Bffs at a slumber party have sneaky sex beautiful cumshots

Bffs at a slumber party have sneaky sex beautiful cumshots
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The Gang. pt 1 This is my first ever story so please be kind in your comments.

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Constructive criticism welcome. I'm Sarah, I'm 26 and work in a bank as a small business advisor. I have long brown hair, I'm 5'7 size 10 with small but pert 32B breasts. I go to the gym at least 3 times a week so I'm in good shape and have been single for a couple of years, although I have had my fun. Anyway I'm going to tell you about my experience with a gang of East Leeds. It was a Friday and my best friend Vicky was at my house as we were getting ready for a house party later that night, we had polished off a bottle of wine so Vicky went to get another as I put my dress on.

"Wow" Vicky said as she came back in the room.


I was wearing a tight white dress which hugged my body in all the right places, it had one strap that went around my neck and showed quite a lot of my breasts. It stopped just after my arse, which is shorter than I usually go but I really liked the dress.

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I had on a white bra and matching white thong. "Do you think it's too short Vicky?" I asked "No" Vicky replied "You look hot as hell" "Give over" I laughed. I put on my blue 6 inch high heels and picked up my blue bag. We finished the second bottle just as the taxi pulled up to take us to our party.

It took 30 mins to get there but finally we pulled up to the house, it wasn't the nicest neighbourhood but Vicky assured me she knew most of the people going. She paid the taxi driver and we headed for the front door, you could hear the music half way up the garden path. Vicky opened the door and walked straight in, I followed. We pushed through the crowd of people and made our way to the kitchen, I saw Vicky hug and kiss some bloke.

"Sarah, this is Dean it's his house" "Hi Dean" "Hi Sarah" He replied giving me a kiss on the cheek "Grab yourselves a drink and have a dance in the room" "Thanks, will do" Vicky said We grabbed a glass of wine each and made our way into the living room where they had a DJ on. We danced the night away, a few guys tried to hit on us and I even had a dance and smooch with one guy, who was kinda hot.

Anyway it got late and I was very much the worse for wear, I couldn't find Vicky anywhere so decided to go and get some fresh air.

I staggered outside into the garden and headed for the street, I remember talking to some young lads but nothing after that.

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I awoke the next day with a stonking headache, as I came to I realised I was on the floor in a strange living underneath a fleece blanket. There was bodies all over the place and then I realised I was naked. I looked around and saw my dress on the table at the other side of the room.

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I got up and wrapped the fleece blanket around me as i stepped over the sleeping bodies towards the table. I was shocked when I looked at all the faces, all were no older 18, some looked a lot younger and all were boys no girls anywhere apart from me. Oh god I thought to myself, what did I do last night! I grabbed my dress and picked up my shoes off of the floor but couldn't find my underwear or bag anywhere. I went through to the kitchen and looked at the clock, it was showing 18.00.

That can't be right I thought.Just as I had finished putting my dress on when a young lad came through the door and into the kitchen. He was at least 6 foot and his arms were bigger than my legs (is name was Jay and he was the leader of the gang). "Where do you think your going bitch" He said "Excuse me!" I snapped back at him. He bounded over to me and grabbed my hair pulling my head back "I said where the fuck do you think your going bitch" "Ow your hurting me let go" I said as I grabbed his arm.

"Don't you remember last night" he said as he pulled me over to a chair and forced me to sit down. "No I don't" I said as tears started filling eyes. He took out his phone and showed me pictures of me, some where I was sucking cock, some where I was being fucked and some where I was sucking cock and being fucked at the same time. Tears were streaming down my face.

"Don't worry we have it on DVD" he laughed "Just in case you really can't remember" I was crying my eyes out, not only had I had groupsex but I had had it with lads almost 10 years younger than myself. "Please" I begged "I won't tell anyone just let me go" He grabbed my hair again and put his face right in front of mine.

"Listen bitch, your my property now you do exactly as I say or all your estate will get a copy of the DVD. I have your address and will be in touch soon OK?" I nodded as tears streamed down my face.

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"Go home and sort yourself out" he snarled. He picked me up by my arm and pushed me to the back door. "Here"s your bag" he said as he pushed it into my hand . I ran out of the garden and down the street before collapsing in a bus shelter, I couldn't stop myself crying. As I pulled a tissue out of my bag an envelope fell out, I opened the envelope and there was a DVD with a note attached that said "Remember your ours now BITCH".

I pushed the envelope back into my bag and calmed myself down. I looked at my phone and there was a couple of missed calls from Vicky and text from her that said "Hope your having fun". I got the bus into town then a taxi home, as soon as I got in I collapsed onto the bed and cried myself to sleep. I woke up the next morning and tried to put the events of yesterday to the back of my mind. I text Vicky just to saying "No it wasn't fun, will speak to you later" and enjoyed a nice relaxing bath.

I was feeling much more relaxed after my bath and put on some daisy dukes and a strappy top and I sat down to watch TV.


It was around dinner time and as I was watching TV I suddenly remembered about the DVD, I picked up my bag and pulled out the DVD, I sat looking at it for what seemed like ages before taking a deep breath and putting it in the DVD player. My hands were shaking as I pressed play. The TV burst into life and there I was on my knees in front of the camera, I smiled at the camera as I grabbed the cock in front of me and started slowly wanking it.

I could hear people in the back ground shouting things like "Make the slut suck it" and "Get her to take her clothes off" I watched on shocked at what I was doing, I did look wasted but still. Tears filled my eyes as I watched myself take the cock into mouth and start sucking it. The camera panned around the room and there were 6 lads all around 16/17 laughing and making rude jestures towards me. The guy with the camera (which I later realised was Jay) told me to stand up and take my clothes off, I fell over and a couple of the guys there picked me up and help strip me.

I was getting a little bit turned on watching myself on DVD getting stripped by 2 young guys, then dropping back onto my knees and continuing to suck Jay's cock.

I could feel my nipples stiffen as watched on mesmerized by the display in front me. One guy got behind me while I was sucking Jay's cock and started fingering me, he asked Jay if he could fuck me but he said no, he was going first. With that he told me to stay where I was and he went behind me, the camera focusing on my firm buttocks.


Then I saw first one finger then two go into me as Jay finger fucked me before teasing the head of cock against the entrance to my hole, I could hear myself moaning as Jay said "Do you want it bitch" I heard myself moan "Oh god yes".

Then he started fucking me slowly at first then faster and faster his free hand slapping my arse. My fingers were playing with my nipples as I watched Jay fuck me, as my free hand pushed my daisy dukes and thong off.

I started teasing my clit as I saw another guy (later I learned his name was Matt, he was about 5'10 and slim with mucky blond hair and quite handsome) move in front of me and offer me his cock, with I happily started sucking on.

My hand was really rubbing at my clit now as I watched the DVD, my breathing quickened as I rubbed at my clit with one hand and pulled on my nipples with the other. My moaning was getting louder and louder as I watched Jay pull out of me and shoot his load all over my back. I heard cheering from the rest of the guys there and another lad took his place (he was Abid, a young muslim boy about 5'8 and stocky).

My legs began to shake and I knew I was close as I watched Jay zoom in on the cock I was sucking on as Matt took hold of my hair and pulled me off of his cock as he exploded all over my face. My legs shook and my mind went blank. I kept rubbing as hard as I could, not caring that the muscles in my hand were tensing up.

I squealed as the last tremors of my orgasm slowed. I let out a slow, deep breath and felt my heart relax. I spent the rest of that day either sleeping or masturbating while watching the DVD.