Enchanting babe opens her face hole and her bf is pissing there

Enchanting babe opens her face hole and her bf is pissing there
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Group Fuck Fest part 2 We got back to the camp site around 3PM, and as I expected, the sex was about to happen by chance as all 4 of us were horny as hell. We were back no more than 3 minutes and Belle came up to me in front of the boys and said "can I fuck all three of you now"?

I laughed, said "sure thing Baby girl", and gently pushed her to her knees in front of me. As if it were second nature, she started to fish out my dick as the boys walked up and began to remove their pants. I told them to take off their shirts too and get totally naked, as Belle now had my cock out and popped it in her hungry mouth.

Within seconds Cecil and Greg were naked and standing there with wood. "Belle, be a good cousin and sister and suck Cecil and Greg too" I said. She took me out, and turned to her left and swallowed Greg whole. I put my arm on Cecil's neck and he put his arm on my waist as he waited his turn. Belle then went to him, smiled at him (and his impressive cock) and started sucking him. She took turns with the three of us for about 7 or 8 minutes before pulling off the cock and saying "I thought I was getting fucked today" as she looked me in the eye.

She was being a vixon I thought, and a horny one at that. I laughed and said "oh you will be fucked all right". I told her to get a sleeping bag and to lay down on it…she promptly got one and was naked and on her back in a flash. "Greg gets first shot at you Belle" as Greg grinned from ear to ear and BOUNCED over to her.

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I said "now Greg, wait till I have her mouth full and then pump your little cock into your sister" and smirked at him. I then went to my 13 year old niece's face and sat my hard thick cock on her lips. She parted her lips, and took my head in. I looked back at Greg, moaned, and nodded to him.

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Within a few seconds he was rubbing his dick head on her snatch and trying to enter. I took two fingers, put them in my mouth, got a gob of spit, and proceeded to rub it on her hairless twat. I then grabbed Greg by the dick, and guided him and said "Push now and enter your hot sister boy" which he did. I heard Belle gasp, and swallow a bit harder, which was AWESOME as my cock was in her mouth. I then put a hand on Gregs back and helped him with the motions. He was fucking his sister I thought…and both them were LOVING it.

I looked over at Cecil who was patiently watching the action, and no doubt waiting for his turn. We made eye contact and I motioned for him to come over with a move of my head. He walked up to me, must have taken it as an invite for head (not sure if I meant for him to stand by me or to come be sucked), but I realized how horny he really was as he pointed his cock at his uncles mouth and waited for me to suck…LOL. I smiled a bit, and leaned forward to lick his precum covered head, and lick his shaft a bit.

I then looked down at Belle with my cock in her mouth, and we smiled at each other as I took a large gulp of this kid cock and began to suck him. It must have been a sight to behold I thought, Belle on her back with her bro in here cunt, as she sucked my cock, as I was sucking the hot 12 year old Cecil…LOL. As fun as this was, I really wanted to eat that hot cunt of Belles. I pulled off Cecil and out of her mouth. Without missing a beat I said "and here is a FUN position for this boys" as I layed atop Belle, lowered my cock to her eager mouth, and lowered my head and started licking her clit as Greg pumped her cunny.

Cecil was again out of the loop as I began flicking that tiny clit, as my tongue also explored Greg and his little preteen cock. Belle was loving it and moaning like hell as my cock was lodged in her hot throat. I took advantage and kept wedging more and more of it in her, she would gag, breathe, swallow, and take more and more of her uncle's hard cock with each effort until I was NUTS deep in her and had my head LODGED in her willing throat.

I sighed just as Greg pulled out of Belle and rubbed his cock to my lips, and I greedily swallowed his salty wet dick. Belle was missing the cock in her twat, I could tell, so I did not leave her long without it as I pulled Greg out and he instantly was back in her cunt. I continued to lick her clit, lips, and Greg's cock as she swallowed my cock whole.

I wanted to continue "teaching" them so I quickly jumped out (Greg and Belle did not know what to do), told them to get up, and I laid my bare ass on the sleeping bag and told Belle to straddle my mouth and suck me (letting them know this is the 69 position).

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She was on top of me quickly, and before she could settle, I SLURPED that scrumptious pussy and ravished it as she moaned and lowered to my rock hard cock to suck me.

Greg just stood there not knowing what to do. Cecil looked at him, then stepped up and lined his hard cock at her slit. Before he could enter her, I lifted up and gobbled it with my mouth, causing him to moan, and Belle to groan (she obviously wanted his fuck stick in her snatch).

I gave him about 20 good sucks, then went back onto Belle as he lined up, and I reached up to his tiny hairless ass and pushed him into her (I was basically using him as a dildo as I pushed and pulled on his ass to give the motion I thought Belle wanted).

I was not making love with her either, he was getting speed and depth with the strokes, basically FUCKING his cousin as she talently sucked my raging cock. I was in heaven, Belle was cumming HARD, and Cecil was ecstatic.

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I knew he could not last long at this pace so I stopped him and called in Greg…now Greg was happy, but Belle and Cec were dejected.

She was losing about 3 inches in length and thickness with this trade, and as he began to pump into her, I could sense her sucking become less quality…the little slut likes big cocks I realized…LOL.

Greg pumped her as I ate her and he started to moan and I saw his tiny nuts clench up as he was cumming in Belle, while I lapped her.

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He grunted as his last shot came out, and began to pull out of her cummy cunt, but flopped it on my face and smeared my lips as he did. He began to push it into my mouth, so I willingly allowed him as I cleaned up his cum from his glistening boy cock. As I was doing this, it was seeping out of belle and landing on my face. He pulled out, and I gave a lick to the cum covered twat of Belle and BAM, Cec was in her twat in record time and HE began to FUCK her as I was earlier (but now no help from my hands).

Belle moaned and swallowed my WHOLE cock as he pumped and pumped and pumped. I KNEW he was to cum soon like this so I quickly lifted up and took him in my mouth, and he continued to fuck only now it was my mouth and not his cousin's cunt.

He fucked my face for about 20 stroked, grunted, lifted his head up and blasted me with a shot of boy cum. I quickly pulled off him, began to lick Belle, and with my hand jerked him as he blasted about 4 shots of cum on her cunt. I then licked this clean, and then with my hand still on him, I put him BACK into her with his still hard cock.

Cec was like a real trooper and began to STILL fuck her hard and fast (I wish I had that stamina at my age I thought).


Belle was obviously still loving this, but now I wanted her cunt. I rolled out from her, and everything stopped. I hugged Cec, told him to get where I was, and he hesitated a bit, but obeyed. Belle did not think, just gobbled his young cock, and he looked at her snatch above her. I told him to just stick your tongue out and lick and probe everything in sight…including my dick, as I pointed my raging cock at her twat and his tongue.

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I took advantage of his licks and felt MY precum dripping now, knowing full well I would not last long. I lined up, put my hands on her hips, and THRUST into her nuts deep in one stroke, DRIVING her face down and engulfing Cec in one swoop.


She moaned, but a good moan, and Cec held his tongue on her twat and simply went with the flow. I gave her about 3 minutes of POUNDING as I was talking dirty saying things like "Fuck Yeah", "Oh Baby you fuck good", "sucking and fucking at the same time Belle", and "One hot fucker you are".

I felt my nuts swelling, so pulled out quick, rubbed Cec on the lips with my cum covered cock (Belle, Greg, and Cecil had cum in there already), and pushed it about half way in. I got about 30 sucks from him, when I pulled out and rammed back into my tiny precious niece.

I gave 10 long PUMPs and came harder than I think I have EVER cum…as I filled her to overflowing. It was leaking out as I gave a couple more pumps before pulling out.

As I pulled out, the about of cum that followed was surreal, and it fell on Cecil's tongue and face…he was reluctant but he lapped it up as he was still being sucked by Belle. I pulled out, sat down, took a deep breath, and watched as Greg simply stepped up and slid his hard cock into his sister from behind. I had created three monsters I thought as I stood up. I looked at my watch quickly and realized it was now 5PM, and we still needed to gather wood for the night…but it did not look like they were done yet.

"K guys, lets get some wood and pick this up again later", but nobody moved. I tried again, but no luck still. Greg said "can't you get it uncle since you are the only one done". Belle simply slobbered on Cec and his cock, Cec was busy licking cock and cunt, and I stood there.

I smiled, how could I be angry I thought, and I turned to walk away. "I will be back in 15 minutes, so be done by then guys" as I walked off.


I got about 250 feet from the scene when I felt a hand over my mouth and did not know what to think. Then I saw the two from the trail earlier, one holding my mouth and the other standing in front of me shushing me with the universal finger on the mouth.

"I see you have some kiddy fuck going on perve" he said to me. I thought OH OH, this is gonna be bad (jail, beat down, etc). "that girl your daughter over there? You fuck you daughter often creep"?

I shook my head, as he pulled back as if to hit me. He leered at me, did the shhh thing again, and his buddy took his hand off my mouth. "don't yell or you are DEAD" he said to me. He asked who that girl was, and I told him. He gave me a disgusted look when he found out I was fucking my niece. They both looked over at the scene and saw her taking on the two kids. He looked at his friend, then me…and I saw them hatch a devious plan.

"I see the young thing is a slut and likes to take on more than one cock, even though they are SMALL cocks" as he looked at me and smirked (remember I am still naked). "hey, if she is good enuff for you to fuck, maybe we should take a spin". I did not like where this was going. "either we fuck her too, or we rat you out and you pay the consequences, and by the looks of her, she may even WANT to fuck more guys".

They nodded to each other, looked back at Belle once more, and pulled me to the ground. "We are gonna set up camp about a quarter mile in that direction", as they pointed. "You bring that hot bitch to us in one hour or we are coming back here".

GOT IT. I did not know what to do, so I nodded.

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They high fived each other and walked off. What was I going to do I thought.

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