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The Story of Ann Chapter 11 The Duty of Men and Fathers I happened to have made a mistake in my dates in my last chapter. The revised date is in the beginning of this chapter. I awoke one morning six or seven months later down the road. Jack had not been home for the last month due to some type of extended training. I was hoping he would return home this weekend. It was Saturday April 25 1980 Janet lie beside me in our bed.

I rolled over to cuddle her, as the room seemed to spin.


I hurried from our bed and ran into the bathroom. I started to throw up into the toilet. I wiped my face when I was finished and as I turned, I saw Janet standing in the doorway. She shook her head from side to side, as she stared at me. "Ann, you are going to have to tell him sooner or later," Janet said to me.

I just smiled at her shaking my head no. We dressed and walked downstairs to join Frank and grandma downstairs. I stepped from the last step as I heard grandma scream, "Please god don't let it be him." Janet and I rushed into the living room. My eyes went to television as I heard. "Eight servicemen were killed and three more were injured in a daring but failed rescue mission of the hostages in Iran early this morning," the reporter on the news said. I stood there unable to move as my lips began to tremble I turned to Janet as I said, "That is why Jack has not been home." Janet wrapped me in her arms as I cried upon her shoulder she cried upon mine.

Janet took me and sat me down beside grandma and they both held me as I cried, as I never had before. They were not releasing any names on television and I could only see Jack and the rest of his group in body bags in my mind. I looked to the doorway leading into the living room. I saw eight-year-old Michelle standing in the doorway. Her eyes fixed on the television. She turned from it to me with tears running down her face.

I held out my arms to her and she ran into them. I hugged her tightly as she cried into my shoulders. I pressed my head against her and cried right along with her. Michelle lifted her head from my shoulder as she asked, "Is my daddy dead?" I told her I did not know. Minutes turned to hours and I was not sure if it was comforting that no one came to my door or that the phone had not rang. After three hours had passed Frank called Jack's base they told him they could not tell him anything or they just did not know themselves.

All of us sat there with our eyes glued to the TV. Michelle kept asking me what we were going to do. I looked into her little sad face not knowing what to say to her.

I was not for sure myself. The phone suddenly rang and Frank answered it. He looked to me as he removed the phone from his ear. "It is for you Ann," Frank said to me. I gave Michelle to grandma as I slowly got up off the sofa. I walked slowly to Frank thinking this is where they tell me that Jack died in the line of duty.

I got to Frank and I gave him a look of uncertainty. Frank handed me the phone. I raised it to my ear and with sobs I said, "Hello, this is Ann." "It's just me Ann and please don't worry I am safe," Jack replied into the phone.

A big sigh of relief came from everyone as I told them it was Jack. He explained he would be home later today and fill me in. He asked me to call the others and to let them know that they were all safe and they would be home shortly. Jack told me he loved me as I told him the same.

I called Denise and Linda right after talking to him. They were as upset as I was with worry until I told them everyone was all right. I sat back down onto the sofa between Janet and grandma taking Michelle back into my lap. Grandma had us join hands as she said, "Let's pray for those we lost." We bowed our heads as she prayed, "O God, by whose mercy the faithful departed find rest, look kindly upon these men who gave their lives in the service of their country.

Grant that through the passion, death, and resurrection of your Son they may share in the joy of your heavenly kingdom and rejoice in you with your saints forever. We ask this of you." I wiped my eyes as I told Michelle to go play her daddy would be home soon.

I no sooner had those words from my mouth than I had to run for the bathroom. I hung my head over the toilet bowl once again throwing up my worry. I returned to the living room with all eyes on me. "Ann, you have to tell Jack," "He has the right to know," Janet said to me. Grandma and Frank looked at me as I replied, "I know and I will tell him I am 2 months pregnant when he comes home." Grandma and Frank came to me and gave me their well wishes.

They made a little bit of a fuss over me. However, they saw I was not happy about anything. They asked me what was wrong. "Nothing other than the father of our children may ever see his children," I said as I started to cry again. Janet and grandma gave me comfort as Frank went out to do the morning chores.

I pulled myself together and we all helped him with the afternoon ones. We all had just sat down to dinner when we heard Jack's truck rumbling up the lane. Michelle jumped from her seat and ran outside to meet her father.

Jack walked in with her in his arms. He placed her down onto the floor as he went to grandma first. He hugged her, and then he went to Frank and shook his hand.

Jack went to Janet and he hugged her as she kissed his cheek. Jack turned to me and as he bent down to hug me, I stopped him. I stood up from the table as I said, "Jack we have to talk," as I took his hand and led him into the other room. I did not give him time to say anything as I said, "Jack, I am pregnant." "How along are you?" He asked.

"About two months I believe I go to the doctors next week," I replied. "I will go with you," Jack said smiling as his hand went to my stomach. He rubbed his hand on my stomach as he asked, "Why didn't you tell me sooner?" "Jack, I knew something has been on your mind and then when you did not come home last month.

I could sense you had a lot on your mind when we talked over the phone," I replied to him. "Would it have stopped you from your duties?" "Would you have left the service to be with me?" I asked him. "Jack I was worried sick over not knowing if you had been killed or not after hearing about it on the TV," I added.

"I could not tell you anything Ann, that mission was top secret." "We helped train some of those brave men we lost today," "Those men and I do our duty and if called upon to give our lives so you and Michelle and others are free then I will," Jack replied to me. I was not shocked at his answer for I knew he would say that.

That was the same answer Denise and Linda had gotten from their men when asked why they served. I looked into his eyes and I saw the anguish in them he felt over losing those brave men in them. It was wrong of me but I thought better those men than my Jack. Jack looked at me then he smiled as he took me into his arms.

He held me and whispered sweet words into my ears. He told me how lovely I was and how I had that glow, most pregnant women have.

He told me how wonderful of a mother I have been to Michelle and how wonderful of one I would be to our new baby. He told me every word I wanted to hear except for the ones I wanted to hear the most. I wanted to hear him tell me that when his time was up his army life was over for good. However, he did not and I did not ask him to give it up neither. For as I looked into his eyes I still only saw anguish over the ones we had recently lost as well as his own from the Vietnam War.

We returned to the kitchen where we all ate dinner. Jack explained he had not been home as they had been helping train those for that mission. As he talked I felt the anguish in his eyes and heard the sorrow in his voice. He felt responsible in some way that the mission had failed. Frank told him son it was not your fault. "I know and I will see that others pay for it someday," Jack said to him. After dinner, Jack slipped into his ranch clothes and took Michelle by her hand.

They walked outside with Frank as the rest of us cleaned up and did the dishes. We talked not about Jack but about bringing another baby into this family. Janet touched my stomach as she said, "Someday I hope to have children." I smiled at her as I replied, "Someday you shall." I walked outside looking for Jack and Michelle.

I found Jack and Frank standing outside of Lucy's pen. I walked up to ask where Michelle was when I saw where she was.

Michelle was riding Lucy around her pen. That horse would look to Jack each time she went by and I noticed that Jack did not let her out of his eye as well. Michelle looked small having recently turn nine years old as she rode Lucy around in her pen. I was worried that the horse might throw her then trample her beneath her hoofs. I walked up to Jack and I asked, "She is so young and that horse so big," "Do you think that is wise?" Jack smiled as he replied, "She is in no danger for I will always keep her and you safe," as he wrapped me in his arms.

I watched Michelle as she put Lucy through her pace. That little girl could ride and she did look safe. Jack told me that he was not that good at her age and someday she would be as good if not better than him. I leaned my head into his chest as I watched her ride. Michelle brought that horse over to where we stood by the fence.

She dismounted her with a big smile of her face. She climbed through the fence and came to us. "Mommy did you see me riding Lucy?

She asked me smiling from ear to ear. "Yes, I saw you," I replied smiling back at her. Michelle looked to her father and he picked her up into his arms as he said, "You are such a good rider little one and you make me proud." "I had a good teacher, you," Michelle replied hugging Jack. I watched Jack twirl Michelle around in his arms. He was smiling and laughing as much as she was.

That man adored her and she adored him just as much. I felt Lucy bring her head against mine. She rubbed it against the side of my head. I reached into my pocket and pulled out sugar cubes from my pocket. I also had a good teacher on how to make friends with her. I held them up to her mouth as she nibbled them from my hand. With my other hand I stroked her face as I said, "It is only a matter of time before we both lose that man to that little girl if we don't lose him to war first." Lucy shook her head up and down wildly before she ran away.

She encircled her pen bucking then came to a halt in the middle of her pen. She looked to me then to Jack as she neighed then rose up on her hind legs.

She kicked her front legs out and around moving backwards before pulling them back down. She hung her head to the ground as she pounded one hoof into the ground.

I thought how strange of her. It was as if she was trying to tell Jack something. I looked to Jack as I asked him what kind of game she was playing. Jack smiled at me as he replied, "You would do the same if you were all jacked up on sugar." He placed Michelle down onto the ground. Jack climbed the fence and started to walk to the barn.

He stopped and looked back at Lucy standing there just looking at him. Jack patted his leg then said, "Come on girl it's time for bed." Lucy ran over and followed him into her stable. I took a hold of Michelle's hand as I told her it was her time for bed as well. Michelle touched my stomach with her hand.

"Is it a sister that is inside?" She asked smiling up to me. "Whoever it is they will be loved by us just like we love you," I replied walking her into the house. I took her inside and told her to go get ready for bed and that we would come up and tuck her into bed.

I heard her getting out of the shower and asked Jack to join me in tucking her into bed. We walked to her room to find her on her knees in front of her bed.

Her little hands folded in front of her as she said her bedtime pray. "Thank you God for keeping daddy safe and maybe you could see to it that he is always safe. Bless him, bless mommy, Janet, grandma and Frank." She stopped for a second then added, "Oh yeah bless my little unborn sister as well just make sure she knows I am daddy's girl." She jumped into her bed as we went and tucked her into bed.

She gave us each a kiss then she gave Jack a long big hug.

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He asked her why the big hug. "Just because," She replied with her eyes sparkling and a big wide smile. Jack and I left her as we told her goodnight and sweet dreams. Jack walked me down into the living room. We sat down with him in the middle of Janet and I. Frank and grandma told us good night as they left us alone.

We both cuddled up against him as he wrapped us in his arms. I looked to him to see his eyes were not on us but on the TV. I got up and turned the TV off as I rejoined them on the sofa. I pulled his face to mine and kissed him upon his lips. I broke our kiss as I said, "Your home brave warrior go to war another time." Jack looked to me then to Janet as he asked smiling, "What did you girls have in mind?" Janet looked to me as I looked to her. She unbuttoned his shirt as I unsnapped his pants.

She removed his shirt as I removed his pants. We both pulled down his underwear in one quick jerk. We both slipped down to the floor one on each side of his legs. We reached our hands out taking his cock into them. We pulled and tugged until his cock grew throbbing and hard. Janet licked up and down one side of his cock as I licked the other. Our tongues met at the tip of his cock.

Janet and I kissed deeply as his hands stroked at our heads. Janet took his cock into her mouth first. She had become as good as I was as she took all of his cock into her mouth. Her cheeks sucked in as she pulled her head up his cock then moved it back down. Janet and I took turns sucking at his cock.

His pre- cum started to leak from it as he looked down to us. "Girls let take this up stairs," Jack said to us. Once upstairs we all took our clothes off and climbed into the king bed. We rather formed a triangle. My head was between Jack's legs sucking on his cock. Then it was Jack between Janet's legs licking her pussy. Janet moved her mouth to my pussy and started to run her tongue wildly in and out of it. "One of you sit upon my cock while the other sits on my face," Jack said rolling over onto his back on the bed.

Janet damn near kicked me it the head as she climbed onto him taking his cock into her hand. She placed that cock at the entrance of her pussy and she slammed her pussy down onto it engulfing his entire cock. Janet rode his cock wildly as I crawled up then straddled his face with my thighs encircling his head. Jack's tongue buried itself deeply into my pussy.

I started to pinch and pull at my tits as his tongue explored deep within my pussy. I started to rock upon his face as he tongued fucked my pussy. I was soon having an orgasm onto his face. Afterwards I rolled from his face to along side of him.

I kissed and licked at my juices coating his face. His hands went to Janet's tits as he used his thumbs on her nipples. Janet was moaning and groaning as she rode his cock fast and hard.

She was telling Jack how wonderful his big cock felt deep inside her pussy. "Your cock is hitting my cervix and it feels so good," Janet cooed to him. Jack and I were kissing passionately as she fucked the hell out of him. Loud wet slaps of her pussy filled the bedroom as she rode him. Janet got up into a squatting position over his cock and she bounced wildly up and down on it screaming his name as she did. Suddenly Janet screamed, "Cum with me Jack fill me full of your seed." I broke my kiss with Jack as he moaned then slammed his hips upward driving his cock even deeper into her pussy.

Janet moaned wildly then Jack moaned as his eyes went closed. "Yes make me pregnant Jack," Janet screamed out from on top of Jack. I had never saw or even knew a man could withdraw his penis from a tight pussy as fast as Jack did. He rather just tossed Janet off his cock and slipped from the bed.

He stood there with his big cock spurting cum onto the edge of the bed as he stared at me then at Janet. Janet looked to Jack as she said, "Jack damn you," "I am still on the pill I was only playing and I wanted to feel your cum splashing into me." Janet shook her head from side to side as she added, "You ruined my orgasm plus you wasted your cum." She went on with her bitching about not having had an orgasm as we looked to her.

Jack looked to me as I looked to him. Neither of us could hold it in any longer. We both busted up laughing.

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Janet was just so dead serious about him ruining her orgasm. She realized it as well as she joined us laughing. Jack climbed back into the bed with Janet at one side and me on the other. He kissed her then told her to give him a few minutes and he would see that her next orgasm was twice as pleasurable. Janet and I lie there with him running our hands over his chest. I leaned up looking to Jack as he looked at me. "What is it Ann I see that look on your face?" Jack asked. "Jack, Janet would like to have a baby someday," I said to him.

He looked at me funny like before I added, "I can think of no one who would be a better father to her child than you." Jack stared at me for a few seconds then he turned to Janet. She was looking at him waiting for his reply.

We both moved up with our arms on his chest as we both stared down into his face. "Jack, I am serious," I said. "Will you give her a baby of her own someday?" I asked. Jack looked at me then to Janet as he replied, "Let's have this one before we start working on another one." Janet smiled at me then to Jack as she asked, "Do you promise me Jack?" Jack smiled as he replied, "That next child born will be yours." "No, Jack it will be ours," Janet said as she kissed him deeply on his lips.

It was funny as Janet smiled with a glow about her it seemed to out weighed anything I was thinking. I mean I did freely share Jack with her and now I was going to be sharing him as the father of her baby. I also knew Jack would keep his word.

I awoke from a nightmare later that night screaming. Janet and I were at a funeral and they were playing taps. I looked to see Jack in his uniform lying lifeless in a casket. I looked down to see I was pregnant with child then looked to Janet to see she was with child as well. Jack wrapped me in his arms as he gave me comfort. I did not tell him what my nightmare was about. He rocked me in his arms until I fell back to sleep.

That nightmare would reoccur about every third night during my pregnancy. Life started to get back to somewhat normal. At least Jack was once more coming home on the weekends. He also went with me to most of my doctors appointments as well. The other pregnant women at the doctor's office always make a fuss over him especially if he was in uniform.

Jack also made more time to train Michelle not only in riding horses but also in the every day operation of our ranch as well as to training them. She had that same hand skill that Jack had. Those little ponies followed all of her hand commands. Her father was proud of her as was I. I was even a little jealous of her because he spent so much time with her.

However, I had him on Friday and Saturday nights. Sundays were family days on our ranch; we always tried to do something together. In June of that year, Jack brought a big ass pontoon boat more like a houseboat. We kept it docked at a nearby lake. Every Sunday through the summer, we all went to the lake for swimming and fishing.

That houseboat served another purpose as well. It served as a floating sex club for our little group. When able our little group would get together on Friday. The girls and I would meet Jack and the boys at the lake. Each of them would go into the houseboat take off their uniform and leave their duty hang in the closet of the houseboat. It was our time with them and no one spoke of the army or of the trouble brewing around the world.

On those weekend they belonged to us not to the Army. While I was pregnant, I was off limits to any of the men. I only had fun with Jack, Linda and Janet. Jack once again never took part in anything with anyone but with Janet and me.

The only thing I would allow the men to do was to rub lotion onto me when I sunbathed topless or in the nude. The first party we had with the sun shining overhead brightly. Everyone was in swimming while I just lay on the deck soaking up the sun. I had a one-piece suit on that day. I decided to take it off and sun myself in the nude. I had no sooner removed my suit than everyone came onto the deck from swimming.

"You better get some lotion on you or you will burn like toast," Janet said to me. Scott, Will and Sam all came running over to me with suntan lotion in their hands. Easy boys you can rub that on me but that is all you are going to do I told them. Sam went to my legs as he squirted lotion up and down each of my legs.

Sam moved up on my legs placing his swimsuit-covered cock between my feet. He started to rub the lotion in while rubbing his cock between my feet as he smiled at me. Will and Scott each squirted lotion onto my tits. Each of them squirted excessively amount onto them. They took their hands and rubbed the lotion in turning both my breasts white with all the cream they had squirted onto them.

My nipples grew hard as their hands massaged my boobs.

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Sam's hand went to the insides of my thighs pulling them slightly apart. He squirted a little lotion between them then placed his hands to the insides of my thighs. He ran his hands light upward touching my exposed puffy pussy lips with his fingers and his thumb. I squeezed my feet together trapping his hard cock between them.

I moved them back and forth on his cock as his hands massaged my inner thighs. After about three or four minutes of this I was moaning in pleasure. I parted my thighs giving Sam excess to my pussy.

"You can touch it but that is all you're getting," I said to Sam smiling. Sam ran his hand back up my thighs bringing his thumbs to my pussy lips. He parted them with his thumbs then rolled his thumbs up and down the length of them. My pussy lips swelled with blood at the touch of his thumbs. I felt my pussy opening and close begging him to dig his fingers into it. Will and Scott were on their knees along side of my body as they massaged and played with my tits. I started to moan softly as their fingers caressed my hard nipples.

I ran my hand to the front of their swim trunks squeezing at their cocks. I fished their hard cocks from them. "Squirt some lotion into my hands boys," I said smiling at them. They both filled my hands with lotion then I grabbed one cock in each hand. I pumped and pulled on their cocks as they went back to playing with my tits. Sam squirted lotion between my feet as he pulled his cock from his swim trunks. He placed it once again between my feet as he started to move it between them.

I was pulling and jerking on Scott and Will's cock for all I was worth. My pussy was throbbing as it started to leak juices from it. Sam was now entering my pussy with his thumbs teasing me each time he rocked his cock forward between my feet. I could not take it any longer as I looked to Sam. "Fuck me Sam," I said to him. "Sorry Ann no can do," Sam replied smiling at me. I looked to Will then to Scott as I said, "Then one of you fuck me," as I pulled on their cocks.

"Sorry Ann no can do," Scott replied. I looked to Will with please fuck me in my eyes but he just shook his head no, as he, replied, "Sorry Ann no can do." I was starting to squirm on the deck floor. I needed and I wanted some cock inside of me. As I, squirmed Sam pulled his cock from between my feet. He took it into his hand as he started to jack it off wildly. "AHhhhhh Ann," Sam moaned out as cum flew from the head of his cock. Cum splashed onto my thighs and a little splashed against my pussy lips.

I felt Will's cock tense up in my hand as it throbbed. Cum arched from his cock until it splashed upon my tits Scott followed as cum from his cock splashed onto my other tits. "ONE of you fuck me, eat me or finger me," I screamed looking at each of them. "JACK, come here quickly Ann needs you," Sam yelled in a panic. Jack came running up to the front deck where I lie thinking something was wrong. I must have looked quite the sight lying there covered in cream.

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With two men by my tits milking their cocks dry while Sam milked his cock dry at my feet. "What is going on here?" Jack asked as he looked at me thinking the worst with my body covered in white cream. "We got her too horny and she needs some cock," Sam said to him. Jack walked over and looked down at me as I said, "Please Jack fuck me none of them will," as I reached up and rubbed at the front of his swimsuit.

The others all came running up to the front deck as well. Jack smiled down at me as he slipped his swimsuit off and climbed between my legs. Will and Scott held my legs back as Jack got between them. He placed his cock at the entrance of my pussy. "AHhhh yes fuck me," I cried out as his cock slipped deeply into my pussy. Jack build up a steady pace as the others slowly peeled off us. Sam went to Janet, Will went to Denise and Scott went to Linda. I started to fuck Jack back as he pounded my pussy with his cock.

I looked around a few minutes later too see Janet was getting it doggie style from Sam. Denise was on top on Will riding his cock while Scott had his face buried between Linda's legs as she sat in a deck chair. It looked like a free style fuck session as we all rocked the boat. Screams of "Fuck me harder," filled the lake that day, luckily we were alone on the lake.

By the end of August I was six months pregnant. I not only did not consider myself sexy but I did not feel sexy as well. My belly was huge, my tits swollen and heavy which caused my back to hurt. I was moody as hell and I was not afraid to let anyone know it as well with Jack getting most of it. I did not feel like having sex or having fun. I was pregnant and miserable in the summer heat. I also thought that no one found me sexy any more as well.

Jack wanted to throw a big party on the houseboat. I only agreed, as it would be the last party of the summer. Jack and the boys were off for the whole weekend, which would make it nice. Jack, Janet and Michelle did the morning chores around the ranch with Frank while I stayed in bed. Jack pampered me to much when I was pregnant, as he would not let me work the ranch.

He allowed me to help grandma with the cooking. However, she always chased me from the kitchen. When the chores were finished, they all returned inside the house. I was sitting in the living room watching TV and eating. Something I was doing a lot of lately. I heard the back screen door slam then Michelle running through the kitchen. She stopped in the hallway then turned back toward the kitchen as I heard Jack yelling telling her to stop.

"I hate you Jack," "You don't love me, you are never home and when you are you don't have time for me." "They told you to stop loving me," Michelle screamed at the top of her lungs then burst into tears as she ran up the stairs.

I got off the sofa and ran smack into Jack as he came running into the hallway. He almost knocked me down however he caught me before I did go down.

I asked him what that was all about. Jack explained he had promised Michelle to take her to the horse show tonight but with the party, he had to tell her that Frank and grandma would take her instead. "Jack, she is right you are only home on the weekends and she does not understand why fully," I said to him. "Ann, I have to train through the week to stay on top of my game." "I have to be ready when …," Jack replied not finishing his sentence.

"Ready for what Jack," "WAR?" I screamed at him. "It is my job Ann, it is my duty," Jack replied in a rather loud tone of voice to me as if I was one of his solider. My hand went across his face as I said, "Don't you take that tone with me I am not in your fucking ARMY." "Jack your duty at one time was being a father to that little girl or have you forgotten." "You have broken another promise to her and to me as well, something you are becoming rather good at," I added as I started to cry.

Jack stood there for a few second then he took me into his arms. He kissed at my forehead as he told me he was sorry. He walked me back into the living room and sat me down on the sofa.

He kissed me then told me he would fix it and every thing would be all right, as he walked away with his head hanging down. "Where are you going Jack?" I asked him. "Duty calls Ann, duty calls," Jack replied as I watched him slowly walk up those steps toward Michelle's room. Janet came in and she asked me where Jack was going looking like he had lost his best friend. I told her he was on his way to right a wrong before it got out of control.

I told her that Michelle and her father had some words. I explained to her what was going on between them. Janet looked up the steps as she said, "I hope they work this out for I never could with my own father." Janet's father did nothing but work when she was growing up at home. She was lucky to see him let alone be a father to her. She stopped calling him father one day and he stopped calling her his daughter. I think that was why we were such good friends as I had lost my father at a young age too.

I have seen this coming with Michelle. She was always questioning me lately about why her daddy did not come home every night. I had explained he was in the military and he had to follow the orders given to him. I also explained about when there is trouble in the world your father will go there to make it right. Michelle once asked me, "If they ordered daddy not to love her anymore would he?" Jack came walking down the steps with Michelle in his arms.

He placed her down and told her to go help grandma. Michelle held up her arms to him and he bent over to her. Michelle hugged him tightly then she left go of him. "Sorry I said what I did and I did not mean it," Michelle said to him. Jack smiled at her as he replied, "That is Ok little one sometimes one must get angry for others to see that they are not doing their duty," as he looked at me. Jack came walking into Janet and me. He asked if it was OK that the two of us entertain our guest tonight while he takes Michelle to the horse show.

He told us he would join us later that evening on the lake. We both told Jack that we could do that for him. Jack sat down and I could tell something else was on his mind. "Jack is something troubling you?" I asked. "Being a father and being in the military is harder than I thought," Jack replied. "I had hoped it would work out but I see many faults in my thinking," he added. "Then get out Jack, when your time is up return home to us where you truly belong," I said to him.

Jack did not say anything back to me. He did not have too. I stared into his eyes and I saw his answer before he turned away from me. He still felt as if he had to right his wrong.

I once more did not press the point to him. It was not my decision to make it was his. I could only hope someday he would make the right one. Janet and I left for the lake around two in the afternoon, as the others would be getting there around three. It was rather cute when Michelle told us she would take care of Jack as we were leaving. I chuckled about it however; I should have read between her words.

As it was one of those times in my life where I should have listened closer to what I was hearing others tell me. Janet and I stopped at the grocery store on the way to the lake. I had on stretch short with a rather low cut tank top with a built in bra. My tits hurt so I had worn it to be comfortable. My now 40 DD tits still hung nicely in it. I will show you how nicely they hung with some pictures of them in tank tops. My nipples were usually hard and today were no different.

The girls looked good that is if you did not mind the baby bump below them. Janet was dressed like the slut I wanted to be. She had on a very short blue jean skirt with a lace top and a black half shelf bra under it. I will share a few photos of her in this outfit as well as what she looks like today in one similar with you. She even made me horny looking at how sexy she was dressed.

We walked into the store and Janet had everyone staring at her as we walked through the store. We made our way up and down the aisle as an older man followed us. I say older in that we were in our 20's yet while he was in his forties. I told Janet she had a follower as I noticed him trailing a little ways behind us.

"Good I feel like giving him a show," Janet said to me smiling. Janet walked a little ways ahead shaking that hot little sexy ass of hers. I was jealous, as my ass had gotten big from being pregnant. Janet stopped and she bent over to get something from the lowest shelf. As she did her jean skirt travel up her ass until you could see the lower part of her ass hanging from the skirt. If you looked closely, you could see her pussy lips hanging down between her legs as well.

Janet stayed liked that for a few seconds then turned her head to look to the man. She smiled as she ran her hands up between her legs. Janet rubbed at her pussy with her hand. The man moved closer to us until he was right along side of me.

"Your friend is a good tease but I was hoping you were," the man said to me. "But I am pregnant," I replied to him. The man smiled as he replied, "Which only makes you more beautiful and sexy in my mind." I blushed as he stared in my face. His eyes left my face and went to the valley between my tits in my tank top.

My eyes went down the front of him and I saw he was sporting a boner in his jogging pants. I smiled at him as I asked, "Would you like to see mommy's tits?" The man just smiled back at me as I scooped the girls from in the tank top.

They hung out in plain view of him as he stared at them. I shook them at him before I tweaked my nipples with both hands as he watched. I moved closer and took his hand laying it upon my tit. The man rubbed then squeezed at my tits as he said, "Those are going to be full of milk before long." The man played with my nipples rolling them between his finger and thumb. My pussy started to twitch as he did. I looked around to make sure no on was coming down the aisle. I grabbed my tit with both hands as I offered it to him.

"You may suck on one if you like," I said to him. The man leaned down placing his lips around my tit. He started to suckle gently on it. His tongue rolled around my nipple as he sucked at my tit.

I was beyond horny as my pussy started to feel wet and warm. I do not know what came over me other than I had to have some cock. Janet gasped as my hand went to the front of his pants.

The man sucked harder at my tit as I wrapped my hand around his hard cock. I squeezed and petted his cock with my hand as he suckled at my tit. My pussy was twitching and burning with desire as I felt his cock.

It felt like a thick cock as I tugged at it through his jogging pants. I left go of his cock and removed his head from my tit. "Follow me if you want a little treat," I said to him smiling. "Ann, what are you doing?" Janet asked me.

"I need my daily protein," I replied smiling at her. The man followed me until I had found the women's bathrooms at the back of the store. I told Janet to go in and check to see if anyone was in there. She came back out telling me it was empty. I told the man to follow me and for Janet to stand guard outside the door. I took the man into the bathroom and we went into the first stall. I closed and locked the door before I pulled down my shorts exposing my hairy pussy to him. I took his hand placing it on my pussy.

His fingers rubbed at my pussy then he stuck one of his fingers up into it. I placed my lips to his and kissed him deeply as he fingered my pussy. When he slipped two fingers up in me, my pussy started to drip juices. I reached my hand down into his jogging pants pulling his cock out as I broke our kiss.


I looked down to see his fat hard cock in my hand. It was about six inches and about as round as a beer can. My little hand did not wrap all the way around it as I pulled and tugged at it. I started to pump my pussy toward his hand as he fingered me.

I wanted to have an orgasm badly as I stood there moaning as he fingered me. His fingers felt good but his cock would feel better I thought. I am not for sure if it was because I was just so horny or maybe I was just feeling alone. However I was about to do something I should not have done. I left go of his cock and pulled his fingers from my pussy. I turned with my ass toward him as my hands went to the back wall of the stall. I looked over my shoulder at him as I said, "Fuck me from behind." The man seemed surprised as he asked, "Are you sure?" "Fuck me," I replied spreading my legs a bit further apart.

The man got behind me as I felt him rub his thick cock against my pussy from the back. He pushed forward slipping it up into my hot wet pussy. His hands went to my hips as he started to move his cock in and out of me from behind.

He started out slow then shifted into high gear as he started to slam his cock into me from behind. "AHhhhhhh fuck me," I screamed out loudly. The man's balls were slapping hard up under me banging into my clit. I started to work my butt back toward him each time he plowed his cock into me.

My clit tingled as it grew and swelled from his balls smacking into it. I felt my orgasm coming over me as I felt him tense up as his cock swelled in my pussy. My pussy tightened around his cock. The man moaned then slammed his cock deeply up my pussy one last time. "AHhhhhhhh," I moaned out as his fat cock buried itself deeply into my pussy. My orgasm started as his cock swelled then throbbed. He moaned as cum blasted from his cock up inside my pussy.

His cum coated the walls and filled my pussy as I rocked back on his cock milking the last of his cum from his cock. His cock grew soft then slipped from my pussy with cum dripping from my pussy and his cock. I spun around and I grabbed his cock with my hand. I sat down onto the toilet and moved my mouth to his slimy wet cock.

I started to pee as I licked and sucked at his cock. His hands went to my head as I cleaned his cock of our juices. "Damn you are a good little fucking slut," the man said to me.

"Thank you," I replied removing my mouth from his cock smiling at him. I put his cock away and told him to send my girlfriend into to me as he was leaving. The man asked me for my name and my phone number. However, I told him this was just a one-time thing. He left without even thanking me, which was OK. Janet came in and looked at me sitting in the stall with cum running from my pussy.

"Ann, what have you done?" Janet asked. It was then and only then, I realized I had just fucked on Jack. I had been unfaithful to a man I loved deeply. I cheated on a man who gave me the world and treated me as no other ever had.

I looked up at Janet as she stood over me in the stall. "Please don't tell him, Janet," I said to her pleading. "I won't say anything but you should tell him yourself," Janet replied shaking her head from side to side at me. I could see the look in her eyes as she stared at me. I had gone too far with my teasing and I had crossed the line.

I got off the toilet and looked down to see thick gooey cum floating in the bowl. I wiped and pulled my shorts back up and tucked the girls back away into my tank top. Janet and I finished our shopping. She did not say much to me as we did. Another man started to follow us around but Janet told him to get lost she was not in the fucking mood. We checked out and went to her car. I told her I was sorry for what I had done in there. I explained I was not thinking and my hormones must have just taken over for I could not stop myself.

I hung my head and I started to cry. "I cheated on Jack," I sobbed out crying into my hands. I felt Janet wrapping her arm around me pulling me to her. She brushed her hand through my hair as she told me she would not tell him.

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She told me never to do that again without his permission. "You are Jack's slut," Janet said to me. "He would have given you permission if you would have asked him," Janet added as she pulled us from the parking lot. I felt a little better as we parked by our houseboat.

We unloaded the car and as we did, I thanked her for saying she would not tell Jack. Once inside as we were putting the stuff away I thought more of what I had done. My pussy throbbed and twitched as I relived what I did in the women's bathroom with that man. Janet looked at me as she asked, "What are you thinking Ann?" I smiled at her as I replied, "I was thinking about what I had done." "I am going to tell Jack when he gets here." I could only hope he was not mad at me for what I did.

The others arrived shortly there after. I explained to them that Jack would be joining us later as he had promised to take Michelle to the horse show. Denise came over as she said, "Jack is a good father but he is having some trouble dealing with the fact he has a young daughter at home and another baby on the way." I looked at her as I asked, "How do you know that?" "Jack stopped and talked to me a few days ago on his way home," Denise replied.

"He wanted to know if maybe he should give the army life up to be with his family," Denise added smiling at me. "What did you tell him?" I asked her.

"I told him no one could make his mind up as that was something he had to do on his own," Denise replied. I hung my head as she added, "Ann it is hard on us all with the jobs our husbands have chosen and probably harder on you than any of us." "But remember we are here for you if you need us." I asked her if I could talk to her in one of the back bedrooms in the houseboat.

I walked her into the room sliding the door closed behind me. I sat down with her on the bed as I explained what I had done before we got here. I asked her if she would help me. "How can I help you?" Denise asked. "By allowing me to give you to Jack tonight," I replied.

Denise looked at me funny, as as she said, "Two wrongs do not make it right you know Ann." "I know Denise but I also know Jack likes you a lot and you like him a lot," "I would feel better if I righted the wrong I have done," I replied to her. "How about we both have him together instead," Denise said to me smiling. I smiled back as I replied, "I would like that." Denise took me into her arms as she placed her lips upon mine.

She kissed me then said, "I would like it too," smiling at me. We joined the others as Sam took the boat out for a cruise around the lake. I told Janet what I had talked to Denise about and she asked Denise if she could have Will tonight.

Denise told her that would be fine. Sam took us to a spot where we did some fishing. The others had a little fun while I watched and played with my pussy.

Then we took the boat back in to make supper from the fish we had caught. The dock had a little campsite with a fire ring. We all sat around the fire and talked as the sun went down waiting on Jack. Everyone paired off and retired into the houseboat a little after ten that night.

Denise and I sat around the fire talking until I saw the lights of Jack's truck coming up the lake road. I told her to go into our bedroom and wait for us, as I had to talk to Jack. Jack came walking up to the fire with flowers in his hands. "These are for you sometimes I forget to leave my work at the office," Jack said to me handing me the flowers. I started to cry as I replied, "Jack I have to tell you what I did today." "I had sex with a stranger in the women's bathroom of the grocery store." Jack looked at me for a few seconds then asked, "Did you enjoy it?" "Yes Jack I did," I replied.

"Was Janet with you?" Jack asked. "Yes she waited outside to make sure no one came in on us," I replied. Jack took me into his arms as he said, "Then all you have left to do is to tell me all about it," smiling at me. "Jack, didn't you hear me I cheated on you today," I sobbed out as he held me. "You cheated on yourself but not on me," Jack replied. "That is unless you are in love with this perfect stranger," he added. Jack sat with me by the fire explaining what he meant.

He told me he did not mind if I had sex or fun with others. However, he would prefer if he or someone like Janet were with me just to make sure, I was safe. "Ann, I know my job keeps me away to much some times and I understand your wants and needs," Jack said to me. "I also understand your own desires of being the slut," he added.

He went on to explain he saw how excited I get when we would sometimes watch stag movies of a girl taken by a group of men. He told me he knew deep inside me somewhere I had truly enjoyed that gangbang when I was younger.

He also explained that he understood that sometimes I needed a man or men to use me. He told me he just could not use or treat me, as I wanted to be used. "I understand that and you may do what and who ever you want as long as I know and someone is with you," Jack said to me. "Does that mean you will be doing other women as well?" I asked him. "No Ann I have enough to handle with you and Janet," Jack replied.

"Could you at least handle me and Denise tonight?" I asked. I explained to him that she was my peace offering to him for what I had done today. Jack told me that was not needed however; I told him Denise was looking forward to it. I asked him if he would do for me. "I always did want to taste some chocolate," Jack replied smiling at me. "Good because she is waiting for us in our room," I said to him.

Jack stood up then stood me up taking me into his arms. We kissed deeply and passionately beside the fire. My hand went to his cock, which I found throbbing and hard. I think he wanted Denise more than he was telling me. I broke our kiss as I asked, "So how did it go with Michelle at the horse show?" "We both enjoyed it and it also gave me some time to explain to her just what her father does for a living," Jack replied.

"I am not for sure she understood it all but that new colt I brought her should take her mind off of me at least for awhile," Jack added. I wanted to tell Jack that buying her things would not buy her love or prove to him that he cared more for us than he did the army life.

I wanted to tell him he only had to be there for her. However, I thought this was something he would have to find out on his own some day. Jack walked me into the houseboat. We went to our room to find Denise lying on her side on the bed. We both stopped and just stared at her. Denise was dressed in a pure white corset with garter belt and white nylon hose and white high heels. The white outfit made her black skin shine which added to her sex appeal.

Her corset pushed her boobs upward creating two mountains of black flesh upon her chest. I looked between her legs to find dark black curly hair between them. Her thick strong thighs lie before us on the bed. She moved her leg up bringing her heel up placing it onto bed striking a pose for us both. In doing this, it showed her muscular calf muscle as well.

I had never noticed just how well built this tiny black Nubian princess was built until now. Her long black flowing hair ran off her shoulders as I looked to her face. Her eyes had silver or white eyeliner upon her eyelids with long sparkling eyelashes as well. Her lips were wet and shiny with desire as I felt my pussy start to fill with desire too. I looked to Jack as I said, "My god Jack she looks like a goddess lying upon our bed." "She is living proof that good things come in small packages," Jack replied smiling at me then to Denise.

"Are you two going to just stand there or join me?" Denise asked sexily. "We are in awe of your beauty my Nubian queen," Jack replied. "We are awaiting your orders my queen," I said smiling at her. "Undress her Jack and show me the beauty of her pregnancy," Denise replied. Jack removes the sweater I had on unbuttoning it slowly. He slipped the sweater from me exposing my huge 40 DD tits encased in my bra.

The bra had my tits pushed up as I believe it was a size to small for them. Jack removed my bra freeing my tits then slipped the sweat pants I had on down as I stepped from them. Denise licked her lips as she said, "Your wife has very sexy legs and thighs that just calls for a tongue to be licking at them." Denise added, "Turn her around so I might see that sexy ass that Will has spoken about." Jack spun me around with my ass toward her.

He bent me over showing her the roundness of my big ass running his hands over both of my butt cheeks. Denise told him to get in front of me telling me to remove his shirt.

I removed his shirt then ran my hands over his manly chest. "Free his cock Ann and suck upon it as I watch," Denise said. I unsnapped his pants then unzipped them. I allowed them to drop to the floor around his ankles. His jockeys tented outward with the big boner hiding in them.

I hooked my thumbs at his under wear pulling them down his legs letting them fall to his pants. Jack's cock danced in front of my face as I wrapped my hand around it. I gave his cock a few pumps before I moved my mouth to it. I danced my tongue across the head of his cock as my hand pumped at it.

Pre-cum formed at the head of his cock which I lapped up with my tongue. "Turn her sideways Jack so she may see the pleasure that she gives us both," Denise said. Jack turned us sideways to the bed. I looked at Denise turning my head toward her while still licking at the head of his cock. Denise had her back against the wall with her feet flat on the bed and her legs spread wide. She was running her hands up and down the insides of her lovely thighs. "Take his cock into your mouth and suck on it like the slut you are," Denise ordered me.

My pussy twitched as I took his cock into my mouth. Her calling me a slut and ordering me around brought forth a new found feeling within me. I saw I liked being told what to do from a woman as well as a man. I slowly worked my mouth up and down Jack's hard shaft meeting my hand as I pumped at his cock. I glanced over quickly at Denise to find her rubbing at her pussy as she watched me sucking his cock.

I removed my hand as I worked my mouth down his cock. My lips pressed into his body as his cock filled my mouth with his cock head partially in my throat. I sucked in as I breathed through my nose as I pulled my mouth up his cock. I worked my mouth to just the head of his cock then lowered it back down his cock. Jack moaned softly as I started to work my mouth faster on his cock.

His cock was running down into my throat each time my lips pressed against his body. "Damn that girl can suck some cock," Denise said from the bed. "She eats pussy just as well," Jack replied pulling my head from his cock.

A trail of pre-cum or my own spit followed my mouth from the tip of his cock. It stretched then fell to my chin as Jack stood me up in front of him. His hard throbbing cock rubbing against my baby filled belly. "Service your queen and show her your pussy eating skills," Jack said to me turning me toward Denise.

Denise removed her hands from between her thighs as she added, "Yes eat me slut." I crawled up upon the bed getting between her sexy black legs. I kissed and licked my way up her thigh. I ran my face against her pussy sniffing in the sweet smell of her pussy. My own pussy started to drip at the thought of tasting her juices.

I kissed and licked at her other thigh as she moaned softly on the bed. "Jack be a dear and pull her down in the bed for me," I said sitting up on my knees between her legs. Jack reached around me pulling her flat onto the bed. I smiled at Jack as I told him to get up by her head with his cock in her face. Jack scrambled up the bed and straddled Denise's face with his hard throbbing cock hanging in her face. Her tongue flicked at it as it hung in her face. "Take her legs and lift them back so I may dine upon her pussy," I said to Jack.


Jack grabbed her ankles pulling her legs back toward him. He pulled her legs apart when he had them back by her head. Denise's black pussy lips unrolled as her pussy opened in front of me. Her black pussy shined with her juices as it lie before me. She had fat meaty pussy lips around her love hole. I looked to her to see that she was taking the head of Jack's cock into her mouth. Jack started to rock back and forth making it slid in and out of her mouth.

I placed my hands upon her thighs as I buried my face into her black wet pussy. Denise managed to moan out an, "AHhhhh" even with Jack's cock in her mouth.

I licked wildly at her pussy while moving my head in every direction. I plunged my tongue deeply into her pussy as I wiggled it from side to side. I moved it in and out of her hole as she rocked under me. I started to do the alphabet with my tongue buried up her pussy. "Ann, what ever you are doing don't stop," Denise cried out as I got to the letter M of the alphabet.

Jack smiled at me as I looked up from between her thighs at him. I think I made it to the letter T before her pussy exploded in my face. Denise's pussy squirted torrents of her juices which splashed into my mouth. I moved my mouth to her clit.

I enclosed my mouth around her clit as I flicked my tongue against it. I sucked at her clit as she squirmed on the bed. "You are going to make me pee," Denise screamed out looking to me.

I just sucked harder at her clit. I glanced to Jack as I sucked at her clit. Jack pulled his cock from her mouth. He wrapped his hand around it stroking it as he looked to me. Denise moaned as her head went from side to side. She yelled that she could not hold her pee back any longer. Her warm urine splashed at my chin as it shot from her black pussy.

I removed my mouth from her engorged clit. I placed my face into her golden stream of pee. I opened my mouth catching her pee in my mouth as I looked to Jack. "AHhhhhh fuck," Jack moaned loudly. Jack removed his hand from his cock. It danced twice up and down before it fired a load of cum. The first two shots splashed onto Denise's black mountains sticking up from her corsets. She reached up pulling his cock into her mouth as the rest flowed into her mouth.

Her piss slowed to just a drip as I left her pee run from my mouth back over her pussy. I ran my tongue into her hole then ran it upward over her clit. I dragged my tongue over her body as I worked it upward toward her tits. I licked his cum from the top of her breasts. Jack pulled his cock from her mouth trailing cum from his cock to her mouth.

I moved up on top of her as my lips went to hers. I kissed her deeply and with passion. Denise returned my kiss as she opened her mouth. I shoved my tongue into her cum filled mouth as we French kissed. We shared cum as our tongues rolled in our mouths. I kissed and licked at her black luscious lips as I lie on top of her. Jack got off the bed as we lie there still kissing. I broke our kiss as I rolled from her lying along side of her.

Denise rolled over looking to me. "Ann no woman has ever gave me that much pleasure," "I see why Jack thinks you are so special now," Denise said smiling at me. Jack returned with three beers in his hand handing us one as he said, "I think you two need a beer after that." Denise and I laughed as we sat up in the bed.

The three of us drank our beer. We all kissed between sips. By the time we had finished our beer we all were horny again. Denise and I both got Jack's cock standing tall again. I told Jack to get on his back.

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"His cock awaits you my queen," I said to Denise as I got off the bed. Denise climbed on top of Jack. She placed her black pussy at his cock and it slipped right in as she sat down upon his cock. They went to kissing as she rode on his cock. I went to my bag and pulled out my brand new strap on dildo I had recently got for Janet and me. I slipped it on then climbed back up onto the bed. I put my face behind Denise's black butt. I kissed and licked at it as she bounced on Jack's cock.

I got onto my hands and knees behind her. "Pulled her ass apart Jack so I may taste her asshole," I said to Jack. Jack's hands gripped at her butt cheeks spreading them apart. I ran my tongue up and down her asshole making it wink at me.

I shoved my tongue up into her asshole as if it was a small cock. "AHhhhhh Ann," Denise cooed out as my tongue played at her asshole. I worked it in and out of her asshole as she started to get creamy on Jack's cock. Her juices flowed down his cock then worked up into a foamy lather at the base of his cock. I removed my tongue from her asshole as I got directly behind her butt. I took my hand and scooped some of her foamy cream up into my hand.

I rubbed it onto the dildo I wore. I pressed the head of my strap on at her asshole. I eased the head into her asshole as she stopped bouncing on Jack. Denise looked over her shoulder as she said, "Go gently my ass is virgin." I eased it forward slowly entering her ass with it. She bent down kissing Jack to muffle her moans as I pushed it slowly and gently up into her ass. I worked it slowly in until my pregnant belly was upon her back.

I held it there allowing her to get used to it. Denise started to slowly bounce once again upon Jack's cock. I waited until she started to rock on my strap on before I slowly started to fuck her ass. We had to stop every now and then as either my strap on would slip out or Jack's cock would. We finally got it down as Jack fucked her pussy I fucked her ass with my strap on. Denise screamed as her orgasm came over her. I slammed my strap on deeply into her ass which forced another scream from her lips.

Jack then buried his cock upward into her pussy. I pulled my strap on from her ass which hung wide open as I did. I licked at Jack's balls as they flexed as he filled her with cum from his cock. Denise got off of Jack and wrapped me in her arms. She kissed me as I kissed her back.

She broke our kiss as she smiled at me. "Thank you Ann for sharing this man with me," She said smiling at Jack. "You are welcomed Denise and you may join Jack and I anytime you like just ask," I replied smiling to her and to Jack. Denise reached down and wrapped her hand around my strap on as she looked to Jack she said, "Your turn next big boy." Jack was off that bed and out the door. We heard a splash and looked out to see him swimming away from the boat. Denise and I busted up laughing as she helped me from my strap on.

We both ran outside and jumped into the water swimming over to him. The three of us swam for a while stopping to kiss and feel each other then returned inside.

Denise and I lie on each side of Jack with our heads upon his chest. He wrapped us in his arms as we closed our eyes. We awoke still like that in the morning. The summer went to fall and life seemed good for everyone. However I had that feeling something was going to happen to ruin the nice summer that we all just had. I was miserable and I wanted this baby to come already.

I could barely walk as my belly had gotten huge. By the start of November I was due anytime. That something happened on a weekday the first week of November it started with a phone call from Denise. Then Jack came home and everyone was surprised to see him except for me.

We had just sat down for dinner when he walked in the back door. He stopped and he looked at me. He walked over to me and asked me to come into the other room with him. Jack walked me to the living room and sat me upon the sofa. He kissed me then ran his hand over my belly. He kissed my belly then straightened back up looking me in my eyes. "Ann, I am sorry but …" Jack got out before I placed my fingers to his lips. That will end this chapter.

Please let me know you are enjoying my story with your comments. I have but one picture of Denise which I will share with you from that time in my life if you email me at the address in chapter 1. However I do have the ones of me and Janet which I wrote about in this chapter to share with you. A new chapter will be out soon. Ann