Boys and men pissing in woods gay porn videos first time Aron met

Boys and men pissing in woods gay porn videos first time Aron met
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Paige plumped down on the bench in the garden. The last guests had just left, except of course the girls who were gonna stay over for the night. She looked at her phone: 4.32 am. It had been the best birthday party ever.

Finally, she had turned 18.

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She waited for this moment for ages, and now it was there. Paige threw her long, dark blonde hair back, grabbed a cigarette out of the pack that was lying next to her and lit it up. For the first time this night she could relax a bit. She immediately felt the wine taking control of her body; during the party, she had drunk a lot of it without noticing, but now she felt the alcohol floating through her vains, making her body weak as a pudding.

A few minutes later, Paige threw down the smoked cigarette on the floor, between all the others.


She'd clean that up tomorrow, after some well-deserved hours of sleep. She stood up, swayed through the back door and closed it behind her. She walked into the living room, where the three girls who were gonna spend the night at her place were lying against each other on the huge sofa. Everything in the house was huge, because Paige's dad had a really good job at the local bank office.

That was the reason he and his wife went on a two week vacation yesterday, letting Paige in charge of the house. She'd done that in the past, she grew up pretty fast and already was a real adult, so her parents believed she could easily be alone for two weeks. Paige stepped over to the sleeping girls, lying there, all in their panties and shirts, as if they were twin sisters.

She grabbed a large blanket from the floor and threw it over the girls to cover their half-naked bodies. She walked to the kitchen to drink some water, in the hope her hangover in the morning would be a little less bad, and she walked up the stairs to her bedroom.

Without even turning the light on, Paige walked towards her double bed, taking her bra and pants off on the way there. Wearing just a thong and a shirt, she felt down in her bed.

It felt like the room she was in was spinning around her head, something she always had when she drank too much, but she liked it. She closed her eyes and tried to fall asleep as soon as possible. "Tired?", a voice said. Paige was scared to death. What on Earth was that? There was someone in her room! Suddenly, the light was switched on. Paige's eyes had to get used to the light a little, everything she saw was the shape of a tall, muscled person, probably a guy. She crawled against the wall, looking the person in her room straight in the eyes.

"I'm sorry, sweetheart, did I scare you?" Paige wanted to scream, but there was no sound coming out of her mouth.

"Don't be afraid, Paige", the man said. "I won't hurt you… Yet." Finally, Paige was able to talk. "W-w-who are you?" she asked. "I better not tell you yet", the man answered. "But don't worry, you'll get to know it later." "Later?", Paige replied. Why didn't he just do or take what he wanted? Maybe because… He didn't want anything, except her.

"A-are you gonna rape me?" she stuttered. The man smiled. "Again, not yet", he said. "Listen, we've wasted too much time already. Is 4.30 not a bit too late for a young girl like you?" Paige said nothing. The man went on, but this time he held a gun straight into Paige's face.

"So, here's what we do", and started explaining his plan. She walked down the stairs, not being given any time to dress up. Still in her panties and shirt, she opened the door to the living room, feeling the gun pressed softly at her left shoulder.

She stepped into the room and checked out if the girls were still asleep, and when she saw they were, she nodded to the guy. He walked straight through the living room, into the kitchen and through the back door. Paige walked up to the girls, just as he had told her to do. "Zoe?", she whispered, softly trying to shake her awake. "Zoe!", she said a little louder. Zoe woke up, but was still very sleepy.

"What?", she moaned. "Zoe, listen very carefully", Paige said. "I have to go away for a while.


I might not be back when you get up in the morning, would you please lock the door with this key?" Paige gave her spare key to Zoe. Zoe, still half asleep, whispered "Paige, what's going on?" "Nothing, Paige replied.

"Just do as I tell you, I call you tomorrow." She left the key in Zoe's hands and walked trough the kitchen to the back yard. The stranger was waiting for her. "All fixed?" he asked. Paige nodded. She had wanted to tell Zoe the truth about the man in the backyard, but she was way to scared for him and his gun.

"Good", the man said. "Come with me, no sounds." Because she was tired, drunk and incredibly scared, Paige didn't get a good look at the car she had just been dragged in by the guy. It was black, she knew that, and large, but that was all she noticed. Maybe that was also due to the lamposts in her street, they had been broken for weeks now and no one had even tried to fix them.

The man who just took her out of her own house had now stepped into the car and started driving. Paige now felt how cold it was on this late November night.

After all, she was still just wearing her tiny black thong and her thin white shirt. She didn't feel her feet any more, but she wasn't sure whether that was because of the cold or the pointy stones on the garden path. Paige looked at the guy next to her, as he drove off in the night. He didn't look her in the eyes, whenever he looked at her, he looked straight at her bare legs. It made Paige feel even more uncomfortable, she was now quite sure that this man was going to rape her.

Hours went by, and Paige had fallen asleep and woken up at least 20 times. Finally, as the sun peeked over the horizon, the man turned the car up a drive and parked it in front of a huge house, the only house Paige could see from where she was. When she stepped out of the vehicle, she was sure that this was the only house in the neighbourhood. Suddenly, the guy grabbed her by her arm and forcefully dragged her towards the huge door. He knocked twice, and a few seconds later, someone who looked like a butler opened the door.

"Thank you, P", the kidnapper said. The man called 'P' said nothing, but waited for his boss and Paige to get in and closed the door behind them. When Paige was dragged towards something that looked like a waiting room, she took a look at the huge hallway. It was just as in the movies, something that didn't make her feel any better at all.

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She and the man walked into the waiting room, and he made her sit down on a soft, warm couch. "Wait here", he said, and left the room, leaving Paige alone. Just a few minutes she sat there, but the minutes seemed to be hours.

Suddenly, she heard two people coming her way. She recognized her kidnapper's voice, but she couldn't place the other sound. Seconds later, the door opened. It was indeed the man she had already met stepping into the room, but behind him there was someone new. A young woman, not older than 32, stepped towards the couch.

Paige tried to get a good look at the woman, and the first thing she saw was a ring, the same ring that was around the finger of the man. A married couple, she thought.

She kept looking at the woman, and noticed the clothes she was wearing. It seemed like she was dressed up as a burlesque dancer, wearing a tight corset, a short, fluffy skirt, long stockings, high heels and a boater hat, everything in black and red.

The woman noticed Paige looking at her clothings, and said "Oh, don't mind my outfit, I was just recording a video for my husband." She went on: "So, Miss Turner, welcome to our own precious little home!" Paige didn't move a muscle. "Sweety, don't be scared, we won't hurt you!" "That's what he said too", Paige replied, looking at the man. "Oh, I see you two had a nice talk?", the woman said, and turned to the man. "Have you had a chance to introduce yourself?" He shook his head.

"Such a pity. Paige, this is Tyler, and I'm Ava." Paige said nothing. "Luckily we already know your name is Paige, because you don't say much, do you?" Ava joked. "So", Ava said, "I'm quite sure you're dying to know what's going on here, am I right?" Paige nodded slightly. "Very well then", Ava continued. You might find it a rather odd story, we even do think it's a little odd.

See, we've been following you for quite some time.

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Months, as a matter of fact. We know everything about you, Paige.

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Every little detail. By the way, happy 18th birthday!" Paige didn't say a thing, so Ava went on: "Let's just face it, Paige. We did kidnap you. But it's not… A regular kidnap, we're not bad people.

At least not that bad. Look, we want something from you, but unlike normal kidnappings, it's not money. Look around you, we've got plenty of that. No, we want something else. We want… Are you cold?" Paige forgot about her idea to ignore every question, and immediately answered positive. "I like her being cold. Makes her shiver", Tyler said. Ava replied: "Oh, in that case, sorry Paige, you're gonna stay cold for a while longer." Paiges anger was now trying to find a way out, and she asked: "Damn it, would you please tell me what is going on here?

What do you guys want from me!" Ava plumped down on the couch, next to Paige, threw her arm around the girl's neck and whispered in her ear: "We want you, Paige. Your body, every part of it.

We want to see it and keep seeing it all the time. Your body is so perfect, sweety, you're gonna make us enjoy it so much!" Ava's free arm now caressed Paige's upper leg, from her knee to her inner thigh.

Paige wanted to stop it, but she knew she was weak because of the wine and the lack of sleep. "So you are gonna rape me", she whispered, partly to herself. Ava laughed. "Are you silly? We're not gonna rape you!" "But you said you wanted my body", Paige replied.

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Ava stood up again and stepped over to Tyler. "I did!", she said. "But there are other ways to enjoy your body besides raping you. Like I said, we're not that bad…" To be continued…