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Paty do Paran aacute_ mostrando a xota no WhatsApp
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My name is Kenneth. I am married to a lovely wife, who gave me 2 very very energetic children.


I have a sister, Marge, who is a bit younger than me, but she is quickly approaching 40. She came to visit me one day, but asked that we have a chat alone. 'Kenny, Mark and I have been trying for 20 years, and have gone to many Gynae's to figure out a way to have a child. 'Well, yes, it must have been tough.', I interjected.

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'Yeah, but also it has been extremely expensive. Mark's sperm count is extremely low, but the Lab said that his sperm looks damaged, something wrong with their movement.' She looked very worried, and was perspiring.

She started to stammer a little, like she was building up to something big. I started wondering. Was she dying? Did she come to me to break the news?

Was Mark ill? Did he have testicular cancer or something? 'I've come to ask for your help.', she asked. 'But please, don't judge me, and promise not to be mad, and never to talk about it, even to Lucy.', she asked earnestly. I saw her eyes start misting up, and shine in the light.

After years and years of training, I knew exactly how to handle this. I took both her hands and looked her dead in the eyes and said, 'No matter what, I won't overreact, it's fine to talk to me about your problem.' She took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

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'I would like if you could contribute some of your sperm to apply to myself and. create a .', she said, trying to make it sound as unsexual and as mechanical as possible. I could feel absolutely nothing, I heard absolutely nothing, except the zinging in my ears. I saw her mouth moving after that but cannot tell what she was saying. I was deep in thought and left her hands and looked around for a chair to sit in. She came to me and kneeled on the ground in front of me.

'I'm so sorry, please, don't be disappointed.' In all my life this was hands down the wierdest thing. 'Can't you go to a sperm bank?', I asked politely, after gathering my wits. 'If you can't go to a sperm bank, can't you ask a good friend for this?' 'I thought about this for 4 years now,' she said. 'I'm getting close to my change in life', she paused, ' and my window is getting smaller Kenny.' 'I've known you all my life, and I know you are a good man.' 'You are not sickly, and have shown me what a good father you are to your children.' 'I don't want to take a risk with other people who I don't know and find out that they have hereditary health problems after the kid is born, or that they are complete asshole sociopaths.' It sounded like she had thought about this and was committed to the idea, so I tried to make her think about the practical side of it.

'Ok, how do we get the specimens together?, I asked. 'You can go into the room, put the specimen into a small cup, and when you are done, you leave the cup in the room.' 'I can then go into the room and suck it up with a syringe, like the ones you use to give your kids medicine.

Then, I can, let's say, give myself the medicine.', she said, completely, and proud of herself.

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'What about the chance of deformities?', I asked. 'This is not the dark ages Kenny, they do scans and can pick up 99% of potential issues.', she said.

This sounds like she was planning this for a long time, and had done sufficient research as well. 'But we cannot be interrupted', she sped along, assuming that I was agreeing to this. 'We can go to a motel and complete the process there so we need to book time in our calenders to do this.' she forced, like a business agreement.

'Ask Lucy if you may have lunch with me this Saturday. We can then meet at the Lodge. I'll book a room.', she said enthusiastically. 'But .', I tried to get in edgewise. 'Thanks Kenny, you don't know how much this means to us.' She blurted. 'Does Mark know?' 'No, but I'll tell him it is his kid and there shouldnt be a problem since a child will look like me, and you are my family. 'This is not going to happen Marge.' '.

ok, if you can't help me, do you know someone who can?', she suggested. 'I can't just give you a random acquaintence to do this with, that's crazy.' I spouted. 'So we agree then. I have nowhere to go unless I want to get further into debt, or damage my reputation.' 'Save yourself for this week so that you can give me a large volume,' she added.

Well, this was the strangest thing. That Saturday, I found myself at the Lodge that Marge told me to go to. She completely avoided eye contact. Just greeted me and then gave me the cup. She went to the bathroom and left me in the room with a magazine.

'Oh well', I thought. 'Don't be too long, I'll be waiting here', she said cheerfully and waited in the bathroom. This was awkward. I was jacking it with my pants barely down, trying to be as quiet as possible. I couldn't let her hear my pleasure noises.


Dammit, it was taking ages and wasn't coming. Let me imagine Lucy blowing me. Yeah, maybe that will do it. mmmmm. that was good, but I still had that feeling like someone was watching me. dammit, my dick was starting to hurt now. I had been jacking it for about 20 minutes while Marge waited patiently in the lounge of the motel room.

Next thing, I heard, 'You alright in there? You've been taking a very long time.' Like an ice-cold shower, her words shrunk my dick in about 15 seconds. 'Come in', I said, after making myself decent. 'What is the problem?', she asked. 'Mark takes 2 minutes at most.' 'It is difficult knowing it is for you,' I muttered.


'Ok, let's try something.' She ordered. 'What's there to do?' I shrugged. 'It's over', I said. 'I AM NOT LEAVING HERE WITHOUT YOUR SPERM!' She strongly said, in a loud wisper. 'I know what to do', she said.

'Pull down your pants. I'll help you.' 'What?' 'Stop acting innocent here. You know why we came here.' 'But I can't bring myself to do that!

It's sick!' I exclaimed. 'You were willing to let me have your sperm. So, what is worse then? Your sister having your baby from your sperm or the act with me of getting the sperm out of you?' Then she just pulled down my pants and told me to lay down. This was disgusting, but for some reason, she confused me into not fighting back.

The next instant, she was sucking my flaccid cock. She kept sucking, and sucking and sucking and after about 1 minute of suction, the blood started flowing into my cock. I saw enthusiasm in her eyes as she sucked and sucked and sucked, but this was far too weird for me. She broke away from my throbbing cock to tell me that I need to let her know when I was going to cum.

I nodded. Then she continued. She was sucking very hard.

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But after 40 minutes of continuous suction, still nothing. Then she stopped and said, 'What is wrong with you? It takes Mark 30 seconds.' 'I can't', I said. 'If you cum quickly for me, then we can quickly stop this shameful act.' She insisted. 'Ok, this is the last resort.', she stressed.

She put her hands under her dress and pulled down her panties. 'Don't look!' she said. 'Look away! she urged. Then she climbed on top of me, clothed, minus the panties. Like a sniper, she sat straight down on my wet slimy cock without having to aim at it much. I felt muscle squeezing my cock. 'Ready?' she asked. 'unghstmmmm. You are squeezing me too tight.' I winced. 'sorry that I am so heavy.' she said. 'You hardly weigh anything, I meant that you are squeezing my cock too tight' She was small in height, so it was a tight fit.

'Oh, sorry, I told you Mark and I were fucking like rabbits for years and years trying to conceive. It is very strong now. And I'm tensed up.' 'Oh god, this is so so wrong, get off.' Next moment, she gripped me with her legs. 'NO! I'll get off when you cum in me!' She started riding. Not up and down. Forward and back. 'Oh god, this is wrong.' 'Yes it feels wrong Kenny, now keep quiet and relax!' Forward and back, forward and back.

Over and over. My dick was slipping nicely now. It was not so tight anymore. 10 minutes, nothing. 20 minutes, nothing. Eventually,she asked, without stopping. 'Do you need to see my pussy Kenny? Will that help? How about my tits? Will that help you cum quickly? I'm getting tired and my pussy is starting to hurt.' She lifted her dress and held it up in her hands.

I was so ashamed, but I looked and looked. She was blood red. Embarrassment showed clearly from ear to ear. 'Is it not enough? Oh god, it is not enough.' she told herself 10 minutes later. She pulled her tits out the top of her dress. 'God, this is wrong.' I muttered. Her tits were bouncing everywhere. I was in anguish because it was so shameful what we were doing but her tits were starting to make me more interested.

I was starting to enjoy the bouncing tits. But still nothing. There were tears in her eyes now. She stopped. Took off all her clothes. Took my hands and put them on her breasts and squeezed my hands. Taking her lead, I started squeezing her tits, milking them. 'Suck my tits,' she said with great shame.

I saw a tear go down her cheek. I grabbed her tit and sucked it gently. She held my head to her tits and started riding me urgently. 'Oh, no, no, no, no, no.' Then she got quiet. She jerked, and squeezed and grunted. 'My shame is complete now. My brother made me cum.' She mourned her orgasm Then she started bouncing on my cock urgently, using her pussy to squeeze as much as she could. 'I'm sorry I made you cum,' I said.

'I love ass. Please can you turn around?' Without expression, she got off, turned around, then got onto me, leaning forward, to give me a better view of her ass.

The moment I grabbed both her buttocks and started squeezing, I could feel a force start building. She could feel my hips pumping up urgently, and she timed hers to be in sync with mine.

I was squeezing her bums rhythmically now with each thrust. It was building up slowly. Another 5 minutes of full speed fucking. You could hear the wet sounds from her pussy and the slapping her buttocks were making on my crotch.

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Then like a lighting strike running through my body, I felt my hamstrings and butt try and force my cock as deep as it could go, as I firmly and roughly pulled her buttocks down. I had a deeply unwanted orgasm. I delivered one week's worth of cum into my sister's tight pussy. The cum could not flow out with her so tightly stuck to me. She leaned to one side and with a slurp quickly got off my red swollen cock and onto her back, brought her knees to her chest and started rocking, trying to get the cum to flow up into her uterus.

She told me to come to her and milk the last of my cum into her. 'I'm sorry we couldn't do this without touching'she sobbed.

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With tears rolling down each cheek, she said 'Thank you. I'll let you know if it took by Thursday. If not, I would like to make another appointment with you next week.' I nodded.