyone saw, they'd ask who took the pictures." My hands were shaking so bad I thought,'I'll never be able to hold the camera still. I'd better use a tripod.' I also have an app on my smartphone where I can control the digital camera without being behind it.

In other words, I can see what the camera sees on my phone, zoom and take the picture with the phone. I thought if I wasn't looking at her, Katie might be more relaxed in her posing. We went out to the pool.

I took a few of her standing straight on, turned to the side with her hand on her hip, and then of her backside. Then I showed her the small photos on the camera screen.

She said, "Oh my gosh! I can't believe that's me!" I said,"These are the most wonderful pictures I've ever taken. And you are so sexy! Do you feel sexy?" She said, "I guess so. Yes, seeing myself like this makes me feel sexy." I said, "Do you want to take some more? Maybe sexy poses? I don't have to be looking at you. You can take the phone, compose yourself and take the pictures yourself. It's kinda like taking selfies except the camera is over here. Why don't you take a few while I go in and get us something to drink?" I deliberately took a few minutes getting the drinks to let her experiment with the smartphone camera.

I wondered if she would try some cheesecake poses.

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When I went back out, Katie was laying on the chaise again on her stomach, feet towards the camera, propped up on her elbows. She had untied her top so her back was bare, and had pulled her bikini bottom up in her crack, thong style. Her feet were enough apart I could see her pussy lips puffed out on both sides of the thin strip of cloth.

She was obviously looking at the images on the smart phone, and seeing how she looked with her legs apart, or on her side with one leg pulled up where you could see her butt. She was so engrossed in what she was doing, she didn't seem to notice or care that I had returned.

Then she turned around, propped up on her elbows, facing the camera, with her bare chest visible! I could see her titties showing more due to gravity and her little pointy nipples! After she noticed me, she refastened her top, which again I could clearly see her nipples against the taut fabric.

I asked her if she wanted to review the photos on the bigger TV screen. She said she would be embarrassed for me to see them. I told her they were her photos and she could keep or erase any of them, but I hoped she'd let me see them with her after dinner. She went to her room and came down changed into a little halter top and some cutoff denim shorts. Her legs looked a mile long.

After we finished dinner Katie sat on the couch with her legs folded under while I plugged in the digital camera to our large TV. I gave her the remote to scroll the pictures. When the first photo came up on the big screen, she put her hand over her mouth and said,"OMG!

I'm practically in my birthday suit! Mom would never let me wear that suit!" I already was getting hard, but by the time she got to the topless ones, I thought my dick would burst through my pants.

She went slowly through all of the pictures.

I asked her if she wanted me to set up the secret password file with the pictures on her computer, and if I could keep copies in my secret file. By this time Katie noticed my raging hard on.

She said, "Yes I want to keep them and for you too, if you want them. And Uncle Jim, your 'thing' is standing up again. It looks stiff. Does it stay like that all the time?" After the shock, I looked at her and said, "Only when I'm in the presence of a beautiful sexy woman like you." She said, "That's so cool you think I'm sexy. Does it get like that when you are with Aunt Cindy?

"Sometimes," I replied. "She's also very beautiful and sexy when she feels like it." "If it gets hard when you are around me, does that means you want to have sex with me?" she asked.

"Don't you love Aunt Cindy?" I had to think very hard how I would answer her. "Yes I do love Cindy, very much. And I'm too old for you and you're too young to have sex with me, but I still can't keep my eyes off you and can't stop thinking how it would be, you know, to touch you," I tried to explain. She just looked at me for a long moment, I guess digesting what I meant. She seemed to have lots of questions about sex. I don't know how much Susan had told her, but she'd gotten her period a couple of years ago, so I guess she knew some basics.

"I've heard boys talking about 'jacking off' or 'whacking off, what does that mean? Does some stuff come out when you do it?" Now I was the one embarrassed. "Yes, it's called masturbation, when you rub it a certain way, you get an intense pleasurable feeling and you cum, where sperm comes out. You know about sperm?

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And yes, if my dick stays hard for very long, I need to masturbate, or jack off, as you said, for it to get soft again. Do you ever have the feeling you want to touch yourself between your legs." I couldn't believe I asked her that! Katie looked down and finally said, "I shouldn't answer that, but yes sometimes. I know girls do that and talk about getting all gooey, but it just feels nice when I do it." "Have you found the spot where it feels the best?

I mean your clitoris, at the top of your pussy?" I said. At the word "pussy," Katie looked up surprised. "Yesterday when you rubbed lotion on my bottom and last night when you played with my boobs, it made me want to rub myself.


I think it's very naughty," she said. "Katie, it's perfectly normal for you to do that anytime you feel like it. It's your body. I just wish you were older so I could touch you there and give you an orgasm - when the good feeling is so strong.

But I think you will figure it out on your on." I didn't know where to go from this point in the conversation, so to change the subject, I asked,"Do you want to watch TV or a movie or something?" "Uncle Jim, do you have any naughty movies? I've never seen one?" Barely able to speak I said, "I don't have any naughty DVD's, but I might be able to find some videos on the internet, if you're sure you're old enough to see them." I thought to myself,'Isn't it the adult who's supposed to decide when a teenager is old enough to see porn, not the other way around?

I'm so bad!' I can find videos on my laptop and send them wirelessly to my TV. I had in mind what I was willing for her to see, no hard core stuff. There's a website that has lots of masturbation videos. I searched for "mutual masturbation." I found one that was showing a woman laying nude on a bed with feet towards the camera. Next to her was a nude man facing the other way, so each could see what the other was doing.

I hesitated to touch play, and said to Katie, "This couple is going to masturbate for each other. Are you sure you want to see this? I think it will be pretty explicit!" Katie said, "I want to see how they do it.

If I don't like it, I'll tell you." I said,"Ok, here goes." The video started with the woman rubbing her tits while the man started slowing rubbing his cock. Then she opened her legs wide for the camera. She had dark pubic hair on her mound and also around her cunt. The man's cock grew to a pretty enormous dimension, with the helmet showing as he stroked it. Then the woman started fingering around her pussy lips, which opened to show her pink insides. Katy gasped, "OMG, his 'thing' is huge!

I had no idea it would be so big! And the hair between her legs is really dark, but her hair on her head is blond." I said, "Men refer to their 'things' as 'cocks' or 'dicks.' And she's not a natural blond, as you can plainly see." I nearly choked when Katy said,"I guess I'm a natural blond then! Do you think it's icky for a woman to have hair down there?

I think some girls shave theirs off." "Sweetheart, I think a woman's pubic hair is a beautiful thing and is the way God intended a grown woman to be. I think it's ok to trim a little around the edges if it makes you more comfortable, but I love it. Porn stars shave their pussies, thinking it makes them look like little girls, and then ruin their breasts by pumping them full of silicone.

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I think that's ridiculous." As the woman in the video was vigorously rubbing her clit with her right hand, she reached around and started sticking a finger in her ass. Her hips were moving all around as if she was about ready to climax. The man was stroking faster and faster and then got up on his knees over her. As her moans got louder and she appeared to have an orgasm, he started shooting cum all over her chest. She finished slowly rubbing her cunt and with her other hand smeared his cum all over her tits.

That was the end of the video. Katie didn't say anything and neither did I for a few minutes. I said,"I shouldn't have let you see that. It was more hard core than I thought it would be. I'm sorry." Then she said,"I wanted to see it. It was SO naughty!" "Do you want to see more? Or go to bed?" I asked. Katy said,"I want to see more, maybe tomorrow night, if you want to. But right now, I just want to relax here with you for a little while, like we did last night." I said,"That would be wonderful.

Let me turn down the lights and put on some soft music." When I returned to the couch, Katy again lay with her head on the throw pillow on my lap, and snuggled down with her eyes closed.

Without hesitation, she again took my hand and put down the front of her halter top.

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She moaned as I began to lightly roll and pinch her nipple, going from one to the other. She then pulled her top down completely exposing her chest. This was too much. I said, "Let me get up for just a minute. You stay right like you are." I had two reasons to get up. First, to see if I could rearrange my dick so it wasn't so uncomfortable. Second, I got down on my knees on the floor and leaned over and started kissing her chest all over. I ran my lips over her nipple and then very lightly started licking and sucking.

Katie arched her back and moaned, "Oh, oh, ooh!" After awhile, she reached down and unbuttoned the top of her shorts, and took my hand and pulled it down her tummy to her panties. I knew what she wanted, but that was somewhere I couldn't go. I whispered,"Darling, I can't touch you there. That is your sacred place. But please, you do it.

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You touch yourself." I took her hand and pushed her fingers under her panties. She didn't move her hand for a moment, but then reached lower and slowly began to massage her sweet little pussy, as I continued to suck her tits and kiss from her neck to her belly button.

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She pulled her shorts and panties down as she went deeper with her fingers, making little sounds deep in her throat. I saw the beautiful blond down on her pussy and was almost out of my mind with lust for this exquisite creature.

I put my hand in my shorts and slowing started jacking my cock where she wouldn't know. In a few minutes, she couldn't seem to control her hips, and then with a loud "Oh, oh! She shuttered and then went completely limp. I leaned up and lightly kissed her lips, which were wet, and said, "Katie, darling, I think you've had an orgasm.

A real one! It's the most wonderful thing. But now, I think we should go to bed." With a sigh, she said, "Ok Uncle Jim, my lover." She gave me a full kiss on the mouth and pulled herself up to go upstairs. As she left the room, she turned and said, "Now you've seen me do it - I want to watch you do it. Goodnight Uncle Jim." As much as I wanted to jack off right then, I reluctantly thought I should save my cum, if she indeed asked me to masturbate for her tomorrow.