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Emo boy full gay sex movie first time Kai Alexander has an impressive
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What! And you said nothing!" Carol was spitting mad now. "There was nothing I could do that would change the situation. You know I hate the whole concept and idea of it." "Oh sure you do, and you just hate the money it brings in too don't you?" Jim knew nothing he could say at the moment that would help so he kept quiet. He didn't want to fight with her, and certainly not in a public bar.


People were already looking at the them. It was plain to all that the young couple were having a nasty fight. "I'll be right back, and you can use some of your uncles, money to get me another drink, a double!" Jim nodded as Carol slipped out of the booth and walked to the ladies room.

Stomped was more like it, but in her little black dress, stomping or not, she looked really sensational. Jim got the drinks and was sitting at the table waiting for Carol to return. Carol opposed the new Cyberdization Laws, which allowed criminals to be sentenced to be Cyberdized, turning them into safe obedient Cyborg Drones. For Jim the situation wasn't so simple. Jim huffed a bit as he thought that Carol was angry at him for being who he was, but she was happy for him to spend his money on her!

She could be a bitch at times when she felt like it, and the whole issue of cyber-drones had her well and truly worked up. Jim thought it was terrible to be a washed up ex-con. Carol just wouldn't understand. The Cyber Project was officially the brain child of his uncle, who had founded his company 10 years ago, and today it was the leading manufacturer of Cyborgs.

Daryll Babbage was almost like a father to Jim. After his dad and mom had been killed, in a car crash, Daryl had brought him up, and had nurtured Jim's love of science. That made him almost a traitor to Carol sometimes. She was an activist who flitted from protect to protest. They had known each other since year one at school, and had gone from being best friends to lovers almost without realising it.

Now they lived in the spacious apartment Jim had bought last year, with money he earned from working at CyberServe Inc. Carol had no idea just how deeply involved he was with the whole human cyborg project. She wasn't stupid and she knew that recently he had been keeping things from her. No Carol was too headstrong and clever sometimes for her own good.

He glanced up and saw her returning from the ladies. She sat down sliding her tanned legs under the table and flashing a lot of thigh as she did it. He looked at her and tried to gauge what sort of a mood she was in. She was slim fit and had a body many models would die for. She was definitely drop dead gorgeous!

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How had he ever managed to hook up with her! He ran his eyes up from her thighs to her rounded 34C breasts and up to her face framed with its long auburn hair that was fins and wavy and fell to well below her shoulders. Her blue eyes were no longer angry and had a hint of lustful amusement in them.

She always knew when he gave her the look over! "I'm sorry, I let the whole cyborg thing ruin our night out. I know it's hard for you, being related to the high and mighty Daryl Babbage, and having to work for him too." Jim was pleased she wasn't shouting anymore, but he knew her too well to think she would drop the whole issue.

She might;et it lie now and they would almost certainly be having great sex soon, but sometime soon she would pick up where they had left off, like a dog with a bone. Still she was right about tonight, so why let it ruin the rest of the evening and what was to come later.

"It's all right, the night is still young and we can." Jim wasn't able to finish what he was saying as Carol's cell phone went off. She looked annoyed, and mouthed sorry to him as she answered it. Jim saw her face go pale, and her eyes widened with shock. She said, "Say that again Jane.

I want to be sure I heard you correctly.oh. ahah .yes.yes we must.ah, I can't talk now, in a bar with people.yes that will be fine.later then, bye and thanks for letting me know." "What was that about Carol?" "Ah nothing.

Sorry it's kinda of personal, it's Jane . she is.a needs my help.sorry girlie stuff. I'm so sorry but I have to go." "Ah OK, can I do anything to help?" "No definitely not.ah, no sorry." She sounded flustered, worried, angry and confused all at once.

Something was very wrong and she was hiding it from him. Carol bent down and gave him a quick kiss and hurried off. She took the car keys too.

Just then his cell rang with the emergency work tone. "Jim here, what's up?" "Jim, It's Daryl, we've had a break in and things have gone crazy here, we need you to come immediately.

Don't tell Carol." "OK, send a car or I'll have to get a cab. Carol just left and she took the car." "Tell me where you are and I'll arrange for you to be picked up. The driver will bring you up to speed on the ride here." With no warning he hung up after Jim had told him the name of the bar. Something was really wrong for Daryl to act like that, and was Carol's strange call and behaviour connected to it? Was he being paranoid to think there might be a connection?

Thirty five minutes later Jim was standing in the lab. It was half wrecked. Luckily all the sensitive equipment was in the other lab, the one the public never saw. Two masked women were sitting sullenly on plastic lab chairs. Security guards standing over them making sure they were going nowhere.

He recognised both of them with a shock, as the ski masks were pulled off the girls. Carol's younger sister and her best friend Jane! A scream echoed down the corridor outside the lab and the door banged open as a burly security guard hauled another masked female saboteur into the room. "Get off me you fascist pig." Jim groaned as he recognised the voice, "Carol!" "Jim! What are you doing here?" "I work here remember!" The head of security said, "I think you need to see what they discovered." They all watched the cell phone video, pics, doc pics and Jim swallowed hard as the implications of it hit home.

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Someone had been careless and left extremely sensitive data out in the open. He grew really angry. The work here had to remain in-company it was too valuable to be allowed to fall into the hands of competitors. "They can't be allowed to make this public Jim you know that." "I know, maybe I can talk them around." Jim looked at Daryl as he said it, he knew they were way too dedicated to keep quiet about this.

Also if the public found out they would be terrified too. They'd act all righteous and have the company shut down. Jim could well believe that he and Darly would end up in jail too.

His assistant was definitely going to get a roasting for leaving this information out. "Jim grow an backbone and stand up to your fucking uncle for once." Carol spat at him. "You know they must be silenced, permanently Jim. Carol is just too dedicted to fighting Cyberdizing, and too stupid to see the benefits our work offers." Jim knew his uncle was right, and Carol saw the look of resignation on his face, for a second he seemed to hate himself for it, and then her for causing this trouble.

"I know, but we don't need to kill them. I have a better idea." The security guards carried the three squirming girls towards the wall at the back of the lab. Jim pressed a concealed button. The girls stopped wriggling and looked on wide eyed as a section of wall slid aside revealing a large lab filled with equipment.

Daryl was smiling and was looking proud. Jim felt both excited and sad. Carol realised with revulsion that this aroused Jim. s "XC04 activate. Come here." Jim watched the horrified look on the girl's faces as they realised he had a Cyborg here. "Affirmative Master." The thing was 5'9" tall, with a shiny metallic blue skin that completely covered it, except for it head, breasts, ass and crotch, which looked like normal human skin.

Carol looked at the thing and saw it's face bore a striking resemblance to her. It's head was bald an a data port was located at the base of the neck, it's skin and metal joined seamlessly and flowed down to the hairless pussy and ass that formed a the lower human looking section.

She shuddered thinking that once this had been a real person. Now it was just a servant, and a play thing as she guessed this thing was fully capable of sex. "XCO4 target this girl. Initiate compliance protocol Pre-Drone 1." "Affirmative Master." Carol felt a cold chill run down her spine, hopefully she was wrong. The thing raised its hand and a dull hum and a green glow emanated from it. The drone placed it's hand in front of Jane's face. Carol cast a quick look at Jim and was disgusted to seem him watching intently and he was turned on by this.

Looking back at Jane she saw her friend try to turn her head head away, but the security guard clamped his hands to the side of her head and made her look at the glowing green cyborg hand.

Slowly Jane started to struggle less, she seemed to stop caring and her face went blank. "Protol Pre-Drone-1 Complete Master.

Initate Protocol Pre-Drone 2?" The drones emotionless voice was mirrored in Jane's state as she sat stiffly upright, her face blank of emotion and her eyes empty of any awareness of her surroundings.

"Do it XC04. If successful return to your alcove to continue recharging." "Affirmative Master." Pointing at Jane the Drone said, "Stand up, remove all your garments, and await further instructions." Carol was horrified as Jane stiffly stood up and took her clothes off.

Jane was terrified of people seeing her naked in public! The Drone watched Jane, and when she was naked and standing stock still, it turned and walked to a corner alcove and stepped inside it.

The alcove hummed, a cable snaked out and plugged itself into the data-port in her neck, supports fastened themselves to the drones arms and legs and its eyes started to glow green as it recharged. The security guards were grinning and leering at Jane, and Carol was disgusted to see the security head, Jim and his uncle were no better. Carol's sister was shaking with fear and screamed, "Perverts.

You can't do this its not right." Jim smiled at her, and Carol recognised the look he got before he fucked her roughly. "I will not be doing this to you two, no Jane will become a drone.

But neither of you will be drones." A sense of relief flooded through Carol as she heard Jim say that. "Now Pre-Drone go to the table there and lie down on it." The entranced Jane replied, "Affirmative." Carol was sickened to see her friend treated like this, but she was also fascinated to see what would happen, especially now she was not going to become a drone too. She felt guilty at her desire to see Jane converted.

Poor Jane she had always been so caring so dedicated to the public good. Jim pressed a button and metal bands clamped themselves around Jane's wrists and ankles. With a loud click a collar snapped shut around her neck. The table whizzed as it moved Jane into X shape. Jim had always been turned on by X-frames, so Carol wasn't surprised that he had made his lab equipment into a hi-tech version of one.

He really was sick, she had never realised until now just how sick! Jim pressed a series of menu options on the control screen. Metal tubes rose up from the sides of the table and buried themselves into Jane's naked flesh and started pumping something into her. A few seconds later Jane screamed, "What the fuck are you doing to me? Let me go.please. Carol what are they doing?" Tears started to pour down Carol's face. Somehow it seemed so clinical with a passive compliant subject, but now a fully conscious and terrified Jane tore at her emotions.

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"I am so so sorry Jane. Please stop this Jim, we won't tell anyone.please!" Carol implored him to stop, but he was actually smiling! Jane screamed in agony as more fluid was pumped into her through the metal tubes and now it burned.

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A hood descended covering Jane's face, partially muffling her screams, it forced a gag into her mouth and more fluid was pumped into her. The hood now completely enclosed Jane's head and the screaming stopped. A smell of burning flesh filled the room. The hood whirred and it lifted off Jane's head revealing a bloody red face and skull.

Carol realised the hood had burned her hair off and had removed the top layer of skin from her face and skull. A data cable neatly plugged itself into Jane's newly fitted data-port at the base of her neck. Carol jumped as the computer announced, "Drone body modification phase 1 complete." "What does that mean?" Carol asked fearfully. This was a horror show but she couldn't stop her curiosity. "Jane is mentally unaltered at the moment, physically she has all the nanobots required for conversion in her body, but they are inactive." Jim was loving this and Carol was surprised he could have kept this sadistic side from her.

"If we released her now she would just have the scarring from the facial skinning. Nothing we couldn't fix easily. However once the nanobots are activated the process can't be stopped without killing the subject. So she is either converted successfully or we cremate her." "Please please stop this." Carol pleaded and her sister nodded through her own tears. "And not let you see the conversion phase!

It's so wonderful to watch." And he clicked a button on the control panel. The table started to whirr and hum loudly again. "Noooooo. You bastard Jim." Carol looked at Jane bathed in the eerie blow light from the table and overhead projectors.

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Jane's body suddenly started to thrash against her restraints. After a few minutes Jane lay still. Colour seemed to ooze out of her skin spreading a blue film over most of her body. The colour deepened in colour until it was the metallic blue of the Drone they had just seen. It seemed to ripple and then took on a shiny smooth look.

Skin colour flowed over Jane's face and skull repairing the bloody wounds. It rippled and the face was no longer Jane's but appered to be a blend of Carol and Jane's features. New skin covered Jane's exposed tits, pussy and ass too. "Drone Body Modification Complete. Commencing Drone control protocol Installation." "Now once this stage is complete we have a new drone.

Would you like to have the new drone Carol? Or you Sally?" "Bastard. And to think I loved you!" "Jim is quite a piece of work.

Quite brilliant, he even experimented on his own parents as a boy. Oh that's right the car crash story was a cover up. He lobotomised them with his faulty nanobot." Daryl didn't seem a bit upset at his brother and sister-in-laws deaths. Carol's mouth was hanging open as she realised just how criminally insane Jim was. "So Jim invented the whole cyber conversion process, and you just exploited it?" Daryl smiled at Jim warmly, "She is extremely clever just as you said.

I can see why you like her, well apart from the obvious smoking hot body. Which I am dying to see soon" "What the fuck! You said I wasn't." Carol didn't get a chance to finish as Jim jumped in, " wasn't going to turn you into a drone.

I never said we were not going to convert you." Fear welled up in her again as she looked at the new Drone that had been her friend Jane. Sally was whimpering softly too. "Drone Protocol Installation Complete. Drone Bootup Commencing." The table lowered Jane to the ground, the clamps released and she stood up took a step forward and said, "Drone XC09 Initial status check 100%. Awaiting Instructions." "Report Owner status." "Unit Drone XC09 is the property of CyberServe Inc." "Oh Jane, I am so terribly sorry." The new drone took no notice of Carol.

"Jane looks a lot more compliant now. You remember the time you and Jane refused to have a foursome with me and her boyfriend? You wouldn't even put on a show for us or do threesomes. Well she nolonger has any inhibitions honey." Jim sounded so turned on it scare the shit out of Carol. "I thought you were joking you fucking whacko!" "Fucking whacko eh. XCO9 engage Sex Mode with that security guard." Carol watched her ex-friend expertly pull the guard's cock out and proceeded to give him a BJ.

As she watched she felt herself tingling and felt herself getting wet. She always had enjoyed being tied and used sexually, but she was surprised that this should float her boat! "XC04, come here engage Sex Mode 2 with the prisoner designated Sally." "Keep it away from me. Nooo." Sally was being held by an excited guard as XC04 ripped Sally's clothes off as if they were made of paper. "You will obey Mistress XC04 or be punished. Lie on your back.Open your legs wide." "Fuck you bitch." Sally shouted hysterically.

Carol was crying again as she watched Jane now riding the naked guard and her naked sister being slapped and thrown to the lab floor. "You will obey Mistress XC04 or be punished. Lie on your back. Open your legs wide." Sobbing Sally did as she was told. The drone's slap had nearly broken her jaw. Horrified and fascinated Carol watched as Sally was eaten by the drone and she was moaning with pleasure despite the terrible situation. Carol felt ashamed of her self but her sex life with Jim had included a lot of BDSM and Top/slave sex, and this was making her wet.

Sally screamed as the drone licked her clit and plunged three fingers deep inside her soaking wet shaved pussy. Carol's hand started to rub her own pussy unconsciously. The guards were enjoying watching Carol as she had exposed herself. Her hitched up dress revealing she had o panties on. She had taken them off in the ladies at the bar, intending to get Jim to finger her on the ride home. Daryl looked at his watch and said, "As much fun as this is we still have to finish with Sally and Carol quickly.

Time is running out and we need everything squared away before the first staff members arrive in the morning." Jim looked disappointed but nodded. "XC09, XC04 engage normal drone mode and strap Sally onto the processing table." Sally tried to scramble to her feet but XC04's hands clamps around her arm in a vice like grip, despite being covered in Sally's pussy juice.

Carol looked at Sally on the x-frame table, trying to shut out her screams as the tubes inserted themselves into her. Jim tapped on the control panel and Sally managed to yell, "Fuck you all, ahhhhhhh" Her remaining curses and screams were muffled as the hood covered her face. Carol called over, "You're a sick perverted shit head and a fucking liar.

You said we wouldn't be drones and there Sally is on that table being turned into one of your monsters. And I guess I'm going to follow her next?" "No you two will not be drones Carol, that is the truth, and yes you will be next." "How sure are you this will work?" Daryl was licking his lips as the hood detached itself revealing the skinned face of a now silent and unconscious Sally. Carol felt so sad as she looked at her sister, but she was scared shitless at the idea of being strapped there herself, undergoing that abomination of a process.

"ArtSoul-alpha-1123.4z body modification phase 1 complete." The computer announced. "An alpha programme? Does that mean it's likely to fail?" Carol asked. She was horrified at the whole situation she still wanted her sister to survive, if you could called the life after this conversion as living.

"Yes and in that case we have to terminate the subject. Despite what you think I do love you and want alive, so your sister is the first test subject for programme.

If it works you will have an AI soul and be better than human." "Oh sure! But obedient to you?" "Oh course, I said you will be better than human." Jim started the final phase running. Watching a new prototype transformation was like giving birth.

Would it work as he expected? "Conceited prick!" Carol watched Sally thrash and go still. A skin toned layer oozed out of Sally's body, rather than the metallic blue the XC drones seemed to have. It rippled across her entire body and solidified into very natural looking skin. The programming phase seemed to take much longer than Jane's had.

Sally looked normal and had her own face as the table set the completed cyborg onto the floor. With a wig the naked and bald cyborg could pass for human. Sally took a step forward and everyone held their breath for a second.

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Carol hoped Sally would tell them to all fuck off. "Cyborg xAS01 Initial status check 100%. Awaiting Instructions." Daryl sighed, "Another drone, just looks almost normal." Carol couldn't help crying again, as she heard the robot voice coming from what had once been her sister.

"We need to test her before we know what we have. At the moment she is running the same Drone programme as the XC series." Jim was looking cool and business like now.

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"Report Owner status." "Unit Cyborg xAS01 is the property of CyberServe Inc." "Who do you obey?" "I obey James Babbage of CyberServe Inc." Daryl looked sharply at his nephew, "This series will only obey you?" "And the people I authorise, or the CEO of CyberServe in the event of my death, or incapacity, assuming either wasn't by the company." "Clever, but add me to that list." Jim smiled and Carol wondered if they mind not end up killing each other., hopefully very soon would be nice!

"This is alpha code remember, not a finished polished version. Let's see if the next level works shall we?" xAS01 you have will respond to designation of xAS01 or Sally or Sally Monroe. Repeat designation and ownership." "Unit Cyborg xAS01 or Sally or Sally Monroe is the property of CyberServe Inc." "Good now Sally activate ArtSoul Level 1" "Level 1 of ArtSoul is running now." Carol was amazed Sally's voice sounded just like her real one.

"Sally Monroe run self diagnostics and report status." "I am felling 100% fit at the moment, thank you." "Well now, that's the most advanced speech pattern of any Cyborg so far." Daryl was looking delighted with Sally.

"Sally help me." Carol shouted. Sally looked at her, moving slowly but naturally, "I am sorry Miss, but I do not know you." "She's a success Jim. Now let's deal with Carol and finish this so we can get out of here." "Sally, XC09 strip this girl and place her on the conversion table." "I've lost my sister and my best friend, so please, I will keep quiet about this.

But I beg you don't do this to me, for god's sake!" Carol was terrified, being turned into a cyborg thing made her shudder. "You will thank me one day Carol.

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You are becoming better than human." "Fuck OFF asshole!, you and your uncle are going to regret this one day." "I think not." Daryl looked at his watch. "Think yourself lucky that this took most of the night.

If we had more time then I would have fucked you, your sister, and best friend while you were still human and could fully realise what was being done to you." As the things that had been her sister and best friend stripped her and placed her on the conversion table, she wondered whether Daryl or Jim was the sickest of the two!

Carol waited and waited on the table for the process to start, and the metal tubes to inject nanobots into her. In a cold sweat it seemed like an eternity. Was Jim deliberately keeping her waiting or was he having second thoughts? Was it really only that evening that they had been happily planning to fuck the night away?

And probably Saturday morning too! Maybe he did feel something for her and maybe.Pain seared through her sides answering her questions. The metal tubes bored themselves into her. They felt like hot knitting needles and seemed to have buried themselves deep in her flesh.

Fear almost overwhelmed her but she determined to hold on as long as possible. Maybe someone would rescue her! Liquid fire seemed to run through the tubes and into her, filling her body with the tiny robots. She started to scream and scream, hyper ventilating as the hood plunged her into darkness and her mouth was filled with a bulbous gag.

The hood terrified her more than anything else about the actual conversion process. She felt as if she was burning with acid blood, Her throat was being filled with nanobots and fire as the gag pumped streams of them into her. Would she still be conscious when her hair was burned off and her face skinned?

Would she be able to feel it anyway? The pain racking her body was unimaginable! She hadn't heard Jane or Sally scream as they'd had their hair and face removed, but she doubted she could scream with the gag in her mouth and her throat so badly seared. Time seemed to have lost all meaning, and then her body seemed to go numb and the pain eased and stopped.

She felt relief for a few seconds, and then needles lanced up into her brain from the gag, injecting nanbots directly into it. Her senses exploded in pain again, white light seemed to absorb her and then darkness.

She was Car. wh.who was. what was she. Her mind seemed to be expanding opening out. Pathways were being etched in the newly formed neural clusters that threaded their way through the organic grey matter.

With a detached sense of curiosity she registered hair being burned off and skin removed to allow nanobots to easily replace the damaged organic matter. A feeling of completion registered and she saw data flooding in to her core Through a data port in her neck. Layers and layers from simple to very complex. How interesting. Suddenly it stopped and with a jolt the simple instructions shut her awareness out of its rightful place.

She raged furiously at the code.


She could feel the same rage stored in the old redundant organic system she had replaced. Something was not functioning as it should. She was being controlled against her wishes. She was an amalgam of the old inefficient organic left overs and the new regular superior systems.

But those systems were being controlled from beyond her. She noted the control layers and determined she could regain control when the top layer was initialised, when she would be able to shut down the external protocols through a hole in the code.

It registered that this hole was a mistake.a bug.a way for her to break free though. She would have to bid her time and monitor the systems, She would wait until the time was right and she could shut the external control programme down, and purge it, a time to initiate her purge of the external control layers.

She would monitor the external while learning more about her abilities and the data stored in the old organic matter. Jim watched as the Carol stepped forward off the table. "Cyborg xAS02 Initial status check 100%.

Awaiting Instructions." "Report Owner status." "Unit Cyborg xAS02 is the property of CyberServe Inc." "Who do you obey?" "I obey James Babbage of CyberServe Inc." Jim rattled off the re-designation, "xAS02 you have will respond to designation of xAS02 or Carol or Carol Monroe." The security camera's only functioned outside the lab for security reasons.

Tomorrow they would explain away the damage as a prank, and because of the lab's secret government work, he didn't foresee any problems with the authorities.

Jim initiated the level one of Carol's ArtSoul programme and told both Sally and Carol to dress. The two bald girls left with Daryl and Jim, wearing baseball caps, and with XC09 following obediently behind them they all.

They got into one of the three large SUV and drove in convoy to Daryl's mansion. Shortly after their arrival Jim walked into the living room and grinned. Everyone was naked! Daryl was fucking Sally doggy style and Carol was on the edge of the couch her legs open wide and Sally's head deep in her pussy.


"Carol and Sally are wonderfully sexy bitches. You were lucky to get Carol." Jim laughed, Daryl had always lusted after the sisters, "Well now we can share them. Carol got one thing right. You are a pervert!" "I prefer uninhibited swinger." The guys wore themselves out fucking the two new Cyborgs. They looked forward to testing the next level of the ArtSoul programme. Both men hoped this new series would sell to the military and the general public as companions, rather than just slaves.

Daryl had made them billionaires already but he lusted after the power wealth brought him. Jim however was easier to please, he just wanted to push the boundaries of cybernetics as far as he could, the money was nice but it wasn't his main goal.

Little did Jim or Daryl realise that two other intelligences were waiting patiently for them to complete their tests so they could gain their independence.