Best twiddles tits and ass

Best twiddles tits and ass
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I woke up at about 7ish, and having woken up just after a dream in which I had Kara spread out on my queen sized bed moaning my name as I licked her out, naturally, I had a massive hard on. I had been lying there for about 15 minutes waiting for it to go away, but I sensed it wasn't going to happen, so I sighed resignedly and pulled down my boxers and my cock sprung up to attention. As I began stroking myself, I began thinking of Kara, how I'd love to have her stand facing away from me, bend her over, pull down her panties and lick her out until she begs me to get inside her, I would happily oblige.

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A few more minutes and I was done, the time was now 7:30, so I decided to go take a shower. While inside, I thought about Kara some more and what might happen today, I thought it might be best if I maybe took my swimming shorts along just in case.

I arrived at her house at 9:05, and got out the car, walked up to the door, and just as I was about to knock, she opened the door, and what I saw made my heart stop, she was still in pajama's, she had on a hoodie and bunny pajama pants and fluffy pink slippers, and all I could think about was how beautiful she was in them. She must've thought something was wrong because she asked then in a worried tone, "Don't you like it? Should I change?" to which I replied, "No, please no, sorry, it's just that you're so beautiful, even half asleep" with a laugh, "I will have you know I am wide awake and ready for anything!" she said while putting her hands on her hips in mock offense, however, the big yawn mid-way though didn't exactly help her case, if anything it made her even more adorable, if that's even possible.

So, as she lead me through to the kitchen, she said, "I'll show you around the house properly later, breakfast is getting cold and my parents are out till tomorrow night, so if you're able, I want you to come and watch movies tonight here with me, okay?" I could not believe what I just heard, the whole day alone with Kara?

It was almost too good to be true, "So what do you want to do today? We can swim, watch movies, go out somewhere, or whatever, really, I don't mind" she said as she showed me to my seat, but before she could move to sit down, I pulled her seat out for her and then pushed her in again, "Wow, you really are quite a gentleman aren't you?" she said with a smirk, "Thanks, anyway, so I think, let's just relax for now and see what happens, remember, we do still need to do that essay" I said, "Damn, I was hoping you'd forget about that" she said laughing, "And okay then, if you won't decide, then I'm making you watch my favorite movie with me" "Fine by me", and we smiled at each other and continued breakfast in content silence.

After breakfast I helped wash the dishes, dry them, and because she couldn't reach high enough to put them on the top of the plates, I put them in the cupboard. She then took me by the hand and lead me around the house and explained what all the rooms where for.

When we reached her room, the first thing I noticed was the bed, it was one of those massive king sized, four-poster beds you'd think would belong someone royal, "You like it?" she asked, "Yea, it's beautiful, I mean, I've never see so much detail put into anything" and it was true, I hadn't, the amount of detail and care that was put into the carvings along the headboard and posts was staggering, I began to see that the carvings weren't nonsensical patterns, but rather looked to be intricate flames reaching up the posts and encompassing the headboard, I literally could've spent hours just watching it, if you stood still long enough, it seemed that the bed was actually on fire, however, I was suddenly pulled out of my reverie by the greater beauty standing next to me as she pulled me to the bed and as soon as we got close, she pushed me backwards onto the bed and leaning in with a naughty smile, whispered in my ear, "No shoes on the bed" I reached out to catch her and pull her in, but she danced just out of my reach, wow, I thought to myself, I hadn't realized she also could play at being dirty like me.

I got comfortable on the bed while she put in The Nightmare Before Christmas, which just so happened to be my all time favorite movie, but I said nothing to her about it.

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The movie passed rather uneventfully, we spent most of the time just talking about our pasts, for her it was mostly living on a massive big grape farm where she had free reign over the entire estate on her quad (Ah, a girl after my own heart) and was home schooled, for me it was mostly how I had moved from school to school till 8th grade where I stayed.

I glanced out her sliding door and out beyond her balcony and saw it had started getting dark, had it seriously been four hours? I wasn't even nearly tired of talking to her, and with a start I jumped, "Fuck!

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I never realized it was so late! Shit, I have to go" I said, making to get up off the bed, "But you agreed to stay and watch movies with me" she pouted, "Yea, and I will be back, but I do need to show my mom I'm still alive" I said laughing as I climbed off the bed, "Well then I'm coming with, I'd like to meet your mom anyway" "Okay, cool, you'll like her, I think". "I don't understand where you got your height from, I mean, your mom is tall, but not even close to you Mikey" "I get it from my dad, but now I'm slightly taller than him" "Ooh, I see now" she giggled.

We had just gotten back to her house, and she and my mom had gotten on great, maybe a little too well, my mom has too many embarrassing stories to tell, looks like I'll be keeping Kara away from Le Madre… As we walk into her room, she says, "Hey, we never swam earlier!' as I was taking off my shoes, expecting to get back on the bed for movies, "Yea, but, wont it be just slightly cold?" "Naaah, its heated, say, what size shoe are you?" "13…why?" "Well, you know what they say about guys with big feet…" she says with a mischievous grin, making me freeze, "Big socks!" she exclaimed, she thought this was absolutely hilarious because she burst out laughing like a mad woman, even when laughing uncontrollably, she was still the most beautiful girl I had ever seen.

So I left the room and changed in the adjacent bathroom. As I stood on the first step to test the water, I was suddenly attacked and fell face first into the water, all the while having someone cling onto me the whole time. When I finally surfaced, I saw it was Kara who had ambushed me and even now still clung onto me, laughing and saying, "Oh my god, you were so easy to ambush!" "Alright then, take this!" I said shaking her off and then dunking her down under the water quickly laughing.

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We swam for about an hour, mostly just splashing each other with water and her trying to dunk me, but failing quite miserably at it. We decided to get out and, since it was a warm night, we lay down next to the pool and stared up at the stars.

I'd like to be able to say I was a gentleman and didn't ogle her stunning tanned body as she lay next to me in her rather revealing bikini.


It wasn't distastefully revealing, but rather alluring, it showed just enough skin to make you think, but not enough to be considered slutty, in short, it covered everything well. But as the temperature dropped slightly I noticed her start getting goose bumps, and my eyes were instantly drawn to her chest, right in the centre of each piece of cloth covering her, was her nipple, hard from the cold, when she caught me staring she slapped me playfully, but made no attempt to cover herself and said in mock shock "Michael!

You naughty boy, how long have you been staring at me like this?" "Um, not long" I blushed, "…Well, did you like what you saw?" she asked, and when I looked up from my shame I saw she had a coy smile on her face, she had still not covered up, and at the sight of her smile, I felt a twitch in my pants, "Yes, I did" I said looking down again, and she then saw the bulge forming in my pants, "I can see that" she giggled, "come, let's go what some movies" "Yea, sure, just let me, um, take care of this" I said blushing blood red as I looked into her eyes, "Please do" she said biting her lip as she got up and left to go get changed, her amazing rear swaying side to side mesmerizingly.

After we had both showered and were seated on her bed, we decided to order pizza, so while I ordered; she chose a movie for us to watch.

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We were lying on the bed, our lower legs intertwined, when the pizza arrived. I went down and paid the guy and brought it up to the room only to find she had stolen the hoodie I had left in my spot when I left, and accompanying the stolen hoodie was a Cheshire cat like grin, all naughty and all stunning. While we were watching the movie, Kara had moved up close to me so she was almost snuggling into me, she was so beautiful it literally made my heart ache.

Soon she had closed her eyes and her breathing turned soft and slow, so I lifted her gently, threw back the covers and tucked her in to sleep, placing a light kiss on her forehead, I then moved over to the couch and settled down to sleep. "Mikey… Mikey?" I woke to Kara's worried face, and sensing something was wrong, snapped to attention, or as much attention as you can attain after just waking up.

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"Mikey, think there's someone downstairs" she said with a hint of terror in her eyes, "Okay, stay here, I'm going to go check it out okay? Soon as I go out you lock the door and call…" I stopped short as I heard a loud crash that made Kara and I both jump, "The cops okay?

You do NOT leave this room for anything okay?" "No! What if you get hurt?" "Who? me? Never, I can handle myself fine Kar, okay? You just stay here and call the cops, I'll be back just now, I promise" "Okay" she said, her voice tinged with fear. Right about now, I was really glad I always carried a knife.

I was silently padding along the corridor leading to the ground floor guest bedroom, or one of them at least; I heard another scrap in the room and took a quick peek around the corner, gauging my foe.

He was armed with just a baseball bat and a mask, and he was working on something intensely in the corner of the room with his back to me. I walked slowly and silently, not even daring to breathe lest he should notice me behind him. My knife was fortunately ready and I pressed it to his throat, "Move even an inch and you're dead" I hissed with as much venom as I could in his ear, "Now drop the bat and walk" I said, rage coursing through my body, how DARE he endanger Kara.


I lead him through to the garage, as I had seen a bag of cable ties in there earlier when Kara gave me to the tour and I knew I could use it to tie him up till the cops arrived, "Now lay down, slowly, and if you even think of trying to escape, I will make sure you learn a new meaning for the word pain" I growled as I lay him down on his stomach with the knife still at his throat while I grabbed the cable tie bag.

I took his right arm and yanked it up behind his back until he exclaimed in pain, I then secured a cable tie around his wrist and linked more cable ties over his shoulder so as to hold his arm in that painful position. I then did the same to his other arm, and then tied his feet together, for a final touch I tied him to one of the pillars in the garage so I could tell Kara everything was alright.

The rest of that night passed by pretty uneventfully and so did the next two weeks, well, uneventful except for the fact that Kara and I grew closer together, we carried on with school and hanging out and just enjoying each other's company, we shared many dirty jokes, and both hinted at what we wanted, but were both content to wait, we could tell now wasn't right for it.

That night I had asked Kara out to a picnic dinner at the botanical gardens, there was a concert tonight and I was going to ask her to be my girlfriend under the night sky.

I couldn't concentrate on school at all the whole day, and when the bell finally rang, I was up and out the class before most people had even started packing up.

I dropped Kara off at her house just after school, leaving her with a simple, "Be prepared for coldish temperature and sitting on grass, I'll be back in two hours, I've already cleared it with your parents, see you just now Kar" I picked her up as soon as she sat down she asked where we were going, and when I didn't reply, she started bugging me to tell her, which she then continued most of the way there until we passed the first sign giving directions to the park.

When she saw it, her eyes lit up with excitement as this was one of her absolute favorite places to be in the world, she said it was just something about the plants and just, all the…NATURALNESS… of it, in her words, that drew her to it. We chose a spot that gave us some privacy but still gave us a great view of the stage and set up the blanket and basket there. Inside the basket I had packed all her favorite snacks and food and when she caught onto this fact, she tilted her head slightly, looking up at me with a smile, the way she knew I absolutely adored; we then just sat and held hands for a while, her feet playing with mine while we listened to the music.

"Kar, I have something I need to ask you, just hear me out before you say anything okay?" "Okay Mikey" she said, smiling my favorite smile again, "okay, now, we've been hanging out a lot these past two or so weeks and we've really gotten close, and well, I care about you Kar, as you know already, but, Kar, I don't just want to be friends anymore…" I paused briefly as she placed her hand on my arm, almost urging me on with keen expectation in her eyes, "Basically Kar, I want to ask you this, will you, Kara Kinsley, do me the honor of being my girlfriend?" KARA: Oh my god, he's finally going to ask, I thought, oh god Kara, don't mess this up, don't stress him out, urge him on, finally, it's finally happening, I was in complete and utter ecstasy at the thought of him finally being mine, and I, his.

I placed my hand on his arm to comfort him and urge him on, good god, he's so beautiful, he doesn't even realized how he affects me, how whenever he smiles after me my breathe catches in my throat, how my mind reacts when we trade dirty jokes, how bad I just want HIM.

Here he goes, "Basically Kar, I want to ask you this, will you, Kara Kinsley, do me the honor of being my girlfriend?" I didn't even have to think about it as I broke into a smile and pulled him in and planted a big kiss on his lips, he got the idea and we sat kissing until I surfaced for air, I said with a smile "As long as you, Michael Stark, will be my boyfriend" and then he pulled me on top of him and he wrapped his big, strong arms around me and kissed me the way I had dreamed of so many times before, and now that it was actually happening, it was so much better than I ever imagined, I wonder if everything will be better than I imagined… MICHAEL: There aren't words that can express the intensity of the emotions flowing through me as she said "Yes" I thought to myself as I tried to explain to Joe how the date went.

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After I asked her and she said yes, we mostly just made out, hard and passionately, soft and slow, our hands wondered all over, but never really staying in one place mostly just wondering, as if to claim her as mine, and her to claim me as hers, and the that of that made me dizzy with ecstasy, I had already said goodnight to Kar, and just said bye to Joe, and after throwing my phone into some corner of the room, softly mind you, I almost instantaneously fell asleep.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hope you guys enjoyed Part 2, please tell me if you guys want a part 3, and then some ideas, or suggestions, thanks