A little bit of rubbing

A little bit of rubbing
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Caught by mom. This is a true story about when mom caught me masturbating, the first time, and two other stories about how things have been after that. Only thing that is not real is the names.

Im going to focus on the times mom has caught me in this story, but I have been caught by sis altso a few times, and I have more stories about mom altso, so if someone want me to write about that too, just let me know=) I remember the first time i got caught masturbating, by mom, about 6 months ago.

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After that I have been hooked, and I love being caught, and have people watching me jerk off. I live with my mom and sister, in a apartment in Europe. So, the day it happened, was a Friday afternoon, and I was pretty tired after a week at school, so I go to my room, to watch some porn, and jack off, as I do almost every day.

I sit down in front of my computer, find some porn online, and take my clothes off. It don't take long before I'm hard, and I start jerking off. I had been jerking for maybe two minutes, when the door opens, and I quickly minimize the porn vindow. Mom comes in my room, she stops, and watch me for a second. I was sitting naked, with my hard dick in my hand, in front of mom, I felt like dying.

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"oh" mom said. "Im sorry, I dident know you was masturbating" I tried to say something, but I couldent.

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"You don't need to be embarrassed, it's completely normal" Mom walked in, and sat down on the bed. "Oh my god" I thinked "This is the worst thing ever" "Everybody masturbates, Tommy, I do it, your sister do it, and all your friends do it too, and it's a good and healthy thing" Mom is a nurse, so she talked about how healthy it is, that it prevents some illness and stuff, and that I can ask her about anything, even about masturbation and sex.

She was in my room for about 5 minutes; I was naked the whole time. At first I thought it was terrible, but after a minute or two, I got more comfortable, and actually started to enjoy it. I didn't know exactly what I was liking about the situation, but I did, so much that my dick was hard the whole time. I noticed my mom looked at it a few times, and that just got me even more horny.

"Well, im gonna let you finish" She said "Looks like you need it" she looked at my dick and smiled.

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Then she left the room. She hade`t even closed the door before I started jacking again, and it dident took long time before I had one of the best orgasms I have ever had. I took a shower, and a little later mom yelled that dinner was ready.


"Did you finish?" She asked "yes" I answered "Good" This was the first time mom caught me, but absolutely not the last. I want to tell about two other times she caught me altso. The next was about a month after the first time, she altso saw me a few times in between, but nothing special happened then.

This time it was a normal Sunday evening, I was in my room masturbating, and mom walked in.

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"Oh, sorry, I need to start knocking on the door" she said. "No problem" I said, waiting for her to leave, so I could continue, but she dident, she sat down at the bed.

She started to talk about that masturbation is healthy again. "Yes, mom, I know, you have already told me" I said "Oh, yes, that's true" It was quiet for a little while "Ehm, can I continue?" I said to her, she looked at me. "Yes, sure, go ahead" She said, but she dident move, she just sat at the bed, looking at me.

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"Ehm, ok." I said, and slowly grabbed my dick, and started jacking. Mom dident say anything, she just stared at my cock. I started jacking faster and faster, about two minutes later, my cum started shooting in front of mom. I couldn't believe what was going on.

I looked at mom, she smiled a little, and said. "Ok, so, I need to go now" Then she left the room, and I sat there left. At breakfast the next day, she said "Hi, about last night, I'm sorry about that, I had had a little wine" "Don't worry, I didn't mind at all" I said witch I really didn't, in fact, if she asked me to do if again, I would stripped naked in the kitchen and jacked off there.

"Thanks," she said "I would really appreciate if you don't tell anyone, ok?" "Sure, mom" I said.

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I was thinking about ask mom, if we could to do it again, but my sister came in, so I didn't. The last story for now. This time was a little after the time she watch me cum, and this time I was sure she was going to be mad.

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The last weeks I had jerking off in moms panties, I know it was sick, but whatever. One day I was in the bathroom, I noticed one of her hot thongs, lying on the floor, I picked it up, and started jerk in it.


Then I hear the door to open behind me. I turn around slowly. It was mom. "Ehm, what are you doing? Is that mine?" She pointed at her panties. "Yes, im sorry, I know I shouldn't have done it, but they were so nice, and they were just lying here." I said "Hm, ok, then" Mom said, looking at her panties, wrapped around my dick. "Well, I guess its ok, but put them to wash when your finish, and don't use my clean ones, ok?" "Really, you let me use them, mom?" "Yes, but don't tell anyone, ok?" "Sure!" "And do it in your room, your sister can find you here" Mom said.

So, that was three stories of my last monthes, I will write more, if anyone are interested, just send me a message=)