Voyeur threesome caught watch part at sluttyteencamcom

Voyeur threesome caught watch part at sluttyteencamcom
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I wanted him more than anything. I wanted to use every single part of him. It would be so nice to lock and tie him up, keep him all for my self for a while. Never expected to meet anyone like him he intrigued me, fascinated me. I just needed to find out more about him, find out everything I could. The more I got to know him the more he absolutely drove me wild. Men lined up on my doorstep hoping to get a turn at my favors offering me anything I could want except the one thing I really did want, him.

If only he chased me like all the others, like he used to in the beginning.

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He only showed up when he was ready and I never knew when that would be. I could not even wait for him how would I know when. Every chance encounter made me want him more and more. When would I get that feeling again? Gazing off into the distance out the big picture window into a wintry cold frozen world my mind wondered into fantasies of him.

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I would feel that warmth spreading throughout my body and my mind would see his handsome face. Feeling my hands caressing his jaw line I held his face looking into his sparkling brown eyes his aura glowed in my palms.

I was drawn to his lips like a moth to a flame and I lost myself in all the sweet kisses I took from him. Soft and light at first barely touching, little kisses brushing against his lips and all over his cheeks. Taking in his scent and feeling the texture of his skin I became completely absorbed in discovering him.

Following every feature of his face with my soft little kisses my ears listening to his breathing which intensified my urges. My tongue parted his lips to explore his warm mouth and his entered mine in a slow passionate dance.

I could feel his breath on my face as our hands wondered all over each other and we kissed for what seemed like forever.

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As innocent as my actions were what was going through my mind was anything but innocent. I knew exactly what I was going to take from him, everything he secretly desired he was going to get from me.

My soft expression changed to one of urgency as I devoured his thick neck kissing and sucking then nipping his ear lobes I was going to eat all of him. Tenderly I ran my finger tips across his broad shoulders and all over his muscular chest. I was again lost in his perfect body looking at every curve and feeling the energy flowing through him.

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He was nervous or maybe excited, his heart was beating so strong my finger tips could feel it like his chest was vibrating. As he lay on my bed I placed my ear on his heart and listened to his life force wanting to control it. With it so close to my lips I had to take his nipple into my mouth and gently suck and bite it.


That was it, the first moan left his lips yet he still did not say a word and my pussy shuttered. I had never been so intensely aroused and I was going to take him away to that same place with me. I took massage oil rubbing it in my hands till it warmed up spread it over his chest, abdomen and thighs. Feeling every muscle with my oiled hands gliding over him in long slow sensual strokes and it was making me so wet.

His breathing got deeper he was relaxing. That was good he would need to be relaxed for what I was going to do to him. I looked deeply in his eyes, kissed his sweet lips and said "Do you trust me baby?" He could not speak, just gave me a little nod yes as he nervously watched every move I made.

I ran my hands down his body to his stiff straining member. Grasping it gently I moved the soft skin over the hard shaft like a loose glove on a hand.

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My eyes drank in all of him and my mouth watered. Reaching under his ass I cupped his firm butt cheeks and massaged them to groans of delight. I pulled on his hips so he knew I wanted him to roll over on his stomach. Now with total access to that beautiful ass I deeply massaged and kneaded those perfect orbs of flesh. I never wanted anything so bad before. His back and shoulders were perfect and my eyes streamed pleasure directly to the heat burning between my legs as I looked upon him, rubbing more massage oil on the object of my desires.

Taking each of my hands I so slowly pulled apart his cheeks and all the wonton lust that had been growing for him deep inside of me welled up to over flowing. Never in my whole life had I wanted this with anyone except him and I ran my hot, wet tongue right up the crack of his ass. When I passed over his little hole he trembled in surprise. All the sensations drove me to extremes and my tongue circled and invaded his tight little ass hole. I had wanted to take him this way for so long I savored every second.

The more I rimmed and probed the more he moaned and sighed. It was like there was an electric connection between us. Every time my tongue tip entered his tight ass that electricity shot straight to in between my legs. Rubbing more massage oil into my hands I began massaging his sexy ass again more vigorously. The noises coming out of him made me dripping wet. I rolled him over again onto his back and continued the massage on his cock and balls.

Stroking that thick pole and rolling his balls between my fingers his breathing became a shallow panting. Still slowly stoking his shaft I moved my fingers under his balls and rubber his perineum approaching his tight horny hole. Watching every reaction on his face I gently slid my finger right up his little ass hole knuckle deep and began tickling his prostate.

He let out a deep moan, his shoulders rose up and threw his head back with his eyes closed. That is what I wanted to see that look of ecstasy on his handsome face.

"Do you like that my pet?" I seductively whispered to him.

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Almost breathless he replies "Oh god yes I have been waiting so long for it." "Look at me baby" I tell him. He looked up at me and as I inserted another finger up his sexy ass I leaned down taking the mushroom shaped head of his hard cock into my hungry mouth.

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I loved his cock it was so perfect. It was just the right size with the most amazingly beautiful head that just cried out to be licked and sucked. As I looked up at him with his eyes wide and watching me intensely I swallowed his cock to the root and started fucking his tight ass fast.

Hooking my fingers upwards I manipulated his prostate eliciting a loud groan and his cock exploded in my mouth. Shot after of shot of hot cum filled my throat as his cock throbbed and pumped it's load out. Beep…&hellip.Beep……Beep I shook awake to the sound of my messenger service alerting me I had new mail.


The cold air of reality rushed up on me instantly pulling me out of my day dream. I read the mail and it said he was done and I don't think he was coming back ever again in quite the same way as before. I sighed at how I lost my dream and the desires that had slipped away. I wanted so bad to make it reality but it will never be. It almost feels like the bereavement of the death of something precious is enveloping me. He will never know that I can not desire anyone else this way ever………&hellip.