Omg everyone needs a stepmom like yasmine scott in their life pornstars hardcore

Omg everyone needs a stepmom like yasmine scott in their life pornstars hardcore
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First Story please comment It was early morning and i'ved just woken up and rolled on too my my stomach, which suddenly made aware of my massive hardon, I remembered the dream i'd been having about Julie my 4 year old little sister, wetting her panties.


I started humping the the mattres lightly, just as i was getting into it i heard a knock on the door. "Who is it" I yelled. "It's me Dan, can i come in please ?" Julie called back.

"Ok come on in" I said. Rolling onto my back my dick, now fully erect, lifted the light blanket of my belly and as soon as Julie walked in the room, she saw it and looked intensly, "whats's that?" she asked and pointed at my croth.

"It's my penis." I said "It's what men have too pee with instead of a vagina like you have sweety." "You mean my giny ?" she asked and and smiled.

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"Yes like you giny, but doesn't allways do like this" i said and pointed to the giant bulge on th blanket, "It only does that when there is pretty girls nearby." i smiled at her and shifted my position too give her a better view of my erection. "What are you doing up so early sweety it's weekend and mom and dad aren't home ?" i asked "i couldn't sleep, so i went to watch TV, but the house is all empty, so i'm bored, can i be in here pleaese?" she asked as she closed the door and came over to my bed, as she came over I could better see what she was wearing, a little white T.shirt almost 100 procent see through and nothing else.

Oh my god my little sister isn't wearing any panties, i thiught too my self, and hard on got even bigger. "Of course sweety, but i'm not getting out of bed yet" i said. "Okay then i'm getting in" she giggled and jumped under the blanket, and in the process rubbing her sweet little bum against my bare cock, i had forgot i was naked, as she spooned me.

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My hard cock settled in in between the cheeks and julie seemed to be at happy with her placement, "I guess you like sleep naked too Dan, jus't like me" she quietly said, "yes" I replied, "But your not naked sweety." She quickly pulled off the T-shirt and wriggled her ass again, "Now i am Dan" she said.

My hard throbing cock was now rubbing directly on the skin of her smooth little ass cheeks, now and then Julie would slowly rub her butt against me hard member, slowly bringing me nearer to orgasm, i pulled away too prevent myself from cumming. "Did i do something ?" julie asked, "No no, not at all, it's just i really need too pee" i sad. "I need to pee too Dan" she looked at me a dirty innonocens i hadn't seen before. Julie jumped out off the bed and took my hand pulling me towards the bathroom, "I wanna see you pee" she said and smiled " then you can see me pee aswell".

This was too good too be true i was thinking but i didn't want my best dream comming true, as i got out off the bed revealing my hard cock julie looked amazed and i could see she was liking what she saw.

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"Normally it's soft and hanging down, but because there is a pretty girl like you here it's gets hard" i said. "Did i make it hard ? Can i touch it ?

Does it hurt ?" she asked just as we went into the bathroom.

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"wohw sister easy, First yes you did sweety, sencondly yes you can but you can't tell anyone, and last, no it feels great" I replied too her eager questioning. She reached out gently touched the tip of penis which was beginning too leak precum, "Okay try holding it sweety then you can point it while i pee".

"Okay" she agreed and grabed my thick cock.

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"It's really hard but kinda soft" Julie said sqeuzzing my cock gently. I laughed a bit and told her too point it at the toilet so i could pee, she pointed the tip straight at the toilet and looked up at me in anticipation, "Okay here i go" i said.

I let the stream go a golden flow flew into the bowl of the toilet, Julie looked in a amazement and put out her finger and putting it into the stream feeling the warm liquid on her finger. I stoped the stream and Julie looked up at me with disappointment painted across her face, "Are you already done ?" she asked "No not yet" I said "I just thinking maybe we should get into the tub so the pee dont splash everywhere, and then we pee at sime time aswell".


"Good idea Dan" Julie said and got into the tub, I stepped in after her and she quickly let her hand find my cock again, it had gone a bit soft again but feeling Julies little finger around my thick cock squezzing it like she wanted to squezze al my warm pee out, quickly made me hard as stone again. "I felt it grow Dan" Julie said with joy in her voice "should we pee now ?" she asked.

"Maybe i should sit down first we dont wanna get the floor wet, maybe you should try moving your hand back and forth while i pee it makes me pee more" i told her.


"okay Dan" she said and started jerking me slowly, "Okay sweety lets pee" I said and let me stream of pee go again, i had gotten my self place in a way so that me pee would hit Julies cunt, Julie was a little suprissed at first but quickly let herself go and started peeing on my cock and her own hand stroking my cock, i reached out and touched her smooth hairless child cunny and felt her warm pee flowing over me, I was so close to cumming but her hand jerked just at the right tempo to keep me in the edge, as i finished peing she kept stroking my member and peing on me which was to much me.

"Oh my" Julie said amazed "It's getting bigger and it's pumping".

"Yes sweety just keep going and keep peeing sweety" i said in exstacy. She grabed my dick a bit harder and jerked a little faster, she was nearly done peeing so she squeezed the last out in a hard stream of golden little girl pee hitting my cock making me explode. My dick jumped and a torrent of cum flew out and up towards Julies little virgin cunny, it felt like I was still peeing as the stream pourred from my cock covering her little mound, another stream flew out flying even higher hitting her little tummy and chest.

Julie looked amazed and moaned like a really horny little girl she moved her head, with her mouth open in amazement ,closer to my tip to see the cum, and then a third long stream of cum came out complety filling her little mouth and covering her face.

Julie instinctivly closed her mouth and swallowed the sperm load filling her mouth with me shot once againg this time covering her face and lips even more. "Oh my god Dan what happenend are you okay ?" she asked confuzed but amazed.

"oh yes sweety that felt great you just gave and orgasm" i said to her looking at her beautifully sperm covered face, "maybe if you want i can give one too". "Oh yes Dan please willyou ?" she asked eagerly "Sure sweety, but first we need to clean you, i need to pee again maybe i should pee it off ?" I asked her. "Sure that way we wave water too" Julie said smilling at me with that dirty innocent smile again. She sat down on her knees as i stood up, she closed her eyes and said "I'm ready for my shower Dan".

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I just couldn't resist letting go a new stream of warm pee flowed from the tip of still semi hard cock onto to my sperm covered 4 year old little sister, i guided to stream all over her face, chest, tummy and pussy to get wash off all my sperm. As i was done Julie stood up still dripping with cum and pee and said "Now it's my turn to cum and wash you Dan".

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Did she just say cum where did my sister learn that i thought. "Okay sweety i'll make you cum" And how that turned out is story in it self. Coments please if you want more