Slutty St Patricks day with horny teens and big cocks

Slutty St Patricks day with horny teens and big cocks
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Misty Valley School was a special school for boys from rich families. A small school with selected students. It was run by Mr. and Mrs. Samuel. The couples take all subjects. Good food. Each boy would get a cubicle with attached bath.


These rooms are seperated by wooden panels, so that loud noise from other rooms are audible. The most interesting part of the school is that each boy would get a maid for himself. These girls are usually in their early teens 14 to 16. They have to keep the rooms clean, wash the cloths and do whatever things he boys want them to do. Ricky was the only son of a rich business man. A spoilt brat of 16. Father sends him to Misty Valley mainly to get rid of him.

Ricky arrives at the school on a summer afternoon. Soon Mrs Samuel welcomes him and after the admission process, she takes him to Mr.

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Samuel. Welcome to our school., You will be perfectly comfortable here, son. Yeah I know, my father pays you well.

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You will get room no 16. Clara, call the new girl Sandra, to help him. I dont want any help. Hey, its o.k. She will be the maid for you.

A maid for me? Yeah, she will clean your room, wash your clothes and help you with anything you want. Any thing? Yeah anything. She will stay in the room if you want. Wow that is great. Mrs. Samuel bring Sandra.

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Sandra is just 15 small size and timid. She was new to the school and was not assinged any job till now. She has a horrible past, She is a rape victim.

After the incident her family virtually discarded her and Mrs. Samuel offered her a job and place to stay.

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Sandra, This is Master Ricky. You will be his maid. You will have to clean his room, make his bed, wash his clothes and do whatever he wants him to do. You should please him. Go with him to room No. 16 Yes sir. Sandra was in tears and very scared looking at the vicious smile of Ricky.

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She collects the new bed sheets and walks towards the dorm. They pass the cubicles. These room are made by wooden seperations inside a big hall. They could hear giggles and sighs from some room. Ricky knew what will be happening there. He watched the girl walking in front of him, She wore a cotton skirt and blouse. He could see her buttocks dancing under the skirt. She doesnt seems to have large boobs anyway. Hmm let me find out. Sandra opened the door and let him inside.

She began to make his bed. He was watching her for some time.Then he went to the washroom and without closing the door peed intoi the bowl making noise.

He comes back. Sandra was bending down to tuck the bedsheet. He grabbed her ass from behind. She jumps out with a cry. Hey, cool down girl, let me see you, He grabs her on her shoulder and turns her to him. He holds her cheek and presses till it hurts her. She was pleading with her eyes. He then grabs her boobs. They were small but very soft.

Hmmm, you got very small ones, Dont worry, I would make them big withing few days. Now use your hand and take our my dick. What? Open my fly and take out my dick, stupid. She opens his zip and takes our his half erected cock outside. it was wet with his pee and pre cum.


He pushes her down. pressing her shoulders. Worship my beutiful cock, bitch. She is know kneeling down in front of him his cock inches away from her face. She could smell the pee from his cock. It was horrible. Kiss it bitch.

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She was reluctant. He holds her hair and pulls it making her cry with pain. And when her mouth was open,he pushed his cock inside gagging her. Suck it smoothly, bicth She tried to roll her tongue on the tip of his cock.

Hmm that is good, rolll it all around.


Then he held her head and began to pump his cock, as if he was fucking her face. After few stroks he removes his cock from her mouth, it was fully wet with her saliva. She had tears in her eyes, partly because of gaging over his cock. He makes her stand up and askes her to sit on the bed. He pulled her skirt up and put his hand inside her panties.

His hands were rough. He inserts his finger inside her pussy. Then he removed it and sniffed it. Hmm, good smell. I know you have not washed your pussy after peeing? Did you answer me. No. Say No Sir No Sir, Ok Good, never wash it. I like this smell. now kneel down and go back to your work.

She again kneels down and he holds her head and begand to pump his cock in and out of her mouth. Within two minutes he came inside her mouth. He emptied his full load, hold her head tightly pressing it on her belly. Swallo it, dont spill any drop. She had to swallow half of it any way, because the first jet was shot directly into her throat.

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Even then her mouth was full. He removed his wet cock and asked her to swallow it completly. She had to obey. Good girl. now take me to the bathroom and give me a wash. She had to sponge him every where. He was very particular to make her clean his ass hole. Keep it clean, You will have to give me a lick in the night till I fall asleep. Sandra, could nt believe, will he make me do all such dirty things? God. (Will continue next week)