Les gets enema and fucked

Les gets enema and fucked
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[]/////////////////////////////////[]|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||/ []////////////////////////////////[]||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||/ []///////////////////////////////[]|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||/ []//////////////////////////////[]||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||/ Prelude When we fall asleep, we usually like to have dreams that help us ensure that, especially ones that are pleasant.

However, there are dreams that are so scary that we wish we never had them, and it ruins the mood in the morning. The type of dreams I usually dislike are the ones that are realistic and crystal clear. Because of this, your mind gets tricked into thinking its really happening, and that's why its scary. I've had dreams where I've been locked into dark dungeons, hearing people yell in the shadows; and dreams where I've been shot at, spewing out blood from my mouth on the ground.

I used to play a lot of horror video games, and I ended up stopping for this reason. One night, I ended up having another bad dream; and thus, the terror began once again. JoshCube's Dream: Crazy woman with a knife I found myself driving down a dirt road in a Ford looking car. It was day time, but that didn't mean something bad could still happen.

I was lost in the middle of nowhere running low on gas, I didn't want to risk going further and completely running out, so I decided to find the nearest help I could. To my right, I saw a big mansion that was resting on the grassy plain.

It was old looking and gave me an eerie feeling, not something I'd likely want to mess with. Since I did however need help, I decided to take my chances and pulled over to the side.


I got up out of the car, pocketed my keys, and shut the door behind me. My shoes walked on the dirt road until I came upon the soft grass, and continued walking towards the mansion.

It was at a far distance which made me walk longer than I expected, but I finally reached the door. I walked up the steps towards the door, and I turned the knob slowly. I pushed it open, and it made creaking sounds. I took a look inside and saw a staircase with a room, and several other rooms that were on the bottom floor. It was dusty inside with cobwebs, old looking mirrors, old looking furniture, and antiques on walls and shelves.

I stepped inside and headed upstairs, going towards the room and saw a closet; a window; a dresser; and table. The wind blew through the window and the window's sheets blew back.

Remember, this dream was crystal clear and I really thought this was happening in real life; so yeah, I was pretty scared while I experienced this. I slowly walked towards the window and leaned on it, looking outside. It was beautiful, sun shining, bright green grass, nice blue sky, and soft clouds. When I saw this, it made me feel more at ease, and not feeling spooked about the house. Moments later.I saw her.

Continuing to look out the window, this woman appeared in front of the door step. She was tall; about 5ft.9; medium length brown hair; green eyes; B-Cup breasts; Caucasian; red nail polish; barefoot; and had a long green dress on. In her right hand, she was carrying a big sharp knife.

She opened the door, and walked in very slowly. This horrified me because I knew this was a bad sign. It didn't matter if she was the opposite sex because she was armed with a deadly weapon.

I did not know how to disarm someone, so I thought the best idea was to hide. Quickly with my heart racing, I ran towards the door and locked it. I looked behind me and noticed the back door in this room, so I ran and locked that one as well.

Even though the doors were both locked, this didn't mean she couldn't unlock them, so I had to come up with another plan.

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I looked towards the window and thought of jumping out, but then I would injure myself, and possibly end up with a broken leg because the ground was far down. I hurried towards the closet and slid the right panel open. I saw a bunch of hangers with clothes on them, and other items laying about on the ground such as shoes and bags.

I found some bags that were big enough for me to hide in, and I thought to myself that this was my only chance of survival. I gathered a bunch of the clothes in the closet, and placed them next to the bag so I could hide myself better. I shut the closet door, and it became pitch black inside, but I could still feel around. I placed the bag under the big pile of clothes, then crawled into the bag, zipping it behind me. I felt a sense of relief that I knew I had a pretty good hiding spot, and if she ever did check the closet, she probably wouldn't dig under some clothes.

Minutes later, I heard the door unlock. My heart started to race, and thoughts raced through my head. I pictured myself being stabbed to death and dying on the floor in front of her feet, but I kept trying to think positive. It was merely a dice toss if she decided to check under the clothes or not, and I felt it was out of my control for now. I heard footsteps walk at a distance away from the closet, and then the dresser drawers were opening and closing. Did she even know someone was in the house, or was she just undressing?

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I kept as quiet as a mouse, not making the slightest sound possible. One cough, sneeze, or slight sound would blow my cover. The footsteps stopped for some moment, and then started coming towards the closet. The closet door opened, and I became more scared, but then I subsided when I suddenly heard her messing with the clothes racks.

When the closet door closed, I returned back to my moment of relief. Footsteps walked towards the door, I heard it open, and she walked out. Well, this was all fine and dandy, but I couldn't just sit here in this bag forever. I had to find a way to get the hell out of this place. Taking a big risk, I unzipped the bag, pushed the clothes off, and slowly opened the closet door. I was trying to be careful not to make any noise because I knew she would probably be in a room near by. I stepped out of the bag and out of the closet, back into the clear again.

It was time for me to make my escape, but what to do? Should I go through the back door, or the front door of this room? Suddenly, the front door of the room swung open, and there she was. Brown hair, green dress, green eyes, and knife in hand. I froze with terror, knowing that my life was now at critical state.

Her plain looking face slowly turned into an evil smile, standing there looking at me. She came running towards me screaming with the knife in the air, and I was waiting to make a move.

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The expression on her face seemed like she was mentally insane, like as if she was some sort of crazy woman. She made a vertical swing, and I successfully dodged it by jumping to the side.

Then she made a horizontal swing, and I dodged it by ducking under her and running towards the front door. The way she used her knife was by hunching her body over, and making full swings. This was not a professional way to use a knife, and caused her much delay. Though this was a good thing for me, I could use this to my advantage. I was standing at the door, and she turned around to face me. She ran towards me again, so I grabbed the handle and shut the door. The knife plunged through the door to my surprise, sticking out through the wood.

Where did she get the strength to do that? I turned around and saw the big staircase in front of me, so I jumped all the way from the top to the bottom, causing myself to roll in order to break my fall.

The knife at the door was wiggling to come out, so I knew I was getting ahead of her. I ran outside onto the green grass and sunshine, running for my life. I looked behind me, and she was at a distance behind, screaming and wailing her arms. Her bare feet ran across the soft grass with her dress and brown hair blowing behind her.

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I was wondering how she was able to run like this with a long dress. My car was at a distance in front of me, sitting at the dirt road. At last, I saw sanctuary! If I could just get inside quickly and drive off, I would be safe and sound. I ran and ran as the car came closer, still hearing her screams in the distance behind me. I finally got to the car, opened the door, and jumped inside. I locked all the doors and stuck my keys into the ignition, and the car wasn't starting up for some reason.

She ran up to the car and around to the driver's side, stabbing the paint job in the process. With each stab, a clunking noise was made on the metal of the car. The stabbing subsided, and she walked over to the window, so I sat and watched while I kept turning the ignition. She stood there looking at me with a plain face, and then pressed her hands on the glass. I saw beauty in her when I glanced at her face, and thought to myself what caused her to be like this.

Was she one of the residents at this mansion, perhaps mistreated and neglected? It was such a shame to see such beauty be destroyed by her madness. I however, couldn't let my emotions give in because she was trying to murder me.

Finally, the car started and I pushed the gas peddle driving off. She stood there, watching me from the dirt road, still holding the knife in her hand. I awoke the following morning and was glad that the dream was finally over. I think I know what caused me to have a dream this violent, and it was because I was playing too much horror video games.

I was very heavily into these type of games at this time, and this dream I was having was based off a point and click PC game I had. The game was one of the scariest games I've ever played in my life, and it was no wonder the dream was this bad. Within the week, I was watching brunette porn on my computer; and I was thinking about her and the dream I had again.

Psychologically, I wanted to go back and get my revenge to show that this spirit couldn't get the best of me.

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I didn't want revenge through violent means, but through another way. I noticed that when the car was refusing to start and her knife was plunging through the door, my mind was controlling all this to create suspense. This meant that I could control what I wanted in the dream if I knew how to do it. I laid in bed one night, figuring out how to return to that exact dream I had. I figured that if I kept thinking about that dream for the past hour before falling asleep, I would most likely return to it.

I did this, and then knew that there was no turning back once I entered. I returned to the same dream, but ended up appearing in the same room where she first caught me for some reason. The room's layout was still the same with the window, two doors, closet, and so forth. The door then swung open, and she stood there looking at me with her evil smile again. It looked as if this scene was attempting to repeat itself, so I knew I could best her now.

I stepped backwards at the tall dresser, waiting for her to make her move. She ran towards me with the knife, holding it in the air, and took a vertical swing. I jumped out of the way, and her knife stabbed into the dresser, lodging it. I ran towards the back door and opened it, finding a bathroom inside.

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She was huffing to get the knife out, and then pressed her foot on the dresser to bring more weight towards her. While she was doing this, I shut the door and locked it.

Inside the bathroom was a toilet, sink, mirror, cosmetic section, shower, and everything else you'd expect in a normal bathroom. It didn't look as bad as the rest of the house for some reason, but this was the least of my worries for now. The bathroom door was busting forward again and again, so I had to make my move quickly when she entered. I stood to the side of the door, awaiting to make my move on her.

The knife was stabbing were the doorknob was, and I could tell she was aiming for this area to get the door opened easier. With many banging noises near the doorknob, pieces near it started coming off. The knife plunged through the wood, and she would twist it to get the pieces off. The last one fell off, she finally made a hole and stuck her hand inside, turning the doorknob. When she opened the door and stepped inside, I quickly grabbed her wrist of the hand she had the knife in, trying to get her to drop it.

She shrieked and groaned loud; and we flew towards the left with our bodies hitting the shower door. I saw ourselves fighting in the mirror in process while I was trying to get the knife from her.

With her other hand, she tried to grab my hand off her wrist as we pushed and pushed against the shower door. I grabbed her other hand and held it down to prevent her from doing this.


She kept violently pushing against me getting frustrated, so I had to make sure I got the knife from her. I banged her wrist against the wall, trying to get her to drop it. With enough hard bangs, I was successful and it dropped to the floor. Without her knife, I knew she was now more vulnerable, and I was able to now get my revenge. She then continued screaming, clawing at my back and growling. Hold still you bitch. I said, as I grabbed her green dress and started to rip it apart.

I pressed her against the wall again, tear after tear, piece by piece, shreds of it came off. I started ripping her top off, pulling with all my might.

As I did this, her Caucasian skin was now revealed along with a white bra she was wearing, showing her B-cup breasts. I then began tearing the bottom of her dress, and after the last shreds came off, her long Caucasian legs and white panties were now visible. The green dress sat below her feet all torn up while the commotion continued. Seeing her now with her bra and panties on, started to give me an erection. After she clawed at me for a while, she started to bite me.

She bit me hard on my shoulder, and it hurt, but I still continued to proceed. I reached behind her, grabbed her bra strap and pulled it apart hard. It snapped off and fell towards the ground. I now saw her B-cup breasts that were small and pointed, along with having tiny pink nipples.

While our commotion continued, her breasts would ripple while she was being banged against the wall. I then grabbed her panties and tore them off, revealing her brown hairy jungle-like cunt.

She was now completely nude, which gave me an even bigger erection. I flipped her around to where I was behind her, and we now both were facing the mirror.

She stopped biting, but was still moving rapidly while I held her down, swinging her arms about and growling.


I unzipped my zipper, pulled my underwear aside, and my cock flew out; then I reached down and grabbed her leg, trying to push it upwards. She fought it of course, pushing her leg downwards making it harder. With enough strength, I heaved her leg upwards and pushed her foot on the sink shelf.

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My dick was getting hard and turning red with semen leaking from it. She caused me much horror in the previous dream, so it was time for her to return my favor. I slowly bent down and grabbed my dick, trying to position it at her vagina entrance. This was a little tricky with all the rapid moving and fighting, and her vagina kept jerking away from it.

Finally with my hand gripping my dick, I aimed it right below her vagina and then rose up, successfully pushing it inside. Bull's eye!! My dick slid right into her pussy, and then I proceeded to grab her breasts. The predator now became the prey.

I moaned when I entered her, and she still continued to growl. The feeling inside her didn't feel any different to any other woman's except that it was tight, but I still got stimulated because I was beginning to fuck some psycho bitch in my dream.

I bounced her up and down on my cock, watching it penetrate her in the mirror. My dick became really wet, sliding inside her brown hairy cunt. My dick would often push and pull inside her, but I would briefly push all the way and return back to the bouncing. In the mirror, I saw myself penetrating her with her right foot on the sink while I rotated her small breasts. Her toenails also had red polish which matched her red nail polish.

While I pounded her, she continued to shriek and growl, clawing the air. I wanted to fuck her, and she wanted to kill. It was simple as that. I felt an orgasm coming on, and thought it probably wouldn't be a good idea to cum inside her. If I did, she would most likely give birth to a child with her psychotic attributes. I don't think that was enough for me to pull, because I never fucked a woman that was mentally insane. I decided to stay in, and kept pounding her pussy.

You fucking bitch, you're gonna pay. I said. My orgasm began flaring up, and then I heaved my body all the way upwards, pushing my dick all the way inside her. I let out a long moan, and then shot wads of cum inside her pussy. I gripped her tiny breasts very tight as I pulled my dick back a little and shoved it in, making sure that every last drop got inside. When my orgasm subsided, my dick started shrinking, and it limped out of her. Her vagina stopped hugging my dick, and it went back to the normal position.

Cum dripped from my dick while it also dripped from the entrance of her pussy. I quickly then grabbed the knife from the floor, and ran out the bathroom. She almost tripped after taking her leg off the sink counter, and she followed me into the room.

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I stood there awaiting her next move, silently. She ran towards me and when she got close enough, I bent downwards and flipped her out the window. The glass shattered as she went through, and she screamed all the way to the bottom. I watched her fall downwards to the ground with her arm reaching out, and she fell to her death. I ran outside and around the mansion towards her body, then I knelt next to her. She laid there peacefully, with her head turned to the side, and her eyes shut.

The sun was still shining, and the sky was still blue with some clouds. Her face no longer had the insane look, and it almost was as if she had a very tiny smile. I got closer to her and put my hand on her forehead, then rubbed my hand through her hair. I slowly kissed her lips for a moment, and they felt sweet like rose petals. For some reason, I felt an odd connection towards her, and wished things didn't have to end like this.

I walked down the field as her body became a distance from me, and I looked behind. I was not able to see her body anymore because it was not visible within the grass, but the mansion still sat there on the horizon with crows flying in the sky.

There was no more violence and love filled the battlefield, thus the dream was finally over. There is a fine line between love and hate. We may dislike someone so much that we want them, and we may want someone so much that we dislike them.

Nevertheless, she was only a figment of my imagination. I decided to keep it that way, and laid there on my bed, watching the sun shine through my bedroom window. Home sweet home. ^_^ END.