Lesbian Strap On Pussy and Have Orgasms in Sexfight Fight

Lesbian Strap On Pussy and Have Orgasms in Sexfight Fight
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As soon as her husband hopped into the cab, Lisa was on her phone. "He's gone," she texted. "Come over." Her phone buzzed a moment later.

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"I'll cum where I want. Dress up for my cock." She hurried up the stairs to change. She had spent the last week getting ready for Richard's visit. Her whole body was waxed and tanned a rich olive tone. Her dark hair was freshly styled into lavish curls. A thousand dollars of the most salacious and slutty lingerie hid in her closet, all of it recently charged to her husband's credit card. She had even starved herself the past few days, a last ditch effort to further tighten her supermodel physique and empty her stomach for helpings of thick rich cum.

An hour later the doorbell rang. Lisa slowly opened the door and revealed herself. Richard soaked her in. She stood in the doorway wearing a black sheer robe held by a single loose knot, barely concealing her black lace bra and panties.

Fishnets and leather knee-high stiletto boots sculpted her legs. Her hair was up, her elegant necked adorned with a diamond-studded choke collar. He grinned, handsome like a wolf. "There's my favorite trophy wife." She batted her dark eyelashes at him. "Hi, handsome." "You know, for the past few months, ever time I fuck some girl, I bend her over and take her doggy style." "You trying to make me jealous?" "You didn't let me finish." He rubbed his chin and looked her up and down again.

"I fuck them from behind so I can close my eyes and picture you." She slowly undid the knot on her robe. "Well, maybe I can give you more than a mental picture." The robe fell open exposing her frilly push-up bra and a luscious fleshy tunnel of DD cleavage. She leaned on her hip, her legs powerful and tan and toned, leading up toward a tight freshly waxed bald pussy.

"My husband won't be home for a week." He soaked her in. "What a shame." "For him," she said. He stepped inside and slammed the door and pulled her close.

"Christ almighty, I missed this body," he said. "Fucking sensational." His hands slipped under all the lace and groped her ass and came upon a jeweled butt plug planted between her cheeks.

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He shot her a devilish look. "Just getting it ready," she said. She arched on her tiptoes and kissed his bottom lip. "I've been clenching my ass all day wishing it was you." "Good girl." He smacked her butt and kissed her hard. As their tongues danced together he swept her up like a ragdoll and carried her to the living room. He dropped her near the sofa. "Bend over." She gazed over her shoulder and eased on the back of the sofa.

He knelt behind her and spread her legs and ripped down her panties.

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The butt plug glinted in her tight bubbly ass. He gave it a soft tug and she moaned at the erotic tingle. His tongue drove into her and she gasped. Her legs opened wider to let him in. "Jesus, Richard, that's so fucking good." His tongue bathed the fleshy folds of her pussy, then circled her button and flicked over it.

She reached back and grabbed his head.


"Eat it, baby. Eat it. Right there. Right THERE." She humped into his mouth, the jeweled nub of the butt plug pushing against the bridge of his nose. He grabbed it and slowly pulled it out as he eagerly lapped up the wet fleshy nub. She cringed. "OH FUCK!" The butt plug escaped her ass with a pop. She could feel his breath on her open asshole. Then his wet tongue.

She bucked her hips back into his face. He slurped. He sucked. Feeding on her fuck holes. Juices streamed down her thighs. Her moans turned desperate. "Don't stop. Don't stop, baby. Oh, right there. Make me cum. MAKE ME CUM." Her nails dug into the sofa cushions and she reared back and howled. Each muscle in her nubile body bucked and her pussy flooded his tongue with her tangy cum.

He rose up and spun her around and they kissed and shared the juices. "Does your husband make you cum like that?" he asked between kisses. "Only when I'm thinking of you." "On your knees." She dropped and tore down his pants.

The meat sprung free. Thick as hell. Pulsating bigger with each heartbeat. Its scent brash and pungent. Slightly smoky. Infinitely erotic. "Good god, you're huge." The ropey cock veins flexed and a thick bead of cock-honey oozed from the slit. She licked her lips. "Mmm. That for me?" He chuckled and flicked his hunky cock at her. Drops of milky precum sprinkled her face. She leaned in with her hands on her knees and opened her mouth to catch it.

"You like that cream?" he asked. She batted her eyes at him and purred. "I wanna drink your hot cum. Feed it to me.

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Please. Please—" Suddenly he bucked forward and the air was forced out of her lungs. His giant fleshy shaft pushed into her mouth and slid along her tongue.

Savory precum soaked her taste buds with complex rich flavors. Her lips desperately clamped around his thickness and suckled the earthy taste. Glaring into his dark brooding eyes, she flashed her wedding ring and she cupped his balls. Her other hand feverishly rubbed her clit. "I know what you need, you hot married big-tit slut," he said. "And I've got it.

Exactly what you fucking live for. My big fucking cock in your cheating throat." Her hand left her clit, dripping, and quickly gripped his cock as she worked it in out of her mouth, cupping and teasing his heavy balls in her other hand. Once his magnificent cock was covered in her spit he yanked her up by the hair and they kissed, long and deep.

"Are you my slut?" he asked. "God, yes. I'm your slut, baby. I belong to you." He hooked her legs and lifted her easily. "Which way to your bedroom?" "You wanna fuck me in my marital bed?" "No," he said. "I want you to beg me to." She kissed his neck and whispered in his ear.

"Upstairs. The door at the end of the hall." *** Richard slapped Lisa's ass hard. She grabbed the headboard and fucked back into him.

"OH. Spank it daddy. Spank my ASS." He spanked her again. "Fuck, baby, take it. TAKE it. Take all of my dick!" He grabbed her hips and pounded into her.

She squealed against his power. "GOD! GOD, that feels SO GOOD! Fuck me. FUCK ME WITH THAT ENORMOUS COCK. GOD, YOU'RE SO DEEP BABY. FUCK MY BRAINS OUT!" Their tanned bodies glistened with sweat in the dim candlelight.

Each sculpted muscle driven by animal lust. He kicked his leg up and drove deeper. "Arc your back, baby," he said. "ASS UP." She dropped into the pillows and raised her butt high in the air. He never lost rhythm. Her meaty ass cheeks rippled. "Fuck yeah," he said. "That looks REAL good. Gimme that hot married ass." She bit the pillow and her pussy gushed. "I'm CUMMING." He snatched her hair and spanked her over and over as she quivered through another orgasm.

"That's a good girl. Cum on my big cock." She looked back at him with utter adoration. "You fuck me so good, baby." "I fucking own you. SAY IT." "You fucking own me." He cupped a huge tit and kissed her. Her ass bucked against him, milking him. "I want your cum, baby. I want it so bad." "You want my cum?" he whispered. She rolled her tongue at him.

"Yes, Daddy.

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Please give it to me." "Where do you want it, Lisa?" "Anywhere." "Fuck that. TELL ME." He snatched her by the throat. "WHERE." She glared at him and whispered: "I want it DEEP." His grip loosened.

"You want me to cum in you?" "Fill my pussy, my love." She kissed his cheek softly.

"And pretend you're impregnating me." "JESUS." She felt his cock harden at her words. She found his trigger and kept at it, pouting at him. "Please. Please fill me with your load. Cum inside me." He grabbed her hips and fucked her harder.

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"I'm going to FUCK you till your pregnant." "Ohhh, you're SO bad." "I know you want my cum." "More than anything. I want your big dick and all your fucking cum." "You want my cum?

You want my baby?" Her tits and ass quaked under his power. "YES." "You want MY baby, not your husband's?" "Only YOURS!" He smacked her ass. "I'm gonna fuck a baby GIRL in you." "OW!" He smacked her ass again. "A girl with your big fucking tits and your hot fucking ASS." "Oh, fuck! You'd like that wouldn't you?" She squeezed her tits and glanced back at him.

"Sexy girls with my big fucking tits and ass sitting on Daddy's knee!" He spanked her again and again until she toppled forward once more. "OW! You're SO bad!" "You know it, bitch." He snatched her hair and yanked her head back and barreled into her. She thought she might split. "Oh! AH! You're SO deep! So, so, SO deep!" Her hands clenched the satin bed sheets and desperately fucked her body into her lover's brutal thrusts.

"Pump your big dick into me. Cum inside me like only my husband should!" "I'm gonna FILL you with my cum!" "Yes! YES! FILL ME!" He was like a madman. Possessed. Huge monster strokes. The wet warm sleeve of her pussy sucking him deeper.

"You gorgeous fucking slut!" "Cum inside me!


Cum inside me, please! Oh god, please! Pump my pussy full of your kids! You're fucking me SO hard! SO HARD! You're SPLITTING ME APART!" His load boiled in his balls. "Take it! Take it ALL!" "Give it to me! GIVE IT TO ME! I'M YOURS MY LOVE!" He buried himself to the hilt inside of her.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, I'm CUMMING!" "KNOCK ME UP, RICHARD!" Sperm blasted her unprotected pussy. Soaking her inner most passages. Hosing lustful flames with sexual gasoline. She cried out and secretly, in the back of her mind, she wished she was being impregnating, at long last completely the awful sin of their adulterous union. And he kept cumming. Jettisons of sperm blasted into her.

Her velvet pussy open to it all, massaging out every last bit out, sucking cum from his balls, draining him, loving him. He fell beside her.

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Heaving. For a long while she lay motionless and let his cum soak into her. Their panting bodies basking in the afterglow. Then, slowly, she slid over him and kissed his massive chest. She sank to his softening dick and engulfed it in her mouth. She came up with a pop. "God," she said. "I hope my husband never comes back." "He ever cum that deep?" "Keith?" She giggled.

"Never. Not even close. No one has. Good thing I'm on the pill. With all the cum you pumped in me I'd be fucking pregnant with triplets." She ran her fingers over his chest lovingly and savored the warmth of his sperm inside her. She clamped her legs to hold it in.

"Who knows, stud? Maybe I'm pregnant anyway." He ran a hand through her hair. "You're so fucking hot babe." "I try to be good." She sucked on his thumb. "But you're bad for me." He shook his head.

"I've fucked so many gorgeous women, baby. But you put them all to shame." She smiled devilishly and lapped at his semi-hard cock. He continued: "You know every guy you meet, every guy that makes even the briefest eye contact with you, he wants one thing one thing only. To fuck you the way I fuck you. I've never said this to anyone, baby.

But I could fuck a slut like you forever." "Mmm, so romantic." She slinked off him and stood up. "But we both know what a cheating bastard you are." He smiled. "Look who's talking, Mrs. Wilson." She blew him a kiss and turned away. He watched her ass as she sashayed across the room. "Where you going, doll?" he asked. "Just freshening up." "You better not be heading for the shower.

I haven't painted you in cum yet." She giggled. "Well, I better look pretty then." She bent over the vanity and began applying a fresh coat of lipstick.

She dabbed perfume on her neck and pouted at him in the reflection. Then she turned and strutted across the room and stood before him, glorious in the twilight, and danced gently. He sprawled back, naked and chiseled and brooding. "You're sooo sexy, baby." She eye-fucked him as she moved. "You like watching what's yours?" She eased the tutu off her hips over her stiletto boots.

"Not gonna let me rest, are you?" he asked. "Don't you want me?" She swayed her body and unclipped her bra and let it drop to the floor.


Leaning over she mashed her breasts into a valley of cleavage. Stark naked but her collar, fishnets and boots. A cock-killing brunette bombshell goddess.

"Don't you want to cum on these big tits? Don't you want them all over your cock?" She did a slow half-turn and ran her hands over her juicy butt. "Don't you want my ass? Or am I going to have to beg you to fuck it?" He grinned. "Can't get enough, can you?" "What can I say?" She rocked her hips toward him.

"I'm addicted to your cock. I'm a bad girl." "And a terrible wife." She smiled over her shoulder. A wicked glint in her dark eyes. "Don't tell my husband, k?" He sat up and slid to the edge of the bed. "Crawl over here, slut." She bit her finger and gyrated her ass. "Don't you like to watch me?" "I'm not gonna stop. Now get on your hands and knees and crawl." She let her finger slide out of her moist lips.

"Yes Daddy." She eased down on all fours, her huge tan tits hanging down, and arced her ass high in the air. He wondered whether he should fuck her luscious butt right then. The lurid possibilities raced through his mind as the gorgeous married slut crawled toward him. He opened his legs as she approached. An invitation toward the thickening pillar of flesh she so quickly threw her husband away to worship. She giggled and tossed her hair back as she approached, sending a whiff of her conditioner in his direction.

"You gonna fuck my face, Daddy?" "Keep talking like that, I will." "Goodie. Cause you already filled my pussy. And I wanna choke on your cum." "Not before you choke on my cock." She smiled and settled between his legs. "You just sit back and let me deepthroat you till your good and hard again." She went cross-eyed a moment gazing up at the massive hunk of flesh above her. "God, your cock is so gorgeous. And sooo much bigger than my husband's." She rose up and pressed her tits into his balls and looked up at him.

"You know, I don't believe in god, but I worship your cock." Then she opened her mouth and engulfed him to the root. He groaned. "Fuuuck." She gulped him completely savoring the textured veiny shaft in her throat. He grabbed her hair and yanked her even deeper. "Swallow it bitch.

Swallow it. Choke on it." Her nose mashed into his stomach. His balls sat on her chin. For a long while he held her there, until she convulsed and slapped his knee.

But he didn't let up. He held her fast with his cock buried in her throat. Dollops of precum oozed into her stomach. She stopped struggling and opened her deep brown eyes and gazed at him. He felt her tongue fight down the length of his cock and lap at his balls. "Oh GOD. Your throat is heaven." He released her but still she didn't move. Her long eyelashes fluttered flirtatiously as his mammoth cock remained in the oven of her throat.

He smiled. "Ahhh, such a good girl." She moaned her delight and slowly dragged her lips up his entire length until only the head remained in her mouth.

Just as it was about to pop free she dove back down and gobbled every inch up again. A greedy cock-hungry motion. She kept moving faster, up and down, sensual and slow, down and up again. Watching him the whole time. Each time she pulled off he caught a glimpse of his shaft glistening with a layer of frothy spit. Her saliva began pooling around his base and seeping down his balls.

She rubbed the slime into his swollen nuts and fucked her face faster on his dick. She let him pop of her mouth. Spit dangled from her lips. Her eyes drugged with cock-crazed lust.

She ducked down to his large hanging balls. One and then the other. Precum dripped into her hair as she bathed his swollen sack. She rose up and kissed either side of his cock. "God, baby," she said, "I wanna feel your hot cum blasting in my throat." He reached forward and slapped her breasts. "Not before I fuck these TITS." Her DD breasts bobbed from the blow and an evil smile broke across her lips.

She grabbed her tits and pouted. "Bad boy. Wanna fuck my big titties? Wanna fuck my big double Ds and cum all over my pretty face?" "Wrap those girls on my dick baby," he said. "I'm gonna paint those fat fuckers." "Do it." She drooled on her tit flesh and scooted closer and swallowed his cock in the wet warm cleavage.

"You already came in me. God, it was so hot. Now fuck my big tits and dump your load all over them. Soak me in your milky cum." She began pumping her breasts up and down his shaft. "They're yours. They're yours DADDY. I hope they're big enough for YOU.

Cause they're YOURS." His body clenched as she tit-fucked him. "Fuck. FUCK. Squeeze those big titties on my cock. Bounce those tits on daddy's big dick!" She slid her tits over his cock faster.

"You're so bad, Richard, fucking another man's wife in her bedroom, cumming in me, fucking my big tits, ruining me for my little dick husband, showing me whatta fucking stud you are." The fatty DDs immersed his veiny cock flesh in saliva-soaked flesh. "Gimme a big fat load to lick off my tits, baby. Shower me in your sperm." "You gonna eat it baby?" "Every drop." "Gonna eat daddy's sperm?" "I can't fucking wait, my love. Your cum tastes so fucking good." "Sexy SLUT." He stood up and thrust his rock-hard dick into her soft chest.

The pulpy head smacked her in the chin and she squealed. "Oh! You're SO hard! So HARD!" "Fuck, Lisa. FUCK you're SO hot. Gonna cum so fucking much. Gonna shower you, you married bitch." "Yes, YES, get it everywhere.

Make a fucking MESS, daddy. Show me how a real man CUMS." His cock slammed through her cleavage trumpeted by the sinful sounds of wet slapping bodies. Eye-fucking him, she squeezed her breasts harder and spit into tits to keep the tunnel of flesh warm and damp. Then she pouted at him. Blowing him quiet kisses in the dark. "Stick your tongue out." Her tongue unfurled from her red lips. "Curl it, slut." She cupped her tongue. She wanted to catch everything she could.

"Now look at me," he said. She gazed up at him and batted her eyes. His dick hammered harder through her big tan tits. Her tongue extended and curled a waiting pink little platter for his load. "Yeah." He fucked her tits faster. "Just like that, that's fucking hot. My gorgeous little cum catcher." She felt the veins in his shaft swell like ropes.

"FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!" His cock slit flared and flexed. "Right in your fine fucking FACE!" With her tits embracing his shaft, he unloaded. The first stream blasted her chin and neck and instantly soaked her perfect cleavage. "Fucking hosing you SLUT!" He fucked through her tits and speared her face, the next jettison missing her open mouth completely, arcing along her nose and up her forehead and into her hair.

She lapped at her lips and chin to taste his milky salty rich wetness, until, unable to control herself, she dropped her tits and grabbed his cock and slammed it into her mouth. Three more gigantic streams nearly took her head off, filling her mouth instantly, coating her tongue, her tonsils, the back of her throat. She swallowed as much as she could but his sperm kept coming. Jism drooled from her lips as she fed off her lover, dripping down her cum-soaked chin and landing in the pools already oozing down her tits.

He yanked her head back with one hand, his dick popping out of her mouth. She desperately grabbed his dick she knew where to aim. A series of thick powerful ropes of sperm blasted her big tits and neck. The sexy minx threw her head back and groaned and pumped his squirting wet shaft with both hands and milked another potent cord of seed right into her face zipping up along her pretty nose and into her hair.

She closed her eyes and giggled. He was making a mess on her. Marking her. Hosing her in his nut. And she fucking loved it. Another helping of cum shot from his slit along her lips, painting her with his cock juice. "Eat it! FUCK, EAT IT!" She scooped it from her face and sucked her fingers clean, moaning as more hot cream bathed her skin, painting her gorgeous features, splattering her olive skin.

"Cover me! Cover me! Don't ever stop CUMMING! I love you, I love you, I love you!" Huge strands of sperm sprinkled her cheeks, her lips, her nose, her eyelids, her curls. He flicked the last of his load at her tits and dabbed the nipples till they were fogged under a sheen of pearly white. Then she gobbled him up once more and sucked anything left deep into her throat. He convulsed. "Fuck, baby. FUCK." She let off him with a pop.

His dick was shiny with her spit, glossy and clean. Clumps of cum dangled off his fingers. "Don't be greedy," she said. He held out his hand and she eagerly lapped up each of his cum-drenched fingers. She licked his palm clean until his entire hand, like his cock, was sucked clean. She leaned back and swallowed. Her face soaked in his semen. Her entire tan body caked with clumps of sizzling sperm. She ran two fingers over one of her tits and scooped up a thick helping, dripping, dangling. She coiled it up with her tongue and swallowed it back.

Richard looked over her. "Admiring your work?" she asked. He flicked his dick at her. "Just in case anything's left," he said. "Well, thank you." She giggled and licked more cum off her hand. "You know, for a minute there, I thought you were going to drown me." "You said you were hungry." "Mmm." She leaned over and sucked the cum sheen from his cock.

"But now my man needs to eat." She eased up and lit a cigarette from the nightstand. His load dripping off her face and tits. "What do you want, baby?" "Your ass." She blew smoke into his face. "You already know that's on the menu." He took the cigarette from her and took a drag. "Go make me dinner. Your husband's favorite.

And don't dare clean up. I wanna fuck your ass while you're painted in my cum." "Kinky." He watched her strut off. Her body magnificent in the late afternoon sun peeking through the blinds. Her tan flesh glistening with sweat and his thick drying load.

She turned in the doorway. "By the way, I got a surprise downstairs."