Horny amateur stud sucking on a rock hard cock

Horny amateur stud sucking on a rock hard cock
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He kissed my Pussy &hellip.I loved his eyes…and the feel of his warm body finally on top of me. We were almost naked. I knew it might…finally happen and right now&hellip. ---------- &hellip.I'm Missy. I'm not skinny anymore. I have nice tits now…but it didn't start out that way. &hellip. When Jerry became my step dad, I was already hot for him, even though I was young but of legal age in this state.

&hellip.This state has the lowest legal age of all…and I knew it…and so did he. I wanted to have sex with him right away. How could I do this with my mom married to him. I really didn't care. &hellip.He was all the things my disappearing dad wasn't. I loved to stare at him and feel my pussy get wet. I slowly developed plans to get what I wanted. Was it finally going to happen tonight?&hellip.I was betting it would. I couldn't wait as I had used every woman trick I had ever heard of on him to get him to have sex with me.

I loved the game but now…I'd waited long enough. I wanted him and bad. 'Come on Jerry' I said to myself…take me like I know you want to. Let's start having the sex we both want&hellip. Jerry thought&hellip. &hellip.I thought back about all that had happened to get to this point. It was wonderful, risky, torturous, sexually exciting and I had wanted to fuck Missy for a very long time. &hellip.I married my wife for business reasons. She married me for a 'meal ticket'.

We had a great sex life, until we got married. It went down hill from there.

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I found she was spending more and more time at her male cousin's house. He was 'kind of sick' and she was 'just helping him out'.

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In the mean time her daughter Missy had some sort of big crush on me and was aggressive about it. In the evenings the wife would quickly fall asleep watching TV. and then go to bed. .Missy would then come out in her long yellow night gown with a big blanket and sit by me.

I would be in my robe. She would cover us both up and snuggle up to me close.

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Her hands soon began fondling me under the blanket. Rubbing my legs, chest and stomach. She was a petite girl for her age and had long brown hair, medium small tits, a cute hot figure and great legs. I 'kind of' resisted her feeling me,… but&hellip. I sure didn't mind it. I knew better that to touch her, but her touching me?&hellip.no rules about that. Her next little trick was to sit on my lap while I was in my recliner…but…only when her mom was gone.

&hellip. Always in that long night gown. She didn't wear a bra and only tiny little blue panties. She would fold her legs back along side of mine and sit right on my dick. I wore my robe in the evening and mornings. I could feel her pussy open on top of my dick. She would lean back on me and put my arms around her, making sure one arm was resting touching the bottom of her little tits.

She would sigh real big and then always had an 'itch' between her legs. Up came her night gown a little, and she would reach under it and scratch?

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I couldn't see but I could tell she was rubbing her clit. A slow finger movement that took a long time to 'scratch'? .No way, she obviously was rubbing her pussy. One time she said: "Now don't look." I smiled and closed the one eye she could see. She smiled and raised up to see my other eye open. She raised her night gown up more and put one hand in her panties.

That hand lifted her panties up for the other hand, with he other hand she was scratching 'by' her pussy. She took a long time scratching 'something' and her breathing increased. She checked smiling to see of I was looking. I blinked to take a peek. She grinned and said: "Hey…your peeking Jerry." I chuckled and she smiled big. All this time I was trying .not…to get a hard on, but my dick insisted on getting full and a little stiff.

Oh my she liked that. She adjusted her pussy on top of my dick. Missy&hellip. ……I got this trick from my girlfriend, who was already having sex with her dad. He would say: "Here, let me scratch that for you and he would finger her pussy.

His dick would come up and one time she slipped it in her pussy, when her mom wasn't around. He fucked her right there the first time. After that they fucked all over the house. Jerry wouldn't do that, so on to my next trick.

"Carry me to my bedroom daddy." I would say, and he would. I wouldn't let go of his neck and drug him down on top of me giggling. It felt so good to have him on top of me, even if it was for a few seconds.

I tried to hold him on top of me and feel his big dick on my pussy. It was huge and I think he was afraid what would happen. It took mine and his breath away when his dick pushed against my pussy. This was the best and closest so far and I kept it up each chance I got&hellip. Jerry&hellip. &hellip.Her little 'carry me' trick was torture. My dick felt her warm pussy and went crazy. My one brain cell dick was trying to get out of my shorts and robe.

'It'… wanted to get her pussy bad. Having her breathing in my ear, spreading her legs apart and hold tight to my neck, didn't help. If you add up all her little sexy tricks I was getting weak trying not to fuck her&hellip.I was loosing the resistance battle. Missy&hellip. &hellip.Jerry needed to realize, mom was probably fucking her cousin.

I'd seen them sneaking feels from a long time ago.

Ok, let her fuck him, and let me have Jerry. It seemed to work out good for everyone in my mind. It was time for my next tricks on Jerry. &hellip.I got new skates and skate outfit to wear. Of course I came out and just had to show Jerry when mom was over 'helping' her cousin. I flipped up the little short skirt to show off how &hellip.opps! …Oh my, it seems I forgot the panties.

He sat there delighted.

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I ask him to put my shoe skates on me. I sat on the couch as he got on his knees on the floor in front of me. I put one leg on his shoulder while he messed with the first skate.

His face was now a foot away from my naked slit staring him in the face. I smiled big pulled up the little short skirt and laid my knee over to let him see what he was missing out on. I kept moving my foot as he struggled to get the shoe skate on. I scooted myself closer to him, as if to help. I did all I could to keep him from getting that skate on. Jerry&hellip. &hellip.She was up to her sex tricks again and I couldn't get that skate on this way.

Her pussy was open and I could not only see it, but smell her pussy and her perfume. My dick was bent over hard in my jeans now. &hellip.I could only take so much of this.

&hellip.I grabbed her above her hips and turned her on her back on the couch. I put her one leg up on the back of the couch, and got on my knees on the couch. I moved up with my big boner bulging and held her other beautiful warm leg in tight to my chest.

Her eyes went wide like I was going to fuck her right now. I held the one leg and crammed the skate on her foot and laced it up. Her tits were rising up and down with her excited breathing. I held that leg up and bent down and…… kissed her pussy, with a quick firm lick on her clit.

&hellip.She let out a moan of delight. I said: "There…there's one skate." I put that leg down. I did the other one. I kissed her pussy again with another quick firm lick on her clit, and said: "There&hellip.all finished!" &hellip.She tried to talk but just panted for air&hellip. Missy… &hellip.When Jerry kissed my pussy, I got chills all over my body like I had never felt before.

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I wasn't expecting that. It took my breath away and my pussy felt heavenly tingles. I wanted more of them and I was determined to get them. Jerry&hellip. &hellip. I picked her up by her little waist and sat her up.

She started to put her arms around my neck to pull me down on top of her. I stopped her and held hands with her. She, with all the drama she could muster started in thanking me and "Oh Jerry, thank you, I couldn't have done it without you".and on and on. I interrupted and said: "You can thank me later when moms gone." Her face lit up as she quick held my face and kissed me with a quick dart from her tongue.

&hellip.I decided to have a little fun with her.


Now It was me teasing, taunting and bumping feels on her! I started giving her looks like 'I would love to fuck you girl'. I would rub against her when no one was looking. I let my hand brush against her sweet little ass. I let my arm or elbow rub against her tits.

She was loving this and returned the sneaking of feels. Her hand brushed against my cock, she backed up her little ass against me every chance she got. Missy&hellip. ……Finally I felt I was getting close to having sex with Jerry.

Now after those two pussy kisses he gave me, he was responding to me. I was so happy and horny now. I thought about those two pussy kisses as I masturbated about him that night. &hellip. I can still feel those kisses on my pussy&hellip.

if I close my eyes&hellip., but now to take it further and further. &hellip.Mom started staying away more and more now and claimed to helping her poor cousin. She now stayed overnight for days. She forgot one thing when she made a quick stop by…she smelled like aftershave and same smell I noticed when I gave my boyfriend a hand job…cum. .Jerry didn't seem to care as he and I did the house work and grocery shopping. It was time to advance my desire to have sex with him.

&hellip.I would wait until he was asleep and the sneak in his bedroom and slowly crawl in bed with him. I would slowly scoot close to him and snuggle up. Now I slept with him every night.

Each night I snuggled closer to him. Sometimes he would get a big erection as I watched him tent his pajama bottoms. One night I got brave and as I saw his erection come up, I carefully rested my hand on it. It was warm and big. I started slowly stroking it. Jerry&hellip.

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&hellip.I slowly started waking up to a nice stroking on my cock. I soon realized who it was. I let her have her fun. Soon she reached inside my pajamas and took out my hard cock. No wife to speak of now, and her beautiful sexy daughter giving me a hand job. That was the tipping point. &hellip.I rolled towards her and slowly reached up her night gown. I felt her warm pussy. She gasp as I ran my finger up and down her slit. Now her hand trembled as she kept stroking me. I could tell her anticipation was at it's peak.

Are we going to have sex…or not? &hellip. I pulled her towards me and my cock went between her legs. She held onto my cock, pressing it against her pussy and was still able to stroke it some. Her eyes were closed as our lips met. She began quietly moaning as our tongues played.

Up went her leg and she began to rub the head of my cock on her wet slit. I massaged her tits and squeezed them gently. I got on top of her while she held my cock, ready to guide it in. Her knees came up and out to her wide open pussy. &hellip.I let it happen… &hellip.Up and down she guided the head of my cock across her wet pussy lips. She found the spot she wanted and I inched it back and forth slowly in.

Her arms went around my neck as her hips responded to my strokes. She moaned in my ear steady. Her legs wrapped around mine and we reach our rocking together motion. She was tight, but soon all smoothed up and our motion speeded up.

Her pussy kept contracting around my cock, pulling it in a little deeper each stroke. She started to shake and moan louder…then so loud my ear began to ring. She suddenly started fucking faster and stopped with a long moan as she pulled me deep in her pussy. &hellip.

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I shot like a cannon in her. Shot after shot as she moaned loud and her pussy squeezed my cock. She just kept fucking me deep as I shot more. We both tried to breathe deeply to get some air.

I got dizzy and wrapped myself around her. &hellip.I don't remember much after that point. I kind of woke up with my cock still in her and it felt like she had a death grip on me. Her pussy was twitching on my still hard cock.


I rolled us off on our sides. I held her sweet ass as we started part two&hellip. --------- Missy&hellip. ……"Hi, is my mom there?…Hi Mom, would you please call before you come by from now on&hellip.