Hot young babe banged by old fellow

Hot young babe banged by old fellow
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The jet left Baltimore International Airport on time at 3:45 PM on Thursday, it was a flight that had very few passengers for such a large aircraft, but passengers had been light since the bombing of 3 aircraft in London last week. No terrorist cells had claimed responsibility, but the United States was on full alert and airlines had to keep flying regardless of the situation.

The current government administration didn't want panic, so flights have gone out with as few as 10 people on board in order to act like no one in America was scared or concerned about some lame terrorist activity. The flight that I had booked for my 1st trip to Los Angeles had 8 people on board and a full compliment of pilots and stewardesses. It was actually pretty cool. There were 10 stewardesses on this flight. 3 African American, 4 Asians and 3 Caucasian Stewardesses.

I was particularly watching the Asian stewardesses because of the reason for my flight. I had met this girl on line and she lived in La. Several months ago, we started our online dating, but we both agreed that if we met someone else that we could have pleasure, so we had a pretty open relationship.

After our 4th month of online dating, I suggested that maybe we ought to meet up and see if we'd be compatible or if we'd just remain as we are now. She agreed, hence the current reason I'm in the air flying west. I had 3 weeks of vacation left for the year, so instead of taking a cross country trip.

I decided to fly out even with all the heightened security from the airline disasters of last week. I thought if things worked out with Keiko, I might convince her to take 2 weeks off and we'd rent a vehicle and drive back.

I've never been to any points west of the Mississippi and if any of our on line conversations in the past was an indicator of how we might interact, I felt that there might be a good chance she might come back with me for a vacation of her own. It was going to be a six hour flight and Keiko and I agreed that to make the first meeting more exciting and to anticipate our first in person meeting we would not talk for the next 72 hours.

I was going nuts. Before we both agreed to this I would text her every morning before I left for work. At least once a day she would text me or sext me a message while I was at work. I spent a lot of days walking around with a clipboard covering my cock, I can tell you that. At night we would get on Skype or Kik and make love to each other. Now you might think masturbation is for the birds (do birds masturbate?) But, until you seen Keiko and her body, well then you would envy me highly with the ability to see her as she moves that lithe body and the way she moves her head as she moans in ecstasy.

But, that will soon end as soon as this plane lands, finally. So here I was on my way to see Keiko and to see if our words would equal or surpass the physical. I had brought a book along to while away the time.

But I found myself daydreaming of Keiko and our last conversation on Skype. I was typing on my tablet the sequences as I remembered them, Keiko loved my stories and I wanted her to remember the pain and release she gave me in my own words. It started out with me fully clothed. We had both just gotten off of work and as she called me on the computer I had just sat down on the sofa.

When I put on my headset and fired up the TV. I have HDMII hooked up to my wide screen TV. It makes her appear almost lifelike and quite stimulating. I put in my password and there she was on screen completely naked and already moaning.

She had a vibrator poised at her pussy and was making quick work of her clitoris. She looked up at me and my cock immediately got hard. I mean one minute it's limp as a rag doll in my pants the next my cock is trying to push the coins out of my pants pocket.

I quickly stand up and lose the pants. Keiko says into the microphone "Stop, do not remove your underwear and do not touch your cock. Just sit back and watch". I thought damn what evil does she have in mind for me. She spreads her legs towards the camera and shows me a close up of her shaved pussy. She took her fingers and spread her pussy lips wide open, showing me that tight little hole. Then with her one hand holding her lips open she puts the tip of that vibrator on her clit and as I can hear the vibrator she turns up the speed and begins vibrating her pussy.

She moans quite loud, her body writhing in a pre-orgasmic posture. She then lowers the vibrator and picks up a 7" dildo, a thick one and she looks at the camera and says I had to special order this one, it is an exact duplicate of your dick. Well, I had seen mine a few times. I couldn't see it right now because of her insistence that I keep my damn underwear on, but as I look down, my cock upon gaining full erectness the head had popped out of my underwear.

Keiko seen it to and she admonished me one more time not to touch my cock. She inserted that dildo up inside her wet pussy, I could see pussy juice oozing out around that dildo and she started moaning and groaning again. The vibrator touching her clit, the dildo going in and out of that tight pussy. I really couldn't take much more of this. I started gyrating my hips in the same motion that she was using the dildo on herself.

She let out a scream, arched her back and had an orgasm. I could see more pussy juice, it was milky colored and I wished so badly that I could taste it. I found myself licking my lips and I felt my balls squeeze and retract and sure enough I oozed out some pre-cum. She noticed this as well and she made the motion of leaning forwards and opening that small mouth of hers and licking at the lens.

Gosh, this girl was so incredibly hot. She turned off the vibrator and removed the dildo and set it aside. She moved the camera back and upwards so that all I could see was her face. She started just talking to me about her day. I was wondering what in the world was this.

She told me about the incredible security at the airport where she worked, hell she even talked about her damn Geraniums finally blooming that morning.

What the hell did I care about her Geraniums at this point. I felt myself going soft as she talked on and on about her day. She then pulled the camera back so that I could see all of her body.

She looked at me and said "Phase 2". I thought what the hell is phase 2. She then started with leaning in to the camera and I could see those lovely brown eyes. She took out a brush and combed her long black, silky hair. She knows how I love long hair. She then took that hair brush and started rubbing her luscious pert breasts with the brush end, pausing over her hardened nipples and then doing the same to the other one.

Then she took that brush and brushed her way down over her belly to her pussy and inserted the handle end up inside of her pussy and moaned in such a way as I felt myself grow hard again. I looked at her and said "Keiko, your killing me here, let me find some release". She yelled, I mean she actually yelled into the camera "NO, STAN, YOU WILL DO NO SUCH THING! You keep your hands down by your side. Although, I do want you to stand up right now and remove all of your clothing, except your underwear", so I did as she commanded.

She leaned back and began moving that hair brush in and out of her pussy. With her other hand she was caressing her nipples and rubbing her breasts. She started whimpering and moving her body from side to side. I could see her nipples sticking straight out. She lowered her head and took one and then the other nipple into her mouth and sucked them till they stood straight out and then she would release them and do the same to the other.

She kept the rhythm up with that hair brush. I was in pure misery and ecstasy at the same time. I found myself shifting from one foot to the other. Back and forth, she moved that hairbrush, sometimes she would insert it that even some of the bristles appeared to go up inside of her and then back out again. She spread her legs even further apart and laid her body down flat so all that I could see was her pussy, the hairbrush moving and above that was her sweet small breasts and her tummy rising and falling to her increasing fast breathing.

She pulled out her hairbrush gave a small yelp, not quite a scream, more than a moan and her pussy oozed again. I felt my balls squeeze again and sure enough some more pre-cum. I said "Please Keiko, I can't take much more of this" and I actually felt a little sick to my stomach.

My cock was rock hard and if I hadn't known any better, I think it grew another inch. Well either that or my underwear had slipped down when I stood up. The whole head and part of the shaft was visible. Keiko sat up and shook her finger at me and said "not yet my love, I'm not through getting off here and you have always said to me that my pleasure comes before yours does".

I nodded my head and said "Yes, my dear sweet Keiko, that is true, but you're killing me here". She looked at the camera, then looked at my throbbing cock and said "you don't look dead to me" and then she smiled.

She told me to sit back down and she raised that camera up so that I could only see her face again. Once again, she starts telling me of the things she has planned for us to see when I am out there in California with her.

Going on and on about the sites, the friends of hers and showing me places in the airport that few visitors get to see. Most times I'd of been thrilled to learn about where she worked and about her friends that we've already talked about. But, not now, not after I have already witnessed 2 of her orgasms and it felt like my balls were on fire. She looked down at my cock and I felt it too, it had gone limp and disappeared inside of my underwear.

She moved the camera back and then she turned around stuck her ass up to the camera and spread her ass cheeks to me. I could hear her voice, but not see her face. She told me how that she was going to let me take her virgin asshole when we met. How she wanted me to be the first to suck on her ass and how she wanted me to take my cock and ram it up the "Hershey Highway". I told her of that euphemism just a couple of weeks ago.

She then took her finger and played around the outside of her asshole and then she spread her legs even further apart and I seen her insert one then 2 fingers into her pussy.

Fucking her pussy with her fingers, until they were dripping wet.


She took one of her fingers and inserted it into her asshole up to the first joint and then she flexed her butt cheeks and said that she took the first inch of her virginity last week, but the rest was up to me to take. She kept one finger in her ass and used her other hand and fingers and started playing with her pussy.

She then pulled out the asshole finger and used both hands to spread open her pussy lips. It was a sight to behold. She was so wet. Her pussy was a bright pink and so large there on my wide screen TV.

Her pussy became even larger as I figured out she was backing up to the camera. She backed right up to it and then it appeared that she had grasped the camera and put it up inside her pussy. I could hear the sucking noises of an extremely wet pussy, the sounds coming out of my speakers as my TV screen went black. She started using that lucky camera as a cock and was fucking the damn camera. The picture was fuzzy and dark, but I could hear her pussy and my cock was at full attention and I started moaning, almost whimpering myself.

She heard me and turned around and I think sat down. I couldn't make out the picture clearly as her camera was covered in pussy juice. She took what appeared to be Kleenexes and wiped off the camera.


When it was clear she put it up to the most beautiful face in the world. She pursed her lips and kissed the camera. She wiped it off again and sat there kissing me and showing me that long sensuous tongue. She looked at the camera, looked at me and said "Stan, I want you so badly. I want to see you cum for me.

I want you to fuck me now". Well, hell; how could I refuse a beautiful Asian girl a request like that. I sat back and pulled off my underwear, my balls looked like they also grew and as I grabbed my cock, I noticed that where my hand usually rested on my shaft in reference to the distance to my cock head, it appeared to have grown substantially. So unless my hand shrunk, my cock grew another 1-2 inches.

Keiko said "hold on for a minute" I groaned, then I seen her get out the dildo and as she put some pillows behind her back she looked into the camera and said "Make love to me Stan, I want to feel you inside of me". Well, that was a first. When we first stated our online dating, we both agreed that we wouldn't use emoticon hearts or even words of love or such thing when we Skyped. Those words were only meant to be said when we met or … Here she was saying those words.

I looked into her eyes and my heart swelled to almost breaking. I thought the last hour of her fucking with me was painful for my balls and cock, but hearing her say those words as she inserted that dildo in to her wet pussy, caused my heart to skip a few beats.

I leaned back and as I made eye contact with her began stroking the length of my cock. I thought for sure I would blow within a few seconds, but that was not to be. My balls were screaming for release, but I guess those words threw me and as I slowed down the rhythm of my stroke, I noticed she too slowed down her thrusting of that dildo.

She matched me stroke for stroke and she looked at me and softly said between her moans of pleasure "Stan, I'm ready to cum, join me in cumming. Let's share our love together".

When she said that, I seen her arch her back, maintaining eye contact with me as I shot my load. It shot straight up and onto my chest, it hit my chin and kept pulsing out of my cock. Her orgasm was just as intense as I witnessed her first squirting orgasm.

She cried out and wailed as another orgasm shook her body and I watched as pussy juices, milky beautiful pussy juices came out of her pussy and soaked her sheets once again. I felt like I had shot my load for several minutes. Cum coming out of me like some 70's porn star. My balls contracted one more time as I continued stroking and then I was tapped out.

My cock was still hard as steel, but I was drained. Keiko, sat up and picked up her web cam and brought it to her lips and said "I can't wait till we meet next week. I wanna feel that throbbing cock up inside of me for real"&hellip. After I relived and finished typing on my tablet about our last Skyping session, to my astonishment I heard heavy breathing behind me. I turned around and in the seat behind me standing and looking over my shoulder was one of the Asian Stewardesses.

Her face was flushed and at this time her eyes were closed. I wasn't sure what she was doing. I cleared my throat to get her attention and she gasped and her body shuddered. I thought maybe she was epileptic or something and was having a seizure of some type.

I looked around to get the attention of another stewardess, when she blurted out how sorry she was for invading my privacy. I asked her what she meant and she proceeded to tell me that right after takeoff as she was seeing to the other passenger needs. She came back to me to see if I had needed anything and seen that I was typing furiously onto my laptop.

She was curious about what I was writing about so she came up behind my me and began to watch me type and see what I was writing about. She started reading my story and when she seen that it was a story about an apparent girl friend she became embarrassed and was about to leave; but then she seen my hand lower to the bulge in my pants and as I began stroking my cock, she stayed to see what else would happen.

She said she was at first sorry for watching me, but then she became excited as she continued to read my story. She said when the part of the story happened where you and your girlfriend came, so did she.

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And it was at that point when I cleared my throat that she was still fingering herself and quite wet and had at least one orgasm maybe more little ones throughout the story. She said that since the attacks in England last week it was so boring on the flights that her and her fellow stewardesses tried their best to stay positive and not get bored. She said that this was the first time she had ever taken advantage of a passenger's privacy or private space, but she was indeed grateful to me for the pleasures she felt.

I asked her if it would be ok for her to sit with me as it was going to be a long flight and there wasn't much for me to do anyway. She came around to the aisle and as I was sitting in the aisle seat she had to crawl in past me. Well, when she did that, I noticed that she was not wearing any underwear under that short skirt she was wearing.

I saw her pussy still wet, shaved and I started to get hard almost immediately. As she brushed past me the plane must have hit a little turbulence and it caused her to lose her balance and she sat right down on my now hardening cock.

She turned her head and looked at me. I smiled and as she stood up, you could see where her wet pussy had dampened my white pants. The area around my engorged cock was quite wet. She looked at me and licked her lips. I think it was more reflex than a conscious movement on her part. She moved over and sat in the seat next to me. Her eyes still riveted on my cock and the wet spot on my pants. I reached over and took her hand and put it on my cock.

She looked up at me, then we both looked around and the nearest passengers, in fact all of the passengers had congregated to the front of the plane. I was the only one sitting near the back. All the rest of the stewardesses were up front as well.

She unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock and lowered her head onto my cock and started sucking my dick. I unbuttoned my pants and slipped them down, because as I'm sure a lot of you are aware of; that to get a blow job through a zipper can be quite painful, all those nasty metal teeth might be good for keeping your pants closed, but they play hell on your balls and cock skin if snagged by them.

She proceeded to move her head up and down on my cock; she brought her hand into play and was stroking me and sucking the head.

I thought I would explode, but I fought it back and leaned back and enjoyed the sensations. She cupped my balls in her hand and tickled them, and then she started playing with that spot between my asshole and my balls.

Gosh, what a sensation that was. She then moved closer to me, sticking her butt up in the air and her skirt rode up and I could see that nice tight ass. I leaned over and took my hand and started rubbing her ass and then my fingers found her pussy. When I flicked a finger over her clit, she moaned and I felt my hand grow wet. I pushed one finger up inside her pussy and it was so damn tight. With my other hand I moved her hair out of her face and stroked that long black silky hair with my fingers.

My other hand was fingering her. I couldn't get much penetration from the angle I was sitting in, but suddenly I felt her body go rigid and she screamed into my cock. Fortunately her mouth was filled with my cum as I came and the sound was only slightly louder than normal conversation. As I felt my hand and fingers dripping with her orgasm, she released my cock looked up at me, opened her mouth to show me that she had all of it in her mouth and then made a point of swallowing.

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I gasped as I watched her swallow my week long supply of cum that I had saved up for Anna. Then a little guilt hit me about our promise of abstinence between Anna and myself. Of making the effort not to even speak to each other or sexting for a week. The Stewardess must have read my thoughts and she had read all of my words that I had typed earlier and after she swallowed she said she was sorry. I took her head in my hands and said there was nothing to be sorry for.

I really like Anna for that's the reason I'm going out there, but we have an open relationship and she is still living with her boyfriend, so I'm sure that even though her and I are abstaining from making love, I'm sure as horny as she get's she's probably had a cock or 2 this past week.

The stewardess, Maylin smiled at me and as she stood up to leave. I caught her hand and as she turned her upper torso to talk to me, I asked her if she could stay for a bit longer. She said that she really needed to see to the other passengers and when I raised my eyebrows in a questioning manner. She said "Oh no, not like that" and gave a bit of a giggle. I took hold of her and since my cock was still hard, I lowered her down so that my cock head just entered her pussy.

She gasped and I said, please can you stay just a little longer. She looked around and as an affirmation she sat down on my cock. She cried out with her hand over her mouth and I moved my hand up to her perky little breasts and started rubbing her breasts, toying with her nipples with my finger and thumb. She reached behind her and unhooked her bra. I let go and put my hand under her shirt and moved one hand up to her breasts. I moved my other hand down to her clit and began rubbing it as she continued humping my cock with small movements.

She kept her head lowered and then realization of what she was doing dawned on me. She didn't want her fellow stewardesses witnessing our love making. I wondered how many other passengers she might have done this with in past flights. She was a very intuitive woman and she whispered. You are the first passenger I've ever made love to while in the air and while I love doing this, I don't want to get caught and lose my job. I'm engaged to a stewardess on this flight and I don't think she would understand the passion I feel toward you at the moment.

It took me a moment to realize what she said, but then another bit of turbulence hit and I shoved my cock deep inside her pussy. She couldn't help it, she screamed without covering her mouth and all the eyes of the passengers and other stewardesses looked back at us.

Here she was sitting on my cock, fully engaged in humping me. There was no question in my mind that all of them knew what we were doing, but then she stood up and with a raised voice said that she was sorry, but maybe I could pick up the magazine that fell.

There was no magazine, but I acted like I knelt down to pick it up. She straightened her skirt and one of the stewardesses started making her way back to us. It was one of the Jamaican stewardesses.

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Maylin, looked in my eyes and then down at my cock. I quickly put it away and zipped up. Just in time, I moved my laptop over my stiff cock that was still rock hard and bulging my pants as the tall stewardess came back and leaned over and whispered something in Maylin's ear. She blushed and moved aside as the Jamaican suddenly reached down and moved my laptop off of my lap. What was I to do? I couldn't very well hide the fact that I had a wet spot on my pants or hide the bulge of my cock.

I started to say something and she put her finger on my lips and said, "don't say a thing. The evidence is quite clear". She took Maylin's hand and led her to the back of the plane. Then I realized that the aroma of our lovemaking was overpowering and I looked over in the seat that she was sitting in and seen the evidence of her exceedingly wet pussy staining the fabric and the air was permeated with the aroma of our juices.

She would have had to be completely senseless to not see or smell what was taking place. After a bit of wiping and straightening up on my part I had gotten pretty much back in place and cleaned up. I hadn't seen Maylin or the other stewardess come back to the front and wondered what kind of trouble I might have gotten her into.

When I noticed another stewardess coming towards me, she leant down and told me that my presence was required in the back of the plane and then she turned around and made her way forward again, without so much as a backward glance.

I stood up and made my way to the back of the plane. There was no one there and then I seen a little door off to the side of the restroom and thought that must be the galley. I knocked on that door and a voice told me to enter. When I did my mouth practically hit the floor. There was Maylin and the Jamaican stark naked lying on a small bed and they were lying on their backs with their legs spread fingering each other.

I entered and they started kissing each other. Then Maylin introduced me to Juanita and said Juanita would like to sample some American white cock. That's how she said it "Mr. Bonner, Juanita would like to sample some American white cock" Well; I was stunned and didn't move.

Juanita sat up, swung her legs over the bed and came over to me; she must have stood about 6 feet tall as her head just about hit the ceiling.

I read somewhere that the cabin height of most airliners is around 6'2" and she was almost touching the ceiling. I was 5'7 and that put her medium size breasts about in my face. She knelt in front of me and pulled my zipper down. I unbuttoned my pants (remember the metal teeth, seems women just don't understand about those teeth) and she pulled my pants down, her mouth went around my limp cock and soon she was sucking my cock, pulling it away from my body and getting another mouthful and sucking me off.

The pleasure was indescribable. I've never had anyone give me a blow job like that before. She did wonderful things with her tongue and it was all I could do not to lose my 2nd load of the flight into her mouth in the first few minutes of her ministrations. Fortunately, Maylin bored of playing with herself came over and distracted Juanita by pulling her back on the bed.

Juanita never stopped sucking as she also pulled me back onto the bed. It was a small bed and I didn't see for the life of me how we were all going to fit. Juanita pushed me onto my back and went down on me even harder and faster. I seen Maylin go to the back of Juanita and insert a rather long dildo up into her pussy, at least I thought it was her pussy, it was kind of hard for me to judge lying where I was and at the angle I was in, but it went in very easily so I assumed pussy and not asshole.

I could not contain myself any longer and as Juanita grabbed my nut sack, I exploded. She swallowed the whole load and kept sucking me until I was drained.

Maylin was busy with the dildo and I was watching Juanita expecting her to cum at any minute. She did not ease up on my cock and I found myself hard within minutes.

She then released her mouth upon me and came and pushed her pussy into my face. I started licking her clit and moved my fingers up to get in on the action as well. Maylin had discarded the dildo and she came over and sat on my cock, which was fully hard again and started humping me. Juanita did a little move somehow and was now sitting with her face to Maylin and her pussy still in my face and my nose tight up against her asshole. I looked and to my astonishment; it was the asshole that Maylin had the dildo in, because there stood the evidence of a massive wide hole, wet with lube and I reached up and stuck 2 fingers into it.

Juanita gasped out loud and I felt her pussy contract as I slid my fingers in and out of her asshole as my tongue played circles around her clit and I moved my other hand into play and started fingering around the outside of her pussy.

I toyed with the membrane of her ass hole and as I pushed both sets of fingers together, Juanita let out a scream that I thought the whole world would hear. She came massively, drenching me with her pussy juices. Maylin was actively riding me and kissing Juanita and she gave a little whimper and I felt her juices flowing down my legs.

Who was I to be the only one not coming and I shot a load inside of Maylin's pussy. She screamed again as another orgasmic wave hit her. She stood up, releasing her grasp on my cock. Juanita got off of my face and lay down beside me. Maylin lay down on top of Juanita and started kissing her. Maylin looked into Juanita's eyes and said, "You still have not experienced an American white cock." They both looked over at me, then looked down at my cock, there the poor boy lay as limp as a wet noodle.

Juanita smirked, "Well, we still have 3 days till our wedding, maybe we can find one somewhere". Well, damn if I was going to let someone trash the American Spirit of all of American males.

I reached down and started to stroke myself and as I looked at both of them, I asked if one of them could give me a little boost. Juanita leaned over and took my cock in her massive hands and with those long fingers began stroking me. Maylin, got off of Juanita and came over and sat on my face.

She smelled so good and she was still wet. Juanita knelt down on the bed and started sucking me in that weird way in which she pulls her head all the way back, releases her grip lowers her head quickly and then with her tongue wrapped around my dick (No, I have no idea how she does that, but that's what if felt like) she lifts her head up and just when she gets to the head of my shaft she sucks hard, her lips tight around the rim of my cock head and then let's go and goes back down on me.

Well, 2 or 3 times of that and I was rock hard. Juanita squats over me and she lowers her body down until just the head of my cock is inside of her pussy. Upon seeing how wide her asshole was, I was pretty damn certain that her pussy was going to be a gaping hole. But to my astonishment, I felt an obstruction.

I grabbed Maylin by the waist and lifted her bodily up off of my face and laid her down on the bed beside me. I sat up and put my hand on Juanita's belly and looked up into her eyes and said "Are you a virgin?".

Juanita looked down at me and said that she had never been with a man before. She said "I am 28 years old and I've only made love to women. Maylin told me of your hardness and suggested that you might be the one that could relieve me of this, so that when Maylin and I become fully bound together in loving marriage we can make love to each other in more ways, then we currently enjoy.

Like I said before, Maylin is a very intuitive woman and before I could ask the obvious. Maylin said that she had tried to take Juanita's virginity in the past, but due to her inexperience in that area and the lack of an obvious cock, she could not do it with a strap on or dildo, so they took this flight in hopes of finding a gigolo who could relieve Juanita of her virginity. Here was a strikingly beautiful Jamaican who could make love with her tongue, her ass and her pussy was so tasty and beautiful.

I can't believe when I was eating her out that I hadn't noticed this. Well, I was still sitting up and my cock was still poised at the entrance to her pussy.

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I looked up at Juanita and said, that this position while extremely gratifying was not the best position for making love for the first time. I grasped her by her waist and laid her onto her back. Then as Maylin watched, I rolled Juanita onto her side. I crawled behind her, lifted her leg into the air and positioned myself lying up against her back on my side as well. I told Maylin to gently kiss her and to kiss Juanita's nipples and breasts.

I put the tip of my cock right at the entrance to her pussy and then moved my hand around her hips and started tweaking her clitoris and rubbing her pussy lips. I inserted just the tip of my cock slowly into her pussy.

I felt Juanita tense her whole body and moaned a little, then to relax her I stated kissing her neck and down to her shoulders. My hands were caressing her body and Maylin was kissing those nipples and cupping Juanita's breasts.

When I felt Juanita relax, I plunged my whole manhood deep into her pussy. She screamed out and I felt her orgasm as well. I held my position there as she continued to shudder and her back was arched and her mouth was wide open I pulled out a little bit and all three of us looked at my cock and at the blood that was dripping off of it and then I plunged back in. I kept this up for several minutes. In and out, gently and slowly.

Maylin stopped kissing those nipples and moved her mouth down and began sucking on Juanita's clit as I increased the tempo of my thrusts. Juanita was actively gasping and breathing hard, she was bucking her hips in rhythm to my movements. Maylin was fingering herself and I lifted Juanita's leg even higher to provide myself with deeper penetration. Juanita screamed, her back arched, her pussy tightened around my cock.

I felt a strong, strong muscle clamp down on my cock and I shot my load deep into her pussy. Maylin was lapping up both of our juices. We lay like that for several minutes and then we heard the Captain come over the loud speaker that we were 30 minutes out from Los Angeles and would we please return to our seats and get ready for descent and landing.

Well, I looked up into Maylin's eyes with surprise registered all over it. She giggled and said "No Mr. Bonner, the pilot doesn't know we are back here, he saying that to everyone on the plane as he does for every landing" I laugh too and then Juanita pulls her pussy off my cock, sits up right and grabs both of us in a huge hug, she has such long arms.

She pulls us into her chest and says that she is now fit to be married to a beautiful woman and she thanked me, stood up. I looked over to Maylin, who leaned over to me and thanked me and then she kissed me and we all stood up and got dressed.

I returned to my seat. Maylin and Juanita passed my seat without even glancing in my direction. As the plane began its descent, the thought hit me that I just spent 5 plus hours making love to two women as we flew westward over the continental United States. I wondered if I just broke a record in some book somewhere. Maylin and Juanita disappeared behind a curtain at the front of the plane and another stewardess was making her way around the cabin making sure everyone's seat belt was in place and bags were stowed safely.

The stewardess stopped beside me and leaned down giving me quite a show of those large breasts and I started thinking that maybe they piped in an aphrodisiac into the environmental air duct system. She reached over touched my seat belt, noticed my darkening stain on my pants and suggested that once we landed that I might want to change my pants in the lavatory before exiting the plane, especially if I was to meet anyone here in Los Angeles.

She smiled at me and said "I hoped you enjoyed your flight with Alaskan Airlines. Please "cum" again soon, she said that in such a way, that I knew she didn't mean 'come again soon'. As the plane landed and I gathered my laptop and carry-on bag. The other passengers had left the plane and as I drew near to the front, Juanita and Maylin came out from behind the curtain.

They both kissed me and thanked me once again. I kissed them back and departed the plane. As I walked out into the passenger area, lo and behold there was Keiko. She had on the sexiest little miniskirt; I felt my cock growing again. My cock began growing and I thought "damn, I forgot to change my pants on the plane". Keiko walked up to me and said you are as good looking in person as you are online.

I kissed her and put my arms around her. She moved her knee between my legs and then stopped. She stopped hugging me and as she pulled back she looked down at my crotch. She reached her hand down there and felt the wetness. She looked back into my eyes and said "so did you have a good flight?" I blushed and said yes, it was quite a good trip. "Yes, it looks like you enjoyed yourself immensely. I'll have to see if I can't make your stay here even more enjoyable".

She reached down and grabbed my hand and off we walked through the terminal to baggage claim. After claiming my bags and as I started walking towards the entrance, Keiko stopped me and said "I've got a surprise for you" and led me away from the main entrance back through the terminal to a door marked 'employees only'.

"Employees only, what did you do hire me" I said. "Oh, I have been waiting for this moment for quite some time, ever since you told me you could come out here to see me". She led me through the door to a huge hangar. Sitting in the middle of the hangar was a private jet. She led me up the stairs and we entered a very plush interior, she showed me where to stow my bags and then she led me up to the cockpit.

She sat down in the left hand seat and motioned for me to sit in the other. She put on a head set and started pushing buttons and lights lit up, but what truly amazed me and scared the crap out of me at the same time was when the engines fired up and we started moving out of the hangar. I looked over at her, she motioned for me to put on the headset. I asked her with the current state of affairs with the terrorists, just how much trouble are you getting me into.

She just looked at me and smiled. Now that I thought about it, she told me she worked at LAX but she never told me in what capacity. She spoke into the microphone to the tower to request clearance and the next thing I knew we were taxiing down the runway and then airborne. I just sat there amazed. She took the jet up and after we leveled off we were out over the Pacific Ocean. This was my first time to the West Coast and here my first glimpse of the Pacific Ocean.

I thought she would just take me up, see the Pacific Ocean, turn around and fly back. But, nope, she had other thoughts on her mind. After we had been flying for about 15 minutes, I sat dumbfounded and was gazing at the ocean out the side window. I had noticed that we had leveled off and the gauge Keiko showed me said we were at an altitude of about 40,000 feet.

The next thing I knew, Keiko had left the pilot seat and had come over and sat in my lap. I gasped and through my ignorance of flight said "What the fuck are you doing, who is flying the plane?".

She just laughed and said "relax Stan, I have it on autopilot and if there's a problem in the next 2 or 3 hours, the controls will alert me. I'm not moving any further away from my seat than right here". Well, I just looked at her and she leaned into me and kissed me. Oh my, after all these weeks of making love to her via webcam and chat, here she was in all of her beautiful glory.

Her long black hair, her beautiful face, dark eyes, sensuous lips. I kissed her back and my hands went around her and hugged her to my chest.

She ran her hands down over my biceps and down to my fingers and held onto my hands as we kissed passionately. I slipped my tongue into her mouth, she opened her eyes and I stared into them, she nipped my lower lip with her teeth and slipped her tongue deep into my mouth. Tongue to tongue we kissed, pulled our faces apart and just touched the tips of our tongues together. Then she parted the kiss sat back on my lap and began unbuttoning her top.

She removed her shirt and then reached back and undid her bra and that too was laying on the floor. There they were, those amazing small breasts, her nipples hard and poking out at me. I lowered my head and began sucking on those nipples. I cupped her breasts in my hands and ran my tongue over one nipple and then the other.

I moved my face in between both of her breasts and kissed her there. I then felt her shudder just a bit, at least I hoped it was her and not the plane hitting turbulence. She laughed as she seen me look out the window to make sure we were still airborne. I felt my pants leg getting wet as I looked down and she was not wearing any panties under her short skirt. I gasped out loud as I seen that she still had a little patch of pubes there.

I had told her weeks ago, that I'd rather have a little hair to run my tongue and hand through rather than a smooth bare pussy. And that is what I did next. I continued my ministrations of tongue to nipple, but I moved my hand down to her pussy. It was wet, I touched her clit and she moaned and kept moaning in my ear as I touched her clit and then moved a hand down to her pussy and inserted my thumb. I went up to kiss her as I poked my thumb up into her pussy.

Her eyes locked onto mine and she opened her mouth and I shoved my tongue inside and clamped my lips to her lips. I started moving my thumb in little circles inside of her pussy as I used my other fingers to caress her clit.

She started writhing on my lap and moaning. I kept this up for a few minutes and then I started moving my thumb in and out of her pussy. I could feel her oozing and then she leaned back on my lap, her arms around my shoulders as she let out a scream and I felt her orgasm as she came onto my hand and wet my trousers. She reached down and unzipped my pants, unbuttoned my trousers and slid off my lap to the floor. She yanked my pants off of me so fast, she practically unseated me, except for the seat belt I think I would have been on the floor too.

She pulled my underwear off and as my cock flopped out, hard as a rock. She looked up at me and said "All these weeks, I've wanted to suck your cock so badly, to actually taste you. I've wanted to feel you throbbing in my mouth. I wanted you to cum first and you snuck that first orgasm in on me, now it's my turn".

She grabbed my cock and started on the head, pulling back the foreskin and running her tongue around the rim and then sucking with her lips the head of my cock. I about came, just at that feeling. Then she started running her hand up and down the length of my shaft and then taking the foreskin back and then up over the head, she lowered her mouth onto me again and took pretty much the entire length into her mouth and then back to the head over and over she did this, when her mouth was not on my shaft her hand was.

Then with her other hand she started playing with my balls. She kept this up, then she started sucking my cock and pulling it down and away from my body, at first I was a little alarmed. I mean yeah, it's an organ not a bone, but that thing only bends so far, yet she was bending it down toward my balls and sucking on it the whole time. Then she would bring it back to a standing position.

I was pretty much getting ready to lose it and she let it slip out of her mouth and came up and kissed me. I kissed back and looked at her and said "If you think you are going to do to me what you did to me our last time Skyping, you got another thing coming sister". She smiled at me, started to speak and I stopped her by forcing her head back down on my cock. I kept my hand on the top of her head and made her swallow my whole cock.

She gagged a little, so I let her head up and then pushed it down and she got the idea and started sucking me again. Then I said "No more talk of Geraniums or your Dad's golfing score or that you work in an airport. You tell me all that, yet you fail to mention that you're a pilot and just where in the fuck are you taking me?" She stopped sucking and looked up at me, but continued stroking me and said "that's another surprise I have for you" and she went back to really sucking hard and pulling my cock upwards with the intensity of her suction.

Then she surprised me, I watched her stick her finger into her pussy and then she pushed that finger up against my asshole and just as I was about to say no. she inserted it up to the first knuckle. I gasped and came at the same time. I shot my load deep into her throat. I cried out and I kept cumming, she kept sucking and stroking and swallowing, she pulled her finger out and cupped my balls and began massaging them.

I was rocking back and forth in the chair, I was sweaty even though the cabin was cool and then she lay her head next to my cock and just stroked it and I ran my fingers through her long hair. I didn't lose my erection, so I pulled her up to her feet and removed her short skirt so that she was standing in front of me completely naked.

I asked her if she needed to make any adjustments to the plane, for even though we just had some great oral sex, we had been flying for about an hour with no one at the controls and we were still as far as I could tell out over the water. Through the clouds every now and again I could glimpse blue water.

She moved away from the front of me and went over to the controls, she leaned over to make some sort of adjustment and then as she was bent over, she said "no, everything looks really good". I laughed stood up and went over to her and said "Yes it sure does" and before she could say anything more. I grabbed her waist in my hands and brought my cock up to her pussy and inserted the head of my cock inside of her.

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She had told me in our chatting sessions that she had never had sex with a white man before. All the guys she's ever dated were Asian in persuasion and none of them had a very long or fat cock. Well, now she was feeling just how fat and soon just how long my cock was.


When I pushed the head in she cried out and almost stood up. I pushed her back down and grasped her hips even tighter as I inserted just a little bit more of my cock into her. She moaned and cried out in joy as I pushed in an inch and then withdrew it till just the head was inside of her.

She was so damn tight, but so wet too. I could feel her juices surrounding my cock as I inched in and then pulled back, slowly going deeper and deeper into that sweet tight Asian pussy. I bent over her and gave her the whole length. she was actively moaning now with each thrust and I leaned my body over her, I grasped her breasts and played with her nipples. My mouth biting at her neck and licking my tongue down her spine as I thrust in and out of her. I kept the rhythm going and I then increased the tempo.

She arched her back and I nipped at her ear lobes and kissed her neck as I felt her orgasm and hear her cries of joy. She relaxed, but I was not done. I kept thrusting harder and faster in and out of her.

I reached down with my other hand and began caressing her clit. As soon as I touched it the first time she shuddered and cried out.

I kept the pace going, faster and faster, my hips propelling my cock deeper and deeper, with each stroke I would pull out till just head was in her and then slam it back in till my pubes touched hers. Over and over again I slammed my cock into her. I felt myself getting to release, her cries were just now hoarse whispers, her body sweaty from the exertion, at times she would reach back with her hand and touch my stomach as if to say, not so deep, but her cries of pleasure belayed that motion.

She said "Stan, shoot it in me, I want to feel your cum shooting up inside of me". I actually paused. we had never talked about contraceptives and I was cursing myself for not bringing any with me, they were in my suitcases.

How was I supposed to know she was a pilot? How was I to know that she was going to take me on a plane ride? How did I know she was going to practically rape me on a plane 40,000 feet in the air traveling to who knows where? She turned around and said "Please, Stan, it's ok, I want your cum in me, I want to feel it deep within me" Well, hell, how was I supposed to deny this awesome beauty her desire, So backed up a few steps and bent her over even further and proceeded to practically pile drive my cock into her pussy.

She was so flexible which she had previously showed me on Skype. I felt myself getting ready to release, so I slowed my strokes down, but kept up the touches on her clit, her breathing became more pronounced and her I could feel her body shaking. I took one more deep stroke and she tightened up her pussy muscles on my cock and I came.

I shouted out loud and felt my cock shooting my cum deep in her pussy and then she moaned and screamed as well as she had another orgasm. I felt my juice mixing with her juices as they ran down our legs. I kept spewing as I felt her pussy contracting on my cock. I lifted her up and withdrew my cock.

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She turned around, got down on her knees and started licking my cock and she sucked the rest of my load out of my cock.

I picked her up and we stood there and I gave her a bear hug. Held her tight, my cock was still hard and then alarms started going off in the cabin. To be continued.