Who wanna suck my dick

Who wanna suck my dick
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"Justin, wake up!" He could feel his body being rocked as the excited girl shouted out to him. "It's my birthday!" A groggy Justin opened his eyes, if only barely, looking at the clock. "And it's only 8 o'clock." he murmured as he shut his eyes once more.

Brittany, not deterred, hopped on top of the boy, bouncing her body like an 8 year old. "Come on, Justin. You promised we would do a bunch of stuff a 17 year-old can't!" "Yeah, well sleeping in is first on the list," Justin laughed. He reluctantly opened his eyes more, rolling onto his back as he looked up at the girl. "Damn, never mind.

One look at you and I'm awake," he smiled, taking in the sight before him. Brittany had on the tightest little pajama tank top you could imagine, paired with baby blue boy shorts that exposed her gorgeous legs. Justin was instantly up and aroused, reaching for Brittany to pull her closer. "17 year-olds can have sex, so i guess we have to skip that today!" Brittany teased, leaning down to Justin's lips, toying with him as she stayed just out of reach.

"In fact, I think we proved that last night! Now hurry up and get dressed! If you're good, I'll have a surprise for you later tonight!" Brittany exclaimed as she bounced out of the room. Justin arched an eyebrow, his interest peaked. With a little more enthusiasm, he got up, quickly showering and getting dressed. Climbing down the stairs slowly, Justin noticed that Brittany was already by the front door, shoes and coat on.

"You're like a dog that's ready for her walk," Justin laughed at her eagerness, loving how her birthday seemed to bring out the inner child in her. "Yeah, well I'm going to pee myself if you don't hurry and take me out!" Brittany laughed, ready to get going. "Now I have a list of things to do! First thing we need to do is. buy a lotto ticket!" Brittany read her scavenger-list-like paper. "Alright, we can do that down at the Shell station," Justin suggested, as there was one right down the hill from his house.

"Perfect! You want to drive? or me?" "I got it," Justin grabbed his keys from the coffee table before following the girl out the door.

A short drive later and the couple arrived at their destination. Brittany excitedly ran inside, Justin chasing in after her to find that she was already at the counter, picking out a scratch it.

"I'll take a bingo card please! Oh and a pull tab!" the Latina girl pointed at a few colorful lottery games. "You're like a kid in a candy store," Justin laughed. "Got smokes on your list?" Brittany pulled the piece of paper out of her pocket.

"Oh, yeah it is. But I hate the smell of cigarettes." she frowned. "Would a swisher count?" Justin suggested. Brittany's face lit up at the idea. "Oh, yeah! Those CAN have tobacco in them, can't they? A blueberry Swisher Sweet too, please!" she cried out to the cashier, who was snickering at her tobacco line. "Can I see your ID?" the cashier asked as he rang up the order. Justin had never seen anyone as happy to hear that question as the girl before him.

Smiling ear to ear, she flashed her driver's license. The cashier thanked her without looking at it too much, which seemed to disappoint Brittany if only slightly. She paid for the items and grabbed the bag, skipping happily back to the car. Turning the ignition, Justin asked the excited girl what was next on her list.

"Well one of John's friends was going to help me get a tattoo, but I doubt he would be willing to now. So I'll have to find another artist to draw what I want. In the meantime, we can go and get me a piercing instead!" "Sure, want to go to the tattoo shop in the mall? And what are you wanting to get pierced?" Justin questioned. "Yeah, that's where you got your tat, isn't it?" To which Justin nodded his affirmation. "I'm thinking of just getting a little nose stud. What do you think?" "Sounds cute and tasteful.

Let's do it," he concluded as they sped off towards the mall. As they made their way, Brittany lit up the swisher and took a few hits off the mini cigar. She exhaled, with significantly less smoke than she was expecting. She handed it to Justin, mentioning "It's a bit different when it's just tobacco, isn't it? It's tasty, but it's just not the same." After Justin took a few quick hits, he passed it back, and Brittany continued smoking it almost subconsciously.

"Yeah, they're a bit different. If you want, I can get you a real cigar later. A big fat stogie." Justin added. Brittany smiled. "Yeah, that would be fun too!" She then turned her attention to her lottery tickets.


"How do I see if I won these pull tabs?" "You didn't," Justin laughed. "The cashier would have told you." "Well I don't understand them at all. I mean I know I probably want three in a row, but other than that, how do they work?" "Don't worry about it," Justin briefly explained how they were played before suggesting she just check her bingo card.

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Scratching the first few numbers, Brittany started to get more and more excited. "I already have three corners filled in one! If I get the fourth, I win $25,000!" "Don't get too hopeful. It always seems to give you an ALMOST win. Every time," he unassured her, hoping he was wrong. Sure enough, the fourth corner was never filled in.

She did, however, win two dollars, which Justin informed her was a pretty good day, since that was how much she had spent in the first place. They soon pulled into the mall parking lot and ventured in, quickly finding the tattoo parlor, which was also commonly known to do piercings. A petite, dark haired girl sat behind a desk, both of her arms boasting full sleeve tattoos.

Her face had more make up than Brittany had ever dreamed of applying and she had at least 10 piercings that were observable to the two teens. But she offered a friendly smile and welcomed them to the shop. "If you're looking for a tattoo, the wait will be a while.

Rick is in the back with a customer that will take several hours, and Michael is out of the office today. Or I can make a later appointment for you, if you'd like as well." "Oh, sure I guess a later time would be okay," Brittany replied rather disappointed.


"As long as it's some time today, that is." The receptionist assured the girl that they could squeeze her in later in the day. "Okay, can you schedule Brittany for a nose piercing some time later this evening?" "Oh, you're wanting just a piercing done? I can do that for you, no problem," the receptionist smiled. "I just can't do commercial tattoos yet. Still need to perfect my skills in that department but I've been doing piercings for years.

I can totally hook you up." Brittany looked at Justin, as if checking with him to see if the girl had the qualifications needed to preform such a minor body altercation. He nodded his approval, and Brittany accepted. "Alright, it's going to be 40 bucks, and do you mind if I see your ID really quick?" Brittany dug out her ID with a smile, showing the card again with pride.

"And today is your birthday too? Well happy birthday Brittany! You're wasting no time, getting your first legal piercing, huh?" Brittany laughed her response while Justin quickly slid $40 cash onto the counter.

"This one is from Alison. She knew she couldn't be here this early in the day, but she said she wanted to pay for it as part of your present," he explained, which made Brittany coo at the sweetness of her friend. The receptionist accepted the cash and the two of them followed the girl into the back, where there were multiple rooms available.

She sat them down, introducing herself as Clair. "That's funny, I got my first piercing from the store Clair's!" Brittany giggled. "Oh yeah, a lot of people tell me that," Clair responded, slightly less amused than Brittany. "Now are we doing a typical outer nose piercing? or septum piercing?" "Oh please, just an outer nose one. I only want a little stud in my nose, nothing major," Brittany responded, noticing just how many piercings the girl had. She had smaller gauges, as well as industrial bars along the tops of both her ears.

She also had a nasal ring and snake bites. She had one of her eye brows pierced, and subdermal piercings on her collarbone that were clearly visible due to her loose fitting, low cut top. "Did you do all of your piercings yourself?" Brittany asked her, a little reserved at asking. "I did my nose ring and my snake bites. Eyelid and ears I had done here.

"And these," she pointed to her subdermals, "are permanent. Got them professionally done too, but it was a while ago, before I worked here." She stuck out her tongue, revealing a rather large tongue ring that Brittany was surprised she hadn't noticed before, which she was informed was also done in the shop by another artist.

Clair then stood up and lifted her shirt, exposing her belly button, which was also pierced. "This one a friend did when we were teenagers. It actually turned out alright, thank goodness," she smiled to herself at the memory. "Wow, you have a lot of piercings for sure," Brittany observed. "They look hella pretty," she added, to make sure she didn't come off as rude.

"I have my nipples and clit done too," Clair mentioned in a semi-hushed tone, grinning wildly. Brittany smirked over to Justin, before daring the girl. "Oh, I would love to see those too." Justin rolled his eyes at Brittany's immature boldness. But to his surprise, Clair shrugged her sleeve right off her shoulder, using her free arm to pull her shirt down, exposing her left breast.

"They are absolutely amazing in bed," Clair showcased her boob and nipple piercing to the curious Brittany. "They intensify everything so much! It feels unbelievable." "May I? Brittany asked, as if she were merely requesting to feel a fabric before purchasing it. But again, to Justin's shock, Clair merely nodded her head, giving Brittany full access.

The barely legal girl quickly took the breast in her hand, gently caressing the nipple ring with the back of her finger. Clair shivered, ever so slightly, and Brittany and Justin both smiled at each other. She continued to play with the girl's boob for a while, loving every second of it, before she figured her trial period was up. "It looks amazing!" Brittany commented before backing away, allowing Clair to re-cover herself. "Thank you, I really love them.

I'm. not going to take my pants off for you guys though, you'll just have to keep my clit piercing in your imaginations." "Oh I completely understand. This was more than we were expecting," Brittany giggled. "Today I'll just stick with the nose ring, but I think you've sold me on the nipple piercings.

I'll have to come back soon, what do you think Jay?" "Sound's pretty sexy to me," Justin blushed a bit as he gave his absolute approval. "Lucky boyfriend," Clair winked at Brittany. "Oh we aren't really dating. Yet. Just really close friends," Brittany corrected her, grinning at Justin once more.

"Really REALLY close friends," Clair remarked with a mischievous grin of her own. "You don't know the half of it," Brittany laughed, recalling last night in her mind. But she quickly snapped back to reality, before she turned herself on too much "But anyway!

Time for that piercing?" The rest of the appointment was fairly normal. The piercing was a success and the two of them were in and out rather quickly. As they were leaving, Clair slipped Brittany her business card, saying with a wink, "If you're seriously wanting those nipple rings, I can give you a bit of a discount. Or just hit me up for whatever!" The two of them smiled and said they would surely do that, as they exited out of the shop, full smiles.

"Damn, you have a way with the ladies, don't you?" Justin teased. "No kidding! There's a pretty good chance I'll be a lesbian by the end of the week," Brittany laughed.

Justin grabbed her hand, firmly placing it on his dick, before adding "There is a zero chance you'll be lesbian by the end of the week." Brittany gently squeezed his member before adding her agreement. "True. But there's a chance I'll have slept with more girls than you!" she giggled before running ahead of him, racing to the car.

"Hold up! One more stop while we're here!" Justin called out, waddling a bit now that his penis was mildly erect. Brittany looked back curiously, which he answered by pointing up at the smoke shop sign. "Stogie time!" "Oh right! Okay," she circled back around, walking into the shop with him.

They were greeted by a young punk-rock looking kid, asking them what they were looking for today. "What do you want, Brit? Want a heavy smoke so you can blow bigger smoke clouds? Or do you want a lighter, flavored cigar? Whatever you want." "Flavored would probably be good, but stronger than a swisher," Brittany gave her specifications. They walked over to the corner where the flavored cigars were sitting behind a glass case.

"They have vanilla, cherry, chocolate. What sounds good?" Justin asked. "You can take them out and smell them, as long as you don't unwrap them," the kid behind the counter offered. Brittany picked up the vanilla and cherry ones and took a big whiff.

Even hiding behind the sealed plastic, the aroma was quite strong. "Ooh, this cherry one smells delicious! Oh, but it's 15 dollars," she said discouraged. "That's not bad at all, let's get it if you like it," Justin responded, to which Brittany happily agreed. They rang up the order, and the cashier gave them a small book of matches to go with it. Soon, they were headed out, this time to the car. "Can we get some breakfast before we knock anything else off of your list?

Even adults need to eat, " Justin begged. "Yeah, that would be fine, " Brittany conceded. "Although I think it'd be almost lunch at this point.

Want to brunch it up at Denny's? " "Absolutely," Justin agreed. So off they drove, only 30 seconds or so to the Denny's that was nestled in the mall parking lot.

Crawling out of the car, Brittany led the way in, Justin making sure to hold the door for the birthday girl. "You know, I think chivalry is out after what you did to me last night," Brittany laughed, to which Justin merely snickered and shrugged.

They quickly found a seat, sliding into the same side of a booth as they were greeted by a cute waitress who Brittany recognized immediately. "Jenna!

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Hi!" The girl's eyes widened with surprise at the recognition, but smiled and welcomed the pair as she laid a couple of menus down on the table. "Hey, welcome to Denny's. How have you been Brittany? And… John?" she guessed. "I'm Justin, hi," Justin corrected her as politely as he could.

He recognized her as the ASB president from the grade two years prior to his and Brittany's. He wasn't sure if she thought he was Brittany's boyfriend, whom she remembered name was John, or if she had struggled to remember his own name, grabbing for the first "J" name that she stumbled onto.

The girls talked back and forth for a while, Brittany explaining that it was still her senior year and that she had just turned 18 today. Jenna congratulated her and informed her that she could get a free Grand Slam if she had her ID on her, which Brittany happily obliged to show off again.

Another quick congratulations, and Jenna's attention was turned to Justin, asking what he would want to eat. Justin also ordered a Grand Slam, and the waitress was off with the pending order. Brittany quickly turned to him, talking in a quieter tone. "Wow, she still looks absolutely gorgeous!" It was true. The multi-sport playing class president Justin remembered in high school looked just as jaw dropping as ever.

Her straight blond hair framed her face in sideways bangs and hung down to about chin length, and her body practically self-bragged that she was still very active. Standing a tall 5'10, she probably weighed a lean 130 pounds, supporting her very athletic background. "Should we try to hook up with her, like we did with Whitney?" "Do you really think everyone we run into just wants to join us in bed?" Justin laughed at the girl's boldness, although he had to admit, it was supported by a 1.000 batting average thus far.

"I'm just enjoying this. If she's up for it, then that's another thing off of my checklist, right?" "I thought you said sex wasn't on your checklist. We proved you could do that at 17 last night," Justin prodded. "She's older than us, probably 20 or 21.

If I slept with her last night, it would have been illegal. Today, it's not. That sounds like something that should be on my list, right?" Brittany countered. "Fair enough. Work your little magic, Brit," Justin couldn't do anything but laugh and accept the girl's newfound favorite hobby. He had to admit, he wouldn't mind her succeeding in the slightest. "What's the plan, are you going to make her jealous about our non-existent relationship?

Ask to compare kinky piercings? Booze her up?" "I don't know," Brittany debated it in her head. "I'll just go with the flow." She didn't have to wait long, as Jenna soon reappeared with water glasses for them. "Here you are…" she hummed as she sat them down on the table. "And I am so sorry, I totally forgot to ask you what you wanted to drink besides water.

So! What do you want to drink besides water?" she asked smiling. "I'm hoping for a chocolate shake," Brittany ordered. "I'll stick with coffee," Justin added. "Coming right up," Jenna didn't bother writing the quick drink order down. "And I bet I can make that shake free too, birthday girl," she winked.

"Anything else I can do for you two?" "Actually yes," Brittany responded with a grin, looking to Justin as if to say 'watch this'. "After lunch we were going to go back to Justin's house and have some of the most intense, exciting, kinky sex imaginable and were hoping for a third person.

What time do you get off?" she smiled at the waitress. "Um. excuse me?" Jenna was taken aback, unable to even respond with a yes or a no in her stunned silence. Justin was equally stunned at Brittany's boldness, but had his fingers crossed that the girl's winning streak would continue. "You heard me," Brittany laughed. "When do you get off work, so we can make you orgasm more times that you can count?" Jenna regained herself, quickly responding to Brittany's request.

"Are you joking?" she asked warily, but Brittany's wink and wanting eyes answered the question for her. "How about NO!" She quickly shot down the girl as she grew bolder. "In fact, screw you.

You are disgusting!" she yelled in a hushed voice, as to not draw the entire restaurant's attention. "I can't even believe that you would think I would agree to that.

I'll be back with your damned drinks," she stomped off, still boiling in anger. Brittany looked like she was about to cry at the rejection, but Justin was a little entertained, if not completely bummed Brittany's tactics didn't work. "That's okay Brittany. You came on a little strong I think. Maybe the next random person you want to throw in bed with us, you'll have more success." Brittany shot a look over to him and smirked.

"You think I'm done with her? Oh no, that was just step one to the plan," she grinned to herself. "What do you mean?" Justin asked, a little worried that any further attempts Brittany tried might get them thrown out of the establishment all together.

"Just watch, Justin baby. I got this." Brittany smiled. It was quite a while before they saw Jenna return, and when they did, she just brought their drinks in silence and not-so-gently placed them on the table.

Justin's eyes were on Brittany the entire time, while hers were pointed straight down, apologetically. She didn't say a word as the waitress quickly walked off. "Cat got your tongue? Or just part of your scheme?" Justin asked curiously.

"Just watch," Brittany repeated as she sipped on her shake through the straw. The two conversed a bit as they drank their drinks, waiting for the waitress to return. After a rather long wait, they saw the begrudged girl approaching with her hands full of plates.

She set them on the table, offering a muffled "here you go" before she turned back around to walk off once more. "Jenna, wait." Brittany pleaded in a soft tone. To Justin's surprise, the waitress stopped, but didn't turn back around to face them. "I'm really sorry. I know that was super rude of me to say that. It wasn't like I was hinting that you were easy or anything, its just." Brittany started sniffing and tearing up, "a few days ago I caught my boyfriend cheating on me.

and ever since, I've just been a rebellious little shit. Justin has done everything he could to make me happy, and.I don't know. I guess I just got stuck in that mindset. I really am sorry." Jenna turned and looked back at Brittany, who she could see was on the verge of balling.

"It's okay hun. I totally understand. A couple weeks ago, I went through the same thing. But instead of turning to everyone else, I just starting shutting everyone out. Aside from work, I don't think I've talked to anyone in two weeks." "It sucks, doesn't it? The cheating I mean." Brittany said through held back tears. "I'm just glad I have Justin here for me. I can't imagine what it's like to go through it all alone.

Would you. want to come back to Justin's house with us after your shift? No sex. Just someone you can talk to?" Brittany could tell Jenna was pondering the offer in her mind. "It could be just the two of us, if you wanted. Or Justin is literally one of the sweetest guys ever. I think it could really help you," she offered a smile. After rolling the idea over for a few more moments, Jenna conceded. "Fine. I'm off in half an hour. But NO SEX!" "No sex," Brittany smiled her echo as Jenna gave a faint smile back before heading back to the kitchen.

As soon as Jenna was out of her line of sight, the look on her face changed. "And that's how it's done," she smirked devilishly to Justin, her eyes no longer looking like puppy dog's. "Congrats," Justin offered half-heartedly. "Too bad you had to vow that no sex part to get her to agree." Brittany cocked her head condescendingly and giggled. "Oh Jay. of COURSE there will be sex." "Well we aren't going to force her," Justin said, slightly alarmed at his friends confidence.

"We won't have to, sugar. She wants this SO bad already, or she would have just laughed off my offer. The fact that she was so offended means that she's hurt by the fact that she was tempted. She just doesn't want to be a hoe about it. She wants it to be. spontaneous and full of emotion. Not planned out by a couple of masterminds ahead of time," she finished as she took a bite off one of the sausage links. Justin laughed at his friend, thinking how grateful he was to have the "power Brittany" back, over John's lapdog he had been forced to make an acquaintance with earlier.

Of course. he really enjoyed the submissive Brittany from the night before too. Maybe she was just perfect exactly how she was.


As he was pondering these things, his mind was jolted back to the present as he felt Brittany's hand slide up his thigh, grabbing his member through his jeans, giving it a slight squeeze.

He looked over at her to see the sexiest grin he could ever imagine, as he spread his legs slightly, giving her more access.

But to his disappointment, she retreated her hand, returning to her meal. "Adults need food too, Jay. Let's eat up, and then we can play while we're waiting for our little blonde friend," she winked. With a sigh, Justin bit into his bacon, not being terribly interested in his food anymore. But not soon after, they were both feeling way too excited to continue eating. Flagging their waitress down, they asked for a couple of to go boxes.

"You guys only ate maybe half of your food, was everything alright with it?" Jenna asked worriedly. "Of course! We loved it. We're just taking it home so we can finish it later and still have enough for a second meal," Brittany explained.

Jenna accepted the explanation with a sigh of relief before continuing. "Hey. listen. I actually won't be able to come over today. My reliever called in and I have to stay here til 5. But. Rain check? I promise we'll all three hang out soon!" Brittany accepted the apology politely, giving the girl her number and assuring her that it was fine, that any time she wanted to hang out, to just call her.

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With a smile, Jenna quickly left to hunt down a few doggie bags. Soon returning to the couple, she offered to help them store their leftover food. "Well, I have to use the restroom real quick," Brittany announced, caressing Justin's shoulder and sending him a look that said to meet her there. Justin stood up to let the girl out of the booth, watching as the cute little Latina ran off towards the back of the restaurant.

Jenna watched as his eyes lit up seeing the girl walk away. "Oh my gosh, you absolutely LOVE her, don't you?" Jenna prodded, surprise in her voice. Justin was taken aback by her accusation, as he snapped back to reality, helping the girl slide the remaining food into their subsequent boxes. "Of course I do.

She's without a doubt the best friend I could possibly have," he explained truthfully. "Yeah, but I mean you're totally IN love with her, aren't you?" Jenna continued her prying.

"I. don't know," Justin was surprised at how truthful he was being. "I've always thought she was amazing. And gorgeous. But I was never ready for a serious relationship. She just. excites me more than anyone else." Jenna smiled at how cute it was, but quickly packaged up the boxes.

Justin felt his phone vibrate, getting even more excited when he read his text from Brittany. "I don't know if you got the hint, but get your ass back here. Men's room. NOW." "Oh, I need to use the restroom too," Justin whispered politely to the waitress. "Can you make sure no one steals our leftovers?" Jenna nodded and Justin was off at a brisk walking pace to the bathroom.

He opened the men's door, finding it empty inside. Looking around, he saw the door was lockable from the inside, but hadn't been. Confused, he called out softly. "Brittany?" "About time," he heard as the lone stall door opened, revealing the girl who had been hiding in it. Lock the door!" she demanded, to which Justin quickly complied.

"Good boy. Now, you realize it's my turn to be in control, right?" she said with a devilish grin, digging around in her purse before recovering a pair of handcuffs that looked pretty familiar to Justin. He smiled as the roles were now completely reversed, the handcuffs that he had used on her the night before were now being fitted to his right wrist.

Before his other hand was secured, Brittany announced they had better take his shirt off, so it could slide off of him more easily. Slowly, she slid his t-shirt up over his chiseled body, making sure to tease the boy by running her hands gently up the sides of his abdomen on the way. Finally lifting the fabric up over his head, she kissed him passionately as she hung the shirt on a hanger found on the inside of the stall door. Brittany figured the handicap hand-rail was a good place to fasten Justin to, as she carefully maneuvered the metal shackles around, looping them on the inside of the metal bar before securing the other side to his other wrist.

There, Justin was able to stand comfortably, while still being securely stuck in place. "Now!" Brittany began in her best seductive tone, "you've been an awfully naughty boy, haven't you?" Justin couldn't help but laugh at the cliche as the girl did her best to take on the dominant role. "Oh, bite me," Brittany's voice returned to her normal, bubbly self. "This is the first time I've done this, so can you bare with me?" "Yes mistress," Justin made out through laughter, trying his best to play along.

Suddenly, a slap struck his face, albeit rather gently. "Behave, or you WILL be punished," Brittany returned to her lower, dominatrix voice. "Now lets take these pants off." she stated as she fumbled around in the closed space, finally succeeding in lowering Justin's pants and underwear to his ankles, providing ample exposure for what she had planned.

Justin smiled in anticipation as he waited for what Brittany had in store for him. Slowly, she unfastened the button to her short denim shorts, purposefully inching them down at an unbearably slow rate.

Her panties were tugged down with her shorts as her shaven mound was slowly coming into view, mere inches from Justin's face. He could tell that she was already wet, anticipating this as much as he was. Finally, her clothes were low enough on her legs that they simply dropped down to the floor, her pussy now fully exposed to Justin as he could smell the arousal, almost tasting how badly Brittany wanted it.

He looked up at Brittany's eyes, as if asking permission, remembering his own rules from last night. With a smile, and the snap of her fingers, Brittany let out only one word.

"Eat," she commanded.

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That was all Justin needed, and he plowed his face into Brittany's pussy, devouring it as he expertly licked every inch of her outer folds before diving his tongue inside of her. He heard Brittany gasp at the suddenness of his oral assault, needing to brace herself on the stall walls as his face pressed into her.

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Justin absolutely loved the taste of Brittany as he lapped at her labia, before darting his tongue across her clit, then returning to give a long lick up the entire face of her vag. "Stop," Brittany again commanded, a little to Justin's disappointment. Looking up at her, he felt her hand scratch under his chin like a dog. "That's a good boy," she praised, continuing the humiliation. "But now I need you to fuck me," she explained. With those words, Justin's disappointment went out the window as he lowered himself so the petite girl could mount his dick without the help of his bound arms.

She managed to line herself up correctly, sliding herself down on his throbbing member. Lifting herself up, she was frustrated when his dick sprang out of place, needing to be realigned again before she was once more penetrated. After a few attempts, she exclaimed, "Fuck this shit, I need to get fucked hard already!" With that, she produced the key and unlocked Justin from the confines of the handcuffs, demanding that he lift her up and fuck her like he meant it.

Justin didn't need to be told twice. He grabbed the girl by her ass, lifting her up, and rapidly forcing his cock deep inside of her. With a squeal, she gripped the back of his neck to hold herself, allowing him all the forcefulness he needed to start hammering into her, slapping his pelvis against hers. Soon getting into a rhythm, Justin started bouncing the girl as he held her, each thrust spreading Brittany's pussy lips to their limits.

He could tell that she was struggling to keep quiet in the not-so-private location, and offered for her to bite down on his lower neck to help muffle her groans. He felt her teeth sink into his flesh, biting down harder with every pump of his dick. "Oh my G-aaaaaah, fuck Justin! Keep!. Going!." she yelled in as hushed of a tone as her body would allow.

She bit down once again, her whimpers still escaping through her lips. As she began to lose control, the couple heard a knock at the door.

"Look, I know you guys are in there," Jenna's voice could be heard through the door. With that, Brittany came. Her body was rocked with such intense pleasure that she couldn't help but succumb to it as she did her best to hide her screams into Justin's shoulder. "Can you just. hurry up, so I don't get in trouble?" Jenna continued, obviously oblivious that the girl was orgasming, masked by the sound of the intruder's voice.

"Be right out," Justin offered, as he heard Jenna walk away from the door. He looked down into Brittany's eyes, still partially glazed over by the high she was feeling from her body. "Keep fucking me until you cum," Brittany begged. "But we have to go." Justin began, but he was treated to another slap to the face, again, rather gentle. "I said: Fuck. Me. Until. You. Cum. In. My. Pussy." Brittany demanded, retaking the dominatrix role rather well now.

With a smile, Justin obliged, returning to his assault, although at a much slower tempo now. He rammed himself into the girl, who still let out a whimper from time to time, but was much more hushed now. "Are you gonna cum for me, baby?" Brittany looked into his eyes, speaking in the hottest tone Justin had ever heard.

He started to feel his balls churn as she continued her pleading. "I want to feel your hot, sticky cum shoot deep into my pussy again," she begged. "Please Jay?" she gently bit his lip, which soon turned into a passionate kiss, sending Justin over the edge. He released himself, firing his seed deep into the girl's womb as he stared into her, adoration flooding into her green eyes. "I love you," he offered, his dick still spasming inside of the girl's slit.

He kissed her before she could respond, their tongues dancing together for ages before she finally broke off the kiss to respond. "I love you too, Jay," she smiled shyly, as if it were her first high school crush.

"Now lets get dressed before she comes back, and isn't so nice about it." They did just that, quickly retrieving all of their belongings, before Brittany exited the bathroom. Justin waited 20 seconds, which seemed like 20 minutes, before he followed, walking as fast as he could back to the table.

On his way, he saw Jenna with another group, rolling her eyes and flashing a smile at him before returning to the other customers' orders. Meeting back at the table, Brittany was already grabbing the boxes, trying to give them to Justin as he approached. But he sidestepped her, taking the bill instead.

"Were you trying to pay again?" he said with a few "tsk"s. "Shit," Brittany exclaimed quietly. Justin's face looked confused, wondering if it was really that big of a deal to let him pay for meals.

But Brittany explained, "I broke skin." This didn't clear up anything for Justin though as the girl turned, setting the boxes back on the table and instead, grabbing a handful of napkins. "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you," she apologized, placing the wad of paper napkins on Justin's shoulder. Finally piecing it together, Justin realized that his neck that Brittany had been biting down on must have been bleeding. "Don't be sorry, Brit, I honestly didn't even feel it." He tried to console her as the girl frantically tried to pat down the wound, which was minor, at most.

Justin laughed as he grabbed the girls arms. "I'm okay Brittany. Just leave the napkins there, and I'll put my shirt over it and change when we get back to the house." "Okay." Brittany agreed, before adding once more how sorry she was. But she obediently calmed down, grabbing the boxes of food before following Justin to the register.

Jenna met them at the til, asking if they enjoyed their time at Denny's, a mischievous grin painted on her face. The couple nodded their agreements, smiling awkwardly back as the transaction was ran. With a rather large tip left to the girl, they left the restaurant trying to hold back bursts of laughter.